The Alternative Left Must Oppose Donald Trump

The guy’s a reactionary. He’s just another radical rightwing capitalist.

There are Leftists and people who call themselves socialists all over now saying how much they support Trump. They’re all crazy. There is not one single progressive thing about any aspect of his campaign. He’s just another rightwing Republican, albeit probably worse than most.

Any Leftist, socialist, progressive or liberal person supporting this maniac is out of their heads. This rightwing nut is bad for workers, consumers, the poor, the low income and the middle class. He is also bad for our Black and Muslim brothers and sisters in America.

As far as I am concerned, the Alternative Left absolutely most oppose Trump. We cannot support him in any way, shape or form.



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73 responses to “The Alternative Left Must Oppose Donald Trump

  1. Latias

    So you would agree with this:

    What are the reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton? There appears to be one: she can most likely beat any of the shaved apes the GOP is considering as a nominee right now. That’s it. Vote for her not because she is good or honest or trustworthy or makes us believe something better about ourselves and our nation, but because she has statistically higher odds of winning the November election than the Democratic alternatives.

    I’m not saying that’s incorrect. I’m saying it’s pathetic, and it goes a long way toward explaining why the campaigns across the political spectrum have to struggle mightily to get half of eligible adults to show up to vote in our most publicized and high-profile election every four years. Imagine you were told that you couldn’t cheer for your favorite football team, but could only root for the Chicago Bears to lose every week and support whoever they happened to be playing at the moment. How motivated would you be to devote your time and money to attending games? That would start to feel pointless and boring pretty quickly, and more than a little soul-crushing.

    • She will be another Obama. Just as good as Obama and just as bad as Obama. I do not believe that she is to the right of Obama, but maybe she is. I doubt if she is to the Left of him either. Just another shitty DNC corporatist rightwing Democrat.

      • Latias

        I guess. Obama is masquerading as a radical liberal while Hilary has no pretense. They both advocate similar policies. Perhaps Obama changed while he was President.

        I suppose it is correct to be suspicious of a Presidential candidate with corporate ties and suppose his populism is just an act.

      • pepperroncini

        Hillary is an enthusiatic interventionist, while Obama tries to avoid getting the US etangled in MidEast wars. Recall that Obama was against the Iraq war while Hillary supported it. Hillary pushed for the Libyan war when she was S.O.S even though Obama was reluctant. Hillary like McCain wanted to bomb Assad while Obama has held off.

        Hillary is just like the NeoCons in this aspect. Her friends are Kissinger and Madelline Albright, the former should be charged with war-crimes and the later pushed for the Bosnian war and supported the Iraq sanctions that caused a lot of death and misery.

        Trump does not want to get involved in foreign wars. A vote for Hillary is voting for more NeoConservative/NeoLiberal wars

  2. Jason Y

    It depends on how much stopping immigration helps the economy. For instance, Hitler improved the German economy by simply kicking a huge portion of the population (the non-German one) out. Also, as with FDR he did massive military spending. Perhaps our new ant-Christ superstar Trump will do the same. However, as with Adolf, the ending could be pretty terrible, lol.

    • Jason Y

      Count on the fact, as with W. Bush, other nations will hate our foreign policy again. Perhaps this time they will finally get to revenge ass-fuck the USA, just as they did to Hitler, lol

      • Jason Y

        Note there is already mass Trump hating in the UK, among other places.

      • Tulio

        My worry is what if another 9/11 type attack happens while Trump is in office. What would he do? He would not have a level head, he would probably impulsively nuke Mecca or something.

        • Dave Mowers

          George Bush called Saudi Arabia on 9/11 and told the royal family that any new attack on the U.S. will result in nuclear missiles being fired at Mecca and Medina.

    • mott69

      @ JY-

      No. Hitler improved the economy by using a lot of methods (like the military build-up). But throwing (a lot of) the Jews out didn’t really help the economy, probably hurt it, actually.

      And Jews weren’t a huge percentage of the German population. They were less than 1% (about 500,000 in 1933, only 200,000 remained by 1939- so 300,000 had left Germany).

      Also, German Jews were pretty assimilated- they considered themselves to be Germans, mostly. 80% were German citizens, many had a lot of German blood in them.

      And FDR never built up the military much (before Pearl Harbor) until WW2 was well under way. And FDR’s military spending didn’t really improve the economy at the time (it was deficit spending) but did give everyone jobs, etc. The real recovery took place after the war.

      Aside from those things, you’re spot on…

      • Dave Mowers

        Ashekenazim are listed by the Romans as a German Celtic tribe.

