What Is the Source of Behavioral Differences Between Euro and Non-Euro Caucasians?

“If you spend a lot of time around non-European Whites, you will notice that they seem to be part of your “family” like any White person is, and also that they more or less act like Euro Whites too.”

Tell that to the all the German women assaulted in Cologne.

We have lots of Arabs and North Indians around here. They don’t go around assaulting women. They act just like regular White people. Actually they act better than most of the Euro Whites around here.

The North Indians in particular are 25% Northeast Asian, so that my be the source of their better behavior. They do seem pretty calmed down and sedate. Also the North Indians around here are crazy study maniacs. Most of the young people are going to college and they study like crazy all the time in large groups in the coffee shop. They are almost nerds like that.

The Arabs around here do have a bit of Black in them. The ones hereabouts are actually 20% Black. What is fascinating is that having 20% Black in them does not seem to change their behavior in any noticeable way. If anything they act better than the regular Euro Whites around here with no Black in them. You cannot see any traces of Black behavior coming from even 20% Black genes.

I am not sure what that adds up to, but we maybe having a bit of Black in you is not the end of the world. The ancient Egyptians were 13% Black. So it looks like non-Blacks can have up to 20% Black genes and still be highly functional and civilized races. There is no reason to freak out if your race is getting some Black genes bred into it. Obviously at some point it becomes a concern, but at least Caucasians seem to be able to weather 10-20% Black genes quite well.

This also argues against race being biological. But maybe Arab culture is so strong that it negates any negative effects from those Black genes. Or maybe 10-20% Black genes simply isn’t enough to change Whites very much. As with Black percentage in a city, where towns and schools can weather Blacks up to a point, there is probably a tipping point in Caucasians, schools and cities where the Black percentage gets over a certain amount and then a lot of characteristic Black behaviors, not all of them positive, start showing up.

Around here, we have Blacks, Mexicans and full Mexican Indians. Trust me, the local Arabs and North Indians do not act like anything like Amerindians, Mexicans or Blacks. It is so clear just being around them that we are talking about completely different races. I look at those North Indians and Arabs, and they remind me of the White people I grew up with and lived with all my life. They seem like they are part of my race. Granted, sometimes they can act bad due to culture or religion, but I don’t get the feeling that I am a completely different race from them. I do get that feeling from the Mexicans, Amerindians and Blacks.

Also in case you are wondering about Mexicans, there are quite a few Mexicans around here who are quite White. We may as well call them White Mexicans. Guess who they act like? A lot of them act like me! They act like White people! The more White they have in them, the more they act like regular Euros despite coming from Mexican culture. There’s got to be something to biological race. I know there is.

They are still part of my racial family. But you know within a racial family, you can have good actors and bad actors just like in any family.

The non-European Caucasians are more like Euros in behavior than they are like any other race. Their behavior does not resemble any of the other large races. In a gross sense such as the way the typical Asian – White – Black divide breaks down, non-Euro Caucasians will line up with Euros on many variables. They don’t act like Asians. They don’t act like Black people. They don’t act like Aborigines or Papuans or Negritos. They don’t act like Oceanians. They don’t act like Amerindians.

However, they do have some very different cultures as far as religion and general culture are concerned. I don’t think their genes are much different from the genes of Euros. But culture is such a profound factor in human behavior. The behavior of those Arab men in Cologne is due to their culture, not to the fact that their genes are different from European genes.


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  1. Horatio

    The fact that the Egyptians manages to spend millions of man hours erecting visually impressive but otherwise completely useless pyramids doesn’t really prove all that much, at least by my standards. Some of the Aztec structures were impressive to, but it wasn’t a pleasant civilisation to live in.

    The differences between races are very subtle, and most people just don’t see them, but I do, and they are far more evident in group situations. An Arab living in America, in a mostly white area is a vastly different person to one living in a predominantly Arab area. The social interplay between people is just as important as the individual traits.

    I think most people disregard this dynamic, and point to some “assimilated” people and say “see!”, just like us! But as I observe in my city, when the social mix changes, the behaviour changes, and this influences culture. The differences are subtle, but when multiplied out among thousands and millions of people, it begins to matter.

    One subtle difference is the seemingly different sense of “space” that Whites and East Asians have. East Asians just seem to have a slightly different take on the important of personal space, which seems genetic as it seems to continue among those born here. They seem a little more tolerant of crowding, of bumping into each other, and of being in constricted situations.

    There are differences noted during infancy.


    I can’t find the study, but there was one conducted by an East Asian/White couple who found that Caucasian babies were less tolerant of swaddling.

    Carry this forward, it MAY explain somewhat why the Asian suburbs here in my home city seem to have people just more comfortable with crowds and high density living. Asian adults I work with state a preference for crowding and masses of people. It’s a subtle difference, but can have impact on town planning and urban development.

