Winners of Most Valuable Player and Player of the Year Awards Down through History

Who were the most spectacular womanizers of all time? The list below is an attempt to codify the greatest ladies men that ever walked the planet.

  1. Tony Ferrino – (?) 30,000+
  2. Fidel Castro (head of state) – 29,200+
  3. Wilt Chamerberlain (sports star) – 20,000+
  4. John Holmes (actor) – 13,000+ HIV positive
  5. Warren Beatty (actor) – 13,000
  6. Georges Simonon (writer) – 10,000+
  7. Thomas Peffer – (?) 8,200
  8. Umberto Billo (hotel porter!)- 8,000
  9. Charlie Sheen (actor) – 5,000+ HIV positive
  10. Gene Simmons (rock star) – 4,600+
  11. Jack Nicholson (actor) – 2,000+
  12. Kenny Chesney (rock star) – 2,000+
  13. Magic Johnson (sports star) – 1,000+ HIV positive
  14. Lord Byron (poet) – 250+ (250 in one year)
  15. Casanova (aristocrat) – 122

I realize it is quite hard for a woman to transmit HIV to a man, but am I the only one who finds that fully 20% of these men were HIV+? I suppose it’s possible that once you have sex with a thousand females or more, perhaps you tempting fate and pushing your luck as far as female transmission to males goes.

Let’s all take a moment to throw a shout out to all of these fine men, some of the best examples of our gender in all of history. But how come the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t cover this?

Oh one more thing. Go to Hell feminists!


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8 responses to “Winners of Most Valuable Player and Player of the Year Awards Down through History

  1. jan

    Lucky motherf#ckers.
    You could have included more
    ghengis kahn, mick jagger, rocco sifredi. and i probably forget some or also quite lucky

  2. SHI

    I’m at 200+ already. How are threesomes supposed to be enumerated? Two or One notches in the bed?

    It gets confusing when you have been in orgies involving multiple women and even men (not in a gay way though but it was a bit unnerving to see so many dicks on display). But the most decadent thing I ever participated in is something I simply don’t feel free to discuss. It was in Uzbekistan.

  3. Incel

    Wilt Chamberlain = BBC stud and the ultimate black mackdaddy aka playa playa!

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  5. Hasdrubal

    John Holmes was a heroin junkie who did gay porn and died in prison, so I’m not sure women can be blamed for his HIV status.
    Charlie Sheen has had a history of substance abuse and the rumors are that his porn star orgies included tranny porn stars. Once again actual women are likely not at fault for his status.
    Magic Johnson by all accounts is as straight as an arrow, so blame the ladies for cutting short the greatest PG in basketball history and my #1 choice in the all time NBA fantasy draft (he was a 6’9 PG, that’s still crazy to me).

  6. John Holmes – Bisexual (Video proof). But I believe he got it from heroin.
    Charlie Sheen – Bisexual. Trannies are men!
    Magic Johnson – Flaming gay son. Apple doesn’t fall far from tree.

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