Shakespeare Updated

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the feminists.”

– Robert Lindsay, channeling William Shakespeare

I am serious.

Feminists need bullets.

These satanic harpies have for all intents and purposes declared war to the death against us men for the crime of having sex with females is how I see it.

They’re out to ruin our lives forever, get us put on fake sex offender lists for life, jail us for merely having sex with females of any age, imprison us for merely touching females of any age, jail us when girls pretend to be adults and trick us into sex, when  women say, “Don’t cum inside me!” and five minutes later we do, when we have sex with women with broken condoms, when we have sex with women without condoms, when we have sex with our own wives, when we use trickery to get a woman into bed (this is arguably the definition all of seduction – seduction is all about tricking women into bed), when we have sex with a drunken woman, when e don’t get consent from women in writing before we have sex with them (!?), when as children we play doctor with each other in childhood sex play, when as teenagers we take nude photos of our own selves (!?), when we pay legal aged teenage girls for sex, when we have sex with one of our legal aged or even adult students, when as teenagers we exchange nude pics of ourselves with each other, when as teenagers we talk dirty to each other on the phone, when as adults we talk dirty to teenage girls on the phone, when as adults we so much as kiss teenage girls, when as adults we so much as talk to teenage girls (!?), when we as 13 year olds run through the hallways slapping girls’ butts, when we misrepresent ourselves in order to have sex with women (which arguably is one of the essential methods of seduction).

The feminists want us arrested and strip searched, all of our possessions ransacked and some of them destroyed, charged with serious crimes that land us 10-20 years in prison, convicted of these crimes and sent to prison for decades, and put on the sex offender registry for all of time.

In other words, the feminists’ agenda is to destroy as many men’s lives as possible. Them’s fighting words, bitches.

We didn’t start this war, the feminists did. We didn’t ask for it, it came to us.

There will be no truces, no ceasefires, no armistices, no peace talks, no prisoner exchanges and of course no humanitarian missions. There won’t even be any refugees unless we men turn celibate.

This war will only end when one side takes out the other one. Either we take out the feminists, or the feminists take us out.

There will be no peace with the feminists.


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11 responses to “Shakespeare Updated

  1. Where the fuck is OJ Simpson when you need him?!

  2. Jason Y

    I don’t think women are buying into extreme feminism as much as you think. Millions of women are in the porn industry, that says a lot. Also, women generally are horny as hell, assuming they like the guy.

    I’d say only a very small minority are into extreme feminism, as opposed to the moderate form which I’m all for. You might find these extremists at college campuses or in some coffee shop or something. However, a college campus would also be chalk full of horny girls who might do porn part-time hmmm

    • Jason Y

      I think it boils down to how much power the “extreme feminists” acually have. Is it a myth they have a lot of power? It could be. I think one would only be aware of them on a college campus etc. where multi-culturalism (which to an extent given the environment I can understand) and sensitivity would be pushed.

    • Yeah ok, but who put in all these insane anti-sex laws? Look at how many kids, teenagers and even adults are going down on all of these nutty sex laws? The nutty sex laws are all the fault of feminists right?

      • Jason Y

        Not really. I’d say a lot of them have to do with puritanical males, and especially pedo-phobia. Our society in general, male and female, hates pedos, so we vote in politicians who criminalize sex between 15 year olds and 18 year olds etc..

        Also perhaps men are for the sex laws too. For instance, young men probably hate older men hitting on 18 year olds, so they’d all be for laws which generalize older men as being sick creeps.

  3. NayOmee

    I don’t want to see men locked up in prison for 10-20 years or have all of your balls pickled in jars lining my shelves. I simply want you to finally admit that we are the stronger gender. Now, is that too much to ask? Pretty please… <– add pout, downward tilt of chin, plus doe eyes and baby, there’s your seduction, i.e. rape in your masculine case.

    Within the legal system, men are not cut fair breaks with concern to sex “crimes” against women. We fall prey to your “charms” because we’re still the little lady and you’re still the Big Bad Wolf. Remember the Vine couple?! He got felonies despite the fact she requested to go to his place, climbed into his bed (ahem! For the 2nd time that day…), woke up to sex, told him to stop, and he DID ASAP. But, that’s rape because he didn’t have a signed affidavit notarized by a 3rd party twice in 3 different states in the event he poked her in his half awake state and she moaned and pressed against him in hers. Wow….by this definition I have been raped 100s of times. And, I’m evidently completely fucked in the head because I loved every minute of it!!

    It’s all wrong, gentlemen. You got the short-end of the stick on this one. I vote for taking out the feminists.

    • Jason Y

      Men who can rape are amazing. I’m 40 and I’m such a wimp I can’t even approach a woman just to talk. It’s like I have a stuttering disease or something.

      • Jason Y

        There are sexually active males on campus? It would seem so for all the articles about sex in the campus newpaper. It doesn’t seem like that to me. I only sometimes see black guys holding hands with white girls, or occasionally a white guy and girl talking. Is there some secret sex orgy going on after hours somewhere like on some porn flick?

  4. The feminists are bound to lose to men resorting to Islam. It is already happening in Sweden, where men can escape the totalitarian form of feminism that is ruling the country by adopting into the newly immigrated Muslim communities.

    • Tony Swagger

      Goodbye Christian Sweden. Welcome to the paradise of Islam. From Now on, Rape will be their official religion, Satan is the god and bombing is a gateway to heaven where more raping can be done. First step is to import more goats for those wonderful men. Thanks Merkel and her jewish cohorts.

  5. Tony Swagger

    Here’s a extremely funny article on Muslim migrants

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