    • Hasdrubal

      The crowding thing is very cultural. When I was stationed in Germany the two things I was warned about were that Germans don’t have the same sense of personal space as Americans and Germans don’t find it impolite to stare.
      I found both things to be true. Germans had no regard for the 6 inches or so that I expect around my person and they would stare.
      Germany also had the same rules for condiments that one encounters around ghettos 2 ketchup/mustard packets per person who orders after that you will be charged.

  2. Creaders

    The non-upper class white man who grew up in East Asia, non-gated community, mix with East Asian basically grow meek, and lost their individualism.

    They are very nice people.

    Strong bodies, humble, study hard, they are good mix of East and West Culture.


      There will be few non-upper class whites in China. Middle-class Brits lived in Hong Kong until the 1990’s but low-class whites really have no way and no reason to be in East Asia.

      Northeast Chinese males-as Yee notes-can be violent thugs.

      Being an individualist as I am does not bother Chinese at all because in business or life in general it is every Chinese person or family for themselves.

      I’ve lived in Asia for about 20 years since a young man and though I would say Koreans are the worst for getting drunk in bars and starting trouble the Northeast Chinese are not far behind. However, Northeast Chinese women make wonderful prostitutes.

      Sometimes Africans doing business or studying in China will be beaten up by local thugs but this is something their attitude sort of provokes.

      Philippines Navy has to chase Chinese ships because they will do anything to sell drugs to Filipinos and caused the drug war.

      Chinese-Filipinos will jump a foreigner in two’s, three’s, fours for bumping into them at a Cebu nightclub. Chinese have usually instigated the riots with Malays in Singapore.

  3. Jason Y

    Are you sure the “white Mexicans” act white because of the fact they have more money than the more “Amerindian blooded Mexicans” ?

    This seems to be a silly argument. Also, let’s remember that more wealthy blacks, Amerindians etc.. always act more white than the poorer ones on average. Mainly cause they have more to gain from white society, and have more exposure to a better society.

    • Jason Y

      Oh yeah, what about Northeast Asians who obviously are very different than whites? They act white and often have white friends.

    • Horatio

      Then this is an argument for keeping majority white societies. Minorities do well in white society because it is white?

      If we argue that blacks do better in white nations that back in Africa, a truth I dont doubt for a second, why do anti-racists use this as a reason for mass immigration and assimilation?

      • Jason Y

        Well, mass immigration can only happen so much. Africa’s population is exploding and we don’t have no room for them. It’s enough just to handle the illegals.

        Perhaps Africans are emigrating, as with other third worlders, because the society stinks back home cause the US imposes reactionary governments on them. Population growth? That would be another product of a backward feudal nation. One option would be to stop food and medicine like the “kind hearted fellow” ep-gah said. However, that’s ludicrous and cruel in this modern day and age.

        • Jason Y

          Capitalism has utterly failed in the third world, especially in this modern age where food and medicine causes the natural death rate to fall. Now, in the past, before food and medicine, perhaps the caveman environment was so so good environment for right wing regimes.

      • Well then there is no danger of Europe being turned non-White. It’s presently being invaded by a bunch of other Whites from other parts of the White world. Large numbers of non-Euro Whites are moving into Euro White societies in Europe. There’s no genetic issue with that. How is adding a bunch of new Whites to an already existing population of Whites called White genocide?

        • Jason Y

          Probably the main issue is cultural, but it could be racial in northern Europe where they wouldn’t want to breed with Arabs, or even Italians.

          Of course, since so many Muslims are inbred and low IQ and/or mentally ill, then despite being white, you also have problems when the emigrate. As we know some of them want to rape cause they’re out of thier mind, having a childish brain.

        • EPGAH

          You think both figures there are white?
          The savages who rape the whites are white also?

          Or is this a Little White Lie?

      • HORATIO Nigerians who grew up in Lagos seem more civilized than American blacks.

        I doubt many Nigerian immigrants march in BLM protests.

  4. pepperroncini

    I don’t think Northern Indians / Pakistanis are White or act White. Been around a lot of them and Arabs in the MidEast and UK.

    N.Indians/Pakistanis have too much Ancestral South Indian genetic component to be considered Caucasoid much less White. There is negligible R1b in Northern India/Pakistan while it is the dominant Y lineage in Western Europe. There is no Y-DNA I in Pakistan/N.India while it is a major lineage around Greece and Scandinavia. While not the majority, there’s noticeable occurance of convex nose / Irano-Afghan nose amongst some upper castes in India and Pakistan while this is absent in Europe.

    Like Arabs they (N.Indians and Pakistanis) are very clannish and tribal, while West Euro Whites aren’t. Corruption, nepotism,cronyism is endemic in these cultures.

    Those pedo grooming gangs in England are Pakistanis, and most are Kashmiris.

    Having lived in Arabia, Arabs don’t call themselves White; they are too proud of their heritage to call themslves White. Now, they might call themself caucasoid if pushed on the matter of race. No body calls them (Arabs or Northern Indians/Pakistanis) White in Arabia; White refered to only Europeans.

