Is It Legal to Be Dangerous in the US?

In most cases, it is indeed quite legal to be a dangerous. In fact, you can even be an obvious walking menace and as long as you break no laws, nothing can be done to you just for looking scary as Hell.

But is it legal to have a list of people you want to kill?

It depends. In most cases, absolutely nothing whatsoever happens. You could even title it, “People I Want to Kill” or “People Who Need Killing.” I prefer the second one myself. In either case, it is doubtful that much would happen to you even if police happened upon these lists. Making a list like that probably violates no law.

It is 100% legal to be a dangerous person in America. Of course there are limits to how dangerous you can be, and if you cross those limits, you can be arrested or committed, but it’s quite common for very dangerous people to walk around for years or even decades acting dangerous and appearing dangerous to most who know them, and nothing at all can be done about them.

Do you realize how many people told their friends that they were the Green River Killer? One man who did was an attorney. They were all lying, but some of them were investigated by the police. If you claim to be a famous uncaught serial killer and the police find out, they may well investigate you or put you on their suspect list.

In the course of the Green River case, some of the men who were investigated had made statements that they hated prostitutes and wanted to kill them or fantasized about killing them. All of these men turned out to be innocent.

So far, 450 have confessed to being the Black Dahlia Killer. Police think they were all lying.

I believe over 100 people have confessed to being the Zodiac Killer. Police feel that they are all lying.

A confession, in and of itself, means little or nothing especially in a homicide case because people make false confessions all of the time for unknown reasons.

There are quite a few people who the police believe are highly dangerous. The police say, “We have to watch him all the time.” Police departments have many dangerous-type people under fairly regular surveillance. It is 100% legal to do so.

There are other folks running around who the police are quite certain have killed someone. There is a man living in Appalachia right now who police are 99% sure killed 4 girls and women and a young man in Idaho and may have killed more in other places later on. In each case, he appears to have been the last or one of the last people to have seen the dead person alive. He was also a very enthusiastic participant in the hunts for the bodies in succeeding days. The police say that they simply do not have enough good, hard evidence to to give to a DA to take the case to trial. In other words, the evidence needed to prosecute the case is so lacking that no DA would take the case.

Just because you were the last person to see five different murder victims alive is not considered sufficient reason to try someone for homicide, much less multiple homicide. You need quite a bit more than that, especially “hard” evidence in the form of fibers, carpets, clothing, shoe marks, tire marks, vehicle identification, personal effects, blood, semen, or DNA before you can go to trial especially on something so serious as homicide. I absolutely despise DA’s, but one thing in their favor is that they think a homicide charge is so grave that their attitude to the police is, “If you want me to file a homicide charge against this person, you’d better have some damned good evidence.”

For instance, people go into therapists officers or police stations on a fairly regular basis and say that they have fantasies about killing people in some particular way and they are really afraid that they are going to act on them. No one can do anything about it. The police can’t hold them. The therapist cannot commit them. The therapist need not contact the police, or even if he did, the police could not do much.

You can even tell a therapist, “I feel like killing people,” or “I have fantasies about killing people.” They can’t do a thing about it in terms of committing you. Sure, they could contact the police but the police might just hang up on them because they hear this sort of thing all the time.

My personal feeling, which I cannot prove, is that for every one nut running around killing people, there are 10-100 (mostly men) who only dream of it. Most people have more controls than you think. Quite a few people have dangerous fantasies, but many do not wish to carry them out for various reasons. Often they do not want to go to prison. Others say that they like to think about it but could never actually do it because it is immoral. Others say they “don’t have it in them” to do it. Others say that the reaction of friends and family and the destruction of their reputation is enough to stop them.

I am aware of one case of a man who was hospitalized merely on the basis of murderous fantasies of being a serial killer. The man was bipolar and was in the midst of a manic episode and he was in therapy. He told the therapist that he was planning on going on a serial killing episode. He had a list of people he was going to kill along with extensive notes on how he was going to do it. He had been following these people around and surveilling them and had learned their daily schedules down to the finest grain.

In addition, he had already assembled a “murder kit.” Many killers have these kits. It consists of all of the implements they are going to need to carry out their kills. Based on his extensive preparations and lists of specific people he intended to kill, his extensive written plotting and especially his kit, this was considered specific enough to make a commitment on the basis of dangerousness.

