The Alt Left on Gender Feminists Versus Equity Feminists

The Alt Left should support equity feminists, liberal feminists and sex-positive feminists as female allies. The sex-positive ones are the best. Jezebel is a sex-positive feminist site, and I  love those ladies over there!

Sex-positive feminists, well that is self-explanatory.

Liberal feminists are the enemies of the radfems who say they are pro-men, pro-porn, pro-prostitution, etc. The average feminist with a really dirty porn blog on Tumblr calls herself a liberal feminist, so they can’t be too bad. They are big on civil rights, which radfems believe is an arcane concept.

Equity feminists simply want full legal equality for women. These are the ones who say, “I want my daughter to grow up to be whatever she wants to be!”

On the other hand, the Alt Left should oppose  gender feminists, the radical feminists, the lesbian feminists, the socialist feminists, the bla bla bla. Actually any female with these ideologies should probably be banned from the Alt Left as she is opposing one of the core principles of the Alt Left, which is to be male-friendly or at least not male-hostile. The Alt Left is basically a “safe space” for men.

Those are the man-haters pretty much, or else they say they don’t hate us, but they want to put half of us in prison anyway. Most of them either hate men or have a lot of anger and hostility towards men, which is not appealing. Quite a few are still having sex with men and you would be surprised how many are in long term relationships or married to men.

The gender feminists say there is this thing called “the patriarchy” that is keeping da wimminz down. It needs to be dismantled, and in the process we need to take down masculinity too, since all masculinity is this thing called “toxic masculinity.”

Along these lines, they have a long-standing goal along with Gay Politics to get rid of the idea of gender altogether. That’s why you are seeing this bullshit genderqueer people who can be man on Monday, a woman on Tuesday, both man and woman on Wednesday, neither man nor woman on Thursday, decline to state on Friday, and “it” on Saturday and a “thing” on Sunday. That’s idiocy is all part of the gender feminist and Gay Lobby goal of getting rid of gender. Dumb, huh?

And I guess some want to take down heterosexual sex or at least make it all but impossible. They also want to desexualize all public space except for designed pickup joints here and there where the genders could do their animalistic thing. Any sexual expression inside of this massive public “safe spaces” for wimminz would be sexual harassment and I think illegal.

The radfems really hate men, they think heterosexual sex is evil, say we are all evil rapists, advocate that all radfems should adopt political lesbianism as opposed to sleeping with the enemy. Oh and most of them want to reduce the male population by 90% so it is only 10% of its present size. I am not sure how they want to do that.

Lesbian feminists are somewhere in between gender feminists and radfems. I believe the radfems have some beef with them as some of them continue to associate with gay men, who, being men, are of course eeeevil.

Lesbian separatists are human beings who have gone completely insane and are trying to live a life as free of menz as possible because I guess we have cooties. Or something. I don’t know. Anyway, needless to say, they really hate us. One of the main reasons I broke with the Left and formed the Alt Left is that I opposed the policy on the Left of supporting all of these feminist nuts, including lesbian separatists.

Yes, if you are on the Left now, you are mandated to support lesbian separatists. It’s hard to hate  lesbian separatists too much because they wish to avoid me, which is definitely the right idea. Hence they probably have no effect on my life other than being my harmless enemies. I do not believe we should kill the lesbian feminists, but perhaps we should put all of them on a some self-sufficient island somewhere so they don’t scare the children.

You would think that socialist feminists would be cool, but they want to ban porn and prostitution I believe, and if you go to their websites, it’s just straight up gender feminism if not radical feminism. I’m a socialist, but I suppose these women are technically comrades, but they are still my enemies and I would rather it be me over here and them over there and never the twain shall meet.

The Alt Left should oppose gender, radical, lesbian and socialist feminism because, as we oppose the bashing, hatred and demonization of Whites, we should also oppose the demonization, bashing and hatred of heterosexual men (gender feminists mostly give gay men a pass as they are some protected class apparently). The Alt Left opposes the Cultural Left, and part of what we reject is the way that the Cultural Left makes Whites and heterosexual men into the enemy.

