Violence at KKK Rally in Anaheim

Fighting broke out between KKK marchers and antiracist counterdemonstrators at a KKK rally in Anaheim. Three people were stabbed. One is in critical condition. 13 people were arrested.

Amazing. Fascist versus antifa rallies breaking out into violence. You would think you were in Germany where these festivities are celebrated on a regular basis.

We are turning into Europe more and more every day.

I come from this region. I know that area very well. We always called it Anal Slime for what it’s worth. But then we always called Garden Grove Garbage Grove too.

I had a girlfriend who lived there once. Her name was KS. She lived on Katella Avenue. She was only 18 years old and looked like a model. I saw her on the Net recently. She is 55 years old and still a total knockout. I should have married that chick.

I have been to Disneyland many times, once when I was 19, out of my head on magic mushrooms. Good times!

I also worked as a “maid” in a motel there once. I think that was when I was 18 also. The boss treated me like complete shit the whole day, berating my manhood. Then at the end of the day she fired me. Unfortunately, I did not kill her as I had left all my weapons at home. What an oversight!

More recently, in 1986, I worked as a strikebreaking scab during a teachers’ strike there.

One thinks of Disneyland when someone says Anaheim, but that place has always been a bit of a slum except for Anaheim Hills, where the 1% live.

And it’s long been known to have a virulent White racist contingent dating back to when I hung out there actually long before, all the way back to 100 years ago. The Klan actually ran the Anaheim City Government until 1924. 90% of the officers in the Anaheim Police Department were Klansmen. Anaheim’s leading newspaper, the the Plain Dealer, was a strong supporter of the Klan. Klansman patrolled the police, questioning passerby. One Anaheim Klan rally attracted 20,000 people. 90% of the cops in the Anaheim Police Department were Klansmen.The  police force always had a horrible reputation for police brutality, possibly related to its Klan legacy. Not sure if that changed.

Last time I was there, it was full of Mexicans, and in fact, the city, now 52% Latino and 28% White, has seceded from the US and joined Mexifornia. The White percentage is about the same as in this incorporated slum of 50,000 that I call my home. 28-29% Whites probably sounds awful to a lot of White people, but it is actually a quite livable number.

It’s just enough Whites to keep the city running fairly smoothly and to keep it from falling apart altogether. You do not need a vast percentage of Whites to hold down the fort.

There are some small towns around here which have gone almost 100% Hispanic and the result has been something that looks like societal collapse, or maybe Mexico, which is really the same thing. These Mexicans need Whites more than they think. We’re the main reason that so many of the cities that they gather in are halfway livable at all.

This city has always been run by rich White farmers, often Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards and Greeks. Rich White farmers run this city to this very day.Incredibly enough, this city was majority Italian in 1970! Before the invasion, that is. There’s still an old weather-beaten Italian-American Club downtown.


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23 responses to “Violence at KKK Rally in Anaheim

  1. Hmmm. Not a very good video at all. I give it 14 stars out of 88 or a score of 14/88/. That is a very low score.

  2. Jason Y

    Certain areas where I live in Tennessee are pretty much off limits. Funny that the areas where blacks and whites get a long (but maybe not Mexicans) are literally across the river from areas full of rednecks (but not of the Jeff Foxworthy sort).

    In fact, one black man/ white woman with mixed kids couple was literally harassed out of the valley.

    Other cities where I live have literally become all Mexican, so of course now the whites have a “minority” complex now.

    All in all, this new racism is no joke, though my family tries to ignore it. Most of my family doesn’t care as they are not a target. However, any good person thinking outside the box wouldn’t like it.

    Actually among poor whites you have a large group that would marry into blacks, and a large group that absolutely hates them. I’m not sure how the first group feels about Mexicans. Actually the slightly middle class group can actually be pretty racist, despite no poverty. They would provide the muscle for all the hate in the area.

    Gays, liberals and the like would tend to do better in larger towns. College campuses tend to be multi-cultural, but the community colleges are less so, and the rednecks tend to be more bold with thier racism in public. But that would be no different than racist blacks in an all black neighborhood.

    Anyhow, certain areas where I live are so repulsive as far as racism and homophobia that it’s like something off a zombie movie.

    • Jason Y

      Generally, I don’t trust certain groups of racist whites, as I wouldn’t certain groups of racist non-whites. A lot of them are “fake” nice to your face, but then talk shit behind your back. They bully anyone who disagrees with the way of life they’ve been brought up to accept.

      Eventually violence is inevitable with these punks, cause as I said, they’re looking for a fight, spreading rumors, making fun of people etc..

      But yeah, there is no ghetto crime here, nothing like that. But there just seems to be subtle kind of terror where it seems like certain people would be willing to harass people at night (much as the Klan did in the past). In fact, they did so with the black/white couple I mentioned. However, generally as far as white liberals go, most of the harassment is rumors and occasional insults at Wal-Mart or something. But rumors are horribly destructive. Like with monkeys, everyone believes rumors and joins in on the fun.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, basically I hate this sub-group of racist whites as much as many people hate the Taliban. There is no compromise with them. Your either with them, or you want to kill them. It’s pretty obvious who they are. They’re all over the place where I live.