        The descendants of Gomer are said by the Greeks to have passed through Turkey into Eastern Europe and moved north to Germany. I don’t know if these people identified as Jewish since they didn’t speak Hebrew as it didn’t exist yet but the historical accounts are there.

      • Snippysnap

        Beg to differ on FDR not building up the military much until Pearl Harbor, ever heard of Lend Lease, Cash and Carry and the Arsenal of Democracy? Beginning in 1935 with the huge increase in the U.S. Defense budget, Roosevelt set the course for the U.S. military industrial complex and massive sales to Great Britain, Soviets and China or do you think we only geared up after PH? No way.

  3. Obsad

    Anybody should in the first place oppose Nazi Democrats and Fascist Republicans. You really have only two options. Vote for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. That’s it. I’m not saying that either of the two will be a good president, but the three others (Hillary “Hitlary” Clinton, Rubio and Cruz) are sure catastrophic options. Vote for Trump or Sanders and you have at least hope.

  4. jan

    Far less important then the US but check the pols in the Netherlands.
    Wilders (our trump) is going to win by a huge margen 5parties are going to get about 10%of the votes he is going to get 30/40%.
    Wilders does actually have some left wing policies, and in a way is alt left

  5. Kareem

    Trump is all flash and no substance. He has yet to discuss an issue in depth or discuss his agenda or what direction he wants to take the country in. All he does is play to the emotions of people. For all of his big mouth he is saying NOTHING anyone who pays attention to politics can get behind or support.

    That said, there are a lot of voters who simply don’t care any more and want a complete paradigm shift from the establishment and are voting for him purely for the troll factor of having Donald Fucking Trump as president.

    • Jason Y

      Trump is a punk. What else can we say. Unfortunately though, the people like flash and charisma. One guy Trump reminds me of is the Joker on Batman (Jack Nicholson’s character). Definitely Romney was right on the matter. So do we really need a joker as president or a stiff like Romney? Is the presidents supposed to be an entertainer?

    • Tulio

      Troll factor. Very well put.

    • EPGAH

      Go to his Website, he spells it all out.

      We like him because he’s the only one that says, “HEY! Our policies are making AMERICANS suffer! Let’s protect the Americans and make OTHERS suffer instead!”
      He’s also the first one since…what, Reagan? To be AGAINST Free Trade, instead of saying, “Oh, the disruption of lower wages and no jobs is Only Temporary!”™

      I’m sure Bill Clinton would say “Depends on your definition of Temporary”, and Hillary would say “It Doesn’t Really Matter”™ but it DOES, very much matter!

      • Jason Y

        Some of Trump’s ideas are good, but too late. There is bound to be a backlash. Also there should be a backlash against his immigration thing for sure, and also when he goes ape-shit on the middle east.

        Why? Even you ep-gah agree, different ethnic groups stick together. They won’t tolerate Trump’s rounding up of thier kin and putting them in detention camps.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, the invaders stick together…But who cares?
          Too bad, they broke in, they need to be punished for that–FINALLY!
          If they get rowdy, put them down. And any Black Lies Matter who dare riot, right? Make American streets safe again!

          Alternately, there’s a small but growing movement of Latinos For Trump.
          Their loyalty to Team America (And their own wages going to shit) Trump their loyalty to Team Brown Skin!

          I mean the crime and savage takeover of the streets is starting to resemble the opener of a bad 80s movie or videogame! Even legal Latinos can’t want to raise their kids in that shit–er–situation!

          Remember the wall was part of Democrats’ Deal with Reagan–in 1986!
          Were they negotiating in bad faith? Must’ve been a REAL victory to get one over on a guy with Alzheimer’s.

          And where do you get that Trump will go apeshit on the Middle East? He’s a strict NON-interventionist! Now if they attack US, then I’m sure he’ll go apeshit…but even you have to get the difference between PUNISHMENT and AGGRESSION!

  6. Latias

    Yay, we could now call people niggers and behave like Mark Fuhrman on the tapes.

  7. Jason Y

    New campaign slogan:

    Take a DUMP on TRUMP 😆

  8. RockT

    There is no such thing as a “right wing” capitalist or a “right wing” republican. Right wing are the various people’s on the fringe and in what is collectively referred to as the alt-right. Capitalism is not an ideology. Marx even praised it for bringing society to the point where his ideas can be introduced; is that “right wing?” Guys who post comments on this blog are more right wing than Trump. Listen to some interview Robert Lindsay gave to Robert Stark; he sounds more “right wing” than Trump. I don’t defend nor endorse Trump, but money doesn’t make you right wing.

