Sexual Assault for Beginners

RL: Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago?

Jason Y writes: Grabbing a woman’s tits? 😆 That sounds like naughty fun. Too bad the YouTube videos etc.. on the subject seem staged and fake.

I’ve done it. Grabbed their tits, their asses, their pussies or just their bodies in general. Or I just felt them up discreetly. I have not gotten in trouble yet. No female has pressed charges or even threatened to. But I don’t go around grabbing or even touching females all the time. I am very careful about how I do it, and I only do it if I can read some pretty strong green light vibes from her. If you’re not getting those vibes and you start grabbing or touching her, you are asking for trouble.

Once I was with a party after a concert, and we were going out to eat very late at night. This one woman, the lead singer of a fairly popular gothic punk rock band, had been teasing me all night, and I was starting to get mad. So as the group was walking into the restaurant, I grabbed her, shoved her into a wall and kissed her really hard. There was another woman there who I was also sort of dating, and she looked at me and said, “Boooooooob?” Then they purposely sat the woman I kissed a ways away from me at the table.

She got what she deserved. She deserved it for teasing me all night like that.

All the females I have touched, grabbed, forcibly kissed, etc. mostly went along quite willingly. I would estimate that 90-95% of the time I have grabbed, touched or forcibly kissed females, they just went for it, usually responding very strongly.

There was one time I had this 15 year old girl in my car with me late at night. We had just gone over to her friends’ house to buy some pot and cocaine. Her friend was this 17 year old girl who was living with this 39 year old guy. The guy started out dating her Mom who was about his age, and then he dumped her for the daughter. The girl seemed quite proud of this caddish behavior. They were totally cool people, both of them.

I got back to her place around 10 or 11 and parked in front of her house. We both just sort of looked at each other a bit, and I read the vibes that said it would be ok. So I just assaulted her very aggressively. I lunged at her and started making out with her like crazy, kissing her really hard. She totally went crazy kissing me back really hard like a maniac. That was all I did with her that night though because she lived at her parents’ house, and there was no place to go.

But you have to scope out the situation very, very carefully beforehand to see if it is going to be ok. When a female is giving off some pretty strong feelings or vibes like that, you can grab them, touch them discreetly, scratch them, tickle them or whatever just about anywhere.

If you don’t read the situation correctly and you’re not on a date, and you grab or even touch some female who does not wish to be touched, you are definitely committing sexual assault. That said, this sort of thing happens all the time.

But you are definitely risking it if you grab females who have not been giving off strong green light vibes beforehand. She might threaten to call the cops on you, or she might actually do so. And you can indeed be arrested for sexual assault for what boils down to attacking females like this.

If I do not get those strong green light vibes, and I am not on a date, I will not try to touch her at all. On a date of course, I always try to touch them, but you have to figure out how to do it just right or else you mess up the whole thing. And even on a date, you need to be reading the situation the whole time and looking for green lights.

Grabbing women is actually called sexual assault in the law. Every time you grab some woman’s body in however way or grab her and kiss her really hard, it’s called sexual assault because you are supposed to ask permission to do these things I suppose. But I’ve never asked permission to do any sexual things in my entire life outside of a bed, where things are quite different.

Bottom line is if you don’t “assault” females, you will probably die a virgin.

Asking a female permission to do anything sexual with her is insane because she will probably say no.

The rule #1 of seduction is to not give her a chance to think about anything sexual. You want to get her to shut off her brain any way you can because as long as her brain is clicking along, she will often bail on various sexual activities. You want to get her into a situation where her brain is shut down and she basically can’t control herself around you anymore. She might hate you for making her lose control of herself, but that’s part of the game. Never ask permission to do anything. Just do it.

In dating, assault is mandatory.

It can be very gentle assault where you grab her chin tenderly, look deep into her eyes and slowly bend down to kiss her very softy, sweetly and lovingly. But it’s still assault technically if she decided she didn’t want to do it. If she goes along with it, I suppose it’s not assault. So committing sexual assault in one way or another is mandatory if you are going to date at all. Later when she gets to be a close girlfriend, you can discuss things more, but I still would never ask her if she wants to have sex. That’s giving her a chance to think.

Have fun sexually assaulting women, guys!

But be very careful, and don’t get carried away. A jail cell is not a fun place to be. I have been in those cages a couple of times. You probably never want to go there at all if you can help it.


