The Reason for Donald Trump’s Success


All of the Democrat candidates but Sanders are free traders. All of the Republican candidates are free traders.

If you listen to Trump’s speeches, he talks over and over about trade. No one else, not even Sanders, is talking much or at all about trade. This, not racism and bigotry, is the source of Trump’s success with working class White voters. Neoliberalism has failed. Free trade has failed. And really the only person talking about this, and he is talking about it all the time in almost every single speech, is Donald Trump.

Hillary is a free trader. Bill was a free trader. Obama is a free trader. The majority of the Democratic Party leaders and elected officials are free traders.

Both Bushes were free traders. Reagan was a free trader. The entirety of  Republican Party leaders and elected officials are free traders.

The entirely of the US media from “right” to “left” is made up of free traders.

No one will talk about this. It’s the elephant in the room that no one will talk about because they all corrupted by and supporters of it. So instead of talking about trade, their Achilles heel, the elites of both parties talk about racism and bigotry. And they miss the point, probably deliberately. Deliberately because no one in the elites wants a conversation about free trade because they will probably lose that debate. So instead it gets the silent and deflection treatments.

Against free trade, Trump sounds a message, sincere or not:

One man is fighting back.


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70 responses to “The Reason for Donald Trump’s Success

  1. Jason Y

    Free trade has caused most of the illegal immigration, not so called “over-population in Latin America”. Nonetheless, Trump’s “getting tough” on illegals, while stopping free trade is too late in the ball game. There will still be a race war. In other words, Latinos will take personal offense to seeing thier kin deported like Jews in Nazi Germany.

    Count on the fact that indeed camps are being set up, prison camps, to hold all the illegals to be deported, and a situation might arise where they can’t be deported, hence maybe they will be there for years, making more Latinos angry.

    Funny all the WNs have paranoid fantasies about prison camps whatnot, but actually Big Government will be going after the people they hate, the illegals.

    Of course, to top all this stuff, you can expect Trump to go ballistic on the middle east sparking more massive problems. Already Trump is massively unpopular in Europe etc..

    • EPGAH

      That’s like a burglar getting mad the owner is kicking it out!
      They have their own country to fuck up–in fact, SEVERAL countries–and they’ve done an impressive job.
      We just don’t want that shit HERE!

      You can spend your wealth and efforts eradicating hunger, disease and poverty around the globe. But you should not be trying to influence the political process to force ALL Americans to also put their focus there. We don’t have Scott Adam’s wealth yet. We’re still trying to get there.

      Stop fucking with our political process. Illegals DO try to vote, and California has MASSIVELY changed! It’s almost got its own citizenship program, because the burglars outnumber the owners!

      Trump realizes this. He realizes our politicians have stopped working for the American People. This is why he says we don’t win anymore. This is why he says our trade agreements are sucking the life out of the country. This is why he says China, Japan, Mexico are kicking our asses.

      • Jason Y

        Perhaps the US, in it’s foreign policy should focus on eliminating feudalism in the third world, that’s the source of so much over-population. Women with no education lay around and make babies. You see it also in the US with poor black women etc..

        • EPGAH

          Eliminating feudalism? That would require conquering those countries.
          Hell, we can’t even cut off food and meds without idiots saying how cruel and barbaric that is!

          Conquering them would be “Evil White Imperialism”, or the material equivalent.
          How about we compromise, send them food laced with contraceptives?

        • EPGAH

          Also, your last sentence makes no sense. We don’t have feudalism in America unless you count the Mongol Horde wannabes of Black Lies Matter.

          And you forget, no education is only part of it. The idea they can breed and someone else HAS to take care of it is the other. Hence the Obamaphone woman and Miss “Somebody Owes Me”–but not the sperm donors, of course!

          15 kids! At some point, shouldn’t even an uneducated broodmare say “ENOUGH ALREADY!”?

        • Jason Y

          Wouldn’t those blacks partly be suffering because there are no jobs for them? In that case, wouldn’t that just be more Trump (the guy you like) supporters?

          Right again another case of feudalism in the US. Blacks have no jobs, hence they’re in a low education feudal situation, and in response, they do like other feudal people, breed.

        • Jason Y

          People with no education breed,, and you could just as easily put a bunch of poor whites in Epgah’s video,

          Isn’t it true, in many cases, the government refuses to help people in need, other than welfare. For instance, instead of food stamps, why don’t they build good schools?

