Two Types of Stupid

There’s two major types of stupid when it comes to political and social issues in the West.

The first type I see in a lot of White people. Not so much in Asians because they are way less stupid than White people. God bless those nerdy Mongoloids! Where would we be without their inscrutable asses?

The problem I see with so many Whites is they understand the question, but they’ve got the wrong answer! This doesn’t even apply to political questions where it is much more difficult to state empirically what is right or wrong. But getting outside of politics we can get more into philosophical moral binaries. Words have definitions. What’s the definition? See that dictionary over there? It’s calling your name. Go talk to it.

I will give a brief example. I have explained to people on this site endlessly that there are two different definitions of the word “genius.”

1. An X metric on an IQ scale. Often ~130 in the US (though I would argue that 140 is better) and 145 in Europe. Over 130, 140 or for sure 145, and wa-la! You’re a genius. Yay! Well, you’re a genius on an IQ scale, which doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. In fact there are probably 3 million geniuses in the US alone if we use the conservative 140 mark as a limit. That’s a lot of geniuses!

2. Now there is another definition of genius. You all know what that means. This means some sort of a creative or scientific genius like Einstein, Plato, Machiavelli, Beethoven or James Joyce. You know what that definition means. Obviously, we don’t have 3 million creative geniuses of this type in the US. Who knows how many we have, but it’s probably not a large number.

Now the problem is that the population is mostly mentally retarded. I don’t care if the average IQ is 100. If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck. And if you act retarded, you’re retarded, period. The Special Olympics is that-a-way, folks!

Now there are few things more retarded than society, probably because society is formed by your average moron. Remember what George Carlin said? “Think of how stupid your average person is in the US. That’s what a 100 IQ means. Now think again. Half the people are even dumber than that!”

So society and its rules being a reflection of a nation of fools, it makes sense that society’s rules, definitions and whatnot are about as retarded as its population. Now society says that “genius” means only one thing. It means your Einstein type of genius.

Your average person cannot comprehend any other definition, and most people act like they are blowing a transistor out if you ever say anything like, “You know, that word has more than one definition. There’s definition A and Definition B, and it depends on what definition you are talking about.” You say that, and most people give you this blank look. That’s because your average person is so dumb that they can’t really grasp the idea that words might have more than one meaning. That’s asking a bit too much, you know.

On this site, I have patiently explained over and over that there are at least two different definitions of genius – one is simply an arbitrary metric on an IS scale, and the other is the definition we all know of Thomas Jefferson, Bach or Darwin. And a lot of people still don’t get it. Every time I use the IQ definition, some retards think I am referring to the Beethoven definition. I tried to tell them over and over, but they don’t get it.

Now, just how stupid are they? They are not that stupid! Why not? Because at least they understand the damned question for Chrissake! Give people some credit. They get the question completely (Yay!), but they’ve got the wrong answer.

The problem with this situation, which you will run into everywhere you go in society, is that people who understand the question but have the wrong answer are rather difficult to set straight. You try to point out to them that they have the wrong answer. You tell them what the right answer is. You patiently explain the difference between the right answer and the wrong answer.

They nod their heads and…they go right back to the wrong answer again. You follow them for a while, and they keep repeating the wrong answer again and again. They’re basically Myna Birds. Dumb Myna Birds who keep repeating something wrong over and over. You try to talk to them, but nothing works. Getting them to see the right answer is like pounding a hole in concrete with your bare hands. Eventually you give up.

So there’s one kind of stupid. That’s the White Stupid, the Type 1 Stupid, which is like a poorly programmed Myna Bird with a skull of concrete that can’t even be chipped. And that’s the Stupidity of the Whites, of the 100 IQ. If you live in a White town, you will run into these human skipping records quite a bit. But let us give credit where it is due. At least they get the question! And that’s more important than you think.

Ok now there is another sort of stupid that is much worse. I live with a bunch of Mexicans now, and here you don’t even see the White Stupid that much. In fact, if I see the White Stupid, I almost want to jump for joy because it’s so rare hereabouts.

