Who Says Gender Feminists Have No Power?

Jason Y writes:

I don’t think women are buying into extreme feminism as much as you think. Millions of women are in the porn industry, that says a lot. Also, women generally are horny as hell, assuming they like the guy.

I’d say only a very small minority are into extreme feminism, as opposed to the moderate form which I’m all for. You might find these extremists at college campuses or in some coffee shop or something. However, a college campus would also be chalk full of horny girls who might do porn part-time hmmm.

I think it boils down to how much power the “extreme feminists” actually have. Is it a myth they have a lot of power? It could be. I think one would only be aware of them on a college campus etc. where multiculturalism (which to an extent given the environment I can understand) and sensitivity would be pushed.

No way on Earth are millions of women doing porn? Forget it man. In all my life, I have only met four women who did porn, and they were all on the Internet. I met them in sex chat rooms and sex groups on Yahoo. One lived in Fresno, but I never met her. I had to really go looking for them in other words. I have never met one single woman in real life who did porn. Millions of women are doing porn? Come on.

You say there are all these horny women on college campuses. Well maybe so. But if you want to have sex with any of them here in California, you practically need to get it in writing, otherwise it’s rape!

They have no power? Then why are they writing all of our laws?! All of these anti-male, anti-teen, anti-child, anti-sex laws are being written by what you call extreme feminists. They’ve taken over the legal system. You say they have no power, well how come they are writing all of our laws?

Who is behind the endless legal redefinition of rape to the point where just about any straight man is now a rapist? Who is behind the crazy persecution of teenagers for having sex with each other. Who is behind all of these prosecutions of young kids for playing doctor? Who tried to send those two 13 year old boys to jail for running through the hallways spanking girls’ butts? Who is behind these never-ending false rape accusations that are ruining so many men’s lives? And 57% of all rape accusations are faked by the way. Who is sending sending 18 and 19 year old men to prison for years for having sex with 15 and 16 year old girls. Who is sending male teachers to prison for having sex with their adult students? Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago? Whatever happened to statute of limitations? Who is sending men to prison for having sex with drunken women? Who is sending men to prison for ejaculating inside a woman when she said, “Don’t cum in me!” five seconds before?

These laws, especially the insane rape laws, are a gender feminist’s dream. And I assure that all of these crazy rape laws, campus sex codes, and sexual harassment case law are all down to gender feminists. They wrote all of those civil and criminal penalties into law.

Who’s putting all these teenagers in jail? Who’s ruining the lives of all these children with sexual investigations? It’s gender feminists, right?

If not, who else is in on it?


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12 responses to “Who Says Gender Feminists Have No Power?

  1. SeymourTeets

    Women can only have power when men give them power.Look at saudi arabia, when men stick together and refuse to entertain women request.The reason why feminist in america are so troublesome is because men in america gave too much leeway to them.In Saudi arabia, a woman activist was caught and charge with sorcery and found guilty.They take her to a desert and decapitate her head, if you american men do the same thing, none of your women will dare challenge you.

  2. Jason Y

    Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago?

    Grabbing a woman’s tits? 😆 That sounds like naughty fun. Too bad the YouTube videos etc.. on the subject seem staged and fake.

  3. Hasdrubal

    The prison industrial complex. One of the worst ideas ever conceived are private prisons, companies which are dependent on high crime rates to maximize profits.
    So you have a an electoral system which is funded largely through legalized bribery and industry willing to bribe inn order to create more crime. Drug crimes have reached their maximum potential and at this point the harshness of drug sentencing has reached the point public backlash. So you have a confluence of law makers and prosecutors who both want to look tough on crime and get campaign contributions from an industry dependent on a high crime rate and a public backlash against the best source of a high crime rate. Next up is sex, a 30 year old fucking a 16 year aint much worse than creepy, but if you start calling pedophilia most people don’t want to defend the creepy much less pedophilia. Add to that parents especially fathers who don’t like the idea of their daughters dating anyone much less older men.
    With rape you have a bigger stronger more violent sex and the smaller weaker less violent. The fact is a large number of women have either been sexually assaulted know a woman who has been or at the very least been in a situation were they thought they had a high probability of being raped.
    In most decent people there is a tendency to support the weak over the strong in most situations. Most decent people don’t want to be seen as pro-rape and even the term rape conjures up images of violent sexual assault or drugging a women for sex. No one wants to be for those things. So the definition of rape is expanded that artificially keeps the crime rate up, the private prison gets more money, the lawmaker gets to be tough on crime and the prosecutor gets to talk about how many sex offenders they put behind bars. The template may have been devised by rad-fems, but it’s being put in place by a corrupt campaign finance system, a corrupt private prison industry and corrupt lawmakers and prosecutors looking for campaign cash and opportunity to tell the public how very very tough they are on crime especially those dirty pervy sex offenders that threaten your daughters maidenhead.

    • Jason Y

      It does seem like they are aggressively going after sex crimes as well as the ghetto ones. Again, is it an idiot conspiracy theory to say massive profit is being made?

      Of course, the ghetto ones are asking for it, but does the government have any real interest in improving the environment so there is no ghetto crime to begin with?

  4. Jason Y

    These laws, especially the insane rape laws, are a gender feminist’s dream. And I assure that all of these crazy rape laws, campus sex codes, and sexual harassment case law are all down to gender feminists. They wrote all of those civil and criminal penalties into law.

    Students majoring in difficult subjects don’t have time for sex anyways. Are we speaking of jocks who take easy courses? Iv’e not seen any sex here. Is this just a phenomenon outside the Bible Belt? Perhaps the University of Nebraska? There seems to be a lot of porn coming out of there, lol.

  5. EPGAH

    Thank you for pointing out the fake rape charges! And the crazification of the laws!

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