When It Comes To Black Crime, We Whites Get off Easy

Tangy butthole says:

Yes black people do commit more crime per capita. But I realized that more than 88% of the victims of black crime are other black people . So EPGAH do you lose sleep at night knowing that a black person killed another black person?

I’m not defending black people, but I am trying to lower my bias.

Truth is we Whites get off easy. Blacks massively underselect us as crime victims. After all, 65% of society is White. So if Blacks selected Whites for crime victims merely on their population percentage and did not over or underselect them, Whites would be 65% of Black crime victims. Instead we are ~7% of their victims.

And Blacks massively overselect their own kind for crime victims. If they selected their own kind randomly, only 13% of Black crime victims would be Black. Instead, 88% are!

Bottom line is we Whites get off easy when it comes to Black crime, and Black people themselves, most of whom are completely innocent and many of whom are good people, get absolutely nuked by Black criminals. If you’re going to have sympathy for Black crime victims, your first target for sympathy ought to be to our Black brothers and sisters who get absolutely creamed by these monsters.


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57 responses to “When It Comes To Black Crime, We Whites Get off Easy

  1. VeritasLuxMea

    Did you know most Muslims rape Muslims? The percentage of Muslim on Christian rape is very low. Europeans should stop complaining about the rape of their country women. So many more Muslims are raped by Muslims all the time. Whites shouldn’t try to live in a society they have built and maintained and dare to complain about slaughter of their own group by another, when that group slaughters each other so much more. It becomes very difficult to be high IQ and try to retain ‘liberal’ values, because they oppose intelligence.

    • Veritas can you answer me why there are so many immigrants flooding to Europe? I mean 10 years ago there wasn’t a massive immigration problem and now there is? I wonder what happened. Oh yeah, the Iraq war which destabilized the middle east. And the fact that Europe is now paying for America’s blunder.

      It also doesn’t help the fact that some European nations joined NATO and participated in the Syrian war.

      Then we look at North Africa. To be more exact Libya.

      It AMAZES me that you have the balls to talk shit about the immigrants. When your nation participates in the destruction of a country, guess what immigration is bound to happen. You ask do Europeans not have the right to live in a society created and maintained by them?

      Let me as YOU. Do Libyans not have the right to live in a society created and maintained by them? The hypocrisy of people baffles me some times.

      It’s like purposely setting someone on fire and then complaining that you have pay the hospital bills.

      • Actually Pretty Funny

        Cut welfare and people won’t flood to Europe anymore.
        Btw, VeritasLuxMea and tangybutthole, are both of you ONE and Russian and KGB? 😉

        • APF, you cannot advocate cutting social spending on this site. I ban on that. And I notice that you are a stereotypical anti-Communist fanatic. You not only hate Communism but you hate social too and even social democracy and social liberalism. But then, they are all like that.

        • EPGAH

          Actually, he might be right, I’ve been reading HILARIOUS stories of rapefugees who took refuge in South America. Not only is their rapiness punished swiftly and terribly (For THEM, not the victims), but they’re bitching they don’t get the freebies they do in the Civilized World.

          And of course, you can’t forget the “refugee” from Turkey who sacrificed its wife and kid to get free DENTAL WORK in the Civilized World!
          Now THAT is a cheapskate worth mocking!

      • EPGAH

        Why would they break into the house of the person who’s punishing them?

        • Just shoot him

          Yeah I remember when her “son” ripped the woman’s face off. I played the 911 call to my gay friend, after accidently discovering it online, and I can honestly say I’ve never in all my life seen him laugh so much. Usually he was quite a serious person in many ways.

          Remember when she said on the phone “kill him!!! Just kill him.” Ha ha ha

    • EPGAH

      Oh, so the mass sex assaults from Cologne to Canada never happened?
      Be sure and tell her that!

    • pepperroncini

      The difference with your analogy is that Islam specifically states that it is ok to abuse non Muslim women, but Muslim women must be protected , and non Muslims are not allowed to marry Muslim women. No such dogma or screed amongst Black people.

  2. Jason Y

    Again black crime is a joke cause the prison/ndustrial complex wants black crime. Also, since most crime is black on black, the elites can make money with few whites being harmed.


  3. DUmbHead

    What do U you mean about Libya and Gaddhfi? Those Libyans would of moved to US no matter waht was goig on. Just like the Morockans do

    • Lmao are you comparing
      1.A few thousand people migrating
      2.Flooding European borders due to refugee status. ( due to the syrian war)

      The willful ignorance is disgusting. You know damn well that the MILLIONS of people coming to Europe isn’t some random coincidence. Stop playing stupid.

  4. Jason Y

    So again, how much of the immigrant population is inbred? In Pakistan, it may be 70 percent. So obviously that would be a factor in retarded behavior.