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8 responses to “Sexual Assault for Beginners

  1. Are you a CIA-Mossad agent disguised as a leftists?

  2. Jason Y

    They got one popular video on YouTube with a mongoloid looking Russian guy grabbing 100 tits or more. Some of the scenes seem real, especially when they slap him.Those are the best.

  3. Jason Y

    One American made a website about how to score with South Korean chicks, but anti-American activists hacked it. It caused a big stir over there. If you think PC is bad here, you ought to see there. Well, it’s not really PC, but fascist xenophobia over-kill. Oh my gosh, if your a guy you better keep your head down further than a black man in 1910 Mississippi.

    I’d hate to imagine what they would do if they had power to kill Americans or Japanese.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      That’s completely natural male behaviour. Defending the women of your tribe,

      If you were mentally healthy ie not completely fubared by jewish christianity you would be the same, hopefully.

  4. Jason Y

    Actually Jim Crow and other racist / Christian based caste systems were just as oppressive as political correctness. So why now is there all this whiny bullshit for the far right about political correctness?

    Perhaps, and this argument is brought up by liberals a lot, the “top dogs” don’t have thier power to bully anymore, so now they cry about it, Boo Hoo lol…

    • EPGAH

      How was it just as oppressive? You could say or do whatever you wanted, but you were kept away from victims who didn’t want it done to them!

      If you didn’t like a show, you left, or changed the channel, so that people who DID enjoy it COULD enjoy it. Now you sue to get it shutdown so NOONE can enjoy it!

  5. SHI

    Bottom line is if you don’t “assault” females, you will probably die a virgin.

    Hit the nail. What I don’t like about most guys today is that they take their initial rejection way too seriously. There’s a fine line between “courtship” and “assault” – women love danger and crossing the line is not only expected but if you have even a moment of hesitation, she’ll immediately drop you like a hot potato. Her biological impulses read the situation like “Not just man enough”. Once she’s turned on, you get precisely 8 to 10 seconds on average to convey that you mean business (30 minutes maybe if you had a diversion like talking to another girl on phone which will make HER desperate). As long as you’re not forcing your way with her in a creepy manner, she’ll play along with whatever you bring to the table, just don’t be desperate for action because desperation kills fun. A little desperation is normal and she’d want to know that you’re genuinely interested in her, but really, you need to fake that part.

    I have a simple strategy which works every time at bars, nightclubs, music concerts and other such venues. I don’t approach lone women but a complete gaggle of bitches – the most dangerous zone is what excites me more, I just don’t like to play it safe . Most men are scared of the bitch shield but really, you need to awaken your two little boys in that precise moment. Usually if it’s a group of 5 or 6 women, and if you’re kinda nice to them, they won’t mind you hanging out around them. Bring up a bullshit topic like “I just got mugged and I’m really embarrassed to say this, but can you pay for my drinks.” Say it with full conviction though, it should be as close to real as possible. The topic could be anything as long as it’s relevant and engages them with you. As a matter of principle, I never spend anything on a girl and I NEVER OFFER to buy her a drink unless I’m sure she wants to go home with me.

    If you get your classy act together, it should take maximum 5 minutes for the bitch shield to melt completely. Now’s your time to try some dance moves. Most pretty girls LOVE DANCING and once you’ve established a comfort level with them, pull them aside to the dance floor. Never forget to thank them after a dance is over (see, Gentleman!). Take turns with them. Soon they’ll be all fighting over with each other to get a slice of you – enjoy your new found, one night celebrity status.

    Talk to every available girl in the nightclub during your stay there. Now you’re hot property. Scan the club for a pretty but lonely wallflower. By now, she’s seen you and chances are, hungry for you. Feel the vibes from a distance. She’s the one you’re taking home tonight to fuck her brains out. It starts with a gentle peck, and sweet somethings in the ears. You gotta smell good (I go for a Hugo Boss Cologne – it’s expensive but you gotta smell right for her to take interest in you sexually).

    I quickly close the deal with girls that are a Saggitarius. Capricorn, Gemini or Aries – in my experience, all of them are up for one night stands. Girls that are a Cancer, Taurus or Scorpio, while they have some intensely amazing qualities, are conservative and not very keen to spread out their legs open for strangers.

    (I don’t really believe in astrology and horoscopes except in this one area. The results are amazing.)

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