Latin American Whites: A Mirror of the Future of America

RL: Keep in mind that some of the most vicious White priders and White supremacists of all say that if you are 75-85% White, you are White? So you disagree with these Latin American Nazis I guess?

Gay State Girl: Isn’t that because South America was a Nazi haven?

The only association with Latin America and Nazism is because of some German immigrant communities in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay who were Nazi sympathizers. They didn’t treat the local Indians very well, and there were notable attempts at genocide especially in the Bolivian Chaco. However, there is no evidence that Latin American Nazis were Nordicists or that they had anything against non-Nordic Whites.

Your average Latin American White, while surely a White prider, is usually not a Nazi by any stretch of the imagination. This is because White pride in Latin America takes a very different and more subtle form in Latin America than it does here. Yes, Latin Whites are racist, but this is diluted by the fact that most of them are not pure White anyway, as the vast majority have non trivial amounts of Indian or even Black in them.

So “Whiteness” is more of a question of degree than purity. The fact that Latin Whites are not pure themselves tends to leaven their racism. Mestizos are often tolerated or even regarded as White although Peruvian and especially Argentine Whites have always been racist towards what they call mestizos. However, half of Argentine Whites have Indian blood in them themselves.

Latin American White White pride goes all the way down to Mexican Harnizos. I know a Mexican Harnizo who is 60-70% White, and he loves to claim White. He’s basically a Latin American White prider. Although there are some Latin Americans on Stormfront, most Latin American Whites find European White nationalism highly distasteful. Almost no Whites down there talk about splitting off to form their own White country. There is some talk of that in the South of Brazil, but even there, they would just split off the south which is already full of non-Whites as it is. The movement to split off the south of Brazil as its own nation appears doomed and has very little support.

All Latin American White countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica and the south of Brazil are rapidly darkening. Costa Rica is full of 1-2 million illegal aliens, mostly from Nicaragua. The government doesn’t care, and they will probably be legalized as is the case with almost all illegal alien waves in Latin America.

Argentina is rapidly filling up with illegals, mostly mestizos from Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay. There are forming an underclass gang-type subculture in the cities, and there are complaints that Argentine girls are running off with the thuggish mestizos. However, the government seems to want to legalize the illegals there also. The problem in Latin America is that the illegal aliens are generally the same race as the natives, so there does not seem to be any logic to not legalizing them. They are just more of “our people.”

Most Latin Americans are not big environmentalists and much of the continent is underpopulated anyway.

White men running off to marry mestizos is a problem in White communities all over Latin America. The racial purists wring their hands, but there seems to be nothing they can do. White Mexican men continue to marry light skinned mestizas, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop them.

A similar phenomenon is occurring in Argentina. There does not seem to be anything stopping the darkening process down there either as much as the purists throw up their hands. If you ask a White Argentine what he feels about the mestisization of his country, they will tell you that they don’t like it, but then they will throw up their hands and say, “What can you do?” They act like the situation is hopeless, not to mention inevitable.

A gradual darkening of the White race appears to be an inevitability not only in Latin America where it has been an ongoing process for centuries but also in the US. The mestizization of the US, which is really all that the darkening process or decline of the White majority is, is simply the same mestizization process that has been going on forever in the rest of the Americas.

So what is happening is that at long last North America, the eternal aberration and odd man out, White and English speaking, is beginning to join the rest of the continent to become just another country in the what I would call “the Americas.”

Race in the Americas is typically mestizo or in some cases mulatto and mass mixing has characterized Mesoamerica, Central America and South America from the start.

Language in the region has tended to be Spanish, though there is a large Portuguese component (really just another Iberian Romance language) and some smaller outposts of English and French, often creolized. The English and French speaking regions tend to be mulatto or even Black and most are in the Caribbean.

The US curiously has avoided these dual phenomena of mestizization and Hispanophonization.

In addition to a mestizization process, the US is also becoming a significantly Spanish-speaking land, once again in tandem with the rest of the continent which overwhelmingly speaks an Iberian Romance language.

Canada is a holdout, but possibly the mestizization process and development of the Spanish language is not long for that land either. Canada has a large Indian population, but they have not married in much with the Whites for some odd reason, unlike in Latin America. Settlers to North America tended to bring women with them while Iberian settlers did not, hence the Iberians took native wives, so this may explain the lack of much mestizization there. French is present in Canada as it is in the Caribbean.

Nordicism is generally absent in Latin America probably because most Latin Whites are Meds. There are some Nordicists in the south of Brazil, but they are not very popular.

The bizarre socially transmitted disease (STD) called Nordicism is mostly only found in the US and Northern Europe. There are hints of it in the north of Spain and Italy, but there is little hatred towards Southern Spaniards from the northerners, who often think of themselves as Celts. Italy is another story. Other than that, Nordicism has no support anywhere.

Nordicism has permanently alienated all East Europeans and Slavs because of its association with Hitler. There are Nazis in Eastern Europe and Russia, but they are not Nordicists. In some parts of the globe such as Eastern Europe and Russia, Nazi symbols and identification have instead been co-opted as general White pride symbols, and there is often an attempt to distance themselves from the actual Nazi regime. There are Nazi types in Mongolia where it simply represents some Mongolian racial purism in the form of a racist fascist (national socialist) politics.

The case of the Whites of Latin America seems to show that not only is the notion of forming racially pure states of Whites or any other race seemingly hopeless, but further, the general darkening trend of Whites (in the US a mestizization process) appears to be an unstoppable force.

White separatists and White nationalists are a premature anachronism. They are fighting a race against time. Wars against time, as with wars against nature, have a tendency to be lost by men.


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81 responses to “Latin American Whites: A Mirror of the Future of America

  1. Another William Playfair Web

    I’m warming up to the idea (my own🙂 ), that Nordicism is a way for the Nordicists to simply complex situations.

