Trump’s Health Plan

Radical free market health plan.

It’s the same garbage that all the Republicans are pushing.

Block-granting Medicaid.

Weakening the FDA’s control over the pharmaceutical industry is terrible. So is streamlining the process for approval of new drugs.

The whole thing is awful. It will not do one single thing to make health care better in the US. Trump is just another rich radical rightwing Republican.


  • Weakening control of the pharmaceutical industry and the Food and Drug Administration over drug testing, production and approval. It’s already far too streamlined and corrupt as it is. That’s why we have all these dangerous new pills allowed onto the market every year that injure and kill so many people. Loosening things up even more would be great for the pharmaceutical industry and terrible for everyone else.
  • Turning Medicaid into a block grant to the states, decentralizing the social welfare program from federal control. In other words, he will ruin Medicaid. Block-granting social programs is just a nice way of sticking it to the poor.

As a wealthy corporatist billionaire, I assume Trump much have a lot of rich buddies in the health care, health insurance, hospital, and pharmaceutical industries. This health plan is like a Republican Party dream come true. It will be great for all of those industries and terrible for everyone else. Everything for Trump, his companies and his rich pals and buddies in corporate America and nothing for anybody else.


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5 responses to “Trump’s Health Plan

  1. Jason Y

    Probably a white nationalist would make some excuse saying, well Latino immigration would be stopped, hence that would improve private health care cost in the US. However, to some extent that may be true, but, well, you know what I’m driving at.

  2. Jason Y

    I saw a funny facebook post, which illustrates the hate the right wing has for Trump. It showed a photo of Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’ Donnell saying they will leave the USA if Trump is elected. So among the various comments, one person said “Can they leave now? 😆 Another one said, “Canada is building a wall”.

    Of course, I don’t agree with such hate, rather the opposite, but can’t you see the viscous venom? A lot of resentful right wingers out there as always.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry,meant to say ” I saw a funny facebook post, which illustrates the hate the right wing has for Tthe left.

  3. John


    It’s time to end the war on personal freedom. Prohibition never works, as the past has proven time and time again. And the demand for prostitution will never go away, hence it is the world’s oldest profession. It’s high time to LEGALIZE IT, both for the sake of the women who engage in prostitution and the men who buy it.

    Contrary to false beliefs, the vast majority of women who engage in prostitution do so voluntarily. Therefore why should they not be allowed to legally trade sex for money? Also, legalizing prostitution would eliminate human trafficking since the very small percentage of women who are forced into prostitution would be able to go to the police for help. It would also eliminate the need for dangerous pimps.

    What about STDs? Actually you are far more likely to get an STD with a regular girl since people tend to use condoms less with regular women. With prostitutes, condoms are a necessity and therefore the risk of STDs is zero. The whole STD scare has been blown way out of proportion in order to make people afraid of sex.

    Studies also prove that when prostitution is legal, the number of rapes dwindles to practically zero. By keeping prostitution illegal, we are actually causing more women to be raped.

    But the core issue is that we have NO RIGHT to tell two consenting adults that they cannot trade sex for money. It’s time to legalize prostitution!

    • Jason Y

      I would be cynical. In reality, American people can get all the prostitution they want, even thought it’s illegal (via massage parlors, escort services, or the can travel to Mexico or further overseas) So how given these facts, how would legalizing prositution eliminate rape?

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