    • Optimus Prime

      This is just correct. Astute points. I have heard nobody call Arabs as white. There is too much ancestoral genetics in this case ASI or ANI not sure to call north Indians and pakis as Caucasoids. Though they might show traces of Euro genes but ancestoral part would be the dominant gene. You can judge it by the similar behavioural traits of both the groups. The only Asian group I would associate with euros are the iranians that too lightly. They are under the yolk of Islam however.

      • Arabs call themselves White! What do you mean? The local Arabs told me that they are White people, the same race as Europeans. They said they are like ancient Whites and that Europe was originally Arab. They are quite proud of being White too. They say it with a big smile on their faces.

        North Indians are 74% pure Caucasoid – North European, Med, and Southwest Asian, mostly the latter. They have only 10% ASI. They have 15% Northeast Asia. So they are overwhelmingly White.

        • Horatio

          The darker the population gets, the looser the definition of white gets.

          Robert, maybe they like to call themselves white to make themselves appear better? I mean to say they may look more highly on this categorisation. Kind of like how Aboriginal ancestry here in Australia can make one eligible for affirmative action. People with a smidge of ancestry, some who look very white say they are Aboriginal. Personal motive because there is gain. Like in the US people claim 1/32nd cherokee ancestry. No Aboriginal who is 1/4 white calls themselves white, because it doesnt have the social and political mileage.

          Arabs may simply feel it better to call themselves white. To be honest Ive never heard an Arab say they are white. Maybe different social climate. Middle Easterners here generally will use “white” to refer to Europeans, and maybe some Lebanese who really do look white will use it to refer to themselves. But I work in a diverse environment, and generally Pakistanis and Near Middle Easterners will occasionally refer to me as white to contrast my ethnic heritage from theirs.

          Also, having worked closely, I notice the bhaivioural differences. One or two Indians/Pakistanis have acted white, but they are exceptions. The stereotypical subcontinental attitudes run very strong.

        • Jason Y

          Robert, maybe they like to call themselves white to make themselves appear better? I mean to say they may look more highly on this categorisation. Kind of like how Aboriginal ancestry here in Australia can make one eligible for affirmative action. People with a smidge of ancestry, some who look very white say they are Aboriginal. Personal motive because there is gain. Like in the US people claim 1/32nd cherokee ancestry. No Aboriginal who is 1/4 white calls themselves white, because it doesnt have the social and political mileage.

          Actually, the Cherokee owned slaves and fought for the south.

        • pepperroncini

          The Pashtuns (sampled from Peshawar) have around 25%-30% ASI. The upper castes Kshatriya in North India have around 40%-45% ASI.

          ANI isn’t purely Indo-European, it is partly pre Aryan and ancient Indian as it is also found in large % in South India amongst Dravidians even though there was no invasion / rape of Southern India by Indo-Aryan speaking northerners.

          Even the Kalash in Pakistan have high % of the indegenous male lineage haplogoup H (20+%) . Higher H % than any other haplogroup.


          Y-Dna H increases in frequency in lower castes and Southern India.

          The East Asian component is mostly just in Eastern India around Assam, Bengal, Nepal etc. ASI is closer to East Asia than ANI is to East Asia but ASI is a unique cluster that is Indian SubContinent specific.

        • pepperroncini

          Maybee they (Arab Americans) call themselves White because they are here in the West and it is beneficial for them to identify with the dominant culture, but lately Arab groups are demanding to not be counted as White, so they can get Affirmative Action.

          When I lived in the Arabian Gulf , the local penninsula Arabs never called themselves White and Lebanese ,Syrians , Palestinains were just referred to by their ethnoNational origin.

          While they (Gulf Arabs) are racist towards dark skin , it is a nuanced racism because Arabs of partly African heritage or those with skin darker than Northern Indians and Pakistans are way higher up the pecking order than N. Indians/Pakistans . Infact Gulf Arabs of partly African heritage in Saudi ,UAE, Bahrain,Qatar, Kuwait etc.. are far more priviledged than fair skinned Levantine Arab expats who are not citizens of these Gulf countries.

        • Tulio

          Here is a good article written by an Arab on the complexity of what it means to be Arab vis-a-vis whiteness and white privilege.


        • Tulio

          “A social and political currency like no other, to be white in the US is to be free from the presumption that you are foreign or inferior. Whites are simply “American”, unfettered by the qualified or hyphenated identities compelled upon Asian, African, Latino, or Arab Americans…Although designated white by law, Arabs in the US are not extended the array of privileges associated with whiteness.”

        • I do not know. They just told me that they are Whites too. Anyone is proud of being White. Even Latin Americans who can be 15-25% Amerindian or even Black take great pride in being White. In fact, they are bigger White priders than most Euros!

          Press them on the issue. Say, “You guys are White, just like us, right? We’re the same people, right?”

          Once they realize that you are talking about strict race, most of them will say they are White.

          “White” is a cultural term for the type of Whites in Europe called Euro Whites.

          The one who hate it are often leftwingers or nationalists but most of them look as White as I do. They say it due to anger at US imperialism, colonialism, etc.

