Another Mass Shooting: Cedric Ford in Kansas

Looks like it happened only yesterday. He rampaged across two towns in Kansas shooting people. He killed 3 people  and wounded 14 others when it all ended. He lived in another town. The spree started when he shot a man in his town and stole the man’s truck, which he then drove to his workplace. Along the way, he shot a couple of more people. When he got to the workplace, he really opened up. There were 200-300 people in the building at the time. Police came and shot him dead.

He had been served with a restraining order at his workplace only 90 minutes before. The order, the second one of its kind, had been filed by his live-in girlfriend. She stated that he was in the process of moving out of the home he shared with her. This seems to have been what set him off.

Yeah, he’s Black. But race does not appear to be much of a factor in these mass shootings. Does anyone have any data showing that different races have differential rates of carrying out mass shootings? I’m not really seeing. I hear someone say, “mass shooting,” and right away, I think “White guy,” often “middle aged White guy.” Yes there are some Blacks carrying out rampages, but it doesn’t appear at first glance that they are doing it at a differential rate.


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12 responses to “Another Mass Shooting: Cedric Ford in Kansas

  1. Jason Y

    Another shooting in Michigan also happened recently, but from a middle aged white guy

  2. Johnny Caustic

    Always with these mass shootings, the first question should be whether he was taking SSRIs, antipsychotics, or other drugs that cause suicidal ideation in a substantial minority of takers. I suspect that the vast majority of mass shootings in America, probably around 95%, are caused by pharmaceuticals. (Which is why mass shootings were extremely rare before the pharmaceuticals were invented and marketed.)

    • Jason Y

      Why do we need pills to control emotion when a lot of it can be dealt with naturally via nutrition and exercise? Again, this would be another complex with the legal drug industry. Of course, consipracy theories make one look foolish on blogs, but this does seem to be profit making scheme.

      I mean think about it, a kid is breathing nicotine 24/7 from parents, guzzling down soda pops, and won’t exercise, and then doctor says he has ADD and perscribes pills. With adults it would also be something similar.

  3. EPGAH

    Don’t forget this, a cop shot 6 times by a mass shooter, but survived!

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