The Australoid Connection Between India and Australia

There were originally Australoids in Australia of course, but no one knows what they looked like. The may have looked like Negritos. The first Whites to Australia had stories about Aborigines waging wars of extermination on very small and very dark people whose description looks a lot like Negritos. The original Aborigines may have looked like either Negritos, Papuans or Melanesians. Papuans have an Australoid line going back a long ways. The Melanesian line goes back 40,000 YBP and is incredibly diverse.

Most modern Aborigines are a mixture of Murrayans who came out of Thailand ~17,000 YBP and went to Australia, the Philippines and eventually to Japan 13,000 YBP. This was a Veddoid type group that eventually became the Ainu in Japan. Yet another group was known as Carpinterians. They came from India 13,000 YBP. Some of the more primitive looking tribals or even possibly Tamils may be related to this group, as they do look something like modern Aborigines.

The modern day Aborigines are a mixture between Carpinterians and Murrayans.


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7 responses to “The Australoid Connection Between India and Australia

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  2. Jason Y

    How will ep-gah white-wash this?

    The second consequence of British settlement was appropriation of land and water resources. The settlers took the view that Aboriginal Australians were nomads with no concept of land ownership, who could be driven off land wanted for farming or grazing and who would be just as happy somewhere else. In fact the loss of traditional lands, food sources and water resources was often fatal, particularly to communities already weakened by disease. Additionally, Aboriginal Australians groups had a deep spiritual and cultural connection to the land, so that in being forced to move away from traditional areas, cultural and spiritual practices necessary to the cohesion and well-being of the group could not be maintained. Proximity to settlers also brought venereal disease, to which Aboriginal Australians had no tolerance and which greatly reduced Aboriginal fertility and birthrates. Settlers also brought alcohol, opium and tobacco, and substance abuse has remained a chronic problem for Aboriginal communities ever since. The combination of disease, loss of land and direct violence reduced the Aboriginal population by an estimated 90% between 1788 and 1900.[citation needed] Entire communities in the moderately fertile southern part of the continent simply vanished without trace, often before European settlers arrived or recorded their existence.

  3. S.D.

    Indian traders apparently reached Northern Australia during their spread across Southeast Asia (Indochina, Malaysia, Borneo) and some intermarriage occurred in about the 12th century or earlier.

    Apparently it was the final stage of their progression across Southeast Asia.

    This makes sense.

  4. pepperroncini

    Not conclusive on whether Indians reached Australia in the past couple of thousand years.

    Most recent paper on Australian y-dna genetics says no recent Indian contribution.

    ” We find divergence times dating back to ∼50 kya, thus excluding the Y chromosome as providing evidence for recent gene flow from India into Australia.”

  5. jorge

    According to my knowledge, indigenous from Australia, New Guinea and surrounding islands, are Australoids. Also, originally, populations from India and all the southeast of Asia, but in those places Australoids gradually mixed since thousands of years with whites (in India, although still there are much “mongrel” people that is more Australoid than white, at least in phenotype) and Mongoloids (in the southeast of Asia).

  6. S.D.

    I’m of the opinion that South Americans came from Tahiti or somewhere. They simply look so much like Polynesians and nothing like North American Amerindians,

  7. S.D.


    Are the South American Indians Austronesian? Did they migrate across the Pacific?

    Could this be possible in ancient history?

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