With Mexicans you run into the Type 2 Stupid, the Mexican Stupid. Whereas the Whites get the question fine but keep getting the wrong answer, you can’t even get that far with the Mexicans. That’s because most of these Mexicans around here don’t even understand the question in the first place.

You can’t ask their opinions about much of any important issue because they don’t even have any. Why not? Because in order to take a position on an issue (give an answer), you have to at least understand the issue in the first place (the question). And around here, what you see all day every day, is a lot of folks who don’t even understand the question and even worse, they don’t give two shits about the fact that they don’t know the question because they don’t even care!

They’re sort of mad at you for asking in the first place. I mean how dare you ask their opinion on some political issue. You know full well that they don’t even understand 95% of the issues, much less that they’ve taken stands on them, so why are you asking in the first place? You trying to act smart of something? Who do you think you are?

I honestly think Type 2 Stupid is much worse. There is hope for a Type 1 Stupid. Quite a few folks can be made to understand that they answered the question wrong, and here is the right answer, as painful as it is to for the ego to take such a deadly blow. So there’s some hope there, a glimmer in darkening sky.

But the person who doesn’t even understand the question in the first place? Well, no. Abandon all hope, ye who attempt to converse here. You’re not even hammering at a concrete wall. At least with the wrong answer there’s a damned wall to pound away it.

When you try to tell someone the right answer when they don’t even know the question, that is so much worse. You don’t even have a concrete wall to pound on. Instead, you are trying to smash a hole in a cloud with your fist. You might dent that wall if you hit hard enough. You might break your hand, but at least there’s a chance. You can never punch a hole in a cloud. It’s like a Zen koan: “Ponder the sound of one man punching a hole in a cloud.” There’s nothing there at all. Nothing to start, nothing to finish. There’s no job at all. There’s just endless flailing in the dark, a boxing match with a ghost. Just give up already.

Stupid World is here already. It’s inevitable, so just lie back and enjoy it.


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29 responses to “Two Types of Stupid

  1. Matt

    I think I know what you mean, but do you have any examples?

    • What’s the meaning of liberal? What’s the meaning of conservative?

      Type 1 Stupid or White Stupid (understands the question, wrong answer): Easy, liberals are for the elite and conservatives are grassroots, for the people, the common man.

      Type 2 Stupid or Mexican Stupid (doesn’t even understand the question): What’s a liberal? What’s a conservative?

      • Hasdrubal

        To be fair the term Liberal is confusing as fuck. If I say liberal economics the response I’m likely to get is a right wingers nightmare version of FDR’s New Deal economics when in reality it’s something much closer to laissez faire capitalism.

        • Well no one uses liberal in the term of liberal = laissez faire in the US anyway. You will almost never run into anyone who thinks that way. The Left in the US pushes something called social liberalism. So that guy might be answering the question, “What is social liberal economics?” in which case he could be correct.

        • Hasdrubal

          I wouldn’t completely agree with that, the economic philosophy that has been pushed in the US and much of the West since the 80’s is often described as neo-liberal, which makes it confusing when Bernie Sanders is described as a liberal even though his economic policy is not neo-liberal.

        • Yeah but in this town full of Mexicans here, no one knows what neoliberal even means. I am not even sure if they know what liberal as in social liberal means either. Bottom line is they do not understand the question.

        • Hasdrubal

          Are they familiar with the Liberation Theology movement of the Catholic Church?

        • I doubt it. The ones from El Salvador might though. We have some Salvadorans around here who are a lot less ignorant than Mexicans. They understand politics pretty well. And they all supported the guerrillas, the FMLN. Even the guy who owns the corner market and has some money likes them.

          I know if you go to the Catholic Church and ask some of the priests or layworkers, even in the Spanish-speaking ones, I am sure they would know quite a bit about it. Those priests are pretty damn smart. I used to go to Mass and I talked to a few of them. Some were really cool people. The nuns were cool too. I never realized Catholics could be so cool. They had this inner joy about them that is hard to describe.

  2. Hbd investor

    I don’t understand why you don’t support trump, you admit that non whites are less intelligent and that illegal immigration is a problem and that they are more violent and drain social resources.