    They might think; “We don’t want to have mixed feelings about Mexican/Latin American immigration, so we can just deem all Immigrants Pure Non-White”. That would lead me to think that Nordicists have decreased intellects. Such a theory would also apply to Nordicist thought processes on immigration from other places, like Syria, or India, although even most Mediterranean white supremacists feel that people not part of the European diaspora or are Europeans, are all non-white.

    Just a theory.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      “Simply complex situations”, should read “Simplify complex situations”.

      I am a low-IQ Arab, Sub-Saharan, Taino mutt🙂

  2. PermReader

    Americans often confuse race with the culture.As the European Christian culture is usually higher than the others ones,the whites supremacists have the cultural base.Nordicism is ridiculous evidently as many northern nations has the lower cultures than the Southern Europeans.The Muslims demonstrate the senselessness of racism, as they posess the medieval culture even being white in Europe.This confusion prevent the anti-racists to promote the educated and gifted individual minorities,instead of mass “affirmative actions”.

  3. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    A population is like an inventory, a stock, and it has 2 inflows and out 2 outflows. The inflows are immigration and births, and the outflows are emigration and deaths. The racial composition of a population can change through both the inflows and outflows. Let’s illustrate this in the case of Brazil.

    When Brazil became independent in 1822, it was fairly dark, and most (forced) immigrants were blacks from Africa, who however had a much higher death rate than the light-skinned population. After the abolition of slavery in 1888, Brazil started to receive a lot of white immigrants from Europe, which led to a whitening of the population. At some time in the last century, the higher classes started to reduce their fertility significantly. Since these classes tend to be light-skinned, this led to a darkening of Brazil’s population.

    Only in the last decades have the poorer classes started to reduce their fertility. In Brazil, there is now little difference between social classes with regard to fertility and mortality. As a result, the darkening process will stop soon. Since neither immigration into nor emigration from Brazil is very high, we can assume that Brazil’s racial composition is now stable, or will soon be.

    It can safely be assumed that Mexico is becoming on average more light-skinned because of emigration. Not many light-skinned upper-class Mexicans emigrate. Mexico also receives immigrants from Central America, who are on average darker than Mexicans. It is possible that the whitening effect of emigration and the darkening effect of immigration will leave Mexico’s racial composition as it is.

    The Dominican Republic is undergoing darkening because of large-scale illegal immigration from Haiti. There are a lot of Dominican immigrants in the US, but also a lot of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic, which goes to show that everything is relative.

    The only Latin American country that received many German immigrants is Brazil. A good proxy variable is the Lutheran population. In every Latin American country other than Brazil, the Lutheran population is under 50,000. In Brazil, it is close to a million. Of course, many German immigrants were Catholics. There was a time when, of Brazil’s 6 cardinals, 4 had German ancestry. Also, there are about 1.5 million nipo-brasileiros, that is, Brazilians with full or partial Japanese ancestry.

    Regards. James

  4. Jason Y

    I don’t really care if some Latin American upper class fat-ass doesn’t like the mixing of his nation, just like I’m not concerned cause they didn’t deliver his wine and lobster on time. Gosh.

    • Jason Y

      Again, the white people of any place generally have a low birthrate due to more education and money. The situation won’t change as long as darker people have no access to real programs (not the crappy welfare ones in the US) that give them an incentive to stop breeding.

      So again WNs whine that the world is becoming darker, yet support backward governments which promote a high birthrate among the poor, whom are often non-white.

      • EPGAH

        And the food and meds we send to the savages to keep Lord Darwin from keeping their numbers low have NOTHING to do with it, right?

        • Jason Y

          You can’t stop food and medicine to people. That’s evil. It’s cruel and barbaric. You can’t do it. Instead, how about real reforms in these third world hell-holes that will prop them up from some “Hee Haw” existance they’re in now?

        • EPGAH

          How is it evil, cruel, or barbaric? We wouldn’t be KILLING them, just letting them die as they deserve. What “real reforms”? Putting contraceptives in the free food?

  5. i agree Robert. i have been operating on the assumption that eventually everyone will be mixed race….that race mixing on a global scale is inevitable.

    You can now travel from London to Sydney in a shorter time than it took to travel from Manchester to London 200 years ago. the world is effectively, at least in terms of travel times, as small as a single pre modern kingdom. And it will get smaller.

    A blogger you know likes to say that diversity + proximity = conflict. there is a significant amount of truth to this but its also true that diversity + proxmity = mixing. The latter is practically a law, and even happens in cases where it is illegal.

    I anticipate the Chinese could become ethnically nationalistic and not mix with Africans, who according to the UN will be over 4 billion by 2100. but if they have IQ concerns, they will be amerliorated by technologies which will raise the average IQ. Whether its genetic engineering or some kind of embryo selection, future Africans (and everyone else) will be much more intelligent than present day Chinese. All races or continental populations will eventually mix, if we dont destroy ourselves first, and the human race will also continue to evolve.

    This is the conclusion I have come to. In the meantime, why spend your life worrying about and fighting the inevitable? There have been admixture events all through human history. Human history and evolution wont stand still for people who like white people just as they are.

    As Leonard Cohen put in the mouth of ‘Franklin Roosevelt’, “Yankie, Russian, white or tan, a man is still a man. We’re all on one road and we’re only passing through”.

    • EPGAH
      What about sites like this that seem to be Germany putting their daughters out there to be raped, to “Prove They’re Not Racist”™?
      Note that all the drawings are an Arab figure raping a white figure.

      The site covers everything from homosexuality to abortion, but nothing about consent. It looks more and more like the IDEA is to destroy whites worldwide!

      • Jason Y

        I seriously doubt whites are buying into multiculturalism to the point they will accept rape of thier daughters.

        Even at my multi-cultural university, the gym and pool have rules demanding everyone to cover up (no bikinis, or revealing attire). There is a lot of emphasis on campus about avoiding sexual harassment or sex crimes.