        • Jason Y

          Isn’t it true, in many cases, the government refuses to help people in need, other than welfare. For instance, instead of food stamps, why don’t they build good schools?

        • Another William Playfair Web

          The average African American IQ is too high to give a lot of Trump supporters.
          🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think Trump supporters have a low IQ, but they have personality disorders. They’ve got a real chip on the shoulder, as we see also with WNs. That’s not saying I favor free trade and other ways for further oppression of working class Americans of any color.

          Generally Trump supporters are racist homophobes who are getting back for some thing personally done to them. It’s almost like what you’d see with people who had been molested.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Well based on Educational Achievment, and their standards of behavior, their IQ would seem to be low.

          However, personality disorders could indeed mimick that.
          They’re not the brightest bunch, however (still by far stupider than Sanders, Kasich, and probably Cruz supporters).

          I think the award for ‘most demented supporters’ goes out to the Cruz folks. They’re smart, but they’re weak people, and buy into all that religious stuff. They are generally very kind people (correlates with IQ).

        • Gay State Girl

          The Bernie or Bust movement is much stronger than the never Trump movement.

          I salute Trump for making a mockery of the whole process. The people he tore down were hardly only the beacon of morality.

          The ideal situation is that he is denied the nomination despite winning the popular vote, because that would compromise the integrity of the GOP amongst its base.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I believe in HBD.
          I am a registered Democrat, but I (despite our candidate having better chances with Trump), wish Trump would not be the nominee.

          His supporters, are not ‘concerned HBDers’ as Jayman likes to indicate.
          They are low-IQ violent thugs, who just happen to have a different skin tone than a majority of the people who have said traits (black).

          Since when has blatant Ethnic Prejudice and Hysteria ever worked out well?

          Although German Jews did not push the nation into a bunch of Middle Eastern Wars, I still think most Germans would prefer Hitler never came to power, Dresden never was bombed, no rape of Berlin, etc.
          Trump is like Hitler, except not in control.

        • Gay State Girl

          He’s making a mockery of his supporters, and of the Southern Strategy. He’s a liberal New York elitist who is simply squawking the squawk.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Deporting Trump supporters would almost have more benefits than deporting Illegal Central America.
          ‘Indiana don’t want you, Cruz’
          “What do you like about Trump”

          My god, perhaps I’m just an idealist, but can HBDers not jump at the first Cuck Troll that starts repackaging Hitler quotes?

          If Whites are the master race I’m worried. Quite worried.

  2. I don’t know Robert. I mean do most of the population even knows what free trade is? I regularly keep a tab on his facebook page(and he has amassed over 6 million followers) and never does economy even feature, which is ironic since Trump is a businessman.
    I bet my left nut he makes it to the white house. After Tuesday I thought Hillary might have a chance but with Bernie winning today I think Hillary will lose the nomination. And then Bernie gets pounded to hell at the generals by the Trumpster.

    • Tulio

      I agree. It’s hard to believe Trump is winning on any economy matters because the US economy is doing fine for the majority of people. We’re not in the shape we were in at the end of 2008. And it’s not like most of his ignoramus supporters know the first thing about international trade. I’d be willing the bet most of them don’t even know what the acronym NAFTA stands for, let alone be able to explain it’s ramifications.

  3. Jason Y

    A lot of nations are also addicted to unfair trade, which Trump also addresses. For instance, the Northeast Asian nations want to sell thier products to the US, but they don’t want anything in return, other than Hollywood movies. So there is something else to piss off more people worldwide.

    Of course, the logic behind the unfair trade is the Northeast Asian assumption that the US economy is massive, hence they cannot trade on an equal level. They may be true though to some extent.

  4. RockT

    “Progressive” failure and hatred of the workers lead to Trump’s success. He deserves it, and so do the “progressives.” You can’t be d-ckheads forever without consequences.

  5. Gay State Girl

    He’s just playing them. There are so many reasons he is the polar opposite of White nationalists, and fundamentalist christians. He’s the ultimate cosmopolitans and porno king.

    • Jason Y

      His knowledge of the Bible is a joke,but i should be obvious from his casinos and lifestyle that he doesn’t care about Christianity. Nonetheless, Christians will support him Anything but progressive liberals.