    • True, this could be applied to the effects of Islam pointed out in an article in the past.

      • Jason Y

        True the Muslims are massively sexually repressed, but their also retarded for gosh sakes. Maybe not always retarded, but with massive mental illness.

        • Battleship Negro

          I say give the Muzlims a break. They are excellent people who are retarded due to inbreeding. If you were retarded due to inbreeding you would bet he same. Microencephalisation.

        • Jason Y

          The dangers of moderate incest outweigh the race mixing of very distant racial groups. (I’m talking about Kenya and Japan etc..) by about 80 or 90 percent. One kissing cousin marriage can massively ruin a future child.

          Considering Muslims choose to do this, that would be a massive reason to disallow them into the first world where the “purposely created” handicapped people would massively drain resources.

    • So far I’ve been listening to ethnic music this whole week. I started out with African music and now I’m listening to Middle Eastern. I’d say Middle Eastern sounds the best. It has this mysterious vibe to it.

      I actually was listening to ancient European and Nordic music as well. LMAO! the YouTube comment section was full of white supremacists. It was like a mini stormfront. But I enjoyed it regardless.

      So far I’d say middle eastern is the best “ethnic” music if you want a calming or midnight desert vibe. I wouldn’t want to live in the middle east though, so I’ll appreciate their music from a safe distance away.

      • EPGAH

        Nordics are like SUPER White Supremacists, even considering themselves superior over other whites!

        • Yeah, well, that some pretty bold claims by them when Eastern Europe actually manages to fight off it’s immigrants.


        • Jason Y

          That’s nothing new. People always think thier better than thier neighbors. Even in sports neighboring high schools or universities are often rivals. However, does this fact translate into racial superiority? Not scientifically. Just cause the Romans beat the Greeks and enslaved many of them, didn’t make the Romans superior, only better fighters.

        • Robert sanders

          You’ve obviously never heard of the Vikings!

        • EPGAH

          Thing is, with whites, “better fighters” actually DOES become a contest of superiority. We stopped fighting with bare hands (Except in exhibition competitions) thousands of years ago, so it became a contest of tech.

          If you have spears and I have catapults, who’s going to win?

        • EPGAH

          Phil: Ironically, Nords take letting in the savages as proof of their “superiority”, this time, in a MORAL dimension.

          However, they’re not alone, Hungary was compared to Nazi Germany for locking out the rapefugees.
          Difference is, Eastern Europe has always had scarcity, so they don’t want to invite in more competition. The Western European world–INCLUDING AMERICA–is spoiled by having a lot, so we don’t mind sharing.

          Problem is:
          1.) Not all of us have enough TO share, so we resent being FORCED to share, which is why a lot of us support “selfish economics”.
          2.) The savages aren’t interested in taking what WE consider their share, they’re interested in taking what THEY consider their share!
          Do you remember an old cartoon called “Jetsons” where the father-figure offers his wife a few bills, and she just takes his whole wallet?
          Something like that

          It’s not about “managing” to fight off illegals, it’s about not having the WILL to fight off illegals. We had the tech and a “promise” Cue Laugh Track to build a wall on the border in 1986.
          Eisenhower was able to round’em up and move’em out in 1950s
          Wilson right after him was able to put machineguns on the border and shoot them before they spread their disease to us.

          The problem is now, like you said, we have suicidal altruism. We feel sorry for our enemies! If Vietnam soldiers were called “Baby Killers” (Because the terrorists’ use of Baby Bombs, babies festooned with live grenades and you die or you kill the baby), what would soldiers be called who killed the illegals? Or illegals bitching about “Breaking Up The Families”, but they CHOOSE not to take their broods with them!

        • Battleship Negro

          Finland is the greatest of all. The other Nordics are ok but Finland is soooooo great.

        • Jason Y

          Nordics are like SUPER White Supremacists, even considering themselves superior over other whites!

          So do you think such belief in such an idea is silly, much like how England still has a royal family?

      • EPGAH

        Kudos on NOT wanting to live among terrorists.

        Guess you won’t be taking the “Highway To The Danger Zone”?

        But indeed, to me, that’s the best argument for NOT letting the people in. We can get the food and music WITHOUT the violence!

        • Jason Y

          Ocassionally on YouTube is noted Islam promotes inbreeding, but due to fear of “hurting people’s feelings” it isn’t widely known, and laws aren’t passed to keep these mentally ill / mentally retarded people out.

          Actually the problem with Muslim crime is far worse than with American blacks cause they’re going out into the general population causing rapes etc.. basically acting like monkeys.

          Iv’e not seen that most black Americans, other than ghetto ones are cauing much of a stir in the US. Basically they’re pretty boring people.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, Moslem crime is on par with whole NATIONS of Ghetto Blacks. BUT what would you like to do about it? Make a separate race for Ghetto Black? That would complicate FBI tables. Some areas still don’t have a separate category for Hispanic criminals, so they’re counted as white.

