One More Problem with the Cultural Left “Homophobes Are Gay” Argument

RollD writes:

And besides, why can you be “accused” of something so noble and righteous by those who are the thing? Aren’t they “proud” of it? How is something they are proud of an “accusation?” Did you ever hear a communist (red, not pink) angrily and acidly accuse a “conservative” of being a communist in an effort to out him?

I doubt the folks are actually proud of themselves.

Exactly. It’s like a Communist pointing to a conservative and yelling, “You fucking pinko scum!” It’s so crazy.

This is another problem with the “Homophobes are gay” argument. The people using this argument are gays, bis and trannies and their Cultural Left allies. If they catch you criticizing gays, they start screaming that you are gay yourself. They act like it’s a complete insult when really they should be praising you and giving you a medal of honor for Sexual Valor in the Midst of Butt Combat.

So being gay is either the greatest thing since sliced bread or it’s a horrible insult. By screaming, “Homophobes are gay!” these idiots are also screaming that being gay is a terrible thing and it is a huge insult to call someone gay.

Bottom line is at the day all these Cultural Left types screaming, “Homophobes are gay!” are really just calling people faggots. They are pointing to homophobes and screaming, “Fag! Fag! Homo! Faggot! Cocksucker! Queer!”

Honestly it doesn’t make any sense at all, but most of the lies of the Cultural Left and Gay Lobby are pretty irrational.

I was over at Data Lounge once and I reading some threads on “Are homophobes gay?” If you are interested in any of these topical Gay Politics questions and can stomach the gays without freaking out, it’s a great site. All I have to say is that if most gay men were like those Data Lounge guys, I would probably like gay guys 100X more than I do now.

Well it was a very interesting thread. Of course there were plenty of Cultural Left types on there screaming, “Homophobes are gay!” But then a number of other actually sensible gay men were answering them. They were saying, “Look I know these makes us feel good to call our worst enemies queers and sure it’s true in some notorious cases, but I don’t think most homophobes are any gayer than any other straight guy. Maybe even less. As painful as it is for us to admit, gay men need to face the fact that some people just hate us so much that they practically want to kill us. They hate us because of what we do. They think it’s sick and disgusting. These aggressive homophobes are not necessarily gay. Instead they are just huge assholes who really, really hate us for whatever reason. I know it is hard to face up to that.”

I thought that was a pretty cool response.


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13 responses to “One More Problem with the Cultural Left “Homophobes Are Gay” Argument

  1. RollD

    “Homophobe”? I wonder who is actually afraid of them. That is some projection, ’tis they that are afraid of everyone else. “Homophobes” don’t try to get people fired over twitter comments.

    Let’s take a look at some of the folks that “homophobes” are supposedly ‘phobic’ over:

    Yes terrifying indeed. I think they have a persecution complex combined with an “I am scary” complex. Yeah, they are in a position to be telling us all what to do, mhmm.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, this is an extreme example, but there are some places so racist and bigoted, they won’t even tolerate a little bit of difference among people.

      • RollD

        Yeah Jason, no argument there….but, they are, for all practical purposes, harmless. The “bigoted” have no cultural power, no real political power and thus, have not been able to stop any of his. In fact, the “bigoted” have been trying to run away from this, unsuccessfully, while the above folks are aggressively and successfully pursuing all of their demands. The “bigoted” actually have “tolerated” all of this; that’s why we have it. So the only ‘sin’ of the “bigoted” is not ‘loving Big Brother’ enough, so to speak. The un-bigoted are simply slick enough to pretend to love it so as to not get yelled at.

  2. Jason Y

    What gays do is thier business, unless they are targeting kids. However, note, a lot of child molesters are straight, maybe most.

    Anyhow, in reference to the picture in the other comment, that would probably be in some gay dominated area. However, particularly annoying are the homophobes from small towns where gays don’t have parades.

    • Yes more child molesters are straight men, of course.

      All I have to say is that I am glad that I live in a city that does NOT have freak parades like this. If you offered me a choice between living in a city that had freak parades like this and living in a city that does not have these parades, I would surely pick the latter.

      We do have some gays who work and even live in this city. We all pretty much no who they are, but no one cares about them. They haven’t taken over any neighborhoods and they don’t even have any gay bars. In fact, you almost never see them out in public with other gay guys, much less their lovers. I assume that all these guys are not celibate.

      We have a few of what I assume are gay guys at the coffee shop I go to, and I get along great with them as they are really nice guys. They’re way nicer than a lot of the young straight women who work there and they don’t bother me. They are rare. I can only think of maybe three gay guys who even work in this city.

      I know one woman who I think is a lesbian who works in this city. I have had to interact with her, and she is not pleasant at all. She really hates men. But you can have a non-warm conversation with her at least. She should change her name to Ms. Iceberg.

      • Jason Y

        Any place controlled by one ethnic group is going to have aggressive jerks bossing people around, showing displays of power. Except in the case of gays, the parades etc.. are very weird and distrubing.

        Yeah. I don’t care about queer parades, nor people with Confederate flags either.

        • Jason Y

          I suppose it would all be the realm of privacy though. Nobody has to go to a gay parade, and nobody has to be friends with right wing Facebook users.

          Note, as far as Russia goes, the most homophobic Euro heritage nation, child molestation is often stated as the justification for the mass homophobia there, which includes gays being lured in from social media and other places, and then beaten up on video.

    • RollD

      But Jason, the “hate” of the “homophobes” (they are not afraid, but rather disgusted) is a feeling they have: so what? Do you imagine the homosexuals don’t “hate” anyone? Or is it justified, due to their being in-style at the moment? The small town people are easily avoidable by most of America, the big metro areas are not and that is where political power is. There is no sense in berating some tiny town over their feelings- especially when they have not done anything physically or politically to stop the fashionable people. So again I ask: who cares if they “hate?” Are the ‘sinning’ against popular thought perhaps?

  3. Jason Y

    Honestly, it would be nice if both homophobes and homos would fuck off, especially at university. School is about learning, not drama, or at least that’s the kind of drama I’d want to stay away from.

    Angry gays and homophobes are made for each, each one’s anger feeding off each other.

    • I do not know. I do not think they should fuck off. I think they should suck each other off. What do the rest of you think?

    • RollD

      There are no “homophobes” (again, is it fear??) without militant homos. If you want to do your thing the way they do you should expect a reaction. And really, they wanted the reaction, if they didn’t get it, they’d act up until they did. You are correct of course Jason, it is all very nauseating and downright ridiculous to guys who read these kinds of blogs (alt-right, alt-left, researchers, etc), the drama, the fake tears, the overdone tough guy talk- it’s lame, to us only. They prevent real discussion of and understanding of ideology.

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