        • Jason Y

          Of course, in Germany and other places, some Arabs are going to public pools which are socially liberal, and they’re acting like monkeys. Well, that’s bad, but expected as they’re coming from backward lands and now they’re seeing bikini beaches, and some they are even all nude.

          I guess with Arabs, law enforcement needs to be stepped up, and they shouldn’t be let in the nation. Way too much inbreeding.

        • EPGAH

          You mean like this? The savages rape their betters, put the poo in the pool…but it’s “racist” to ban them for that?

          Or do you mean this, where “feminists” blame RAPE VICTIMS for being “Islamophobic”?

          I’m sure there’s a lot of emphasis on campus about avoiding sexual herassment or sex crimes–or at least mentioning it if the attacker is nonwhite for fear of “racism” or Moslem, for fear of Islamophobia, right?

          You know those tantrum throwers at Mizzou U? Mizzou U had a history of Black football players raping girls, but Mr. Hunger Strike couldn’t be bothered addressing THAT!

          And again, look at the site. Why is it always the rapefugee standin putting it to the white girl? Why not a white guy fucking one of the savages?
          It just reinforces the idea that white girls are there for the savages’ “pleasures” and their own girls can be protected, no harm, no foul.

        • EPGAH

          Wouldn’t that be “cruel and barbaric” to not let them in and make them lie in their own bed they made in their own country? How do you justify that contradiction with your earlier words?

          I agree with you they shouldn’t be let in, but that contradicts your earlier statements where just not feeding the savages is “cruel and barbaric”!

        • Another William Playfair Web

          So what? I repeat, whites are not the smartest. Who cares, is it an ego thing? I don’t get how you can claim to be objective when you insist whites are the smartest/least violent race, when biology and IQ tests both prove that is not true.


        • Another William Playfair Web

          That is mostly cultural, I would bet.

          Should have not sent them to Northern Europe for heaven’s sake, it was just that Spain, and U.K. pissed were pissed off about immigration already, France was terrified, everywhere else was too isolated from the Euro, and Italy’s economy is going to sh*t.

          That’s why they ended up in Germany, specifically (plus, it leads the EU, essentially)

        • EPGAH

          Right, I forgot, the stealing of our tech by China is proof that they’re smarter than us…in a lazy kind of way. Inventing your own shit is stupid, waiting for someone else to invent and stealing it is smarter–no overhead, right?

          Are the artificial island “Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers” proof of their peaceful nature?

        • EPGAH

          No, it’s because Merkel threw open the doors, “Come On In!”, either not realizing how many she was inviting in, or not caring about the consequences until it showed up in HER neighborhood?

          Then all of a sudden a doleful howling for deportation and a whining that other countries weren’t carrying “their share” of the burden!

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          Right, I forgot, the stealing of our tech by China is proof that they’re smarter than us…in a lazy kind of way. Inventing your own shit is stupid, waiting for someone else to invent and stealing it is smarter–no overhead, right?

          Are the artificial island “Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers” proof of their peaceful nature?

          Weren’t you the one who said that music downloads etc.. were the property of owner to do with what he/she likes?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          So if we are going to regard biological and IQ data, what evidence do we have the whites are the best?

          A few great scientists, who in the past century have been actually mostly ashkenazis, whom you do not accept as whites.

          Whites went around the world and colonized for resources, and that’s why they had the ability to produce all the great scientists.

          If we are going off of inventions, guess what? Europeans got the wheel from the Mesopotamian, while the Olmecs in present-day Guatemala developed it independently. In the words of the great “@SuperMisdreavus”;


        • Another William Playfair Web

          “regard” should read “disregard” in the first line of my last post.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          EPGAH- I am not going to sit here and argue the facts with you. Biology and IQ tests prove that Asians are less violent and more intelligent than whites. Same with the Ashkenazi Jews, whom Europeans have taken credit for the inventions of.
          “#reality sucks”, as a I attributed earlier.

        • EPGAH

          How about the fact that the COUNTRIES are better?

          Or is there some other reason that even the most white-hating savages want to invade the white countries, but not Asia or Moslem Terrorist countries?

        • EPGAH

          And actually, the savages in Guatemala and Mexico DIDN’T BOTHER making a full-sized wheel, they used it as a CHILDREN’S TOY!
          Anyone who has studied the Spanish conquest should realize this.

          I have a TOY tank, but that doesn’t mean I am in any way the equal to someone who has a real, full-size one!
          This technological inferiority might be just another reason their savages keep invading America?

          How many tens of MILLIONS have to decide their own country is too shit to live in, before you will admit white countries WERE better?
          By that time, will our countries still be better, or will we have drowned in their poverty, violence, and the mega-breeding that caused it?

        • EPGAH

          Jason, you’re misremembering, I said it was the UPLOADER’S property to do with as he wanted. If he wanted to put it out there for everyone he could. China brags about HACKING our databases, which implies they did NOT put it out there for everyone.
          If you have proof against this, please present it!

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Great, so Mexicans are inferior to the Arabs, but Europeans are inferior to both.

          Why are white supremacists so absurd? They “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks”(as the cliche goes), then respond with ad hominems when none of what they have thrown at the wall works.

      • jorge

        Who are “savages”? Savages are racist monkeys.

    • Horatio

      There is no major mixing occuring in East Asia. Japan and China and Korea will remain homogeneous.

      There isn’t going to be any influx of whites into African nations anytime soon. Some Chinese are moving, but nothing demographically significant.

      It’s just the white countries where you see this rapid and deliberate change. It’s just where white people are where you see demands for open borders and assimilation.

      I just don’t see the world mixing. It won’t. Where it happens is where the West is.

      In the end, I think if the world turn brown then humanity will devolve into some kind of permanent, hopeless dystopia, where at best, humans can live like automatons or robots.

      Humanity sucks. Lets just dump the “aren’t humans wonderful” false garbage now and realise that for most of history, for most of the population, the standard life for a human being has been one of fear, misery and deprivation. Our congenial state of living is not the rule, its the EXCEPTION, and we in the West seem to now be treating it as something that “just happens” and we can give away.