He was hospitalized for 1.5 years and his bipolar disorder was treated. At the end of the period, he was 100% cured and his homicidal ideation was gone. The patient thought the killing plans were due to his mania.

In general according to the Tarsakoff Rule, a therapist has a duty to warn if a person is making specific threats against another person. The therapist must warn that person that the client is threatening to kill them. To get committed, it is much harder. You not only have to threaten someone, but you also have to threaten a specific person and you have do say you are going to do it: “I’m going to kill Bill Jones.” It has to be about that definite and specific. It is lacks that definiteness or specificity, the person is not commitable.


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16 responses to “Is It Legal to Be Dangerous in the US?

  1. Latias

    I wanted to kill Odin Lloyd, Safiro Furtado, and Daniel de Abreu, but some football beat me to it.

  2. Latias

    On a more serious note, does firearm possession substantially increase the odds of someone with homicidal ideation would kill someone? Or do people with firearms and homicidal ideation resist the urge to kill? Even someone without firearms could kill with a knife or strangle someone.

    Also electronic evidence can be used as evidence against you. I would not convict Aaron Hernandez on the basis of the forensic evidence at the crime scene (as it shows that he was there but with two other people), but I believe he is guilty based on the electronic evidence that shows him turning off his cell phone (even though he was traced to crime scene because Odin Lloyd’s phone was on, a blunt and shell casing with his DNA, a tire print from the rented car, and a shoe print consistent with his shoes). Turning off his cell phone, coincidentally is an element of premeditation, which is even worse than being merely present at the scene of the crime. He also summoned his associates and picked up Lloyd (while texting him asking him to go out with him during early morning) before the murder. Hernandez was also seen, using the video evidence from his home’s surveillance system, after the murder hugging and fist-bumping his associates, as such behavior is inconsistent with the theory that he was appalled that the spontaneously killed Hernandez’s “friend” Lloyd while under the influence of PCP.

    I wonder if Hernandez would be acquitted if he didn’t have a home surveillance system. The presence of possibly drug-addled Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz could be potentially confounding factors for reasonable doubt for premeditated murder, but the surveillance evidence does not make such an alternative scenario credible.

    • Probably firearms possession substantially ups the odds of all sorts of violence. Yes you can kill with a knife or your bare hands, but have you ever tried to murder someone with a knife or your bare hands? It’s not a very good or efficient way to kill someone. I believe that ~80% of homicide attempts with knifes simply fail. And those people were actually hit with the knife. Now if you hit someone with a bullet there is much better chance of killing them than if you hit them with a fist or a knife. The latter are very lousy ways to kill a person. A gun is an extremely efficient weapon. Have you ever seen one go off? Do you have any idea what sort of power those things have.

      Taken alone, turning off the cellphone doesn’t mean jack really. I am not sure what the home surveillance video adds up to either. The problem is that all of these small pieces add up to the totality of the evidence against the man. These things alone are not enough to convict, but when you toss them in with everything else, it just adds to the very potent stew already cooking.

  3. DHL

    Food business is a Safe Business, If you serve people with Wholesome Healthy Vegetarian Food and make decent profit for survival, You get Money and Good Karma. Just got to think smart in that area.

  4. SHI

    Speaking of dangerous, here’s a brilliant article that I like to share. Robert would certainly agree.

    To be hated is to be opposed for what you think or do. Such is the beauty of being an individual. You have actively brought forth your point of view on the outside world and it has triggered a reaction from other people that signifies that what you have done has in fact struck a nerve.

    You are trying to change something many wish would stay the same. What you are doing is outrageous, unbelievable, and probably difficult to relate to. Maybe that’s why deep inside of you, being hated feels too damn good to be bad.

    Having haters is a good thing because it means you’re doing something right with your ideas. People are either jealous, afraid or in sheer awe of your decisions. You are going to displease people, and history has only shown this type of feedback to be a recipe for success.

    First off, you shouldn’t be worried about what other people think of you and let it effect your work ethic. If you lose friends along the way than the only thing to conclude is that these people were never really your friends to begin with.

