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Found on Facebook.

#‎whitelivesmatter‬ so I just joined this musician group a few weeks back here in NYC. Some Asian guy , a member of the group, started sending out random bizarre multiple emails on the listserv saying he was going to “sing songs uniting the Minorities of America- the Blacks, the Latinos, the Asians”, and “we are all Americans”, etc. Totally random, totally meant to “make whites feel uncomfortable”. Granted, he’s clearly mentally ill, but yet another cultural/social event here ruined by racial conflict. That’s another day here in NYC. Events that have absolutely nothing to do with Race get turned into cultural battle-fields. And isn’t the Diversity here SOOOOO GREAT… more like UNPLEASANT and completely exhausting. INESCAPABLE…

granted most of the folks using this hashtag will be the scum of the Earth (White nationalists, White “advocates”, “racially aware” Whites, ad nauseum, but I’m about to join them anyway. It’s getting to the point where you have to pick which side you’re on. It’s either the Abolish the White Race crowd or the #‎whitelivesmatter‬ crowd. The first hate me and my people and want us gone, hence they are my enemies de facto.

The others are basically Nazis, but Nazis love me and my people (as long as your name’s not Zimmerman) even though they’re the biggest assholes on Earth. On the other hand, lightning and bees are far more dangerous than Nazis and their fellow travelers.

Anyway, moderate Nazism is catching on. It’s groovy now. It’s a happening, cats!

A moderate Nazi is about to win the Republican nomination!

I hate Nazis, but they’re better than the alternative.

The barricades are being laid down, the lines are being drawn. Everybody’s shouting, “Which side are you on?”

It’s a war folks. The Good Samaritan is laughing. He’s getting ready for the show.

Pick sides or go pragmatic neutral, but there ain’t no sitting this one out.


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39 responses to “Cool Hashtag

  1. Kareem

    Been harping about the obvious hypocrisy and idiocy of BLM for months. Almost nothing but backlash from other Blacks AND self-righteous whites.

    It’s like all common sense and basic critical thinking skills fly out the window.

    Average BLM promoter or Nazi.

    IHDK, which is worse

  2. Jason Y

    The moderate Nazi’s (Trump) plan will backfire. You can’t go back on so many years of political correctness etc.. Non-whites are not going to obey without a fight. The fight will be so big, you can count on that they won’t obey.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t really think whites, other than douchebags, take multiculturalism so seriously. Take my university for instance, most of the white guys are all about acting cool, getting girls, working out etc.. They mostly just ignore the massive multi-cultural thing going on and try to get a long. Anyhow, there are so many foreign students etc.. that you can’t really be arrogantly for one particular race, at least not on campus.

  3. NayOmee

    Nicely put. I could care less about skin color, but the double standard as the Caucasian population shrinks is noteworthy. How about #humanlivesmatter?

    • Jason Y

      Right, note it seems like average blacks would care about “human lives matter” considering they’re the victims of crime, and in fact the main victims of black crime.

      • EPGAH

        But they’re also the main PERPETRATORS, and their identity is skewed, such that when a thug is killed, rather than saying “I’m safer with THAT thug dead”, they feel alarmed, “OMG! That could’ve been ME!”

  4. Creaders

    At least the Nazi has more economic sense than every single economist and capitalist right now.

    When Hitler came to power in 1933, Germany was broke, after suffering hyperinflation and Great Depression.

    People were starving to death on daily basis. Germany was the MOST fuck up country in Europe.

    The whore economist say nothing can be done.

    Hitler destroyed of bankers (you know who are they), brought prosperity to the entire Germany. By 1937, Germany was the strongest country in Europe.

    How really racist Nazi has merit more studies. Hitler is not a racist nuts as the Jewish controlled media want us to believe.

    • Jason Y

      So how did attacking other nations solve anything? If he hadn’t atacked, probably, considering how anti-communist the USA was, Nazi Germany might still exist now. Of course, that wouldn’t be a good thing because of the sick ideology they profess, nonetheless.

      • Horatio

        Hitlers solution couldn’t have lasted. His recovery was quite dependant on remilitarisation. How often can a nation militarise?

        Also, how long did the economig good times last? Less than a decade. Not something to crow about.

        Still, there is something to be said for telling the bankers to go to hell. That we can all support.

  5. Creaders

    Right now in white man land, the elites have designated several “protected species”. The entire institution will go after anyone using the pretext of “anti- discrimination”, if one dare to speak the truth on how sucks certain groups are. These are


    There is a concerted to destroy white culture, destroy christianity, to sexualize and pervertize the entire white people.