          Arabs are 79-93% White? How is that not White? How are you comparing a man who is 80-95% White to someone who is 4% Aborigine.

          Those behavioral traits come from culture. Prove to me that Indians and Pakistanis act that way because of their damn genes.

        • Tulio

          “Arabs are 79-93% White? How is that not White? How are you comparing a man who is 80-95% White to someone who is 4% Aborigine.”

          I dunno man. I think you’re going a bit overboard with this pan-aryanist stuff. I definitely see Arabs as fellow people of color. Many are quite dark. I associate “white” with at least having a white skin color. I think anyone has to be crazy to be calling Pakistanis white.

          I realize some Arabs are white, like many Levant Arabs. But come on, once you are getting into places like the Arabian peninsula and Pakistan, those people ain’t white, dude!

        • Cultural Marxist nonsense.

          Exactly what sort of White privileged discrimination did John Sununu, Ralph Nader, and Steve Jobs encounter on their way to success? LOL. I always thought every single one of those guys were White. I just recently learned that they are Levantine Arabs. Are you trying to tell me that these Levantine Arabs were not treated as White and accorded White privilege through their lives? I be they were.

          On the other hand, US society is pretty stupid. William is not accepted as White even though he is a White Cuban. Ted Cruz is being called non-White. For many years, Italians and Irish were non-Whites. White is basically some bullshit category that has nothing to do with biological race. White is whatever the dickwads calling themselves White say it is.

        • Quite a few Italians have a pretty dark skin color. Are they not Whites?

          If you can be White in Latin America with 75-85% White ancestry according to vicious Latin American White priders on Stormfront, why then is an Arab with 79-93% White ancestry not White? I don’t get it. Explain.

          Keep in mind that some of the most vicious White priders and White supremacists of all say that if you are 75-85% White, you are White? So you disagree with these Latin American Nazis I guess?

        • Tulio

          It’s because Levantine Arabs “pass” for white and thus get the privileges of “passing”. The same was true of some “blacks” that were 1/8th black but passed. There’s a world of difference between a Steve Jobs and Osama Bin Laden.

        • Jason Y

          Iv’e never thought that skin color etc.. mattered much, at least not to adult racists. It’s more a case of who you stand for. Even if your blonde haired, blue eyed, yet stick up for blacks, then your black as far as racists are concerned.

          At least that’s generally the case, but sometimes it isn’t. For instance, a relative of mine looks Mexican and was called a “spic” one time at work, yet he’s about as conservative and right wing as it comes.

        • Jason Y

          quote by RobertLindsay

          I do not know. They just told me that they are Whites too. Anyone is proud of being White. Even Latin Americans who can be 15-25% Amerindian or even Black take great pride in being White. In fact, they are bigger White priders than most Euros!

          Possibly because being white in Latin America isn’t the norm. It’s kind of like how US white people who have some Amerindian ancestery (particularly Cherokee) will brag about it.

          Also, we have to assume being white in Latin America is associated with being superior and having more money, though of course that concept is racist and moronic. It’s the same white worshipping crap you see in Northeast Asia, where they brown-nose whites, yet look upon darker people with contempt, unless they happen to be of the same nationality.

          Of course, though what I’m saying is a generalization.

        • Jason Y

          Many Arabs like a lot of East Indians, can simply change thier dress and looks and beards (Well, in that case beards are fashionable even for American men now) and then people think they’re white (unless of course, they talk).

        • Gay State Girl

          Isn’t that because South America was a Nazi haven?

        • EPGAH

          They could sit in my driveway and honk, I would not consider them cars.

          They look different, they act different.

          Most notably, they can’t seem to make a working country to save their lives, so they invade their betters’ countries and break those too!
          Camp of the Saints was a horrifying book. It being played out in reality is far worse.

      • We have some Punjabi Pakistanis here in my town who could only be called White. The guys who run the store are just basically White guys. One guy looks like an Iranian. One of their friends looks as White as my father. If he was not speaking Punjabi, I would have thought he was some White dude. He looked like Victor Hugo. I told him he looked like a German or Victor Hugo and he laughed and said everyone says that.

        The Punjabis around here told me that they are the original Whites. They say they are Aryans, and they told me Aryans are Whites. They said they are the same race as I am, but they went to India and my people went to Europe.

        I agree that there are some Pakistanis and North Indians (even Punjabis) who do not look very White at all. The people who run the liquor store here are Pakistanis but they just look like South Indian people. They were probably low castes converted out to Christianity. There was another Punjabi here who looked like an Aborigine.

        But most of the Punjabis here do not look much like your stereotypical Indian elephant jockey. They pretty much just look like White people instead.

    • North Indians are 74% pure Caucasoid, 15% Northeast Asian and only 10% ASI Asian. They look White to me and to me they act just like White people.

      Sure White means European but so what? The differences between the Caucasoids are trivial in terms of genetics. They are all one people.