    You need to do what you feel is right in your life. You need to do what you love and you need to do what makes you happy not what makes others happy. And by simply doing that you will be hated for a multiple amount of reasons. Success and being happy in life requires you to be hated. It truly is far better to be feared than it is to be loved.

    Yes they might hate you, but is that just because they know there is nothing they can do to stop you from getting what you want? It’s almost as if hate was sign for a sort of invincibility. If they fear you that means they respect you and what you have done. No one will be happy for you once you accomplish your dreams because they wish they could have done the same.

    As once said in the movie “American Gangster”: “Success. It’s got enemies. You can be successful and have enemies or you can be unsuccessful and have friends.” The choice is simply yours and people will smile in your face but will go behind your back at any moment.

    If you want to have that moment of glory and be the one standing at the top, it will be lonely but at least you have validated your life having a purpose by making name for yourself. Do you want to be on top of the totem poll or on the bottom with everyone else?

    Any truly successful person will tell you that the second you start focusing on what other people think, all of your efforts will go down hill. Don’t worry about what others have or how far they have gone in life. Being jealous of them or disliking them does nothing for you.

    But if you take that energy and channel it into something that makes you work harder to get what you want, you have broken through one of the biggest roadblocks most human beings cannot seem to pass.

    As we all know, nice guys finish last so that’s the last thing you should worry about being. Look at LeBron James and Kanye West, those two men at one point were the 2 most hated men in popular culture. But they never let that get to them, they actually decided to work even harder and smarter to prove all the haters wrong. Before they knew it, they had reminded everyone why they were famous in the first place.

    Use other people’s hate as fuel and know that this is something that is necessary for success. Don’t ever show weakness to them or show them that you let them win the battle.

    “Went from most hated to the champion god flow”-Kanye West

    • Jason Y

      Isn’t Kanye-West being mocked now as a pussy? A lot of people don’t like him. It’s being to rival the dislike of Axl Rose (off Guns n Roses). Seems like he was acting like some rich know-it-all brat who disrespected US soidiers or something like that.

      Unfortunately, people bullying Kanye might be a case of “He had it coming.”

      • EPGAH

        So how do you determine which ones “had it coming” and which ones should go Columbine to stop their bullies?

        • Jason Y

          Actually the Columbine guys subscribed to the idea that we need to stop giving the third world medicine, food etc.. They were white nationalists of a sort. Interesting fact.

  5. Jason Y

    Interestingly, you can have a serial killer “house of horrors” in your basement, but if ther is no evidence you have you used, will use it, or will use it in the future, your not really breaking the law. 😆

  6. You should kill all neocons Robert, you would become a hero and future generations would sing songs about your deeds.

  7. Jason Y

    A lot of people are asking to be killed. They won’t quit bullying, making fun of people etc.. Is it no shock there are so many mass murders at schools nowadays? Some kids are getting fed up with disrespect.

    In another context, have you ever met a typical construction worker? That’s another bully asking to get killed. All of these social cliques in working places are trying to punish people they don’t like. One example, would be this guy who dated a black woman, so they’d make fun of him on the CB radio etc…

    • Jason Y

      Some people do deserve to be made fun of, but generally most of those attacked don’t really “suck” so to speak, but rather are just breaking society taboos. In other words, they’re too fat, skinny, hold un-popular political views, do inter-racial dating, dared to do something interesting that makes others jealous etc..

    • Jason Y

      Women too would also play a large part in a group whom some of which want to bully misfits ec.. Again, asking to be killed.

  8. Tony Swagger

    Great news Trump has won 8 states out of 11 something No Republican nominee has ever been able to do so. A new crusade is dawning. Fag (rubio) and the fraud (cruz) in the race you’d better make way or theres gonna be total annihilation of your political careers.

  9. Jason Y

    Also, porn which involves kidnapping (the most creepy), torture etc.. is totally legal in the US. However, I’m not sure about snuff movies (Movies where somebody is killed.) However, many of the kidnapping ones have snuff involved.

    Of course, there’s a big difference in films where people are really killed (and some creepos out there will pay a lot of money for it), and ones where it’s just staged.

  10. Stary Wylk

    “Or do people with firearms and homicidal ideation resist the urge to kill?”

    Yes. Ethics and fear of consequences function just as desired.

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