A Cultural Left Lie: Strongly Homophobic Men Are Really Gay

Hasbrudal: As for the guy who freaked out over being hit by another guy. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Jason Y: I suppose it would depend on the person’s personality. A person drawn toward racism and homophobia is going to react way worse than some hippie guy.

Hasbrudal: and so would a self loathing homosexual.

Jason Y: Good point. How do we know this guy who is a homophobe isn’t a homo himself? I mean, really what’s the big fucking deal? I mean why would someone be so obsessed with gays, when most straight guys just ignore the issue.

It is basically a Cultural Left lie that guys who are super homophobes or who freak out if some gay makes an unwanted advance are gay themselves. It’s just not true. Obviously there are a few cases like that, and I could tell you some wild stories from my life* but in my experience, the guys who were like, “I hate faggots” the most were the most macho of all, were the least gay and were the least likely to do anything gay. There was a strong correlation that way.

On the other hand, there seemed to be a correlation that the more non-macho or let us use the word feminine* (as opposed effeminate like a gay man acts – acting like a woman) the guy was and the more ok and even accepting he was of gays, in many cases, he was sort of gayish himself, and I saw a few of these guys experiment with gay sex or even more than experiment. I’m a little worried when I see a straight guy who is extremely ok with gays. Historically in my life, that has sometimes been a red flag thing.

A little homophobia goes a long way, and it’s not even a bad thing. After all, why do most straight guys react violently and almost phobically to the thought of gay sex? And don’t give me the Cultural Left lie that “Well, obviously they don’t have it in them” because straight men have a tremendous capability for bisexuality when pushed that way, and as we saw before, fully 1/3 of straight men have at least some homosexual arousal.

The reason so many straight guys would rather take a bullet to the head that have sex with a guy is because they are homophobic! It’s the homophobia that making them react that way. So I say, “Thank God for homophobia!” It does have its uses you know. If you want to minimize the amount of men having gay sex in your society, just dial up the homophobia.

And once a man is extremely “Hey, whatever dude! There’s nothing wrong with it, man! There’s nothing wrong with gay sex!” Well, if there’s nothing wrong with it, then why not just go out and do it a bit or at least experiment a bit? I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, right?

If you are interested in questions like this you might want to head on over to Data Lounge, the coolest gay site on the Net. They talk about this and a lot of other issues that straight men might be interested in:

  • How can you tell if a man is gay or not?
  • Are bisexuals really gay after all?
  • What’s the difference between feminine and effeminate behavior?
  • Do most straight men have or want a gay friend?
  • Are aggressive homophobes really gay?
  • Does gaydar even work?

Of course, there is some Cultural Left infection over there as you would expect with any group of gay men. But a lot of those guys are really cool and will give you a lot of answers that completely go against the Cultural Left lies on all of these topics.

It’s also the only place I have ever met men who truly understand the meaning of masculinity (that’s where I heard the brilliant phase “quiet masculinity”).

It’s totally pitiful that some of the least masculine men of all, gay men, are apparently the men who understand things like masculinity far better than most straight men or straight women. The overwhelming majority of straight men and even women are too wrapped up personally in notions of masculinity – usually crazy notions – that they just can’t think straight about the issue. I have found that when straight women get to age ~50, they finally start to get it as far as what masculinity really is, as opposed to the bullshit lie that society says it is – “macho = masculine, not macho = not masculine,” which is crap.

There are also a number of straight women and a surprising number of straight men on some of those Data Lounge threads.

* I know of a case of a man who was violently homophobic and was always accusing other straight men of being gay due to the way that they acted. None of these guys were effeminate, but a lot were sort of “feminine” as I describe below. One time he beat one of those straight guys with a baseball bat while screaming, “Faggot! Faggot!” That’s a pretty extreme case, but it also shows you that a lot of straight guys get gay-bashed too (homophobia isn’t limited to gay guys).

That’s also a pretty extreme case. However, later I heard from someone who roomed with him later that he had found gay porn under the guy’s bed! I knew this homophobe well, and no way was he gay. He wasn’t a 100-0 either. I suspect he was maybe a 90-10 or an 80-20 at most. It’s not so much that some violent homophobes are really gay. What’s more likely is that some, while being mostly straight, may have a small amount of homosexual attraction that really freaks them out so they project away in reaction to that.