    Islamo can go white man land and preach Jihad against white, When white fight back, some NGO will spring up, and say white discriminate Islam and defended Islam free speech.

    Similarly the fact that gay sex causes HIV are covered up and white man media lies and said HIV are also spread by hetereosexual activities.

    Basically white man are taken by race traitor, wanting to destroy you guys.

    • Jason Y

      Most of the multi-cultural stuff is due to an expanding world. I mean, we don’t travel by steamboat anymore. We have airplanes, mass transit. As far as perversion goes, it would be easy to explain that as an expression of freedom, or man’s desire to do what he wants, even the white man. White people want to drink, smoke dope, have immoral sex as much as other races. Nobody is forcing the white people to do anything.

      • NayOmee

        The white culture isn’t alone in losing droves of followers of its primary faith. Pew Research studies show again and again that that across many cultures, and colors of skin, that people are abandoning religious practices and lifestyles. Historically, religion has provided the framework for social norms. Without it, those norms will transition, as we see today. Globalization and the very platform we’re communicating on has changed the scope of what’s out there and acceptable for all different nationalities in a very short span of time. In essence, it’s created tolerance where their once was none to further survival. Economically, it behooves us ALL to play nicely in the sandbox. As a white woman, I fully exercise my right to drink my wine, smoke my state approved medical marijuana, have immoral sex outside of wedlock with whomever I want, and attend church on Sunday to pray for all my sins before Monday comes again. Simply being mankind is the war, and equally, the demise. For us all. Maybe Robert’s on to something: #nolivesmatter

        • Jason Y

          Exactly, it isn’t really a “white” thing. It’s more about people just wanting freedom to do what they want. If so called Jews are pushing it, well so what? It’s not about who is selling, but who is buying. People are hungry for freedom. Even our nation is founded on the idea of freedom.

          However, freedom can often be deceptive, and too much freedom, as in say the case of being so multi-cutlural we let terrorists in the nation, can have a bad effect. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t put integration of blacks and whites and other forms of multi-culturalism with Islamic terrorism as white nationalists do.

          Some mutli-culturalism is good, some is bad.

        • Jason Y

          Perhaps the real problem is we have to be TOTALLY multi-cultural and sensitive which is bad. Some liberal ideas are good, as I said in the case of integration of blacks and whites. However, being “too nice” allows us to be taken advantage of by hostile foreign cultures like the Islamic one.

          So yeah, moderate feminism, moderate gay rights, moderate rights for non-whites are all good things. However, an extremist cultural liberal agenda leaves us open for massive crime, terrorism, environment where women can throw men at prison for just a glance etc..

        • NayOmee

          My momma always said “Everything in moderation.”

        • EPGAH

          Transition? Transition to WHAT, exactly? Stateless Hell like Somalia?

          Tolerance is one thing, but there HAS to be some line, some point where you say, “This is bad, stop doing it!”

  6. Horatio

    This is the exact argument I’ve been pushing for years.

    The fracture of society along racial lines is INEVITABLE. The only ones preparing for the ‘post racial’ future are the Nazis, White Nationalists, Far Right and so forth.

    Apropos with your earlier piece about two types of stupidity. Here is one idea which has set into concrete in White peoples head, which has stuck there for decades, the idea that all races will somehow get together, live peacefully in a flashy first world society. Because of this belief, people have been absolutely, positively, militantly and violently adament that there can be no other way than peace and racial tolerance and racial blindness in the melting pots.

    Quite a few didn’t buy it. But the only ones who didn’t buy it AND had the temerity to speak against it were the far right fringe.

    So now that this incorrect theory is being proven as a dud, white people are suddenly realised they are up to their neck in this shit, and the only one who even considered this potential problem eventuating are the far right parties capitalising on these problems.

    The denialists will continue to insist that it is actually the far right causing these problems. A non-white can literally rape a denialist in an obvious racial hate crime, and the denialist will still feel guilty about being white.

    Maybe the SJW’s have gone crazy because their world is collapsing around them.

    My solution has always been, that if you don’t like the pro-white advocates we have now, do a better job yourself. The need for them will not disappear. You can’t pretend there is no problem, and you can’t ignore a solution will have to emerge. If you don’t like Nazi’s, then steal their pro-white program for yourself. You would render them obsolete in an instant.

    So at least be bold enough to be a better pro-white than the Stormfronters are.