      I just don’t see Western values existing without white people, at least not in any meaningful sense.

      • Tulio

        I tend to take a very long view here. I think humans are constantly progressing. Some faster than others, but all are going forward. There was a time when we were all dragging our knuckles and banging rocks together to spark a fire. Now look where we are. All humans are cognitive evolving and I think many of the ideas we call Western values would eventually have come about regardless. For example, human rights. The West has been at the forefront of this, but I think any civilization that has been through enough torment will produce some figure that would promote human rights.

        I still think of humanity as being in its infancy. The universe is 14 billion years old. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. And when you look at the dawn of civilization in Mesapotamia compared to how long it took like to evolve, it’s literally a nanosecond on a evolutionary time scale. Give any group of humans a long enough time, and they’ll all evolve into advance civilizations.

        Whites vanishing wouldn’t be the end of the world. It would send a shock through the world in the short term, but long-term humanity would go on and continue to evolve both culturally and genetically.

        • EPGAH

          Great, when will South Africa have a human rights figure?
          Even a cynical one, “Hey, raping and murdering the people who feed us is BAD!”?

          And again, how can they evolve anything if they keep abandoning their countries to invade ours? Horatio pointed out at the bottom of this page, you can complain about “White Supremacists” all you like, but in the end:

          “The general migration movement on this planet is darker skin moving to lighter skin. There are exceptions, but they are just exceptions. Wherever you look, people are moving towards the whitest people they can get to.”

        • Jason Y

          Ep-gah sort of has a point. Those people who are civilized, no matter what race or nationality (as they come in all colors) have a right to move to where they are safe. That’s just basic common sense and human survival.

        • EPGAH

          PS, does your teleology take into account groups like the Andaman? 10,000 years, ZERO advancement?

          Or the stagnation of China until Britain forced open their ports?
          Only Europeans–“The West” to use your euphemism–have a CONSTANT impetus to advance technologically and culturally.

          Whites vanishing WOULDN’T be the end of the world, only the end of technology, much less advancement. China keeps “advancing” by stealing our tech.
          However, it might actually SAVE the world!
          Who would feed the savages? Africa (and other places that can’t feed themselves) would have a MASSIVE Death Wave as Lord Darwin would reassert himself without Civilized World food, money, and meds “getting in the way” of population stabilization.

          The world would return to a low-population, illiterate backwater worthy of your favorite Final Fantasy game or Monty Python movie. Life would be Nasty, Brutish, and Short–but instead of whining about “Oh The Humanity”, people would think that was the way it was SUPPOSED to be!

          Alternately, look up Mel Gibson’s “What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us” soliloquy:

          This is what the West has done for the savages, no matter how ungrateful they are.

        • Tulio

          10,000 years is nothing on an evolutionary timescale. We used to all be these ape like creatures without even a spoken language. Now we are all modern Homo Sapiens. Humans continue to evolve. Remember, the Celtic ancestors of the British were extremely primitive for thousands of years. They were taught civilization by Romans. Within a thousand years they took over the world. And now their nation overshadows the descendants of the people that brought civilization to the British Isles. Now why didn’t England develop high civilization before Rome? Simple. Nobody had thought of it. Nobody had thought of alphabet, or algebra, or sewer systems. If Romans never arrived, maybe the Britons would’ve developed it on their own in 500 years, or 5,000 years. Nobody will ever know. I’m sure they eventually would have. Same with the Mayans. Very advanced people in many ways, yet nobody had thought of the wheel as a tool. Surely someone eventually would have, but at the time Europeans encountered them, nobody had thought of it. It all sounds so easy because we’ve already been taught it. It took tens of thousands of years for humans to figure out that if you put a seed in the ground and water it, you can grow your own food and not forage anymore. It blows your mind that it took many so many millennia to figure that out, but that’s only because we’ve been introduced to the idea already. If nobody ever told you that, you’d have no idea how the hell agriculture works.

          Some races advanced quicker than others due to genetic mutations and environmental changes. If you moved north, you were forced to come up with calendars so you knew when to plant seeds and harvest. If you didn’t, you’d starve to death. At the equator where food grow all year, it would’ve have been as important. If you were Polynesian, you learned how to build sea going boats. You were forced to in a way you would not be if you lived central Africa where there are no navigable rivers and you are far from any major body of water.

          And even if whites all left to start a new colony on Mars and left non-whites behind. Non whites would spread into Europe to take over the now empty land and would go under the same evolutionary changes that happened thousands of years ago. You might even have the white race re-evolve again. Isn’t that what happened in the past? Africans went north and gradually became lighter and physically more adapted for that northern climate. Why would this not happen again over time?

  6. Tulio

    No big surprise here. Something like 90% of the planet is non-white and they have higher fertility rates than whites. Without de jure racist immigration policies all white majority countries will eventually become majority non-white. It’s just simple math.

    Thousands of years in the future, everyone will look like Tiger Woods.

    • EPGAH

      Yes, but my concern is they’ll act like the Mongol Hordes of Black Lies Matter, looting and burning stores, attacking people at political rallies, and generally acting like Orcs.

      Do you think civilization, much less progress, will be possible with that kind of behavior? Or is that not the goal, merely bragging rights that you invaded and destroyed all Civilized World countries around the globe?

      As to the fertility rates, that’s nothing to brag about. As I pointed out to Jason, THE CIVILIZED WORLD FEEDS YOU!
      Without us, you die down to reasonable Levels, no matter how “barbaric” Jason thinks it is.

      As to de jure “racist” immigration policies, you mean like the Affirmative Action policies the Civilized World passed against ourselves? Or like the savages that took over South Africa making laws that their white hosts can’t own their own land? Or Mexico’s that NO NON-MEXICAN can own land, or hold office? Or did you mean some OTHER kind of “racist” policies?