But there have been a few wild homophobes who later came out as gay or at least bisexual. That’s called reaction formation. But I doubt if that is what is going on with most aggressive homophobes. A lot of these guys are just macho assholes who really, really hate homosexual men. Gay men need to get that through their head and get off the “homophobes are secret gays” trip. That’s just a self-serving defense for gay men.

** For a straight man to have some feminine traits is not a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Being soft-spoken, gentle, passive, sensitive, liking to read, write, and cook, etc. falls into this category. In fact, I would consider myself to be pretty “feminine” like that myself (but then there is another part of me that is super-macho, so I am a weird mixture – an androgyne), but the Hell if I am effeminate, as a lot of gay man are, that is, the Hell if I act like a woman.

I would be mad if someone said I acted effeminate, and I’ve heard it a few times. It’s a great big insult, and I just don’t see it that way. I figure anyone who says that is either an idiot or obviously doesn’t know me very well. Because no one who truly understands me would ever say that.

I have seen a lot of straight men to be somewhat feminine like this. But these men often have a sort of a quiet masculinity about them as well that most people are too retarded to spot (but of course I can spot it). But one thing straight men usually are not is effeminate as in acting like a woman. A few straight guys are sort of faggoty like that, but it’s just not common, thank God.


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12 responses to “A Cultural Left Lie: Strongly Homophobic Men Are Really Gay

  1. Tulio

    Finally some honestly on this topic. Always annoyed the hell out of me when people would say that.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but a lot of gay predators, especially black ones (and you can find them in churches) are also massive homophobes at the same time. Isn’t true Marvin Gaye’s dad was like that? He was uptight and angry he killed his son.

  2. There is a lot of Gay men in Right and Extreme Right politics..

  3. Jason Y

    As I said in another thread, are we going to call male piano players gay, or a woman who plays sports even moderately well a lesbian? It’s a bit narrow-minded and oppressive. Being from a small town and being a tall thin guy, I of course would be quite fed up with homophobia.

    Isn’t also strange how non-white thugs are incredibly macho, not gay at all, yet white nationalists also massively hate them. mainly cause they’re insensitive, hostile to reading, harsh thugs.

  4. RollD

    That is another canard, there are so many canards and tropes in the (un)leftist “left.” It is a nah-nah-nub-boo-boo tactic meant to either infuriate, or to get one to prove he is not gay by acquiescing to infantile demands.

    • The problem is that when this accusation is leveled at you, there is no way to prove you are not gay! You are basically tried and convicted as far as they are concerned. The more you try to prove that you are not gay, the more they will insist that you. Same with the racist, sexist, anti-Semite, etc accusation. Once charged, you are one forever and no evidence can convince them that you are not.

      • RollD

        true enough, that’s why you gotta be thick skinned, it is all pretty funny after all. And besides, why can you be “accused” of something so noble and righteous by those who are the thing? Aren’t they “proud” of it? How is something they are proud of an “accusation?” Did you ever hear a communist (red, not pink) angrily and acidly accuse a “conservative” of being a communist in an effort to out him?

        I doubt the folks are actually proud of themselves.

  5. Hasdrubal

    Since my name was brought up, allow me to clarify. I never said homophobia= repressed homosexuality. I simply gave my reaction to a situation Jas brought up. If a guy shows only apathy towards homosexuals until a guy dude makes a pass at him and then turns in to Fred Phelps, I’m gonna give that guy side eye and quote Shakespeare. This is across the board for many things, if a person not given to freaking out over minor annoyances suddenly freaks out over a minor annoyance it’s a good bet there is something more going on.

    As for gay male sex (my porn collection attests to my positive feelings towards gay lady sex) I look it like a foot fetish or a BBW fetish none of those thing interests me in fact I find them kinda gross, that doesn’t mean a I get mad or upset that someone else is in to them.

  6. Jason Y

    Homophobes are definitely douches, 😆 regardless of whether or not they suffer from repressed homosexuality.

    • I sort of agree, but it depends on how you define the term. I am not wild about gay men, but I dislike homosexuals 100X more than I dislike gay guys.

      Define homophobe. Cultural Left types say I am a homophobe. You agree? Is Tulio a homophobe?

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