Gender feminists are an essential part of SJW intersectionality. They’re part of the package along with the SJW “anti-racist” White-haters.

A pox on both of their houses!


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6 responses to “The Alt Left on Gender Feminists Versus Equity Feminists

  1. Tulio

    There already is legal equality and equal rights for women in the West. What more are they asking for?

  2. Where’s the female president?

    Shouldn’t Congress be fairly close to 50% women? Instead it’s what? 10% women? There are probably more Jews than women in Congress. That’s not right. I would prefer to move that number more in the direction of 50%. Even 20% would be a great improvement.

    They say there is a gender pay gap but others argue that it is not there. I really doubt if it not there. They make what? 70 cents to our dollar? That seems messed up.

    Anyway even if it exists yet, we need to support gender equality and equal rights for women. The laws are there, they are correct, and we will continue to support them and not allow people to dismantle them.

    • Tulio

      That 70% pay gap issue is a myth that’s been debunked countless times. You should know better, Robert. When comparing apples to apples, the pay gap isn’t there. Feminist are looking at the aggregate income of women vs the aggregate income of men and not controlling for factors such as the types of degrees men and women are more likely to earn. Men tend to get more degrees in fields with higher pay, STEM, business, finance. Women tend to go more into the humanities which pay less. And then women take off more time from work or have more gaps in employment due to maternity. And women are also less aggressive in asking for raises. But when you control for occupation, years of experience same education, the gap is no longer there. Feminists are full of shit and just want an excuse to be angry at men.

      As for government, nothing is stopping them from running. How many women have actually even run for President in the country’s history, other than Hillary? I can’t think of any. I don’t think most Americans have any objection to a female president. There is just a lack of candidates. Obama was the first “black” president who could be taken seriously(Sharpton and Jackson ran for president as well but they obviously aren’t serious candidates). Maybe Hillary will be the first. I’m not a fan of her for reasons that have nothing to do with her genitalia, but she’s certainly a serious candidate and has a great shot of winning.

      • In the USA the law has always allowed women to run for president, since 1788 when the current country was created. The first woman to run for president seriously was probably Victoria Woodhull shortly after the civil war.

        I agree about the wage gap. You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that myth is a hoax and a has been a known lie that feminists have used for fifty years. It’s probably the most told political lie in world history. how do you keep telling the same lie for fifty years? It’s like the Santa Claus of politics. a lie that all the adults know is false but all the little children get told each year.

  3. “I want my daughter to grow up to be whatever she wants to be!”

    If such a thing as an equity feminist existed (they do not) then surely they would say, “I want my children to grow up to be whatever they want to be!”

    Your thought experiment shows that you yourself simply cannot imagine what a feminist who believed in equality would look or sound like. it’s a concept so removed from reality.

  4. “Shouldn’t Congress be fairly close to 50% women? ”

    You know it’s clear you’ve never really thought about this topic and are just parroting gender feminists. You say you don’t like them but you seem to think a lot like them. Why for example talk about congress? There are many jobs that are a lot more extreme in their lack of female representation. Why aren’t you complaining about the lack of women in prison for example (only 7%)? That’s more extreme. shouldn’t we have 50% women in prison? How come feminists complain about the one but are fine with the other? Actually feminists say even 7% is too many and say women should never be locked up and women’s prisons should be closed down now. But there are many other examples. Should sewer cleaners be 50% women? Garbage men? Loggers (the most dangerous occupation — in general all dangerous occupations are always almost exclusively male). how about the homeless? Should they be 50% female too? Why do you gender feminists only care about equality when it benefits women?

    Now in the USA millions of men are not allowed to vote by law so in every election millions more women vote than men. So can you explain to me how exactly you plan to get more women elected without overriding the votes of all the women who prefer to vote for male candidates?

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