Johnny Thunders, “There’s a Little Bit of Whore in Every Girl”

Johnny Thunders! Johnny Thunders is God! I also like that he is a true pure androgyne. But then all the Dolls were pure androgynes. As were all the fellows mentioned below.

If you watch that video, can you see where the Dolls gets their shtick? The Dolls are the Rolling Stones! And of course if you look at the video carefully, you will notice that Johnny Thunders can only be Keith Richards, though I think there is a bit of Sex Pistols in him too. David Johansen can only be Keith Richards and of course that’s exactly who he is if you have been following him for long.

You will also notice one more thing if you look at this video closely. The Dolls were punk rock! And there were punk rock before there even was punk rock! Punk hadn’t even started yet and the Dolls were already punk. Born too soon! But then again? Were the Rolling Stones punk rock? One wonders. Aerosmith? Queen? Roxy Music? T. Rex? Mott the Hoople? I can see all of that leading right up into punk rock honestly.

But then a lot of these were glam bands and the Dolls if nothing else was the epitome of glam. And glam led right straight into punk rock.

If you want to know what I am like, I am this guy. I am also David Bowie. And Marc Bolan. I am David Bowie, Marc Bolan, the New York Dolls, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger all wrapped into one.

Which is apparently where a lot of the sexual orientation confusion comes from I suppose. Not that I am not getting sick and tired of it because I am. But if I am just David Bowie then it all makes sense and I should not expect anything different.

I loved this guy when he was in the Dolls too. There are a number of photographs of him in this video. This is said to be a live in the studio version bujt that’s not the case. It’s actually from a song that was played live in a Swedish radio station!. Other than that, it’s never been heard before.

P.S. I more or less agree with the sentiment behind this song, but I don’t think it applies to all of them. And a few years after menopause, I suppose it doesn’t apply to any of them.

That’s an even better version, a lot more cleaned up. I have no idea what this version is off of.

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One response to “Johnny Thunders, “There’s a Little Bit of Whore in Every Girl”

  1. Hasdrubal

    I think there is a pretty solid argument that The MC5’s Kick Out the Jams and The Stooges eponymous debut album represent the first 2 punk albums even if the term didn’t exist at the time of their 1969 releases. Certainly the Dolls and The Ramones among others are considered punk rock although they also preceded the musical label.

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