    Sanders on the other hand wants to reduce border security and provide a pathway for citizenship for illegals, wants to take in more refugees than Hillary and wants to let prisoners free.

    I know this is a socialist blog, and Bernie is a socialist.

    But he is chasing the same policies that have made Sweden the rape capital of Europe.

    Once these third worlders take over they only vote for ethnic interests.

    Would you rather live in a first world capitalist country filled with east Asians and whites?

    Or a socialist country filled with low iq blacks and Shari’a obsessed Muslims?

    • We are not going to let in lots of Blacks and Muslims. We are going to let in lots of Mexicans. And we already have a lot of them here. All Dems are disastrous on immigration. It goes with the territory. What happened to Europe was a mass influx of Muslims. That will not happen here. Trump has too many other bad things about him so I cannot vote for him.

      The Alternative Left is an anti-mass immigration Left.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Not all Non-whites are NOT “less intelligent”.

      Get over yourself.

  3. Gay State Girl

    Are you scared of Trump at all or do your think he’s just doing it for show?

  4. Tony Swagger

    “Trump has too many other bad things about him”
    Can you list some of them? The way i see it, he seems to the least of evil we have to put up with. Imagine a country ruled by Cruz, Rubio or Hillary. Sanders credibility is dubious as well given his jewish background. Also from a socialist POV, Trump doesnt seem so evil as the MSM and jew lobby make out to be and Blacks dont have to be so wild given that Trump hasn’t said so many mean things about them unlike other white advocates. I see no reason why anyone opposes Trump. They all worship Israel and are gonna make us meddle in some unwanted wars in the middle east. Trump seems like a saint amongst them.

  5. Jason Y

    A lot of people may be pretending to be stupid, cause being smart isn’t cool or macho. Also, people may have a genius at different things. On some things they may seem like insensitive cavemen, but on other things they might be a genius, say in hunting or fixing a car.

    Yeah, again how do we know peope really aren’t deep and sensitive, but they’re just repressing that side of thier personality?

    I’m not really sure what you mean by 100 IQ or lower and it’s ill effects. However, I would consider gossip, phobia about going to school or learning new things etc.. to be a bad sign. However, how much of it is IQ and how much is the environment (peer pressure, conditioning)?

    I would see people who sit on Facebook all day posting various stuff (gossip, cliche political opinions, whining to get pats on the back etc..) to be idiots of a sort, not always low IQ. However, at least thier happy, and the odds are ironically they’ll probably start making fun of you, if they ever found out what you thought of them 😆 HA HA He sucks, Please share this.

    • Jason Y

      However, at least thier (Facebook posters) happy, and the odds are ironically they’ll probably start making fun of you, if they ever found out what you thought of them 😆 HA HA He sucks, Please share this.

      Those darn little monkeys !!

  6. Jason Y

    What defines smart? Being smart is difficult. Would it be like my liberal elitist egg-head math professor who writes online lessons nobody can understand but aliens? Why should he do this? Is trying to make us soft wimpy worms work for the grade? A character building exercise?

    Me thinks, even a genius should try to explain things like your talking to a 10 year old.

    Honestly, I don’t really like the super-smart as much as I’m annoyed by little Facebook monkeys who snicker and make fun of people like 5 year olds.

  7. Horatio

    I think the two definitions of genius are likely referring to two different aspects of human cognition.

    The first is the raw processing ability. That is, the ability to learn, see patterns and form models based on observation. These are usually the people who can learn things quickly, who can deduce the mechanisms working behind observed phenomenon, etc. I think philosophers fit here.

    The second is a more creative ability, the ability to imlpement and extend ideas. Someone like Edison or Machiavelli probably had both, the intellectual capacity AND the ability to apply it.

    Some are very intelligent, but struggle to do much with it. I know people who are highly intelligent who have no real career and not that far from homelessness.

    Others have capacity to apply ideas, but not the ability to process information. I think a lot of managers, upwardly mobile business types fit this.

    I think Asians lean towards the first defintion more so than Whites, which may be why Whites tend to be more inventive and innovative, despite the fact we score lower on IQ tests.

    Maybe the stupidity is the inverse of these. It might explain the white hard-headed stupidity.