      Governments don’t shy away from “racist” policies, depending on whom they want to help and whom they want to hurt!

      • Tulio

        I don’t think it’s true that the West is feeding the non-Western countries. I’d have to see some data to substantiate that. I’m pretty sure most non-Western countries are not importing most of their food from the West. In fact, it may be the other way around. I know a shitload of fruits and veggies in the USA are imported from Mexico. And some things as far away as Chile, such as grapes during the northern winter.

    • Jason Y

      But who is to blame? It’s only the effect of the USA pushing backward feudal governments on the third world. Modern nations have low birthrates, so why can’t the third world become modern? Cuba has already become modern, in a sense, the vast socialist programs have given it a low birthrate.

      • Jason Y

        Actually, we don’t have to promote ep-gah’s cruel withholding of food for the third world. It will just happen. Once there is no food, all kinds of catastrophe will come about, maybe under Trump’s watch. We won’t be able to do anything about it.

        Again, the US would be to blame as we promoted anti-people governments everywhere, because we cater to the rich.

        • EPGAH

          You’re right, it’ll just happen….when there’s no more whites, noone intelligent enough to provide the ridiculous crop yields we now take as birthright!

          The savages of South Africa, Rhodesia, Haiti, murdered the whites, stole their farms…why are they starving? Maybe because there’s more to farming than just stealing the LAND? It takes some kind of skill?

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          You’re right, it’ll just happen….when there’s no more whites, noone intelligent enough to provide the ridiculous crop yields we now take as birthright!

          The savages of South Africa, Rhodesia, Haiti, murdered the whites, stole their farms…why are they starving? Maybe because there’s more to farming than just stealing the LAND? It takes some kind of skill?

          It’s not a good idea for the poor of the world to be dependent on US corn and wheat. They need to be weened off of that. Ultimately, it’s a form of imperalism as the US can use food as a weapon, and also, what if the crop goes bad?

          In a sense, and sorry to bring religon into the comment, a sort of anti-christ food thing is going on worldwide. It’s something sinister and creepy.

        • Jason Y

          Perhaps Trump will actually use the US monopoly on food as a weapon against poor nations. He might be evil enough to do that. He could use some silly eugenics argument or something, covered in sugar of course.

        • Gay State Girl

          There was talk on Infowars that the were putting sterilization agents in the vaccines administered in the third world.

      • Tulio

        Well it’s not about “blaming” anyone. Even if birthrates were 2.1 per woman planetwide, still 90% of the planet is non-white so over a long enough period of time, whites will be bred out sans racially restrictive immigration policies.

        At work, there is the young Indian woman. I was looking at photos on her desk and her boyfriend is a white man. She also has family pics with her female relatives here in the US wearing traditional Indian clothing. Her parents probably came to the US looking for a better life. It also meant their daughter would meet a white man and fall in love and probably have a half Indian half white kid. And that kid will probably fall and love with and mix with someone totally of a different ancestry. This story is playing out everywhere all across the country. When people intermingle, they will sexually mix.

        • Jason Y

          It’s mostly due to lack of being modern. For instance, the USA in the 1800s had the opposite going on. The settlers were outbreeding the Amerindians so eventually they pushed them out, even in areas where whites and Amerindians intermingled and occasionally married.

          At that time whites were not threatened in the least bit, so you didn’t see all the paranoia as now.

          Possibly whites could get back to thier old growth rate in the US, if they’d dump all the education and job advancement stuff. In other words, marry at an earlier time etc.. I’d pin some of the low white birth rate on greed of the parents.

        • EPGAH

          Paranoia? You mean being tapped to subsidize our enemies to outbreed us, Affirmative Action and other such policies suborning our job desires to the savages, our achievement called “White Privilege” and an all-out campaign to destroy it?

          And of course, savages raping and murdering their betters in public, setting our buildings–and US–on fire…

          Being told we’re no longer the majority in some States, and soon All Our Country Will Belong To Them…

          Nope, can’t imagine why we’d feel threatened!

        • EPGAH

          What about the greed of the savages? Not content to fuck up their own countries, or the neighborhoods they drove their betters out of, always encroaching, if not outright INVADING, whatever safe place the whites might otherwise have left?

          If they would just fuck up/burn down/shoot up their OWN areas, instead of finding someplace new to fuck up (Usually HAPPENING to be a Safe White Neighborhood™) we would not NEED to feel threatened, right?
          So in other words, savages’ neighborhoods are No Go Zones for us…but it’s perfectly safe for them to invade us, although soon THAT might be a No Go Neighborhood too!

        • Jason Y

          What about the greed of the savages? Not content to fuck up their own countries, or the neighborhoods they drove their betters out of, always encroaching, if not outright INVADING, whatever safe place the whites might otherwise have left?

          If they would just fuck up/burn down/shoot up their OWN areas, instead of finding someplace new to fuck up (Usually HAPPENING to be a Safe White Neighborhood™) we would not NEED to feel threatened, right?
          So in other words, savages’ neighborhoods are No Go Zones for us…but it’s perfectly safe for them to invade us, although soon THAT might be a No Go Neighborhood too!

          It’s a bit more complex than that. If we force free trade on them, it creates a desperate situation where poorer classes must emigrate. But they are immigrating to a land that doesn’t have the resources to support them.

          Perhaps the real enemy here is the rich who only care about profit.

        • Jason Y

          Yes more free trade on the way. At least a few years ago, there were trade agreements signed with more Latin American nations, so we can expect more immigrants to the US, and richer Latin American nations can expect more economic refugees.

      • Tulio

        What I wonder most in all of this is how will a majority non-white America function in comparison to now. As it is, most the jobs and wealth and innovation is created by whites. What will happen when they become an increasingly smaller percentage of the population? How will this effect politics? How will it effect income inequality? How will this effect dependence on the social safety net as non-whites disproportionately need it? Will whites all flee for Donald Trump and libertarian type figures that want to gut welfare and halt immigration, while non-whites flee to Sanders types who promise socialism and equality?

        Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING really comes down to race in this society. Even how we see many issues that shouldn’t be about race, such as gun control or single-payer healthcare.

        I also wonder how the culture will change or what “American-ness” will even mean in a hundred years. Will American identity be nothing more than claiming to be a microcosm of the world? Or will this be a place with a unique culture? I feel like the more diverse it becomes, the less likely will ever have a true culture. In some ways I am jealous of homogenous nations where everyone feels they are part of the whole and share a common heritage. The cultural left feels that America should be this “salad bowl” where everything and nothing is American.

        • Jason Y

          The black/white mix we have had for much of our history was uniquely American. However, I think Latinos (especially them) and the other foreigners constantly coming in would destroy the unique American culture.

        • Jason Y

          Eventually the socialism in the US should fall cause there won’t be a enough money coming out of white people to support it. The only alternative would be Communism, but that would lower everything for everyone. So there would be a battle where the elites try to hold on thier wealth (and they would win), and so the final scenario would just be some feudal hell-hole in the US, like we see in Latin America.

        • Tulio

          But the cultural left will laugh if you say immigrants are destroying American culture. I know how they think inside and out. They don’t believe America has any culture worth preserving. To them American culture is vacuous and represented by Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians. They’ll think that Indians and Mexicans are bringing true culture and Americans have none. They may acknowledge that Jazz is uniquely American culture but that’s about it. Even the more moderate liberals balk at any notion that there’s such thing as an American culture. Because the second you imply that there is an American culture, you have created a perimeter that defines what it means to be American. And by extension, you have excluded someone from Americanness. The left sees America as a just a geographic territory to live and do business and really nothing more. I’m sure left-leaning Anglo Canadians feel much the same way about Canada.

        • Tulio

          “Eventually the socialism in the US should fall cause there won’t be a enough money coming out of white people to support it. The only alternative would be Communism, but that would lower everything for everyone. So there would be a battle where the elites try to hold on thier wealth (and they would win), and so the final scenario would just be some feudal hell-hole in the US, like we see in Latin America.”

          You’re already seeing the early stage of this in California. Calfornia is lucky in that it has a lot of attributes that attract rich people such as the great climate, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, PCH, etc. California is already where the rest of America will be demographically in a few decades.

          California while being 12% of the nation has 1/3 of the entire nation’s welfare cases. A FULL 3RD COMING FROM ONE STATE ALONE! The schools have utterly been gutted of funding by having to support so many kids of illegal aliens. County hospitals can’t keep up. It used to have the best public schools in the nation. Taxes are high, there’s massive inequality, housing in unaffordable for common people. It really has become an ungovernable clusterfuck of a state. So is this America’s future when the rest of the nation catches up to California demographically?

        • Jason Y

          Even though the illegal alien thing needs to stop, cause it will drain everything out, Trump’s plan will still backfire, due to Latinos sticking together. Ultimately, the US is fucked.

          Unless of course, people will start having more ambition than being on welfare or working at McDonalds. We need serious revenue. Will the drug legalization give us that?

        • Jason Y

          So given are country is going to shit, why does everyone think doing drugs is cool? Why do we need more “neer do wells” on pot? How will that lead to higher paying emploment, the kind we need to fund all the welfare, even assuming illegals are thrown out?

        • Tulio

          If buying drugs is America’s best bet for future prosperity, we’ve got more serious problems than I imagined.

        • California while being 12% of the nation has 1/3 of the entire nation’s welfare cases. A FULL 3RD COMING FROM ONE STATE ALONE!

          Yes and we are one of the wealthiest states in the US and we have the 8th largest economy in the world!

          You’re already seeing the early stage of this in California. Calfornia is lucky in that it has a lot of attributes that attract rich people such as the great climate, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, PCH, etc.

          It’s the people that attract good people to California. Not some abstract The schools have utterly been gutted of funding by having to support so many kids of illegal aliens. geography.

          The schools have utterly been gutted of funding by having to support so many kids of illegal aliens.

          I do not have good figures, but I know that the schools in the White areas in the nearby mountains are very well funded. Schools are funded by property taxes at the local level you know. In areas where there are few illegals, illegals will have almost no effect on that Californian school system.

          County hospitals can’t keep up.

          Maybe, but if you are funded, it’s not an issue. I generally do not have to go the hospital but I was treated for free at the local city or county hospital here for years. A couple of hours wait, but the treatment was free. Things are now a lot better with Obamacare and I am seen at a local private clinic that sees a lot of low income people. They provide good care.

          It used to have the best public schools in the nation.

          The schools in the White areas are still pretty good.

          Taxes are high, there’s massive inequality, housing in unaffordable for common people.

          I do not feel that taxes are too high here in California and compared to most countries they are low. Few of your taxes are state taxes anyway. The state does provide a lot of good services to residents, often for free, and I certainly take advantage of those, especially for medical and dental care, which I do not pay for. I think we should be quite happy to pay taxes for free medical and dental care.

          There is massive inequality, true, and this leftwing state does not seem to know what to do about it.

          There is a housing price problem, but that is due to the real estate market being jacked up by speculators, not due to illegals. It’s just that a bunch of rich people have speculated the Hell out of the market and driven prices through the roof. What to do about it, I have no idea, but this is a leftwing state and we should not have to deal with unaffordable housing.

          There is Section 8 housing in California if you qualify. That’s public housing. I have some friends who are on it. WHITE people. They pay very low rents, like $350 for a 2 bedroom apartment. And the complexes they live in are nice and the neighborhoods are what I would call livable or survivable.

        • Jason Y

          In the third world, the public schools are so bad that anyone with even a little money will send thier kids to a private one. The US may have a similar situation.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t know about your thoughts, but the US popular music now is horrible, with the exception of some country. Not sure if we can blame this on immigrants though.

          Without the black/white mix of the past, the music just turns all techno.