      Who cares about an Iranian nose? This is characteristic of one group of Caucasoids, Iranians, who are in fact very closely related to Europeans, even Scandinavians!

      Like Arabs they (N.Indians and Pakistanis) are very clannish and tribal, while West Euro Whites aren’t. Corruption, nepotism,cronyism is endemic in these cultures.

      Yeah and Euros used to be like that too. There is nothing in their genes that makes them clannish and tribal. They are this way due to their culture.

      The gangs pimping out teenage White girls are Whites from Pakistan and Kashmir who are deeply into a very different White culture. These Whites are heavily Islamicized and there is the source of the problem right there.

      Around here it is common for the local Arabs to identify as White. They told me, “We are White people, just like you. The Arabs and Europeans are the same people. The Arabs are the original Europeans.” Also they are quite proud of being White too like any good White man.

      It is unbelievable how easily and quickly Punjabis born in the US assimilate to basic White Euroamerican norms. I have met some of these guys and they remind me of surfers I grew up with on the beach. They basically junk the whole backwards Punjabi culture.

      Even some of the immigrants are assimilating to a shocking degree. These are also junking their culture to a surprising degree, especially the men.

      To me the ones around here are just like White Americans behaviorally and in any other way really.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        It’s all for the political application of their ideas. For example, it’s easy to milk the German’s resentment of Syrians. They are painted as “non-white”, just like the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Ashkenazis and more here in the U.S.

        It’s political…i.e. going after Ted Cruz, like the AmRenners, solely because;
        1. They are so incredibly ignorant and have such severe cognitive dissonance that it is hard to picture them with an IQ much above room temperature
        2. He is Trump’s opponent, it makes it an easy “us versus them”

        It’s all propaganda.

        Hitler’s “perfect aryan” was actually Jewish;

        Why do people not learn from their mistakes?

        • Gay State Girl

          Love that about Hessy Taft!

        • Another William Playfair Web

          “I wanted to make the Nazi’s look ridiculous.”

          Based on that AmRen Article, it seems like the American Equivalent will be Cameron Diaz; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron_Diaz

          What a bunch of fucktards destroying AmRen, seriously.

          Since when is it good to be low-IQ even if you are of White European ancestry.

        • Gay State Girl

          It’s also amusing how they view Trump as a beacon of morality especially in light of the fact that his wife was a nude model and porn star.

        • mott69

          “Babies look alike” sorta describes what really went on here.

          Babies especially, and young kids in general, exhibit much less of the “typical” physical characteristics of their race and ethnicity. Also, Towheadedness (blondeness) and blue-eyes are very common in babies/kids of many races.

          These racial and ethnic traits, like sexual dimorphism, emerge more and more as the person matures, then begin to recede in their golden years.

          Older folks start to resemble each other more and more as they age. So very old people, like babies and kids, are harder to pin down as to their race, ethnicity, and even sex.

        • Gay State Girl


          My paternal grandmother and her sisters were all towheaded well into their adult years. My grandmother looked like Ingrid Bergman.

        • Jason Y

          It’s also amusing how they view Trump as a beacon of morality especially in light of the fact that his wife was a nude model and porn star.

          The religous right wants the left defeated at all costs.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Gay State Girl-

          Based on the website “politics that work”, Pumpkin Person’s IQ averages based on ideology/education, Pew Research for College Education by party, and wikipedia’s nationwide percentages for the same, and race of course,
          I found that Trump’s supporters have an average IQ of 90…!

          I’ve double checked, despite being around 87% non-Hispanic white, they have an average IQ of 90…!

          That explains this; http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/gop-candidate-trump-calls-off-rally-due-to-security-concerns/ar-AAgEs7Z?li=BBnb7Kz

          Absolutely pathetic.

        • EPGAH

          The worst part is when they do, and draw the wrong lessons.
          Blaming the victims for being raped!

        • EPGAH

          Even if that’s true, they’re at least smarter than the Black Lies Matter crowd that invaded them! Although that isn’t saying much.

          There’s a TON of videos flying around about the thug attacking (Or flipping off, depending which narrative you believe) some old man in the stands, and the “Easy Prey” victim going Epic Beard Man on his ass!

          Oh, and don’t forget being called “racist” for telling the thugs to get a job, so they don’t herass innocents?

        • Gay State Girl

          The sad part is…many people are willing would jeopardize their lives, safety, or good name and reputation for him don’t realize they’re being scammed. They may well have to live with criminal records for the rest of their lives.

          I remember the deluded Obots acting like buffoons back in 08, but nothing to this extent.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Gay State Girl- Yes, it is sad in some ways, it brings the worst behavioral standards out in these people, who have median/average IQs scarcely above African Americans.

          It would also explain my negative experiences with them.

          Back around the time this information was gathered by the website, I knew 4 pledged Trump supporters, out of everyone I know.

