Ding, Dong, The Bitch Is Dead


What took her so long?

Of course the stupid US press today is full of gushing editorials about how great Nancy was. She was not great. She wasn’t even good. Nor was she even fair. She wasn’t even 50-50. Nancy sucked, plain and simple. She was lousy. Worse than that, she was downright malign.

Worse, her suckiness was emblematic of the suckiness of far too many Americans in the last 35 years.

Also, why must we praise everyone who dies here in the US? Did we praise Ted Bundy when he fried? Did we praise Stalin? Ok, so why praise Nancy? If those two are in Hell, she’s about ready to buy a house on the same flaming street where those two reside

Ronnie never really had any political values. When he was an actor in Hollywood and President of the Screen Actors Guild, he was known as a liberal Democrat. As governor of California, he was terrible with campus protesters, but he also legalized abortion. To tell the truth, his conversation to radical conservatism in the space of a mere decade was all down to his wife Nancy. Nancy came from a very wealthy and deeply conservative family of Old White Rich Elite stock. Old White Money.

She was a deeply reactionary ideologue at her very core. She was also a very political activist.

It’s not well known, but Nancy truly was the brains behind the Ronnie Raygun Frankenstein Monster. Ronnie wasn’t very smart, and he was easily manipulated into his political stance by his crafty and devious wife.

As long as majorities keep saying that Reagan was a great man and a hero, America is screwed. The percentage has been going down for some time now, but last I heard, it was still at 53%.

If you said that almost all of those are White people, especially older White people, you would be right.

Another problem is the silly “Reagan generations” of younger people who came of age during his era when it was groovy to be a Reaganite. Large numbers of these younger folks still love Reagan because, well, because they came of age during his era. Apparently there was no one else around to like. You can see this shockingly even in some non-Whites like Obama. Obama says Reagan is his political hero! That’s because he grew up under him, see?

Also I must tell you that as a liberal Democrat during the Reagan days, anti-Reagan even here in California during that era was seen as very uncool. I had a couple of girlfriends during that time, and I told both of them that I hated him and asked what they thought of him. They both said that they did not like him, but acted like they were sort of ashamed to say so and afraid of the consequences, the same way so many liberals will quietly say that they opposed the war on Iraq, once again ashamed and afraid of the consequences.

We say we are the leader of the Free World, but when it comes to criticizing our reactionary nut leaders and their insane decisions, people act like they are living under Stalin. White America is a funny place.

There was always a lot of hatred towards Reagan, an extremely polarizing man. We think that working class White men are all reactionaries now, but I remember working as a security guard at a trucking yard for truck drivers in 1984. There were trucks with pro-John Hinckley graffiti on them praising Hinckley as a hero. It sounds terrible, but some of us actually cheered when that guy shot Reagan.

That’s how much we hated him. We hated him!

The problem is that any country where the majority thinks that maniac was a great man is a screwed country. When that number finally dips below 50%, we can start talking about whether there is hope for America. But as long as it’s a majority, forget it. This aspect is where a declining White percentage of the US will actually be a good thing. We will finally rid ourselves of this idiotic conservatism nightmare, inspired entirely by US Whites, that has gripped us for 35 years now.

Nancy Reagan will never be a hero to the Alternative Left. Is she is one of your heroes, you’re in the wrong movement. The Alt Right is that-a-way.


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50 responses to “Ding, Dong, The Bitch Is Dead

  1. pepperroncini

    I don’t know why Reagan is not loathed like Maggie Thatcher is loathed by many in the UK.

    Reagan was totally on the side of corporate America and the very rich; he screwed over the working and middle class with his garbage trickle down economics.

    • The GOP establishment hated Reagan, he was almost killed by a friend of the Bush family, the “cult of Reagan” is something that developed after him leaving office.

      • RollD

        That plus he got in the way of business with the whole anti-Soviet thing (not that I cared for that either).

        • mott69

          Are you saying that Reagan’s saber-rattling and nuke threats against the USSR scared the shit out of everyone? Then I do agree.

      • mott69

        @ Alexandros- YOU”RE WRONG. SORRY!

        Reagan being hated by the “GOP establishment” is something that happened back in the Goldwater (Reagan pushed for Goldwater) days, and it lasted through his failed 1976 pres run. BUT- By the time of his 1980 run, he WAS the GOP establishment.

        Also, the “Cult of Reagan” developed WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE, early in his presidency. By the time he got shot, he was a messiah-like figure to U.S. conservatives. His reputation began to diminish with Iran-Contra and his obvious senility, and he left with a much lower approval rating.

        However, while out of office, and after exiting the stage permanently (after announcing his Alzheimer’s diagnosis) his myth began to build again, and he was made into the Right’s Messiah again. And this he will forever remain, apparently.

