The Australoid-Mongoloid Transition in Asia and the Americas

The first Amerindians from 9-14,000 YBP were Australoids. All of Asia was Australoid until 9,000 YBP. North Asia transitioned away from Australoid at that time, but the transition out of Australoid happened much later in south.

For instance, the full transition did not occur until 2,200 YBP in Vietnam, and in all probability, Filipinos, Malays, Indonesians, Nicobar Islanders, Taiwanese aborigines, Montagnards, some Thai hill tribes, Nagas and probably others never fully transitioned over and hence are referred to as Paleomongoloids. The lack of full transition in the south is due to the Australoid-Mongoloid transition occurring so much later down there.

Whether Amerindians are a Paleo or Neo Mongoloids has never been completely answered. The Na Dene people in the Far North may be more Neo. There were still a few Australoid tribes at contact, and an Australoid tribe called the Pericua lasted for some time in Baja California. Whatever is left of the Yaghan and other Patagonian tribes may well be Australoids also.

However, the Eskimo or Inuit people are full Neomongoloids as are the peoples of Siberia.


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10 responses to “The Australoid-Mongoloid Transition in Asia and the Americas

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  2. I didn’t know that there could be a transition from one phenotype like australoid to another like mongoloid over just a few thousand years or even 10,000. is that so? Surprising it could happen that fast. is there hard evidence? I somehow imagined it would take more like 30-100,000 years.

    Excuse this poorly worded question but I have a follow up question: lets say the UN population projections are correct and in 2100 there are like 12 billion people and something like 38% of the global population in African. Suppose people keep migrating around and mixing…(what percentage of each generation marries outside their race?) is it possible to estimate how long it would take for everybody in the world to become mixed race..on average 38% African or 30% SS African or whatever.

    Also, how much variation would there be at the point when people were fully mixed…..I assume some would be 10% African and some 70% African just as a result of chance…but what would it look like…a bell curve with most being around 38%?

    Full disclosure: I see this process of mixing as likely or maybe even inevitable in the very long run….but I actually like diversity…I like there being some black and some white people…I’d like there to always be a variety of types of women and men… so I don’t really like the idea of everyone being the same.

  3. Robert how does the new human species play a role in all this? They found it last year.

    • Not deep as far as I know for Austroloids. Based on the features and location of this creature, it appears to be a hominid places between early “Homo” species and australopiths.

      “The message we’re getting is of an animal right on the cusp of the transition from Australopithecus to Homo,” Berger said as the workshop began to wind down in early June. “Everything that is touching the world in a critical way is like us. The other parts retain bits of their primitive past.”

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