Why Do Women So Often Become Furious and Hateful If a Man Is Interested in them Sexually?

I mean I have a lot of experience with women, but still all through my life, women have flipped when I asked them for their phone numbers or asked them out. They practically acted like they were going to call the police on me. I really do not understand why women need to flip out so much just because some guy finds them attractive and wants to go out with them. Why is it “evil” if he does this?

I mean everyone needs sex, love and sexual companionship. All adults do. It’s a need like eating. Do people flip out when someone goes into a restaurant and orders a burger? No? Well then why do women flip out, go insane and start hating our guts when we merely ask them for their phone numbers?

I don’t get it.


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17 responses to “Why Do Women So Often Become Furious and Hateful If a Man Is Interested in them Sexually?

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  2. Jason Y

    Possibly cause they aren’t interested in you enough. If a situation arises where the woman is interested in you, then the opposite can happen. In fact, it might not be overkill, and not something you’d want.

    • Battleship Negro

      I take an extreme with women. I do not look at women. Never start a conversation. Do not sit next to them on the train. Avoid them as cashiers. Never look at them in image form. Cross the road if a group of them are coming my way etc. Who needs these idiots? Avoid them in all ways and make your life simpler. Just saying. Experience is the best teacher and I have plenty of experience with these idiots.

  3. Simple, they’re women. They think they’re sex freaks. Some of them are, but they can’t hold a candle to men.

  4. SpamBy

    I think that’s just western women Robert, it’s that feminism.

  5. Tulio

    For most women, being asked out by a guy she’s not attracted to is probably not that different than how you’d feel when being asked out by a gay guy. That’s my best guess.

  6. dm

    If a woman asked me out who I did not find attractive I would find it flattering.

  7. Hasdrubal

    Reason #1 they’re a bitch.
    Reason #2 They weren’t always rude about it, but after politely saying no either one too many guys looked at that as a challenge to keep pushing or ended up stalking them. So they may figure being as nasty as possible about an unwanted advance is the best way to avoid those situations in the future.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, but using the same logic wouldn’t a straight guy be a bitch for being rude about rejecting a gay guy?

      • Jason Y

        Being hit on by a gay boss turned one guy I know personally into the biggest racist and homophobe imaginable. In high school, he was a normal guy (no massive annoying insecurity), but he couldn’t handle the massive gay presence at university, and also the situation with the boss.

        Of course, on American History X it took Edward Norton’s dad’s death to put him over the edge. But that was death, and kind of understandable though wrong.

      • Hasdrubal

        Yeah, what’s hard about saying “I don’t swing that way dude.” there is no reason to have a conniption fit over it. Women are right to be afraid of men we are much stronger with a far greater ability to fuck them up than vice versa.

        • Jason Y

          I suppose it would depend on the person’s personality. A person drawn toward racism and homophobia is going to react way worse than some hippie guy.

        • Hasdrubal

          and so would a self loathing homosexual.

        • Jason Y

          and so would a self loathing homosexual.

          Good point. How do we know this guy who is a homophobe isn’t a homo himself? I mean, really what’s the big fucking deal? I mean why would someone be so obsessed with gays, when most straight guys just ignore the issue.

  8. Gay State Girl

    It’s really uncomfortable to be asked out within an hour of meeting someone. I’m always polite but it puts me in a difficult position.

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