  9. No, we are the Alt Left all right. You want us to convert to conservatism. No thanks.

    The Alt Left rejects the notion of natural aristocracies. We believe in the principles of egalitarianism.

    Why is getting rid of PC so the fascists an promote their sexism and racism the most important thing for someone on the Left. That stuff is not the most important issue in our society today. Who cares that the Cultural Left won’t let us be White Supremacists and misogynists? Is this some sort of catastrophe? It’s not even slightly important.

    • Jason Y

      People can promote all the sexism and racism they want on the internet, and also market it as much as NBC. Yet, they still whine.

      Ulimately sexism and racism won’t work in a nation like the US. It would only work if all the misfits they hate were gone (which ironically would eliminate their need to hate anyway). People being full of hate doesn’t lead to a productive cohesive society. It only fosters resentment in most, except a few tough guys like Phil. Face it, human beings are over-sensitive.

      Case in point, once Trump gets tough on immigration and carries out his plans on illegals, all Latinos will whine, legal and illegal. There will be massive trouble and unrest. You can count on it. It’s cause they will take it personal, all of them.

      • Jason Y

        Case in point, my college campus is quiet and peaceful mainly cause of PC indoctrination and also fear of the police. We have people from all around the world, and generally speaking no one group is bullying anyone else. However, you count on the fact that at a more homogeneous college there would be more chauvanism and hate. A PC college is like a prison where people are afraid to speak, knowing a rival racial gang will beat them up.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, colleges still hate wimps, backstabbers and whiners though, lol. No real racial stuff going on, but you can be labeled as someone to be hated, and it can be pretty harsh.

      So again PC doesn’t solve the problem of elitism and chauvanism etc.. People are always looking around for people to hate, maybe using weight, or especially the notion of “wimpiness: as a factor.

      • EPGAH

        Campuses DON’T hate whiners. Look at Mizzou U, Yale, or Dartmouth!

        • Jason Y

          Racial whining might be allowed. Where in the world don’t we find whiny people using race as a cover? However, individuals acting sensitive, especially males, are often mocked as being pussy etc.. Of course, jealousy also is a factor. Iv’e had some experience with this myself, as I tend to speak my mind in certain situations, in certain classes, blogs or social media with my real name.

          Yeah, when will be the day when Korean whining about Japan (or losing in the Olympics) is considered pussy, just like if I decide to write something sensitive online?

    • Jason Y

      How do you know the info (brain size experiements) isn’t baised? Considering white supremacy was in vogue at the time.

    • Jason Y

      Then how do you account for all the lazy white people? How about all the white trash? I remember going to school and it was full of slackers and rednecks. What’s thier brain size? I’m sure thier penis size was big considering how they liked to raise hell.

    • Jason Y

      Most universities have a lot of African students, even some in difficult subjects like math, like the state university I go to.

      OK, how do you account for that fact, and also the fact so many slacker and probably low IQ white people abound, certainly in my area for sure. Not trying sound like a dick, but really,.. huh…. Why aren’t these so called “master race” white people graduate math students, and not the Africans?

    • Jason Y

      Whites suffering dysgenic effect? So are Africans getting the opposite? That would explain the graduate students. How about if WNs just admit thier views are fantasy, mythology, a bunch of baloney they want to believe, as opposed to actual fact?

      I’d say the lazy whites I mentioned are not suffering from dysgenics, but like with the blacks, you have personal choice, and a bad environment.

      So a dysgenic effect is why my friend at the computer shop was excited about going to computer school (ITT tech), only to complain later the work-load was too much, and of course he quit ?? I doubt it.

    • Jason Y

      Jews behind cultural deteriation? Well, what about the whites whoare not academically lazy and whatnot? Isn’t it really about the fact some whites choose to be lazy, despite any so called conspiracy to destroy white culture? They choose to be lazy and also rebellious. Couldn’t you also pin this as the problem behind the problem sin other races also?

      For instance, in my family one does drugs, barely gets by etc… and another sibling makes 200,000 a year. You really can’t pin genetics on that one, especially since neither one is mentally ill.

    • EPGAH

      Because kicking out illegals means getting Americans back to work, and ending Free Trade is already getting slammed as “racist”?

      And because Trump is the first President in centuries who has refused a salary! He’ll fix all the damage the Bum did…GRATIS! And we’re still trying to look him in the teeth or something?

      • Jason Y

        Good point, but how many WNs etc.. use the movement as a crutch for the fact they haven’t seeked more vocational and academic training? There shouldn’t even be a situation where a white guy has to compete with a Mexican for a dishwashing job.