      • Jason Y

        Has anyone seem the videos of Trump when asked religious questions? It sounds like some comedy skit off of “The Tonight Show” or something.

      • Gay State Girl

        Melania Trump would be the first foreign born first lady as well the first to have posed nude.

        Maybe an offshoot of a Trump Presidency would be a further divide between White Nationalist/Nativists and conservative christians. It would be fun to watch this unfold…

    • EPGAH

      He likes porn, but again, he’s the ONLY one offering to put up a wall–figuratively and literally–against Free Trade, rather than signing ANOTHER Free Trade Agreement, thus LITERALLY signing away more American jobs. Which candidate said that the TPP was her Gold Standard?

      • Jason Y

        Trump only allows in illegal immigrants who want to fuck 😆 Didn’t you see the Trump reality porn website?

      • Jason Y

        If Trump builds a wall, then criminals will simply organize a way to smuggle the illegals thu the coast or via Canada, just as they do with drugs. In fact, with drugs they are so determined, they have even built submarines.

      • Jason Y

        Maybe with enough cash incentive, a biz will be thought up to parachute illegals into the US. HA, imagine that, lol

  6. Jason Y

    Seig Hiel !!

    • Jason Y – Sorry – check out the pic

      • Gay State Girl

        He’s self parodying or testing the limits. He was not a racist before the election. Someone needs to tell his supporters that he was the first to allow blacks to join his country clubs.

        • Jason Y

          No I don’t think he is a racist. We’ve never had one in the 21st century, not even W. Bush. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not evil otherwise.

        • Jason Y

          Trump co-authored a book with Robert Kiyosaki a popular Japanese-American real estate guru (author of RichDad books etc..) No, Trump’s not racist, but is simply playing a populist card to get votes, and he may even really think illegals should go back to Latin America, and yet not even be a racist.

        • Gay State Girl

          He employs thousands of undocumented Latin Americans in his resorts and casinos as well as guest workers from Eastern Europe and pays them minimum wage. 100% of his products are manufactured in Asia.

        • Jason Y

          Good point about Trump using illegals. I wonder why his opponents are such wimps, and won’t bring that stuff up??

        • Another William Playfair Web



        • Another William Playfair Web

          “had” revitligo.
          My Trumpkin Impressio was very accurate there.

  7. Gay State Girl

    The best way to enlighten his supporters is to preach about his role as an integrationist.

    • Jason Y

      It’s not about what he did in the past. The WNs are happy about what he is saying now. Otherwise, they think he’s some rich “sellout” faggot (no offense, sarcasm). Trump would go with the rest of the Hollywood elite they hate so much.

  8. Gay State Girl

    I hate to say it but true. That and the Ivanka factor.

  9. Gay State Girl

    Nothing else will dissuade them.

  10. I like Trump. He’s the only reason I’m even paying attention to the election. He’s just so fun to watch.

    • Tulio

      I just cannot see Trump giving the yearly state of the union speech, or going in front of the UN to speak about global security issues. He’s just not presidential material, even putting his politics aside.

      • Horatio

        No, but the sad thing is, the fact that the other candidates can act austere in front of a camera is the ONLY think which makes them more qualified. I don’t consider Hillary presidential material either. Or Ru-Bot.

        May as well just have an actor as a President, which I think you guys in America did already.

  11. Tony Swagger

    The reason for Trumps success is Populism. He says things frankly that others would think twice or thrice more importantly things people like to hear from a leader. He’s breaking the fourth wall and dragging the fifth columnists to the ground. Trump funds his own campaign so hes not bound to answer the jewish masters like other GOP nominees. The withdrawal of weak wimpy cuckservatives like Jeb Bush, Magic Negro Ben Carson. I dont think any one with a right frame of mind would vote for Hillary or the two spics in the republican party. The MSM is trying its best to smear Trump’ campaign by comparing him to Adolf Hitler. Already the loser Mitt Romney’s bombshells on Trump boomeranged back on him. Despite all the forces being arrayed against Trump, the victories galore for Trump everywhere So kikes like Ben Shapiro who are trying relentlessly to stop Trump will only be left with massive disappointment. People of America are solidly behind Trump. Many politcians fear they will be off the radar once Trump gets elected. Thats why all the paranoia.

    Heres what the master says about Jew fear

    • Gay State Girl

      Trump’s playing you big time. He’s more jewish than you could ever imagine.