          As to going into the general population, acting like monkeys, that is explicitly the problem with Ghetto thugs. They don’t limit themselves to “their” area.
          Los Angeles
          New Orleans
          All these had an AREA of Ghetto Black thugs that made their problems the whole CITY’S problem, right? The only way to keep their shit in their area is armed guards–same as keeping Moslems’ or illegals’ shit in THEIR areas, rather than let them make their problems OUR problems.

          And if they act like monkeys–your words, not mine–they should get put in cages. If they act like RABID monkeys, they should get put down, right?

        • Tulio

          Just an aside, but where do we get the ideal that monkeys are so bad? They seem pretty adorable to me. At least when I saw them in Thailand in the wild. I would walk up and hand them a piece of fruit and they’d reach over and take it out of my hand. I thought monkeys were pretty cool.

        • EPGAH

          They’re adorable, no doubt about that, but they’re violent, irrational, throw screechy tantrums, etc. Remember that woman who was trying to raise a monkey as her “son”? It worked great until her “son” ripped somebody’s face off!


          Monkeys are “like humans”…except dumber, poor impulse control, and due to the muscles being anchored differently to the bones, nearly 10X human strength! How many films show a bunch of monkeys screeching at each other in cages? What usually happens?

          Sloths or Koalas are adorable too. Don’t get too close though! “Sloth Attack” has become a meme.



          In the comments of the story, it says, ‘if it has teeth, claws, a beak, fangs or a sting, leave it alone. There’s a bloody good reason for it.’ That’s very good, if obvious, advice. There’s a video of a Koala opening a hole in the back of some guy’s neck.

          Oh, remember when some people thought hammerhead sharks were too goofy looking to be dangerous? What happened to that?

        • Jason Y

          It all boils down to getting massively tougher on crime, meanwhile at the same time, massively improving the environment. That would cut down on violent people of any race, and would make sure the “majority” boring USA blacks are not unfairly subject to police and government racism (as was seen in Apartheid South Africa etc..)

          Note though the elites in the US are highly opposed to this idea for economic reasons (prison/industrial complex among other things).

          quote by Tulio

          Just an aside, but where do we get the ideal that monkeys are so bad? They seem pretty adorable to me. At least when I saw them in Thailand in the wild. I would walk up and hand them a piece of fruit and they’d reach over and take it out of my hand. I thought monkeys were pretty cool.

          Yeah, why does everybody hate monkeys? Why are they always associated with negative stuff ? lol

      • “I actually was listening to ancient European and Nordic music as well. LMAO! the YouTube comment section was full of white supremacists. It was like a mini stormfront. But I enjoyed it regardless.”

        You see, I actually Like European History such as Rome and I really love Greek Mythology, but quite frankly seeing the behavior of Tribal idiots up front is quite disgusting.

        They really don’t encompass what they claim what make whites so great, but I have actually met quite a few who do and I even read comments of others who feel the same way.

      • RudyM

        A lot of Arabic music is fantastic. If you listen to some of the music that was popular in Egypt during the 40s and 50s it is way more sophisticated than what was popular in the United States. A lot of youtube comments for classic Arabic popular music from the 60s even are along the lines of: what happened to us? How did things deteriorate so much?

        • RudyM

          Music like this could be massively popular in Egypt in the 40s (though this is not as good a copy as is possible–sounds like a vinyl rip–WTF?–I have this on CD and it doesn’t need to sound this poor quality):

          Granted, in the 40s western classical music was still fairly popular in the US compared to now. But as far as new music being made?

        • EPGAH

          Funny, I was just saying the same about American movies/music!

      • Tulio

        What type of African music? You should check out Malian music. This is one of my favorite songs from that region:

        Ali Farka Toure is awesome too.

        • Jason Y

          Today’s African American music is horrible. When did it become so bad? It has all went down after 2Pac and the like died. Of course, the music was at it’s best in 60s, 70s and 80s.

          Today’s African American music sounds like African music. That’s the problem; it isn’t American.

        • Jason Y

          Well,, not sure if today’s African American music is African, but it sure don’t sound American, along with being generic. However, honestly, the rock isn’t much better, but country music has gotten better.

        • “Today’s African American music sounds like African music.” It’s a good thing you made that correction in your other comment, ’cause modern rap sounds nothing like traditional west African Music, especially based of off those videos sent by Jm8.

          The emphasis on pathology rather than, say, enhances impulses in a festive manner is way too obvious.

        • Jason Y

          quote by phil

          The emphasis on pathology rather than, say, enhances impulses in a festive manner is way too obvious.

