TSOL “Peace through Power”

Also from the debut album, Dance with Death, 1981. That was the only one of their albums I listened to much. After Revenge, they turned into a metal band and a lot of people didn’t like them anymore.

The politics of this song sucks, but then this band always had crap politics. Their name was True Sons of Liberty, and they were founded in my hometown of Huntington Beach. They were Reaganites from the original Reagan Country, Orange County.That said, a lot of Orange County punks had crap politics.

But it’s still a good song anyway. Hard to believe this was 35 years ago. And punk is a commodity. I never thought I would see the day when punk was just another commodity. I assume we will have the Sex Pistols playing at the Republican Convention soon. Well, considering that the Pistols and the Republicans are both destructive nihilists, maybe it will all make sense after all.

You gotta hand it to the capitalists. They can commodify anything. I mean a capitalist could put “Revolution” on a t-shirt with Che’s picture on it, sell it at a major chain store and make $1 million. What an amazing system.

Marx praised capitalism to the skies. He just thought it was immoral and ultimately not sustainable. He never said it didn’t work.

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