        I remember when I was in the Mariana Islands, the good jobs were reserved for US citizens with only trash jobs for non-citizens. So therefore becoming a US citizen was a big deal. Given this fact, can we really say illegals are getting good jobs that a citizen would envy?

        • EPGAH

          Sounds like you haven’t “seeked” more education either.

          But actually, the economy is bad for ALL Americans!

          Look at the chart in the front and center there, of how much lower our median income is now than it was under Bush. Or go through the boring words, if you have the attention-span?
          And this is NYTimes, THE Left newspaper!

          Do you think the Census Department is LYING to us? That ¾ of our MOST educated–including me–can’t find jobs in the field we overpaid and overtrained for? It was a joke in “Good Will Hunting”, not so funny in reality!

          I want to make one change to your post: There shouldn’t even be a situation where a COLLEGE TRAINED white guy has to compete with a Mexican for a dishwashing job.

          However, several of my classmates work at McDonald’s, wiping up Secret Sauce spills with their diplomas. If it’s a really BIG spill, they might need to use mine too!

  10. pepperroncini

    I would have thought you would be voting for anyone but Hillary because she is vehemently anti Assad and anti-Russian. NeoCon Robert Kagan says he will vote for Hillary.
    Trump wants to get along wiht Putin and wants to stay out of the MidEast.

  11. Stary Wylk

    Robert, please research Clinton’s voting record as a senator and her other political acts. If she wins, I’m building a bomb shelter.

  12. Jason Y

    you’re not really alt left then, you’re just typical left.

    One respect in which Trump winning might be beneficial is as follows: Today we have a very politically correct society, where its unacceptable socially to say men and women are different, to say some races, on average, are more intelligent than others and to say its inevitable some people will have more success in life than others, and that there are natural aristocracies (provided that there is distinguishing between productive and parasitic economic activity). If Trump won, I think it would become more socially acceptable to point out obvious facts like the ones mentioned, and our society would be changed into a more realistic one. I think the egalitarianism of today is very harmful. If Trump becomes President, I think political correctness will decline, and egalitarianism will decline, and that will be a very good thing because people will have a more realistic view of the world.

    also, there is this:

    Yeah, but maybe PC is right. How much can counted toward “natural aristocracy” and how much is due to laziness, choice, and enviornment? I mean, even if you hae natural ability, the old saying is “90 percent sweat, and 10 pecent talent”.

    So what Trump would be saying isn’t anything revolutionary, just repeating old bigoted crap that WNs have been saying for years.

    • Jason Y

      Trump is one to talk about natural aristocracy LOL. He didn’t earn his wealth, it was inherited. Yeah there is definitely a natural aristocracy there (sarcasm).

  13. RudyM

    I think Juaquin Flores (whatever he exactly “is” politically) makes a strong case for Trump over Hillary, primarily because Trump will never get the same cooperation Hillary would get in pursuing US empire. It’s a familiar type of argument about who to vote for, but it’s starting to make more sense to me over time:

  14. RudyM

    Damn it, screwed up his name: Joaquin Flores.

    (I don’t deny Trump is appalling.)

  15. Jason Y

    Trump’s most stupid childish insult was when he said

    So he rants on how he can buy people. How toddler is that? People want someone that arrogant and an idiot as president?

    • Jason Y

      I think Trump was trying to prove a point about “buying candidates”, but of course he also brags about money and power. That’s a very bad sign.

  16. Jason Y

    I know all about Trump even from a long time ago, cause I was into “get rich schemes”, “internet marketing” He co-wrote a book with Robert Kiyosaki something like “Why we want you to be rich etc..” and it also had a video with him speaking along with Robert.

    Basically, the guy worships money. If you read the Rich dad books by Kiyosaki, which Iv’e read nearly all of them, you see they try to totally justify wealth accumilation, trying to say the rich are truly generous, the Bible didn’t really say rich people wouldn’t go to heaven etc..

    Note, I like Kiyosaki’s books, and also probably Trump’s if had ever bothered to read them. Nonetheless, at least with Kiyosaki’s books, they seem very biased and unrealistic.

    For instance, yes a person can only get rich, generally, by running thier own business. However, stuff like startup must be present, and it often takes more money than people have, or at least they would to borrow, and that can be impossible with bad credit and a low paying job. Finally, it’s not emphasized enough that you need brains to run a business. Kiyosaki only keeps saying you have to fail a million times to learn something, as if that wouldn’t make you look like an idiot lol

    I guess you can fail a lot, but the problem is that one failed business could wipe you out totally beyond repair. A lot of people just don’t have the money and time to keep failing over and over, also considering life span is limited.

