The World Is Only Fun If You Understand It

There really are deep and relatively simple meanings for most puzzling things about humans. Humans really are not that complicated. It’s just that it takes so many years to strip away at all of the fluff, dross, fake meanings, non-meanings, nonsense, lies, cant, politics, self-deception, distraction and red herrings to finally get at the deep meaning underlying supposedly puzzling things.

Another thing you will learn as you start grabbing some deep meanings is that deep meanings start connecting with each other. A deep meaning for one type of behavior connects with, or maybe is even identical to, the deep meaning for another behavior.

This is even more rewarding because even better than peeling away the endless layers to get at the deep meaning underneath it all, you can now start connecting one deep meaning with another. There is a profound sense of deep spiritual and philosophical satisfaction that comes with this sort of enlightenment, discovery, and in a sense, self-actualization.

The world is only fun if you understand it.

If you don’t get it, the world seems arbitrary, insane and even evil because so much human behavior seems indeed arbitrary, insane, irrational or even evil. But it’s usually not. Most people are are doing most things for a reason, and it’s often a pretty good reason. Once you start to learn why people do things, you can relax a lot more, stop being frustrated at people and life, calm down and dissipate a lot of needless rage.


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7 responses to “The World Is Only Fun If You Understand It

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  2. Marilyn Monroe

    I like this.

    God bless you.

  3. Is this your homage to Donald Trump? 🙂

  4. SpamBy

    Robert I wish you could delve more deeply into some of the meanings as I’m interested in your viewpoints

  5. EPGAH

    What about when they’re doing something to you and yours? Do you still subscribe to that “Good Reason” thing?

  6. Or too dumb to understand it. Ignorance is bliss. 🙂

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