          I’m mostly just stating an opinion. However, it’s art, like beauty, and much is in the beholders ears. For instance, a lot of people like Metallica, but I just don’t like it. I like Alice in Chains.

          Some people hate disco, but some of it was actually quite good.

  5. EPGAH

    Where do you get that 88%?

    Here’s the chart again.

    Here’s the graph. As you can tell, it’s pretty close to 50-50 when Blacks choose a victim. (Ignoring, of course, the Asian or Hispanic victims for purposes of this discussion)

    • The 88 percent figure is the rate for murder.

      • EPGAH

        I THOUGHT that’s the same table I was going off of.
        But either way, “lowering your bias” is a way of committing suicide that would make most people go “What A Dumbass!”

        If you want us to forget the stereotypes, make it so that forgetting the stereotypes doesn’t pose a threat to life&limb. This guy ignored the stereotypes to his own detriment.

        He tried to BELIEVE that a gang of thugs is as harmless as a gang of kittens. He found out otherwise. He was trying to “not be racist” and it nearly cost his life. Is it their fault for attacking him, or his fault for not REALIZING they’re dangerous and getting the expletive of your choice out of there?

        If you say it’s his fault, then you’re admitting racism is a survival skill.

        If you say it’s THEIR fault, then you admit nonwhites are more dangerous, right?

        To me, this is right up there with the guy who jumped into the bear pit because the bears were waving at him, therefore harmless.

        • Jason Y

          It was a case of ghetto blacks not the average ones you’d find in most parts of the USA. Anyone thinking ghetto blacks can be reformed is a bit naive. Note, I do think blacks, even the average ones, have a tendency to be tribalistic. However, that seems true with any race of people. It can be a major problem sometimes, but only if your thin skinned. However though, of course, nobody likes being the target of any racism at all.

          However, this brings up another question, are whites who are bullied at black schools asking for it, besides the fact they are just choosing to attend a black school? See, we don’t really know that. Generally though, a tense situation can be made 50 times worse, if the bullied person has no good social skills.

          However, it is possible to be sort of set up in a situation where your come across as an idiot and then everyone hates you for it. But in the case of a student I don’t see that happening. In the employment field, it might happen a lot when people are not screened well for jobs, in the case of hriring desperation for instance. (aks South Korean ESL industry)

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, social skills make a huge difference, something ep-gah doesn’t take into account, unless of course, he’s only speaking of ghetto blacks. For instance, you can’t be running your mouth in real life or social media, and then think the black kids at the school won’t find out. You can’t disrespect black people in a black school (Well, of course, you idiot, lol)

          Even the gay stuff I think is exxagerated. It seems like the only gays who are bullied run thier mouth, just as in the case of everyone else who tends to be a target.

          However, I will say this. At the middle school level, it might be possible for someone to bully, the kid to fight back, and then the bullying becomes 100 times worse. That seemed to happen to me at that age. I’m sure that would be a common occurance at most schools, and especially at a black school. However, again you would need a lot of social skills to get around certain situations like that, and win peer respect.

        • EPGAH

          Are you saying this guy asked for/invited this, or admitting the thugs are a problem?

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          Are you saying this guy asked for/invited this, or admitting the thugs are a problem?

          Well, good social skills will carry you further in either so so or bad environments. In fact, someone who is a total dumbass can ruin a good environment, lol

          A rule of thumb, and this is basic common sense, don’t run your mouth in a place (in person or on social media), don’t sexually harass men or women, among other things, and you will do better.

  6. RudyM

    There’s still a good deal of segregation obviously, so the easily available victims for black criminals at any given time are likely to skew black way beyond what overall population statistics would predict. Also, I don’t really have a problem with feeling more sympathy for non-black victims of black crimes. When I see beautiful white, Asian, Hispanic women getting beaten up by blacks for no reason, yeah it especially pisses me off. (Race and beauty are irrelevant in principle, sure, when it comes to victimization, but at a gut level they make a difference.)

    • Tulio

      So if a black is a victim of a non-black do you feel elevated sympathy for the black victim or is this sympathy only reserved for non-black victims of a black?

      • RudyM

        It probably only works in one direction. I’d have to think about how I respond the other way. I think in the case of specifically white on black violence the difference is that I’d feel a certain amount of shame.

        I am not saying any of this is good or rational! I shouldn’t post on this blog (and I went a while without doing so) since I tend to say things that are too risky to say, by the very nature of the topics covered here.

        • EPGAH

          Don’t let yourself be ashamed about not being PC.

          As to white-on-Black violence, ask first the question:
          Is the white in question a COP, killing a thug that attacked him?
          Cop-on-thug violence should always be given a slow-clap, regardless of race.

      • Battleship Negro

        This is a great question.

  7. RudyM

    More 40s Arabic music:

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