        As for almost being killed by a Bush friend…never heard of it.

  2. Tulio

    The whole dancing on people’s grave isn’t my cup of tea, even for people I hate. I just have a certain reverence for death and the impact it has on families and friends. We’re all going to end up in the same place.

    As for Reagan, I don’t know what it is, but I find it hard to hate him at the emotional level. I realize what his politics were, but still, growing up as a kid in the 80s, there was something about him that made me feel protected and safe from the USSR. Unlike the nutjobs that make up establishment Republicans of today, something about Reagan seemed mild-tempered, diplomatic and with that sunny optimism he was known for. I’d rather have Reagan again than the current crop of lunatics running for the Republican nomination.

    I’ve never hated the man. I’m capable of hate. I hate Donald Trump. I hate Sarah Palin. I have never been able to bring myself to hate Reagan, even though many people I respect do hate Reagan. When I see those old smiling photos of Ronald and Nancy smiling and waving, they were the just epitome of class and dignity.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      But that’s just it. He wrecked the country into the ground.

      Someone like, Trump or Palin or even Cruz would at least make Populist reforms and are not as effective con-people.

      Just because he came across well doesn’t mean he was a good person in general.

    • See? You are just like Obama? I told you that a lot of people growing up under Reagan see themselves as Reagan’s children in a sense. I was not young when Reagan came in. I was 23-31 when he was in office.

      • Phil

        I’m in the UK; I was 19 when Reagan began his first term, and words can’t express how much that man scared, angered and revolted me. Whether it’s because that kind of high-gloss American ‘class’ doesn’t really work on us, whether it’s because we’d all seen straight through Mrs Thatcher when she tried something similar, or whether it’s just because we’re that much more cynical over here – for whatever reason, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t think Ronnie was a joke. And, as soon as you dug half an inch below the surface, it was a pretty frightening joke – not least because, when we watched the news from the US, nobody seemed to be in on it. John Carpenter made They Live under Reagan, and I don’t think that was a coincidence.

        Dubya had Iraq, but we actually thought Reagan was going to destroy the world – and while we waited for that shoe to drop, his government went on its merry way breaking strikes, reclassifying ketchup as a vegetable and all the other lovely things GOP governments tend to do. And nobody cared because of how Ronnie could twinkle at the camera. Dreadful times.

      • Stary Wylk

        I spent most of my teens in California. For some of that, Reagan was governor. When we were back East, someone’s mother asked where I was from so I told her we were “refugees from Reagan”. As I recall, he tanked the economy there and put crazy people on the streets.

        As president the only good thing I recall him promoting was SDI. As a purely defensive measure, I believe it pulled one of the props from the Soviet government.

        He was no friend to working people and his economics is now proven nonsense. He got a raise for president.

        After he retired, he got a million dollars per speech for a tour he made in Japan. That last may, or may not, have something to do with the Tongus National Forest running at a loss and the logs that were stored under water off the coast of Japan.

        He seemed liberal when he was married to Jane Wyman. I do think Nancy was the brains of the pair.

    • Another problem with Reagan is that Reagan was the soil in which all of the subsequent crops of Republican weeds grew. Palin, Trump and all of the other Republican loons are all the children of Reagan.

      I do remember though that during the Carter-Reagan election, I watched Reagan on TV and I said to my Mom, “You know what? Reagan’s not so bad.” My Mom say she knew the election was over right then. You see, it’s that sunny optimism morning in America bullshit that made people like him.

    • Tulio, you do realize that the very first stop of Reagan’s campaign was in that tiny town in the South where those two White civil rights workers were murdered, right? And he went to those fucking rednecks and gave a speech in which he made some very provocative racist type dog whistles.

      You realize that Reagan put some Black traitor in charge of the EEOC who basically eviscerated the whole office. During Reagan’s entire first term, the EEOC hardly filed one single civil rights lawsuit. That Black man was put in more or less to destroy the whole department and I believe he even stated just that.

      Reagan refused to join in the boycott of South Africa and worse he continued aid to them including military aid. Further, Reagan stood up and made some very provocative comments in support of the South African state.

      In addition to everything else, Reagan was a White racist piece of shit.

      He was a catastrophe for Black people.

      • Nqabutho

        Now you’re talking!

        I was not in the US during the Reagan years, but I always have identified his presidency as the point where the Republicans accelerated their descent into hell and poisoned American political culture, as in the sabotaging of government agencies. On the TV today I learned that Lee Atwater condemned David Duke in the same terms as Mitt Romney condemned Donald Trump. How ironic! What? The appeal to the preservation of post civil war white racist culture is illegitimate whether it’s explicit or implicit. The entire Republican party initiated by Reagan is a racist piece of shit, and anybody who thinks it’s OK to support it should be asked why exactly they support it. An ethical argument in the Kantian spirit could be given to demonstrate clearly that any party that has the aims the GOP has and bases its popular support the way it does should get precisely zero votes in a general election.