          I’d say 2 of the 4 had above average IQs, but none were too far above +1SD from the mean. That was back when this type of thing wasn’t happening. Trump has probably alienated people of even that IQ level. I know at least one of them has switched to Cruz, and the other was a guy who was friends with many Hispanics and did it for the populist-economics aspects of Trump’s policies. I’m doubtful if he supports him know either (he has probably the highest IQ of all 4).

          So I bet the average is even less now.

          EPGAH rants about Furgeson and Baltimore riots.
          Trump supporters are just as smart as the blacks, there is just as much a chance they are the agitors as the minorities and white liberals, shoot, the average hispanic IQ is above the average Trump supporters.

          I’d bet the Trump supporters were the aggressors.

        • Gay State Girl

          I live in a state that is over 80% white and was over 90% when I was growing up. However, I grew up watching some of the most disgusting behavior by underclass and blue collar whites. My family owned manufacturing plants in lower income areas so we spent a lot of time in those areas so I am familiar with their realities.

          My dad’s cousin was actually run over and killed by a drunk Irish police officer (as a nine year old boy) and the local police department just swept it under the rug, never even apologized to his family. My family’s factory was also set ablaze (in an antisemitic arson attack) during the 1980’s by local gang in which all members happened to be white.

          My dad has memories of being spit on when he was growing up.

          White aren’t immune to this; they have their crude and criminal underclass.

        • pepperroncini


          I know of a Pakistani coupe whos small kids look like Mestizos. The Parents look to have noticeable indegenous East Indian and Eurassian heritage.

      • Another William Playfair Web

        EPGAH- uh yuh. Ironic that you neo-nazi nordicist alt-righters are the ones who believe rape isn’t real, unless a Mexican Muslim does it.

      • Gay State Girl Wrote:

        My dad’s cousin was actually run over and killed by a drunk Irish police officer (as a nine year old boy) and the local police department just swept it under the rug, never even apologized to his family.

        Doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. The murderous cop was protected by the infamous invisible blue line, and as you know for the longest of times in the American Northeast and Midwest, the Irish were and even to a degree still are, the ethnic face of law enforcement.

        My family’s factory was also set ablaze (in an antisemitic arson attack) during the 1980’s by local gang in which all members happened to be white.

        Please tell me your family “lawyered up” and gave those punks a lesson in the American civil legal tradition.

        • pepperroncini

          In NY city, Italians are a significant portion of the police forces.

          And going off on a tangent: Rudy Guiliani is such a piece of S%$t. He always defends the cops, even when they are clearly in the wrong. The guy is such a fascist pos.

    • Jason Y

      Pedo grouming gangs could be a product of mass mental retardation/illness caused by massive inbreeding. We seem to have monstorous freaks on our hands. Note I’m not talking about appearance or some other cruel thing, but rather just the personality.

      We can blame much on Islam, aside from the fact it promotes inbreeding, but religion only does so much, the rest would be environment, and especially in this case, genetics.

      • Tony Swagger

        Though i agree that Levants look white,most of them are inbred moslems. They have been moslems for a fair long time. Since they cling to their moslem cult they an never be equated with the christian west. Culture triumphs genetics.in this case. Its not going to change any sooner. They have big land mass, they can live merrily there.

        • Jason Y

          I’d say both culture and genetics equally cause massive problems for Muslims, also remembering the religion is what justifies the inbreeding.

  5. Jm8

    Re: Egypt:

    I think black ancestry in ancient Egypt was greater toward the south and less in the north ,ranging from significant in the south, to much less toward the delta region (13% probably being about right for the region overall). There is no evidence (I don’t believe) that the South was any less civilized than the North in antiquity.

    • Jm8

      edit:”(13% probably being about right for Egypt overall, if I had to guess).”

    • Dave Mowers

      Read Justin’s Trogus. No one lived in coastal Mitzraim. No one lived on the Nile river. No one lived in what we today call, “Egypt.”

      Egypt, it’s ancestry, cities, tribes and later government came from Scythian invaders. That’s “SCYTH,” as-in “people of the bow.”

      Please, anyone, show me a picture of an ancient Egyptian horn-bow built by black Africans from Ethiopia. Just one compound bow built in any time period by a black African. That way we can continue the ‘thousands-of-years’ conspiracy of white people usurping black African history.

      I mean, do people not even bother to read history?

      There is no such a thing as ancient historical racism. Slavery was practiced by every race on earth for as long as their have been histories of human.

      • Uuuummm….what does that have to do with anything relating to Black and Egypt said? The only thing claimed by anyone was that A. Modern Egyptians and possibly ancients ones had a certain level of Nilotic admixture (different from West Africans).
        Also, where did you figure slavery fitted anywhere in this?

      • Jm8

        The compound boy was invented in the 1960’s by a westerner. It is not ancient.

        Bows in general were widespread in antiquity, including in subsaharan Africa. The oldest known arrows date to 70k bc, southern Africa. Some older bone and compound microlith points may have been either arrowheads or the points of throwing spears. The points of throwing spears are first dated ca. 270k bc in Ethiopia (the oldest known projectile weapons). Bows were used all over the continent(from w. Africa, to, East, to the C. African Pygmies and Khoisan peoples) If by compound bow you meant crossbow, then you are right, since the crossbow was invented in China and not in Africa (ca. 700 bc). But crossbows were not used in ancient Egypt. Certain peoples of Nubia were known for their archery skills in antiquity.