    • Jason Y

      Not sure about that. Maybe creative Northeast Asians don’t get a lot of airplay. They don’t control the media. I mean, good northeast Asian artists, bands, etc.. exist, but they get no publicity in the west. Actually, a lot of good bands made of white US citizens don’t get any chance either. Instead, the media focuses on the generic and lame.

      Of course, nobody in the west would no about creative Asians, unless they were in Asia.

      Anyhow, the whole East Asians are non-creative robotic drones is racist to core and a false stereotype.

      • Jason Y

        Jap porn is incredibly creative and better than the American variety. It does get a lot of airplay in the US. If they can make good porn, why couldn’t they make good movies, music etc.. ?

      • Hasdrubal

        The Japanese film industry certainly proves the creative abilities of Northeast Asians. Kurosawa is easily one of the 10 most influential and important film directors of all time. Studio Ghibli has a catalog of great animated films that is second only to the Disney/Pixar catalog. Japanese Anime has devoted fans all over the globe. South Korea and China too have film industries that while much recent than Japan’s have produced some truly great films.

      • Jason Y

        Again, racism would be a major thing, though it’s cliche liberal to say so. People don’t want to see slant eyed bands, movies etc.. They will only tolerate Jap porn and the occasional martial arts movie.

        People just can’t get over the fact the actors are yellow, and it’s still a problem even after Bruce Lee etc.. broke some barriers in Hollywood. Also, a lot of western people as Iv’e said in other comments still have viscous childish hate against northeast Asians. It could even rival the disdain for blacks.

        • Hasdrubal

          Americans don’t want to watch films in anything but English period. I don’t know if it’s racism so much as dislike of subtitles and dubbing. I guarantee Americans have seen the influence of Kurosawa.
          The 7 Samurai- The Magnificent 7
          The Hidden Tower- Star Wars
          Roshoman- Any film or TV show that shows a single event from multiple perspectives. Kurosawa did that first.

        • EPGAH

          Good point, Hasdrubal!

  8. Jason Y

    With Mexicans you run into the Type 2 Stupid, the Mexican Stupid. Whereas the Whites get the question fine but keep getting the wrong answer, you can’t even get that far with the Mexicans. That’s because most of these Mexicans around here don’t even understand the question in the first place.

    You can’t ask their opinions about much of any important issue because they don’t even have any. Why not? Because in order to take a position on an issue (give an answer), you have to at least understand the issue in the first place (the question). And around here, what you see all day every day, is a lot of folks who don’t even understand the question and even worse, they don’t give two shits about the fact that they don’t know the question because they don’t even care!

    I think the main concern with the lower IQ is not opinions, but “Are you going to pay me?”. “Are you going to pay me what I’m worth?”. Many are in survival mode and are not focused on trivial things like “Should I be concerened with air pollution.” I’m wondering how many of them recycle, assuming they’re not getting money for it? They probably throw everything in one bag when taking out trash.

    Of course, is it racist to say they have no deep thoughts? It could be. I do think they are concerned about some things, colonialism etc… If third world people were never deep, then how could they be idealistic? They are idealistic or why would they be drawn toward Communism, fascism etc..?

    • Jason Y

      Probably the assumption the lower IQ are mindless drones only interested in economic survival of right now is racist. It might seem that way as Mexican emigrants etc.. are focused on getting jobs and making money to send home, with no sensitivity to jobs they are taking away from US citizens.

      However, if you lived in some third world nightmere, then of course you would be focused on money. not the ozone layer. Wouldn’t it make sense? For instance, if the world was an aprocolyptic state like on a zombie movie, then you’d grab your gun and focus on getting food and fighting enemies, no matter your IQ.

      • EPGAH

        Your first paragraph, though, proves they’re what we would call “fucking sociopaths”.

        And remember, they ESCAPED a Third World Nightmare…but then they try to visit that “nightmare” on America instead! Why CREATE the same Hell you “escaped”? To use your zombie movie example, it’d be like bringing a sample of the zombie virus/fungus and infecting healthy people so you could be in the same Hell they rescued you from!

  9. EPGAH

    How can you “lie back and enjoy” something you just said is painful?

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