      • Tony Swagger

        Gay State Girl,
        Not for nothing the rat faced filthy kikes are trying to smear Trump campaign. You can read what that hebe Ben shapiro and other fifth column journalists has been writing about Trump all along. Trumps jewish ties mean nothing in the populism he has generated. We are only talking about the least of the evils. These evil monsters always squirm big time as the world awakens to their machination.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Hatred, a poem by Wisalaw Szymborska;

          See how efficient it is, how it keeps itself in shape- our century’s hatred.

          How easily it vaults the highest obstacles. It pounces, tracks us down.

          It’s not like other feelings, At once both older and younger.

          It gives birth itself to the reasons, that give it life.

          When it sleeps, it’s never eternal rest.

          And sleeplessness won’t sap it’s strength, it feeds it
          One religion or another- whatever gets it ready, one fatherland or another-whatever helps it get a running start.

          Justice also works well at the outset until hatred gets it’s momentum going.

          Hatred, hatred, it’s face twisted in a grimace, or eroctic ecstacy.

          Oh these other feelings, listless weaklings.

          Since when does brotherhoods draw crowds, has compassion ever finished first? Does doubt ever really rouse the rabble?

          Only hatred has just what it takes.

          Gifted, dilligent, hard-working, not to mention all the songs it has composed, not to mention all the pages added to our history books.

          All the humans carpets it has spread over countless city squares and football fields. Lets face it, it knows how to make beuaty.

          The splendid fire glow in the night sky, magnificent bombs bursting at rosy dawns. You can’t deny the inspiring pathos of ruins and certiain awdy humor to found a lone column jutting out in the midst.

          Hatred is the master of contrast- between explosions and dead quiet,

          between red blood and white snow.

          Above all, it never tires of it’s leitmotif- the impeccable executioner towering over it’s soiled victims.

          It is always ready, if it has to wait, it will.

          They say it’s blind. Blind? It has a sniper’s keen sight and gazes unflinchgly at the future as only it can.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Tonny Swagger.
          Fuck you.
          Jews can’t bend time and change the facts/what already happened.
          Trump supporters should be gassed.
          The average IQ of the U.S. would go up (still stupid, White or not).
          They’re worse than “third world mongrols”

    • Gay State Girl

      It would be fun to watch him as President, just to see his supporters’ dismay when he backtracks on immigration on his very first day in office.

  12. Jason Y

    Hey speaking about conservatives who hate liberals:

    I just now heard of this. Wow!

  13. Gay State Girl

    Bernie Sanders voted against aid package to Israel. I’m so proud I voted for him.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      You don’t like Israel?

      I’ve noticed that Black – HBDers tend to almost overcompensate, by disdain for all things Black, being over respectful to/about Whites (no offense to anyone).
      Is this the same thing with Jews (blamed for marginalizing HBD) and you?

      I’m Iberian/Portuguese/Hispanic
      and I obviously rant about Anglo-Trash.
      I’m just bitter, I hate the fact that HBD is actually a thing.
      But low-IQ trash is low-IQ trash is low-IQ trash, regardless of race.

      • Gay State Girl

        I’m only concerned about the macroscopic effect that the conflict has the global economy and geopolitical relations and complicates US relations in the region. I feel the aid could be better spent domestically (as well as the aid designed to pacify Egypt Pakistan etc.)

        I’m not particularly passionate about the Palestinian cause and I stress that. Nor do I care about the triumph of universal humanism over jewish tribalism (see Mondoweiss.)

        I’m just concerned from a pragmatic perspective.

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I see…..
          If I was jewish I would be a dickish Jew. I would be so proud of the history….
          i.e. “god’s chosen people”.

        • Gay State Girl


        • Another William Playfair Web

          I have a highly lopsided Spatial-Verbal IQ so I relate to Jews a lot (about 126 Verbal and 96 Spatial where the median White has IQ of 100 on both)..I read somewhere. That’s supposed to show Global of 111, but it would be higher, considering getting to said levels on both would be difficult (although 96, is below the median).
          It’s just an estimation anyway.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m not a Jewish supremacist, simply because I’m not into Palestinians or universalism.

        • Gay State Girl

          My spatial skills are in the 70% percentile, mathematical reasoning was 95% percentile, but vocabulary and phonics were not so strong.

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