Death to the WTO


You wonder why I pretty much hate the whole world? Because the whole world has been taken over by “free trade” corporate capitalists like the vermin in this article. Ever meet anyone opposed to “free trade?” Neither do I. Ever seen a politician opposed to “free trade” agreements or organizations? Neither do I, and that’s because there pretty much aren’t any.

Republicans: The party of “free trade”

Democrats: The party of “free trade”

Most “Democratic Party liberals” I talk to: The party of “free trade.”

Most other political parties on Earth: The parties of “free trade”

Most “socialist” or “Communist” (sic) parties on Earth: The parties of “free trade.”

As you can see, in this wonderful world of Democratic capitalism, voters get their choices of all sorts of different candidates. Isn’t popular rule great? Except no it isn’t great because voters get to choose between thousands of different candidates, all of whom want the same thing! Isn’t free choice grand?

I suppose we could have a revolution.

What should we do with all the “free trade” politicians?

  • a. Hang them from lamp-posts.
  • b. Behead them and put their heads on spikes
  • c. Put bullets in their heads, Stalin-style.
  • d. All of the above.
  • e. Those are your only choices.

Hey these free trade pricks don’t give us any choices about the matter, how bout we don’t give them any choices either?


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6 responses to “Death to the WTO

  1. jan

    Revolution has to happen in the USA. Here in the Netherlands we will just be destroyed by other powers.

    I know you know this Robert. But look at the French or Russian revolution they got attacked by other powers. They where great powers themselves so they survived.

    Damn European welfare state being destroyed. It just pisses me of, i am ready for revolution.

  2. Jason Y

    Free trade is fueling immigration from Latin America, as Iv’e said in other posts. Since were butt-tucking Latin America’s poor, they are getting us back, doing the same thing.

    So the quesiton is, “We know most US voters hate free trade.” So how do they keep managing to make it law?

    • So the quesiton is, “We know most US voters hate free trade.” So how do they keep managing to make it law?

      Because the US is an oligarchy that’s successfully cozened people into thinking it’s a vibrant democracy.

      The average American has little to no power in practice.

  3. Noneofmany

    What about that thing where you set a block on the ground, lay a guy on his back over it so it rests under his neck and then stomp on their head?

    Is there a term for that?

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