TSOL, “Code Blue”

I actually like this song. From 1981. I saw them live in concert in Fall 1981. The concert was at a football stadium in Santa Ana, California. They were playing on the field at the finish line. We sneaked into the concert by climbing a fence and going under some barriers. Then we ran on the field right next to where the band was playing. Some of the bouncers look at us like, “Dudes come on man,” and ran over to us but we ditched them and ran up into the stands. There were other guys doing it too. It was cool! A bunch of people sneaking into the concert! What a punk thing to do – sneak  into a punk rock concert without paying!

PS. They were good.


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3 responses to “TSOL, “Code Blue”

  1. I’m in a nursing home pressing #36 to talk on the loud speaker.I scream Code Blue! In room 4408.Code Blue,I just fucked the dead.

  2. This song is not really about fucking the dead or having sex with the dead. It’s about sexual frustration. Not having your way or luck with females. It’s also about wanting sex at man’s most primal level.

    I just wanna fuck a hot woman without even getting to know you. Sex minus the baggage.

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