Foreign Policy of the Alternative Left: Israel-Palestine Conflict and US Imperialism

We are not necessarily anti-Zionist, but I would say that the Alt Left is pretty disgusted by the behavior of the Israeli state, their ongoing settler-colonial project and the deplorable way they treat the Palestinians. It’s simply outrageous.

Earth to Israel! Hello! Settler-colonialism went out of fashion in the year 1890! Are you Jews living in a time machine?

I do not think we should say that Israel should not exist, but there is no way that we on the Left should support an insanely racist, apartheid, ethnic nationalist, basically national socialist or fascist, ongoing settler-colonial project in 2015. I do not see why we on the Alt Left should support any rightwing ethnic nationalists, fascists or National Socialists. We are nothing if we are not anti-Nazi, and I do not think that what are frankly Jew Nazis or Jewish national socialists should get a break from us.

I think we should allow moderate Zionists into the movement, especially those aligned with whatever remains there are of the Israeli Left, but I would say that hardline Zionists are very much going against the basic values of the Alternative Left.

I think we ought to point out that the Arabs seem to be promoting a racist ethnic nationalist project of their own in the region and the anti-Semitism and terrorism of the Arabs in general regarding this crisis is not acceptable. As I said, Nazis are not ok. And that means Arab Nazis. You want to kill all the Jews in Israel?

That makes you an Arab Nazi. Arab Nazis and Jew Nazis, what’s the difference? The Hell with both of them, really. I think the Alt Left ought to be pretty cynical and dubious about the extreme racism, genocidal talk and radical ethnic nationalism on both sides. I don’t see how replacing Jewish ethnic nationalists with Arab ethnic nationalists and killing lots of people in the process is something the Alt Left should support.

I really think we ought to be anti-imperialist at the minimum. How can be “left” at all and support US imperialism. We can allow liberal or leftwing supporters of US imperialism (yes, they do exist) into the movement, but support for US imperialism should definitely be contrary to the values of the Alternative Left.


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6 responses to “Foreign Policy of the Alternative Left: Israel-Palestine Conflict and US Imperialism

  1. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    The starting point of American policy toward Israel should be:
    1 – We do no need Israel.
    2 – We don’t owe anything to Israel.
    3 – Israel was created for the benefit of people who have a Jewish mother, but 98% of Americans don’t have a Jewish mother.
    4 – Israel is useless as an ally, but it can create enemies for us.
    5 – Israel is a Jewish island in a hostile Arab sea, armed with nuclear weapons and governed by Arab-hating racists, a toxic mix.

    Items 1 and 3 apply to every other country in the world. Item 2 applies to all countries in the world, except perhaps Germany and a few East European countries, such as Hungary. There is absolute nothing to be gained by giving close support to Israel. If Israel didn’t exist and its territory were part of, say, the Kingdom of Jordan, no other country in the world would be more insecure. The world can do without Israel just as easily as it can do without Uruguay.

    Regards. James

    • Gay State Girl

      I wish there were more people like you.

    • Hasdrubal

      The world cannot do without Uruguay, for a small country they produce an inordinate number of top flight footballers.

    • EPGAH

      Is it really “racist” to fight people who’ve been trying to “wipe you off the map” for 60+ years?

      And if you believe Israel has nukes, then we need to stop the terrorists with conventional weapons before they consider the nuclear option the ONLY option. They could bring peace to the Middle East without us–by turning all the terrorist countries around them into the world’s largest fulgurite.

  2. Israel is not controlling America. Israel is the very soul of that soulless country that is America : when you consider the soul of Israel to be present everywhere, the country ceases to look so barbarian and mechanical, the sensation of a new lyricism arises. America was founded on the principle that the allegiance to the British Crown that gave a peculiar soul to the British colonies was to be replaced with another one, to an entity then devoid of any power or existence but symbolic. Of course that was a masonic contraption, but without which the deist architects of American Independence would have never won over the hearts of the staunchly Biblical Christian middle class of that time. Most of founding fathers were Jews, at least least Jewish in one way or another. Ben Franklin was very proud of his ethnic Jewish lineage, though he preferred masonic temples to synagogues and would have gladly imposed on all Americans a new religion of his invention, one third Jewish, one third Calvinist and one third Masonic and esoteric, a new religion that would have been as official in America as the Catholic Church in latin countries. The more regularly Jewish financiers who backed up the enterprise of Independence dissuaded him to pursue his idea and to accept the idea of a secular state separated from all religious bodies so as to secure far more real leverage to the Jews. Jefferson was also of Jewish descent, but of the kind that did not glory at all in it and rather strove to be like the French landed gentry and think like the French Enlightenment philosophers. Ben Franklin can be described as the arch-ancestor of American conservatives in mentality, which also includes the Zionist conservative wing, whereas Jefferson is more like the ancestor of the also heavily Jewish liberal establishment. The idea of a manifest destiny to be accomplished here on Earth in the form of a new free country and type of society based on abstract principles rather than on specific traditions cannot be but Jewish, or inspired by Judaism, it goes right against any form of Christianity that had existed before.

  3. PJT

    Let’s ask imperialist USA and imperialist Russia to keep out of Syria and let that country destroy itself.

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