      • EPGAH

        You DO realize, Anti-Racists, and KKK are BOTH Leftist groups, right? But you ARE right, neither one will compromise…And what you just said is exactly what happened! Why aren’t you celebrating?

        • Jason Y

          The best solution for the nation is having around 80 percent or higher whites with a cultural liberal agenda. That way there isn’t enough of a non-white threat to challenge the agenda. Really, nobody really minds minorities as long as they’re in a passive state, not agressive.

        • Jason Y

          Actually black/white mulattoes aren’t a threat to the cultural liberal agenda, even if therewere will millions of them, also small groups of Mexicans, Chinese etc.. are not either. The problem lately has been an increase in black crime, due to the prison industrial complex, Islamic terrorism, and most of all, the massive immigration from Latin America.

          Average blacks, not the ghetto types, are not a threat either that would rouse up the far right.

          The best solution is stop immigration from Latin America and the Islamic world, cut immigration from other places, while at the same time cleaning up ghetto crime.

          Trump may attempt to do that, but he won’t succeed because there has been so many years of a political correctness, that you won’t be able to turn on the system without a fight. That’s because ALL Latinos will eventually take deportation of illegals to be a “personal insult”. Especially if they detain illegals in camps which bear in incredible resemblence to Nazi concentration camps.

        • EPGAH

          Actually, I think it’s a rather universal fear of not being the majority in a country where majority=political power, therefore NOT being the majority=losing control of your own country. And it’s a valid fear, don’t you think?
          Whites DO run countries better than MOST nonwhites, and I am surprised that Mexicans realize it, to the degree Robert claims. Usually, the minority group tries to become the majority and grab power, resulting in the whole country turning to shit.

          But actually, the cultural liberal is explicitly the problem here. Robert explicitly abjures them with the creation of the Alt Left.

          As to your last paragraph, that is another big part of the problem: Only whites seem to have a granular enough identity that we say, “I Am Not A Criminal, SO Going After Criminals Is A GOOD Thing!”
          Other groups seem to think something along the lines of, “OMG! They’re going after criminals! I could be next!”

          Would you say Black Lies Matter and la Raza are the ghetto types, or the average of their respective races? And if they’re NOT the average, why aren’t the average ones telling them to sit down, shut up, they’re ruining everyone’s good Name?

          I find it interesting you don’t think the average MOSLEM would rise up the same way if we start getting serious about stopping the Moslem world?

        • EPGAH

          Or do you think the Moslem terrorists WILL rise up, but we’ll just slap them down like we did in the 1830s? If so, why can’t we do that with all the other parasite groups? Lay Down The Law, let them know this is OUR country, they are here by our suffering, and if they make us suffer TOO much, we take them out? Or is that too 80s?

          I agree, Political Correctness has been here too long, it needs SOMEONE to end it!

  3. EPGAH

    Why aren’t you commenting on the hilariousness of two groups of Original Left killing each other? Remember, the Democrats founded the KKK (As political enforcement more than social engineering), and the modern “Anti-Racist” bullshit is another Left invention!

  4. “This city has always been run by rich White farmers, often Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards and Greeks. Rich White farmers run this city to this very day.”

    That’s is a huge contrast from the Idea that most of White Southerners were of Scot-Irish descent, however I did heard of immigrants moving down their despite some Meds, such as Italians, being lynched.

  5. EPGAH

    Don’t you find it a little strange there would be KKK in ANAHEIM?

    The KKK haven’t been a serious factor since 1958. Couldn’t this be one of your “Real Life Trolls” if not an outright False Flag?

    Especially since the Anti-Racists just HAPPEN to attack THERE, but don’t start any fights with Black Lies Matter, Black Panthers, La Raza, or CAIR?

    • Jason Y

      Plenty of racists abound in California, and especially in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the movie “American History X” was set in LA.

  6. Erik Sieven

    this Brian Levin from an antiracist NGO is honest about who started the vioelence, and who from his view was mostly endangered (he says the KKK guys would have been killed if the police would not have intervened). Although this depiction is a little bit strange given the fact the three wounded people were antiracists, even more strange when a antiracist like Brian Levin describes the situation like that.

  7. Jason Y

    This whole mess sounds like some interview with the Klan on Jerry Springer. Some idiot show to discredit the group. Not saying the Klan aren’t idiots anyway.

  8. Heaviside

    Interracial violence is just promoted by FedGov to sow division and is a prophylaxis against real revolutionary action. Read E. Michael Jones’ work on the forced integration of ethnic neighborhoods in the North. Bob Avakian’s RCP which is the main force behind Black Lives Matter is a CIA front, and the KKK is just an FBI puppet by now.

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