        There is no evidence of Scythians (a northern Iranian speaking people from the Caucasus and parts of Central Asia) influencing Egypt. Egypt was invaded by the Hyksos (who might have been Levantine Semites), but they did not change the culture that much (They may have introduced the chariot, however.) The Egyptians were mainly an ancient (The mixing of peoples began around the neolithic.) mixture of early Afro-Asiatic speakers from the meso-neolithic levant(Syria region), and Nilo Saharan peoples from the Chad-central Sudan region. Their language was Afro-Asiatic (but not Semitic) with possible minor Nilo-Saharan influence.

      • Also mowers the fact that they alone are Caucasians doesn’t contradict my statement, because all I said was that there was an area in CAUCASIAN Egypt that had ADMIXTURE with Nilotics. Also, you can bring up red and blonde hair all you want in ONE area in a rather recent time period, I actually should you an article comparing the genetics of actual Ancient Egyptians to Modern ones.

        But if you want to argue phenotypes



        “The most common hair color then, as now, was a very dark brown, almost black color, although natural auburn and even (rather surprisingly) blonde hair are also to be found. With their great fondness for elaboration, the Egyptians’ skillful use of dyes has produced yet further shades for us to study, analysis showing many to be various forms of henna, which even an aged Rameses II had used regularly to rejuvenate his white hair.”


  6. Jason Y

    quote by Robert Lindsay

    There is no reason to freak out if your race is getting some Black genes bred into it. Obviously at some point it becomes a concern, but at least Caucasians seem to be able to weather 10-20% Black genes quite well.

    I was wondering where I get those occasional cravings for fried chicken and watermelons. 😆

    Should I see a doctor?

  7. Jason Y

    quote by Tulio

    “A social and political currency like no other, to be white in the US is to be free from the presumption that you are foreign or inferior. Whites are simply “American”, unfettered by the qualified or hyphenated identities compelled upon Asian, African, Latino, or Arab Americans…Although designated white by law, Arabs in the US are not extended the array of privileges associated with whiteness.”

    The whole “White man is a victim” thing is baloney. Being white in the US, as in Latin America and everywhere else, gives you a huge advantage, even if non-whites are taking advantage of every government program available.

    If there are whites doing bad in the US, you can count on the fact it’s because somewhere a long the line they neglected education and/or they adopted a culture of laziness. For instance, there is the Dominos Pizza guy I mentioned, and also the white guy who couldn’t handle the tough course load at ITT tech. How many excuses can be made? What? They don’t get access to the same programs as non-whites and the disabled?

    • Jason Y

      I mean the 40 year old Dominos guy (who isn’t mentally retarded in the least bit) who I’m quite sure isn’t a manager.

  8. Matt

    I’m surprised about the Arabs. Are they Christian Arabs, or do they come from areas that were part of Byzantine/Hellenistic culture in the distant past? Saudis and Gulf Arabs definitely do not adhere to Western norms.

    • In Mexico most of the Arab comunnity would be Lebanese for example, but I assure you one thing, most Arabs would dream of having some sort of light eyes like many Europeans, while similar features, that is one key difference between the two ethnic groups.

  9. Robert L

    I’ve known a lot of Italians in Toronto who were far darker than me. Does this make me white? Absolutely not. The term “white” is a broad ethnic label that comprises race, language, and culture (including religion). Whites are caucazoids indigenous to Europe, whereas South Asians are caucazoids indigenous to Asia. In North America, anyone of European descent is white. South Asians and Arabs are absolutely NOT white. Phenotype alone does not a nation make.

    • Rus

      Yes, both “Caucasian” and “White” are two stupid terms per se. Race is not simply about skin/hair colour or skull structure. I do not understand why so many people are afraid to use the straightforward term “European”. Do they avoid alienating West and South Asians? But the latter themselves perfectly understand that they are different from Europeans. They even call to include into censuses independent self-designations like “Arabs” or “Indians”.

  10. Rus

    I know I cannot do anything about it, but I sincerely have been hating the English term “Caucasian”. In Europe and in the UK it is much less known, but Americans really like to use this stupid term. The English language can be hated for many thing (this is an ugly language, really), but this term is one of the worst things.

    The problem of this word is not even that “White people” do not originate from the Caucasus.

    The main problem is the true Caucasians, that is the people from the Caucasus (let’s call them Caucasic), are amongst the most disgusting nations on Earth. The ideal stereotypical Caucasic is a cut-throat mujahedin or gangster, and tell me everything you want, but I cannot group such people together with other European people (either from the Northern or the Southern parts). If you do not understand what I mean just remember the Tsarnaev brothers, who were Chechens. And they were not the worst of them. On the contrary, they were quite amicable and peaceful specimens, if they managed to immigrate to the US and lived there for long.