  7. EPGAH

    Doesn’t anyone else think that being more like Latin America would be a damn horror show for Americans and Europeans? I mean, there IS a reason the savages from there break into America.

    Although I’m sure they would rather eat my dirtiest pair of shoes than admit it, it’s because whites made America a better country than any of the admixtures could maintain!
    If whites get mixed out of existence, and America becomes Latin America…

    Well, Be Careful What You Wish For, right?

    • Jason Y

      1965 US immigration act wasn’t a bad idea until the nation was swamped with Latinos. I mean, so what if some Chinese want to open a resturant or some Indians some gas station?

      Mainly the 1965 act runs into problems because the elites are manipulating the system to get rich, using free trade, cheap labor etc..

      Even in South Korea, they generally like white westerners teaching them English. They wouldn’t want boatloads of everyone in thier nation though, and especially boatloads of one ethnic group seeking to displace them.

      • EPGAH

        Remember the lies surrounding the 1965 immigration act?
        1.) Wouldn’t change our demographics
        2.) Wouldn’t change our wealth
        3.) Wouldn’t increase crime

        Zilch out of 3 is only good if you are Pelosi, right?

        Your last point sounds almost like you’re agreeing with me.

        • Jason Y

          I’m wondering if they got rid of all illegals would that lower the Hispanic population in the US?

        • Tulio

          Their children born here are US citizens because of a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment. I’ll say this. I have many Hispanic friends I grew up with. And I don’t think there’s a single one that didn’t come here illegally, have parents that did, family members that did or close friends that did. Discussing immigration issues with any Hispanic friends is very difficult because for us it’s a law and order issue. To them it’s an emotional/personal/family issue, as in you may be threatening to kick their family members out of the country.

          Of course they should’ve thought about that before they came here. But as long as we don’t respect our own immigration laws enough to enforce them and allow sanctuary cities to exist, why do I expect the illegal immigrants to care either.

  8. Horatio

    The general migration movement on this planet is darker skin moving to lighter skin.

    There are exceptions, but they are just exceptions. Wherever you look, people are moving towards the whitest people they can get to.

    Asia gets half credit. They can be pale, but they aren’t white, and there aren’t masses moving towards China like in Europe. Anti-racists seem to not have any motivation to demand that East Asian nations open their borders (hint: they aren’t white, thats why).

    We can spin arguments about supremacism any way we like. We can denounce the White Nationalists and Stormfronters, but dark skin moves to white skin.

    No hand waving by anti-racists and the “we are all equal crowd” can change this observation.

    There’s the migration market making a judgement right there.

    • Jason Y

      Asia gets half credit. They can be pale, but they aren’t white, and there aren’t masses moving towards China like in Europe. Anti-racists seem to not have any motivation to demand that East Asian nations open their borders (hint: they aren’t white, thats why).

      Actually richer northeast Asian nations are opening borders, but the population can’t handle foreigners. As noted, the locals are incredibly snobby, and they’re even getting fed up with whites, whom they tolerated so long as “favored” immigrants.

  9. Jason Y

    Tulio commented that people who live together mix. That’s not always the case. Normally, only a minority of people mix in that situation. Threfore, the main source of so called “white genocide” is low white birth-rate, not some black guys who want to marry white women.

    • Jason Y

      It’s also interesting to note that most white women won’t mix, and top it off they only want the top alpha white males.

    • Tulio

      I’m talking about over long periods of time. Once again it comes down to the mathematics. If only 10% of the marriages each year were mixed, the mixed population will still gradually grow over time and overtake the pure race population. Because these mixed people will intermarry into the general population, diluting them further.

      You know what’s ironic about the whole black-white issue? If racist whites 100 years ago had just supported interracial marriage, you’d have a population that is genetically 90% European and 10% African. I’m guessing that with that split, the population would by and large be indistinguishable from Europeans. I remember reading about the Chinese at some point in their history exterminating an ethnicity they didn’t like in their midst by forced intermarriage in the Han Chinese race. Pretty interesting. I’m not saying that it should’ve happened, forced marriages between races should never happen. And it’s not like all blacks would want to marry whites anyway. I’m just saying it’s funny to think that white nationalists who wish there were no blacks in America actually ensured there would be a large black population by segregating them. Had there been interracial marriage at time when America was 90% white and 8% black the demographics would look very different now.

  10. Jason Y

    Food imperalism is a big thing. Free trade is horrible for third world farmers as the US can produce a billion times more than them. Ultimately, crushed farmers and other broken people have no choice but to emigrate to the US in desperation.

    For example, look how Bill Clinton’s brilliant idea of dumping Arkansas (his home state) rice on Haiti.

  11. Rus

    It is ironic, that practically every Nazi Hitler fans in Russia have turned being pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian and anti-Novorussian after Maidan 2014. I even cannot call them Russian, because they are “Russian” only in a sense that they were born to Russian parents, but when those idiots turned against their people they are everything but Russian. They have to be properly called Ukrainian Nazis who unfortunately live in Russia.

    On the other hand, the Russian nationalists, who have not cared about Hitler and race at all, stand pro-Novorussian since then.

  12. The White Race will win nevertheless the battle of miscegenation. Why?

    1) For the same reasons the two most colonialist religions, American Zionist Evangelism and Saudi Wahhabism are converting the poorer countries’ populations into political stances even more imperialistic than all the Whites’ being taught into self-hate : Monsanto will have the answer (they are now in big trouble for their image and in desperate search of customers that will take submission to their criminal endeavours for a supreme privilege, not a reduction to second-class consumer). Everybody in the poorer darker countries dreams of being even whiter Than Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Hitler…, they are being successfully sold very immediately dangerous bleaching products for the skin, they won’t make qualms about taking Monsanto ADN-modifying pills the danger of which is more long-term and theoretical.