      • Tulio

        Like I said, I’m not saying I agree with his policies. I’m only talking about the emotional impression he left on me as a kid growing up in the 80s. He’s the first US president I ever remembered, and I think I was about 11 when he left office. I knew my mom didn’t like him, but at that age I didn’t think about the world politically.

        When I was a kid, I knew the Soviets were “bad guys” that would start raining ICBMs on US cities at any moment. And I felt like Reagan was protecting us. I’m just saying from the perspective of a kid growing up in that era. On the playground, we always talked about WWIII with Russia and how cool it is that Reagan wanted to send lasers into space to shoot down incoming missiles from Moscow. Reagan was the good guy to us.

        The biggest impression Reagan made on me as a kid was his speech after the Challenger disaster. As a kid I was a total space geek (I still am actually), and I even had space shuttle posters on my bedroom wall. I was really into NASA and space exploration. I was in 4th grade at that time and I remember coming home deeply saddened, and Reagan’s speech stood out to me as a kid. I went back and watched it on YouTube a few years ago and was still as moved as I was when I was a kid.

        Anyway, no need to jump on my case, I’m not a Reagan apologist by any means. I’m a huge critic of trickle-down economics and think he supported some pretty bad things in Latin America. If he were running today he certainly wouldn’t get my vote, but I would still prefer him to Trump.

        I’m just saying I don’t have any visceral hatred of him. And that’s probably due to my young age at the time he was president. I look back at the 80s with some of the same nostalgia that some older folks look back at the 50s under Eisenhower.

        • Nqabutho


          I got all the nuances of your comment just as you clarified them above, and that’s why I didn’t single you out or refer to your comment in my comment. Your continued questioning of your childish naivete is admirable. And I appreciate your account of the power of popular culture in the formation of a child’s worldview.

        • EPGAH

          I look at the 80s that way too, I felt safe, America was the good guy, and NASA was our gateway to the stars, rather than an outreach program to terrorists. Carter had gutted our military so much we couldn’t even rescue hostages they took at an Embassy, Reagan was gonna make everything better again!

          Could you imagine a kid growing up in the 90s–or worse, NOW, when America is the bad guy, RUSSIA is the Good Guy, Good and Evil are treated as “Just Labels”? No wonder kids are fucked up!

      • Jason Y

        Wasn’t there a photo of Reagan with Michael Jackson ?

      • Jason Y

        In addition to everything else, Reagan was a White racist piece of shit.

        He was a catastrophe for Black people.

        That would probabily be 50 to 60 percent of white people in Eastern Tennessee as of right now. They did vote for Trump too.

      • Jason Y

        OK here’s an opposing view, not saying I agree though. Basically it’s saying a beuracracy/complex exists trying to keep blacks on welfare, even though they’d be better off with jobs.


        • Jason Y

          Another article addressing criticism of Reagan’s South Africa policy:


        • Stary Wylk

          I voted for Obama thinking he would push out the illegals so black people could get more jobs. Oh well; his opponent would have been worse.

        • EPGAH

          I think Romney would’ve done more against the illegals. Or at least not provided them Executive Order Amnesty?
          Chuck Baldwin made that the center of his campaign…But noone listened.
          I’m Sorry Cassandra?

          Now Trump is making a wall against illegals THE focal point of his campaign, plus healthcare that won’t fuck everyone over, AND volunteering to waive the Presidential salary–do it for free–AND promising to take less vacations…

          And people are still looking at him with suspicion because he IS a creature of the 80s–that’s how backwards our society has turned, in case there was any doubt!

        • Jason Y

          I think Romney would’ve done more against the illegals. Or at least not provided them Executive Order Amnesty?
          Chuck Baldwin made that the center of his campaign…But noone listened.
          I’m Sorry Cassandra?

          Now Trump is making a wall against illegals THE focal point of his campaign, plus healthcare that won’t fuck everyone over, AND volunteering to waive the Presidential salary–do it for free–AND promising to take less vacations…

          And people are still looking at him with suspicion because he IS a creature of the 80s–that’s how backwards our society has turned, in case there was any doubt!

          The elitists still pushed free trade on much of the world causing emigration. Probably he had a lot to do with it as well, being a businessman.

        • Jason Y

          You can’t screw people over with free trade, causing them to emigrate, and then expect to kick them out. There will be a payback.

        • EPGAH

          I see it as exactly the opposite: You can’t break into someone else’s country, steal their Welfare system meant for their own people, then expect NOT to be pushed out! In times past we would’ve just shot them at the border. But as is, they’ve had a long time enjoying the Civilized World’s Better Life WHICH THEY DID NOT EARN! Now it’s time to go back to the squalor they caused.