    But even those Caucasics who did not turn to Wahhabi cut-throats and bombers are no less disgusting. They are all totally stupid and can do nothing, but as they all want to live rich, they turn into mafia. Every Russian city, small and big, have been terrorized by Caucasic mafias since the 1990s. And you cannot walk around safely on your own streets as there is a good chance that sooner or later you will be attacked by some crazy Caucasic Muslim youth mob, and be luck with you, as the most probable end of a conflict with them is being dangerously stabbed. And the police and the authority do nothing because they have been long either corrupted by Caucasic mafias or directly infiltrated by them. And well, always remember that “Stalin” (Dzhugashvili) and Beria were Georgians as well as many other Soviet officials, so it would be not an exaggeration to say that Caucasic mafias have ruled and terrorized Russia since the 1920s.

    So Caucasics are the “blackest” of the White race. Russians may be lucky not to have African Blacks in their country but they have their own “Blacks”. The main difference that in America Blacks are the lowest, while in Russia “Blacks” are the highest. In other words, in America White policemen can kill Blacks and go free, in Russia “Blacks” can kill everybody and go free.

    And what I said above is equally applicable to Western Europe, where the niche of Blacks are held by Arabs, Turks and other Middle Eastern people. So no. In America you can be happy with West and South Asians, because they all come from the upper middle or upper class, but in Europe they massively come from the lower class, so they are totally disastrous. Non-European “Caucasians” cause only problems. No native European, if not a leftwing nuts, will frankly agree that those Oriental people and Europeans are not different.

    And it has nothing to do with skin colour. Americans have a very vulgar and simplistic understanding about races. Swarthy Spaniards or Greeks are very amicable nations, but go to the other Eastern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean and you find totally different people. I do not know why they become so bad there, but some claim that interbreeding was a cause and Islam worsened the thing.

  11. I agree with you English is an ugly (and very difficult under false simplicity, as Americans are most class-conscious under false equalitarianism) language except under the pen of a writer of exquisite personal taste.

    What needs be stressed upon is that in the whole Indian sub-continent, up to Afghanistan to the borders of Persia and Russia, the purer Aryans the people are, the more “delinquent black”-like they tend to be by nature, the psychological of colour in racial composure goes practically opposite to the one assumed in America and Western Europe. The purer Indo-Aryan you are, the more likely you are to despise work, thrift, education and culture in favour of short-term gain, sexual license, mafia life and also magic and gross religious superstitions (this is true for the brands of Hinduism you find among Whites, that are the most barbarous and violence-extolling, that is also true for their own brands of Islam, which tends to be more Taliban, since a more recent invasion from Northern White tribes took the pretext of Islam to express their racism) . Many purer Indian Whites take pride in not washing, thinking that even their dirt is made pure by the contact with their being (a mentality I also observed among Romanians, who up to the advent of Communism thought it to be a sin to get washed once they had been spiritually cleansed by baptism or by confession, and are now reverting to that trait of behaviour), contrary to most of darker or mixed-bred India that washes several times a day for rituals or for pleasure despite the general lack of modern water facilities and clean water bodies.

    It seems it was even more so the case during the ancient mythical past : the Northern Whites settled there to destroy civilizations and prevent the darker rookies they subjected from building ones, not to build civilization themselves, and that is proudly written in the great epic poems, where destroying dams and river-based irrigation systems is described as a great prowess made only possible with the Grace of Indra, the Rainstorm-God. There is a plus for every minus : the same racial type that begets mafia life also favours for others a romantic ideal of life of rare intensity, of the same kind you may find in the North of Brazil or in Haiti or among the Rastafarians, these Whites fear for the all-too utilitarian mentality of darker races in the South that make them ant-like despite their far greater efficacy at technology in general.

  12. Cale

    Hi Robert, I’m French, and I enjoy reading your blog, but what you are saying here is simply not true.

    This is what you observe as an American, but the fact is the average US Non-European Caucasian doesn’t represent the average Non-European Caucasian. If you lived in Europe you would understand what I’m talking about.

    Immigrate to Europe is much more easier for Asians and Africans than immigrate to the US. As a result only the smartest Asians and Africans immigrate to the US. That’s why the average US Arab is almost as smart and civilized as the average US White, and it also explain why Indian Americans have an average IQ of 110 despite coming from a pretty low IQ country.

    On the contrary, french “Arabs” live in the same ghettos as Blacks, and french prisons are filled with North African inmates.

    Why? Because immigration is not selective in France, and thus french “Arabs” are much more representative of what North Africans/Arabs really are. But this is not very surprising since their average genetic IQ is about 90, that is approximately halfway between the genetic IQ of Subsaharan Africans (80) and Europeans (99).

    According to Jayman and HBD chick, they are also among the most clannish populations in the world.

    Non-European Caucasians only share physical similarities with NW Europeans, and behavioral differences between the 2 populations are mostly caused by genes.

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