    2) The White races always counted on the breeding of a very tiny elite, sometimes a very tiny team of alpha males at critical moments of their histories to produce whole big countries. The Whites of ancient India descend from only ten males, the Jews of pure Khazarian origin from only four. Most mothers in the third world will opt into artificial insemination from super-whites alphas, or if they are too dark to get a passably clear offspring from only one pure white parent, into carrying motherhood.

    3) The present-day wave of deliberate miscegenation is decided by elite Whites (not all Jews but even fare more Nazi-like Aryans) who consider the present-day Whites to have betrayed their race and irreparably degenerated out of Whiteness for good by having adopted into humanistic ideas (they consider themselves pure Whites by the fact that they prefer sadism to sex as their divine source of pleasure, and also by the fact that they are intelligent enough to realize that social injustice is both inevitable and desirable) : they intend to breed the whole white race anew from themselves only, the ones they are pushing towards racial dissolution are not true Whites at all, they have to be marked out more clearly as non-Whites, though they can be useful in destroying the other races’ racial individuality by so doing : if you look miscegenation from very Black Africa’s point of view, as I have done myself through my best friends there, the picture is much, much sadder than it will ever be with the Whites. Very pure Blacks as a natural work of art are now even scarcer relatively to the mass of greys and dark browns than Blondes, one reason being the restrictedness and ongoing destruction of their favourite habitat, like dry tropical forest. Whites seing their like being cross-bred fear for their IQ, but the danger is not so great and maybe non-existent after all, because the places that invented (and also restarted civilization after a spate of barbarity) complex material civilization in the past were generally more mixed-race than others, not pure white, because more inter-breeding and the role of money in couple formation can concentrate even more easily high-IQ genes than cross-breeding can dilute them ; but pure Blacks so to speak (from an artistic point of view, not scientific : I value aesthetics over science in that field) rather fear for their musical and para-normal talents that are much scarcer and which are not favourably selected by widespread cross-breeding and money influence, since these are anti-establishment talents.

    I saw a very White young man thinking like this (though not from a White elite point of view, seing himself as something even more rarer and more improbable) in deep mutual love with an Ethiopian jet-black beauty, and both had the same ideas as I have exposed, each one admired so much the purity of the other as a rare, endangered species of colourful bird that they resolved to have only one biological child together and resort to adoption from needy relatives family of both for further enlargement of their family. Concern for aesthetic (not political) racial purity is not necessarily racism at all.

  13. David

    I find lot of the so called whites of Latin America actually show some African or Native American, or influence both, on their looks. Lot of “white” Brazilians show some (minor to quite significant) African influence on their looks, the same goes with lot of white Latinos in the U.S., and in the case of white Mexicans you can clearly see some Native influence. But in such a race obsessed place as the US, these people often get classified as white. Ironically, Europeans in Europe are not nearly as race obsessed as whites in the US. After all,they do say Americans are essentially the trash of Europe. Most of the early British settlers in the US, for example, were the low lives of British society.

    • David

      You also have to understand, the concept of “white” doesn’t really apply to Europe itself,mainly because these places are already white. There isn’t the same amount of camaraderie between different white groups in Europe as there is in the US. Over here, it’s much more a nationalistic thing. You will find the British that live in Spain will have their own little enclave. Also, we don’t really make reference to people’s colour in everyday conversation. A black guy will go just by his name here, not like US where he will be Tony, the African American, here he is simply a Tony.

  14. Emilia

    Sorry to be late coming in here, but my two bits: there are generally two types of ‘Whites’ in Latin America. The first consist of individuals who have Amerindian and/or African ancestry but who consider themselves White not only for reasons of social prestige but also because in terms of language and overall culture, they have much more in common with their White than their African and/or Native American ancestors. The second group of ‘Whites’ in Latin America are people who truly do not have any non-European ancestry. Usually they’re not descended from the original Spanish and Portuguese settlers but from European immigrants of a later date, generally German or Italian or to a lesser extent Polish or even Jewish. A prime example: model Gisele Bundchen, who’s from a Brazilian family who came to Brazil from Germany.

    A note about Canada (I’m Canadian): what genetic studies seem to find is that Aboriginal Canadians have considerable European ancestry, generally on the male line (as in Latin America). However, unlike in Latin America, Canadian ‘Whites’ generally have little non-European ancestry, most likely for the same reason US Whites don’t: European immigration to North America generally involved more women.

    • TRASH

      French-Canadians are all Mestizos to some degree (That’s why Aboriginal/White tension in Canada is mostly between Brits, Americans and Amerindians in Canada but not between French and Aboriginals) and most Canadian aboriginals have French blood. Going directly North from Montreal is a gradient-less French, more aboriginal until you get to the treeline.

      “Aboriginals” up there like Inuit are as Asian as Chinese man in Vancouver.

      You’ll notice some vague class/race issues in Quebec. Better off urban families are more likely not have Amerindian genes at all and had titles/land grants in Colonial days. Rural areas North of Montreal

      I’m a Yank originally from a border state who studied in Canada and Anglo-Canadians tended to come up from the States as families or from Ireland or Scotland directly.

    • TRASH

      I’m a Yank originally from the border and I disagree: French-Canadians have HUGE AMOUNTS of Aboriginal Blood save for the more well-to-do families around Montreal who in Colonial days had arranged marriages through nobility and the like. The further North in Quebec you go, the more Indian people get.

      You are correct that Anglo-Canadians (Yankees from the Northeast States or recent arrivals from U.K. esp. Ireland/Scotland) were families or young women and as a result Southern Ontario or Vancouver Anglophones have no aboriginal blood.

  15. Ultra Cool

    You’re right there is very little nordicism in Latin America, most Whites here have dark hair and eyes and tan easy, like typical south Europeans. We don’t demand purity because most of us have some non-White ancestry,. You got that right.

    The funniest difference is that I don’t know anybody in Latin America who believes Jews and non-European Caucasians are not White, I’m still suprised some Americans think of North Africans and West Asians as non-White.

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