    • Jason Y

      True society, will eventually be drawn about along racial lines but no need to be a “DICK” about it. No need to be the jerk that most Nazis are. I mean, normally people among similar racial lines hang out together etc.. but it’s nothing written in stone as law.

      Generally, a nation should be at least 80 percent or more controlled by one group at least. This keeps down the persecution complex of the majority, and lessens the appeal of the far right.

      Of course, that solution doesn’t always work. Some places like South Korea etc.. have such a history of invasion that they can’t tolerate foreigners at all, unless they are Uncle Toms like Canadians, who suck up to them constantly and fit thier racist shallow idea of beauty.

      • EPGAH

        That’s a great idea, but how can that be when the majority is only 60% of the majority? And when some of the majority are trying to tear down the others? Look at the SJW movement, how many of them are whites attacking other whites for daring to make a better life in a better country? Or just for being white?

        • Jason Y

          I don’t really care if whites want to live in a white area or a white nation. The problem comes when they start picking on on white liberals and non-whites who are minding thier own business.

          Of course, it could be the case sometimes the liberals or non-whites stir up drama, but rest assured the white nationalists won’t ignore it, stirring up worse drama.

        • EPGAH

          How could it be that the nonwhites are “minding their own business” if they’re in a white area, from country to neighborhood, that doesn’t want them?

          The Liberals and/or nonwhites ARE the drama!

    • EPGAH

      Actually, Robert had an article about exactly that:

      But seriously, the “Moderate Nazis” are the only ones pushing for us to NOT get robbed, raped, and murdered, so they are the “Good Guys” de-facto, right? How can you be a “Better Pro White”?
      You’ll still be called racist, Islamophobic, etc.

      As to SJWs going crazy, no, they turned traitor, maybe out of a desire to stir the pot, maybe something more noble. But there’s a HUGE difference between going crazy and turning against your own kind, right?

      • Jason Y

        Everyone of a certain kind doesn’t stick together in most instances. The main problem are a few punks who make it seem like they do, stirring up unncessary drama.

        Most people are not concerned with race, but are more interested in things like their employment, hobbies etc…

        Actually in most places in the world, people go out of thier way to make you feel at home, and generally mind thier own business.

    • Jason Y

      quote by ep-gah

      The denialists will continue to insist that it is actually the far right causing these problems. A non-white can literally rape a denialist in an obvious racial hate crime, and the denialist will still feel guilty about being white.

      Maybe the SJW’s have gone crazy because their world is collapsing around them.

      That’s assuming non-whites are always a threat. Generally, they are not a threat, except for a few punks. Of course, those punks would only be bold enough to bully people in an area where they held the majority.

      For instance, if you go down to Charleston SC, there will be some black guys that will make fun of you, if you happen to be white and alone. Go ahead and try it at the local mall. Nonetheless, most of the blacks there are friendly and many want to help you out, especially if it’s a good way to earn some extra cash (Who can blame them?).

      • Jason Y

        Flip it around, and you will see in a white majority area in the south USA, most people are exceptionally friendly, but there will be a few white trash punks that will hassle you, if they see you as liberal, gay or non-white etc…

        • Jason Y

          Try to deny that white trash idiots don’t bully people in Appalachia, when I know for a fact they do. They drove one peaceful family (black man/ white wife and mixed kids) out. There is also one woman on Facebook ( a former high school peer) with a mixed kid and I haven’t seen her online anymore, It’s like she’s vanished from existance.

      • EPGAH

        That was by Horatio, not me, and Robert had an article about it, remember?

        As to the “punks” they only feel “brave” enough to bully their betters if they’re in packs, and even then, because they’re not beaten down when they do so. If the white victim fights back, all of a sudden, they try to spin it as a “Hate Crime”, from Goetz to Wilson.
        To ME, this indicates, they feel somehow entitled to bully their betters. What do you attribute it as? Lemme guess, “The Environment”?

        As to the Appalachians, they don’t want the same racial malaise the rest of the country is suffering. They’re poor enough already, they don’t want poverty AND VIOLENCE! You might say, they’re trying to keep “The Environment” from becoming Detroit?

        As to your Facebook “friend”, don’t worry, Facebook “friends” disappear all the time, for any reason from suicide to being a petulant bitch.

        • Jason Y

          As to your Facebook “friend”, don’t worry, Facebook “friends” disappear all the time, for any reason from suicide to being a petulant bitch.

          OHHHHH !!!!! 😆

        • Jason Y

          As to the “punks” they only feel “brave” enough to bully their betters if they’re in packs,

          Almost all racial groups would bully in a pack including whites, and they always go after weak people who can’t fight back.

