The Sixth Decade of Life: Welcome to the Sexual Desert

SHI writes, referring to this post: I’m at 200+ already. How are threesomes supposed to be enumerated? Two or one notches in the bed?

It gets confusing when you have been in orgies involving multiple women and even men (not in a gay way though but it was a bit unnerving to see so many dicks on display). But the most decadent thing I ever participated in is something I simply don’t feel free to discuss. It was in Uzbekistan.

Add two for every threeway, but I’ve never been in one anyway. Never been in an orgy either. Threeway sounds interesting, but how often do you meet two hot women who both want to screw your brains out at once? Basically never.

I don’t like to call them notches, but a lot of men do.

I am at 111, for what it’s worth.

It was all about a huge complex to prove I wasn’t gay. I mean I know I’m not gay, but the complex is I think other people think I am. So the idea was I would try to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record, and then people would quit calling me gay.

It didn’t even work. All they did was start calling me bisexual! Thanks a lot! I finally sort of gave up when I realized that I could have screwed half the women in LA and I wouldn’t change even one mind. Anyway, as far as psychological complexes go, I must say that this has been one of the more fun ones.

Anyway, I am not even at Casanova’s, but that’s just fine. I think I am going to die at 111. It doesn’t look like I will be adding any new ones anytime soon or maybe ever. Oh well, it’s an interesting looking number, and plus it’s been a good ride. I can die happy right this minute.

Most of the women in my age range either look like wild animals, or they have simply given up sex and men altogether or honestly both. The % of women who give up all sex after age 52 is extremely high.

Menopause kills the female sex drive. Period. Of course women lie about this, but then women lie about everything. Women lie and say, “Oh no, menopause doesn’t kill women’s sex drives. It only does it for some women, and for others there is either no affect or it even increases their drive.”

I’ve known six postmenopausal women so far, and three women told me they were done with sex. One who said she wasn’t was not dating and didn’t seem to be interested in starting. The other was very nice, but sorry, I don’t want to date grandma. Another was apparently into it, but she was 67 years old, so I was a bit leery.

In my age bracket, 50% of married women had zero sex last year. Zero! As in none! Zero, sip, nada. And those are the married ones. For the single ones, it’s probably even worse.

For some stupid reason, I went to a meeting of the local Senior Singles up in the mountains. Apparently I am eligible, as you get in if you are over 55.

I figure there was one woman there who was still having sex, and supposedly she was only 54 but sneaking in. And she was making herself really inaccessible to me. All of the rest of the women seemed to have just about zero interest in meeting a man for dating or really for anything. The men didn’t seem to be interested in meeting women for dating or sex either. The guy across from me seemed like he was down, but the women he was hitting on (my aunt) was not interested.

This was a local singles meeting where nobody was trying to pick up on anybody! Nobody was looking for a date. Nobody was looking for sex. Nobody was looking for a relationship. Nobody was looking for anything! It was pretty incredible, but I guess this is it from now on in.

That was the stupidest singles meeting I have ever been to.

And at my age, I am basically an Omega as far as most young women are concerned. They are a very few young women who are into me, but that number is small. I think the % of young women who are into men my age must be vanishingly small. Granted, there are a few young women who are into guys my age, but I figure it’s less than 1%.

And most women in their 30’s and 40’s do not seem to be interested either. I don’t run into many of them, but the ones I do run into seem to be saying, “Get lost.” I think some women my age might be interested in me, but I take one look at them, and I wonder why they are not in a zoo instead of running loose in society. Think of the children! I look at them and I think, “Get away from me! You look like a monster!”

I’ve been doing great with women my whole life, and now it’s a desert, and I’m an Omega. What the Hell, man? What the Hell is going on?


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10 responses to “The Sixth Decade of Life: Welcome to the Sexual Desert

  1. SHI

    I am at 111 for what it’s worth.

    Damn you, Robert, the precise tally doesn’t matter. I used your tips on this blog to get laid in the past (no shit!) with very beautiful ladies so that settles any doubt on who’s the boss.

    Plus you probably had more deep, meaningful relationships. My numbers are pumped up owing to the fact that it also includes hookers, strippers, several married women, and of course the orgies.

    None of my relationships last long because I have this disgusting habit of treating women’s bodies like sandpaper. In the heat of the moment, I totally forget that this is another human being you have to deal with. Sometimes when I look myself in the mirror, I feel disgusted at what I see: there’s a word for that – MAN WHORE.

    Sometimes I wish I were just a regular person with a regular career choice, and who got married at the right time, had kids of his own. But, now it simply does not appeal to me anymore. There’s this whole artificial lifestyle and of course, the “reputation” of being a player. I have become DESENSITIZED about relationships and love to the point where I just feel like I am a pig. And yes, a self-image like this helps me get laid even more.

    Wanna know the no.1 secret to getting laid, people? You gotta feel like TOTAL SHIT deep inside. Women have this uncanny ability to turn men into pieces of excrement, with no self-respect, no self-worth. That’s what it takes really.

    I went on a movie date this Valentine Day’s with a girl after so many years just to revive my lost humanness. “How to be Single” was the movie. I just couldn’t bring myself to treating her with basic kindness and courtesy. It was “since I don’t want to hit her in the sack because she might claim rape later just to get back at me for all the years I have been mistreating her”, I might as well quit early. I was feeling like shit after returning home.

  2. guy from Montréal

    “This was a local singles meeting where nobody was trying to pick up on anybody! Nobody was looking for a date. Nobody was looking for sex” WTF!!! why go to a buffet if you’re not gonna eat?

  3. IC

    The story is different if you are rich.

  4. At least you didn’t wilt under the menopausal desert sun in your oasis prime.

  5. tulio

    Shit, I’m 39 and I already feel like you do.

  6. NayOmee

    I think time is on your side. The 70+ retirement communities are battling STD’s in record numbers throughout Florida. Public awareness initiatives have been launched to make Grandma & Grandpa aware of the perils of modern sex and how to protect themselves. (Imagine having to have “The Talk” with Grammy??)

    It’s proof that there is a surge coming your way. Maybe the pool opens up as husbands drop dead younger than their wives, and the thrill of new cock after 40 years becomes the best thing since sliced bread. Either that or it’s proof you need a change of venue. How do you feel about crocodiles, Robert?

    Evidently I’m the exception to women in their 30s because I adore men 50+. I accept their abundance of life experiences, chalk them up as wiser than myself and find them unequivocally less narcissistic than 20 & 30 something men. I use them like mentors on life and business and extract their lessons for my own.

    On the physical level, sure, it’s a bit less appealing than a younger man who still has a six-pack and cut lines, but smile lines and some gray are sexy in their own timeless right. Besides, women crave two things: attention & security. Older men can offer that two-fold over their younger counterparts. It’s a no brainer. I apologize on behalf of my gender. If younger women were smarter in youth, you’d be racking up notches every night of the week.

    • Right on baby.

      The 70+ retirement communities are battling STD’s in record numbers throughout Florida.

      How do you feel about crocodiles, Robert?

      Crocodiles and sex? I dunno. I was at the zoo one time when I was six years old. My Mom hoisted me up to the fence to look over it so I could see a Cuban crocodile and the Hellspawn leaped up and tried to bite my penis off. My Mom almost fell over backwards. Those things have excellent eyesight because my penis was very small back then (unlike now of course) and it was hidden by my pants!

      So ever since, then crocodiles and sex just do not mix for me, sorry.

  7. Jason Y

    There is a urologist in my hometown named Dr. LittleJohn. lol Not joking.

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