    • Tulio

      Yeah, I’m so tired of these “you can be rich if you buy our book” hustlers. Like you said, not everyone can afford to fail over and over again. Not everyone has access to venture capital. And many people ARE better off working for someone else because we aren’t all cut out to be entrepreneurs. There’s nothing wrong with being average as long as you live a comfortable existence where your needs are met. We can’t all be millionaires.

      • Jason Y

        Right and it depends on how much your wage is. If your working for someone else making 100,000 a year, then who cares if your not an entrarpeneur? How about the entrapreneurs running a hot dog stand making 5 grand a year? lol

        I think sometimes entremanure woud be a better word.

        • Jason Y

          Another thing to consider is if your working for yourself, it’s just as much work. In fact, even a self generating cash machine has to be built, and that takes tons of work. This stuff is not an easy way out.

        • Tulio

          Yeah, thus the old adage, if there was such a thing as easy money everyone would be doing it. Only easy money is the lottery.

        • Jason Y

          Once in a blue moon you might be able to buy incredibly dirt poor property and resell it later for millions, like some farmer who used to won the land Disney World is on etc..

  17. As Shakespeare once wrote, “The Foole doth thinke he is wise, but the wiseman knowes himselfe to be a Foole.” Trump is a clear case of an ultracrepidarian. He peddles advice and prescriptions far outside his level of competency. This is not unusual for people who’ve made massive fortunes. They often time equate the amount of money they have with the amount of knowledge they command, their cognitive skills and/or IQ’s. So, I must agree with the author in saying he falls in with all the other republican types. That group of unskilled and overconfident people who suffer the grandest of illusory superiority. Pretending otherwise, is folly.

  18. Dano

    Trump can onlyhelp either Hillary or Bernie win. His latest trump confirms that he really does “love the poorly educated”, he spelled lying “L-Y-E-N”, then called italics an apostrophe.
    He probably spells potato “potatoe”.

  19. Maurice

    Elmer Fudd’s from Joisy, wes? Cheers!

  20. Snippysnap

    Donald Trump comes from the Old Guard Right Wing Hard Hat NY/NJ Knickerbocker type with primarily German and Dutch ancestry right along the Archie Bunker lines. His father came up as the carpenter son of German immigrants and started building houses in Long Island eventually branching out and expanding to public housing. Deeply racist and probably an admirer of Hitler, Trump’s father was arrested in a KKK rally that turned into a riot (no wonder Trump was hesitant to condemn Duke and the KKK, his father was a member!), Trump Sr. was also sued by the Urban League for refusing to rent to blacks. However, he made his fortune building public housing using government money. So, against this background you have Donald Trump, a man who mirrors his fathers racism and contempt for Blacks and Hispanics, but who thinks big government programs are OK. This is tantamount to Fascism, indeed it has been noted that Donald Trump mimics Benito Mussolini’s famous jaw jutting scowl.

    • Jason Y

      Trump’s dad wasn’t against building homes for blacks as long as they were away from whites and it massively profitable. Of course, that’s wrong, but you gotta realize NYC is incredibly racist. Therefore, it’s good business to be racist like the customers.

      • EPGAH

        Then Trump, Sr. got punished for that–the Government couldn’t find anything to hang him on, so they just made him promise never to do “it” again and took a few million from him.

        That’s why Trump, Jr. is only into resorts, casinos, things that can’t possibly have a problem with race.

  21. Gay State Girl

    Why ? He’s destroying the Republicans’ credibility.

  22. RudyM

    Others opposing Trump:

    Including these Zios*:

    Max Boot
    Michael Chertoff
    Robert Kagan
    Daniel Pipes
    Dov S. Zakheim
    Philip Zelikow

    *Don’t say “Zio.” The KKK says “Zio” according the NYT; therefore one must not use the expression.

    • Jason Y

      Saturday Night Live did a skit saying all racists support Trump, even if Trump doesn’t support them, though he won’t boldly come out and condemn them.

  23. Another William Playfair Web

    How come these Trump supporters represent the absolute WORST the White Race has to offer;
    We MUST oppose these people. We must destroy them. They do not deserve to co-exist with others, they “don’t deserve to be anywhere near modernity”

    Whites are going haywire. I don’t mean to be anti-White ( I am of course White), but it’s like the bully that final gets stood up to (by the “non-White” Jews) and then doesn’t know what to do and starts cracking up (not to say that wouldn’t occur with any other in power race)

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