          As to the Appalachians, they don’t want the same racial malaise the rest of the country is suffering. They’re poor enough already, they don’t want poverty AND VIOLENCE! You might say, they’re trying to keep “The Environment” from becoming Detroit?

          So what? The white punks pick fights with people who didn’t do anything to them, just as I’m sure non-white punks do the same.

          Really I don’t care about the agenda of racist blacks or whites, only that they’d BUZZ OFF.

        • EPGAH

          That’s why I advocate reforming the STRESS Units. Cops dressed as civilians that shoot the thugs who attack them.

          As to making them buzz off, that’s a great idea, but they seem to have the express or implied attitude of “Make Me”–then whine when you actually DO “Make Them”.
          Take Black Lies Matter’s riots over thugs dying, and compare it to the Cowardly Lion moaning “You Didn’t Have To Hit Me!” after Judy Garland gives him what looked like a light slap for bullying the party.
          Or take the Moslem terrorists’ bitching about casualties and compare it to same.

  7. Horatio

    The world is not transitioning. Do you see China importing millions of blacks and whites? Do you see Korea or Japan on the road to becoming minority Asian.

    Do you see Nigeria pushing racial diversity? India?

    Ever heard an anti racist say that Vietnam or Cambodia or Thailand was “too Asian”?

    Its only the white nations where the face is changing. Elsewhere the culture may be, but the people aren’t.

    So I think it is a uniquely white problem. Thais might be abandoning traditional practices, but they are not deliberately flooding the nation with Arabs and Mexicans and Africans to create some utopian “post racial” future.

    • Jason Y

      There isn’t shit in the nations you mentioned. That’s why nobody is going there. Of course, some places like China and Korea are attracting more people due ot the ESL industry among other things, and that is causing ethnic problems, especially considering the fact they’re bringing in incompetent teachers (due to having no standards in place, which is due to hiring desperation).

    • Jason Y

      Again I see no problem with some non-whites in developed nations assuming the level is at 20 percent or less. Even if the flip side of the situation would not see 20 percent of say Nigeria being white etc..

      However, once you get over the 20 percent mark the non-whites become a threat.

      • EPGAH

        We’re at almost 40%. Sweden is over half.
        And “There isn’t shit in the nations you mentioned”, why isn’t there?
        Maybe it’s because…bear with me…Whites make better countries?

        But I say Horatio’s point holds. It’s only white countries that get diversity forced into them, whether we want to be outnumbered in our own country or not. And if we try to block them–not FIGHT, just BLOCK–we get called “nazis” or worse.
        Take Orban who built a wall to keep Hungary safe from terrorists.

        And what about African countries that started out being white, but then savages moved in, became the majority…and what happened to the whites again?

      • EPGAH

        And also, there’s the problem of SJWs seeing whites as privileged in our own countries–or rather, seeing that as a “problem” that needs to be “solved”. AKA whites need to be torn out of the positions of power in our own countries.

        “White privilege” is what leads to thousands of under-age white girls being raped and abused in Rotherham and the rest of the UK by racist Pakistani men. It’s a mechanism to enable the subversion of the Civilized World–object to your culture and country being overrun/taken over by foreigners and face the wrath of SJWs screaming about your “privilege.”

        Can you name any nonwhite group whose people try to tear their OWN PEOPLE out of positions of power in their OWN COUNTRY and replace them with outsiders for “diversity” or whatever other excuse?

        I know for a FACT that China and Japan don’t. I know that Rhodesia, South Africa, Zaire, and Haiti was forcibly overthrown by savages when the whites became the minority in their own countries…But I’m asking for the reverse: Nonwhites saying, “There’s too many of us in our own country! We need to not only bring in more outsiders, but give them positions of power and control to change our country!”…Think of any?

    • India is already mixed all to Hell between Australoids, Mongoloids and Caucasians. It can’t get any more diverse.

      Thailand and Cambodia have a lot of South Indian in their genome, not sure how much though.

      Flooding White societies with Arabs is not a problem because Arabs are White in the same way that Thais and Chinese are both Asians.

    • EPGAH

      No, once the “minority” becomes the majority, whether by invading, outbreeding, or both, they not only don’t care about minority rights anymore, but they also don’t want Affirmative Action or diversity…Unless you go by the SJW definition, which seems to boil down to simply having fewer whites, esp. whites in power.

      Once savages seize power, they never give it back, but they WILL bitch forever how the country is worse than when whites ran it. This, however, is blamed on “racism”, rather than their own incompetence.

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