Blacks Have Closed the Black-White IQ Gap by 7.5 Points Already


From this piece which is written by Charles Murray, co-author of the famous book The Bell Curve, comes this very important study that shows that over the course of the last 100 years, Blacks have closed the B-W IQ gap by 7.5 points. As Murray is considered to be a hardline hereditarian who frequently debates liberals IQ environmentalists, the piece is not biased at all. In fact, we would expect it have a bias, if any, against any notion of Blacks closing the gap. Coming from a strong hereditarian HBD’er, this is probably a solid study as if anything the author would appear to be biased against the very conclusion of the study.

Any time a study reports the opposite of the researcher’s bias, you often have a good study. This is a case of a scientist setting out to prove a hypothesis and coming up with exactly the opposite conclusion that he expected, yet as a good scientist, he published it anyway.

A good scientist should always publish any study that goes against his hypothesis, no matter if it makes his hypothesis bad or not. Sure it makes his hypothesis bad, but so what? A hypothesis is a hypothesis. It’s not proof of anything. It’s just a hunch that somebody has that something might be a correct conclusion to a set of data. Hunches turn out to be wrong all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Further, a scientist who publishes a story that goes against his hypothesis will often get a lot of acclaim from his peers on the grounds that he had the guts to publish a study that makes his pet theory look bad.


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14 responses to “Blacks Have Closed the Black-White IQ Gap by 7.5 Points Already

  1. Jason Y

    This is no shock. It only confirms that race realism and white nationalism are mostly a form of mythology, a religion if you will, that it’s followers want to believe.

    • but the gap is still 15 points, right? So the question is can it close any more?

      • Jason Y

        Yeah but the environment is still horrible for most blacks. However, the enviornment, nutrition etc.. is still better than in the past.

        • First of all this doesn’t disprove hbd, 2nd he already did a post where genes were found.

        • But I think there is still an IQ gap when they are adopted by white families (while NE Asians adopted by white families also have IQ’s in line with their race). Also, the children of middle and upper class blacks regress towards the black mean. This doesn’t absolutely prove anything but they are part of the ‘facts that need to be explained’.

          Also, you are assuming people are purely passive recipients of their environment. Environments influence and shape people but people also create the environment according to their abilities. Historical injustices shape the black environment in America but do they have the same potential to develop and improve their environment as, say, the Chinese? That’s the question.

        • I do hope there is no biological basis to the IQ gap- that would be great.

        • Also, nutrition must be decent for blacks if you look at their height and weight. They are as big as white people, maybe bigger.

        • there could be micronutrient deficiencies but…

        • Jm8

          “First of all this doesn’t disprove hbd, 2nd he already did a post where genes were found.”

          I’m not sure if the method of the study referenced is recognized by(the “metagene method” using few alleles) is generally considered reliable by geneticists. I am far from an expert in the area so I am not really qualified to have an opinion on that. Future studies may help answer the question(of its reliability/precision).

          The conclusions of the study in the post, however is (seemly significantly) modified by the follow up analyses of its author, which I posted in the the comments of:

          The first, you have already seen; from the post titled
          “Derived alleles,corrected polygenic scores and height”
          “…We can see that the ranking of corrected polygenic scores for height and IQ gives higher scores to Africans compared to the uncorrected scores…”etc.

          In a preceding entry/reanalysis at “toppseudoscience” , Piffer finds that
          “A discrepancy with IQ estimates is that East Asians lag behind Europeans and that South Asians and Hispanics don’t perform better than sub-Saharan Africans, a finding that is difficult to explain at present.”

          The degree of the measured gaps could seemingly be from significant to very small(It is hard to tell since iq values from the reanalyzed numbers are not yet given.)

        • to Jm8,

          fair enough, but you must agree that no solid conclusions can be asserted at this point, at least not in the way Jason does it.

          if environment prevails than so be it but the means he uses ignores what is already established.

        • Jm8

          “fair enough, but you must agree that no solid conclusions can be asserted at this point,”

          Yes, I do agree that no solid conclusions can be asserted.

  2. Jason Y

    Environment makes a huge difference. It may not bridge the IQ gap, but it does a lot. But what does bridging the IQ matter anyway, just as long as there is massive improvement? Yes, you also can’t ignore nutrition. Some kid eating salad everyday will do better than one guzzling processed food and soda pop.

    • Jason Y

      It would be interesting to look more closely at studies of kids adopted into better environments. Obviously white supremacists use such studies to verify thier beliefs.

  3. It takes both a sound (not necessarily rich) environment and a strong religion of the kind not exported or favoured by America or Saudi Arabia. There is a definite IQ gap between Subsaharian Africans and Caucasians that will never be totally bridged (that is the price to pay for other faculties more Africans are endowed with, generally associated with psychic abilities) but it is by nature not so wide as measured nowadays, not so prohibitive and maybe not at all of the noblest human achievements, it doesn’t bar any one from being excellent in the domain of his choice provided the desire be sincere, not faked (as it is unfortunately the case in the contemporary Affrimative Action mentality). One factor little discussed in IQ measurement, which is nor related to the environment per se nor with any innate mental abilities is the eagerness of the subject to succeed the test or his utter lack of motivation to undergo it, that has to do with character which on the other hand has strong genetic connections the Blacks themselves will never deny, like capacity for exuberance. A more realistic comparison between the races is made when one submits the same kind of logical or mathematical problems orally to Blacks, in the form known to have always pleased them : that can be done conveniently in Haiti, where youngsters indulge in complex oral games of riddles of all sorts, some of them very challenging, like the traditional game of crick-crack, which already contains questions of the same kind as are present in IQ tests (a is to b as c is to ? : the first straightforward question is customarily “if knowledge is as good as strong drink, a man is as good as ” … and you have to answer “a bottle”, which by the way 100% contradicts the “racial realistic” opinion advanced by Gedalia Braun and others as to the Blacks having no use nor taste for anything theoretical). In practice that means passing the very same problems in a conversational way, but you have to do it for each subject : the difference between the White and pure Black groups decreases quite a bit though not totally.

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