Why I View the Cultural Left’s Extreme Promotion of Homoseual Sex with Alarm

There are two types of homosexual evangelization that American men are subjected to. The first is the normal evangelization of gay men. This has been noted in psychiatric studies of gay men all through the last century. If you go back through these reports, you will see that they report that homosexuals are often very evangelistic about the type of sex they have and spend a fair amount of time trying to recruits newbies to their sexual lifestyle. Thinking back on it, I think gay and bi men probably do this a lot more than lesbians or bi women, but then I do not know much about homosexual behavior in women.

The effects of gay men making passes at straight men as driver of societal degeneracy are much exaggerated, particularly by the wild homophobes on the Religious Right. As noted in other posts, many straight men, especially if they are goodlooking, spend decades of their lives fending off homosexuals. I’ve turned them down probably thousands of times. I lost track.

It’s not like by the 2,000th time I was worn down and ready to cave. After thousands of offers, I was no more likely to do it than after the first one at age 16. If anything, I am probably even more resolved.

I feel that people underestimate the level of homophobia among most American men. This high level of homophobia, which I feel is adaptive and pro-civilizational, is despised by the Cultural Left as “bigotry” or “mental illness,” while actually it is neither. Straight men simply normally tend to have a strong revulsion against this sort of thing. It’s a natural, normal and acceptable way to feel. It’s goes with the territory of being a straight man.

The level of homophobia is so extreme among American men that it seems like it would be hard to seduce them into homosexual behavior, especially as they get a bit older, as it is always easier to get younger people to try new things than it is to get older folks to do so.

Sometimes I wonder what exactly it would take to get a lot of straight men to do such a thing because they seem to dead-set against it.

As such, the religious Right’s fear of gay evangelization is rather overblown, but cultural evangelization is another matter altogether. This is why I am alarmed at the Cultural Left’s attempt to portray male homosexual sex like it’s the greatest new flavor of ice cream. Culture is incredibly powerful. Cultural changes are much more powerful than an army of gay men trying to fulfill their “straight guy fantasy.”


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9 responses to “Why I View the Cultural Left’s Extreme Promotion of Homoseual Sex with Alarm

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  2. Jason Y

    My university is very homobphobic, due to the fact so many gays are here (The more gays, the more homophobes etc..), Me being a passive person, though I’m not online, tend to be a target. Also, I’m tall and have difficulty gaining weight so I always get the “pussy” and “gay” label on me, lol Finally I did have long hair for awhile which stirred up homophobes.

    • Battleship Negro

      Are you gay Jason?

      I have a battleship run entirely by gay negroes, there mission being to patrol the seas for whaling vessels. They are animal rights activists. Come on board and have a great time in the whacky world of gay niggerdom of the animal rights kind on the seas. Only jesting. I get carried away.

      But this is a serious question. So are you gay?

      • Jason Y

        I’m wondering if “Bob Marley and the Whalers” is so some odd reference to BBWs and maybe even gay sex? I mean, we all knew Freddy Mercury was into that. Those black dudes do like BBWs, but also gays sometimes like them. Why do gay guys and blacks like the same things sexually, and also musically?

      • Jason Y

        No way I am not gay. Hey that sounds like a protest slogan NO WAY, I AM NOT GAY … Repeat… Maybe this can be a new white male protest on campus.

  3. EPGAH

    You mean like Jason talking about the culture turning lame, this is the culture turning queer?
    He doesn’t have the Will&Grace to join a Modern Family?

  4. Jason Y

    I think a lot of gay stuff is about power, but is only incidently sexual, kind of like rape is. Even in porn, you see that a lot of it really isn’t about seeing naked women (or men), or even sex, but some just get off on seeing displays of power.

  5. RockT

    The whole “religious right” thing is more a canard than anything else. It is like citing “the klan”: where is it, and what effect does it actually have if it does exist?

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