          Also, for all your complaining about White Nationalists, have you not noticed that whites must be doing SOMETHING right, if the savages seem to ONLY pour into white countries?
          “The general migration movement on this planet is darker skin moving to lighter skin. There are exceptions, but they are just exceptions. Wherever you look, people are moving towards the whitest people they can get to.”

        • EPGAH

          You think Trump had a lot to do with Free Trade, just because he’s a businessman? ALL businessmen are the same?
          What do you think a hotel or casino exports?

        • EPGAH

          You can’t buy something from someone because it’s cheaper than yours and then expect to live in their house forever, not only rent-free, but on THEIR dime!

          Otherwise, using your “logic” people would be moving into whichever Wal-Marts haven’t closed down!

          Kicking them out IS the payback!

      • EPGAH

        Why shouldn’t we continue sending South Africa military aid? They were not just fighting against Communist terrorists, they were fighting for their lives! Do you consider the farm rapes&murders a better idea?
        Why boycott them when they were in a fight for the continued control of THEIR country?

        As to EEOC, well, now they’re going too far the opposite way:
        A QUARTER MILLION because a Moslem signed up to drive a beer truck…but didn’t want to handle beer?! What is THAT?!

    • Gay State Girl

      Reagan’s “charming demeanor” simply lent credibility to his agenda. At least Trump keeps it real.

  3. Ed

    I started paying attention to politics when I was ten, which happened to be in 1980. I thought at the time that the Reagan presidency was a disaster, in this case Trump’s phrasing is appropriate.

    I changed my mind later. He wasn’t as bad as any of his successors.

  4. RollD

    I like Nancy’s “Just Say No!” idea. The idea is good, because that stuff is not cool at all. But then, Iran-contra…hmmmm…….

    • Jason Y

      “Just say no” means well, but is a dumb idea. Peer pressure is much stronger than imagined. Perhaps her campaign should have targeted parents, because lousy parents are the main culprit behind kids who fall to peer pressure.

      • EPGAH

        Yes, they should have a “Just Say No” for parents…
        “Just Say No” to sex if you can’t afford having kids.

        Care to guess the effectiveness of such a campaign?

    • Gay State Girl


      Love it!

  5. mott69

    1. another gun
    2. six more bullets
    3. another chance

    • Gay State Girl

      Hey Mott
      How ya bin?

      • mott69

        Oh, hey GSG! Long time no type!

        Seriously, haven’t heard from ya in a while. Hope all is good. Cheers!

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m okay. I miss the old regulars here. 😦 We used to have such a good time.

          I’m really terrified about the state of the world. It’s giving me heart attacks.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, the world is a scary dangerous place.
          We need someone who will protect America from the world, not invite the world to fuck us a little harder.

          Who is running on a platform of building a WALL against the enemy, rather than bending over further with Free Trade and Perot’s Sucking Noise taking what few jobs remain?

    • EPGAH

      Are you actually encouraging the assassination of the President?
      And if so, only Reagan, or ANY President we don’t like?

  6. Gay State Girl

    So Lindsay

    Who do you think’ll conk out first Caahtaah or Daddy Bush?

  7. APF

    Do you speak any foreign language, Lindsay? If so I have some questions to ask.


  8. Heaviside

    The Reagan administration AKA H.W.’s first two terms.

  9. APF

    You mentioned your health is not great, so what’s exactly the problem? Language can wait, as I’m still thinking about it.

    • In a way, my health is fine. I mean, this is not going to kill me. I have an extreme case of fatigue that people can’t seem to figure out. The only thing they can come up with is allergies and sinusitis. The only thing that ever makes it better are things that affect those two things. It’s so bad that I can’t even work at a regular job and I have to live off a trust fund and work on the side.

      • Gay State Girl

        How are you Lindsay?

      • Stary Wylk

        Consider moving to some place like Nevada or Idaho. They’re drier, which is good for sinusitis, and the cost of living is lower.

        • Maybe. The reason I have not been posting lately is because my condition is just devastatingly bad. I just literally do not feel like doing anything at all. Anything I accomplish has to be done by literally forcing myself to do it. And I have been sleeping up to 14-17 hours per day. It’s trivial to sleep that long because I am so tired. Also I sleep like a baby or a rock. When you sleep a lot due to psychological reasons like depression, you really do not sleep that much. You take to the bed for long periods of time, but you can’t really sleep all day because you are not physically tired. I don’t think you can really and truly sleep for very long periods unless there is something physically wrong with you. And anxiety doesn’t make you oversleep at all. On the contrary, high anxiety makes it hard to sleep at all.

        • EPGAH

          Do you need allergy shots or something?

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