What Does LUG Stand For?

Stary Wylk: Where I live, near a state university, it’s common for teenage girls to decide that they are lesbians. For a while. Ones I have seen like to make sure you can see them making out.

Then, we have the “lipstick lesbians” who blow guys for free in the parking lots of bars and sometimes become pregnant. Gee! How’d that happen?

RL: Yeah, but all those LUG’s and lipstick “lesbians” were BORN THAT WAY. LOL come on.

You know what LUG means?

EPGAH: No, I hereby ask what it means, fully aware I will probably regret it.

LUG = Lesbian Until Graduation!

See Stary Wylk’s description above.

Apparently those LUG’s were “born that way” too? They were genetically programmed to be straight until college, take four years off to eat pussy to see what it tastes like, then graduate and become strictly dickly once again. Right. My, genes work in funny ways!

Keep in mind that that those LUG’s “were born that way” though, and once they went lez in college, Gay Politics says they were “permanently gay” and “born that way,” and it’s illegal to try to change them. Except they change themselves right after they graduate. Whoops! Better take that theory back to the drawing board!*

Lesbianism and female bisexuality is very hard to understand. A lot of women seem to move all over the sexual landscape. They get married for a while, get divorced, fall in love with a woman and automagically become “lesbians” who were “born that way” and can’t be fixed. If they can’t be fixed, how were they married for many years?

Anne Heche was Ellen DeGeneres’ lesbian girlfriend for years, and during this time she identified as a lesbian, was apparently “born that way” and clearly could not be fixed as our legal code insists. Except she fixed herself by leaving Ellen, falling in love with a man and marrying him, negating both law and gay propaganda in single gesture.

By the way, Heche no longer identifies as a lesbian. So I guess she wasn’t “born that way” after all! And I suppose she could be fixed after all, contrary to law, as she fixed her own self quite easily. I assume a scientific conversion therapy would have been even quicker.

The problem is that there do seem to be real biological lesbians. I have met a couple of them recently, a 13 year old girl and a young woman aged 25. I got to know both of them quite well, especially the girl. Both were very boyish, and one was very good at computers. Both identified as 25-75 on my scale: Maximal homosexual, heterosexual 50% of max. One told me that she identified as lesbian as opposed to bisexual, as she could only fall in love with a woman. Men were just for fun and then you threw them out the door in the morning hopefully never to see them again. Sort of like those cameras that you use once and throw them away. The girl also seemed to be romantically inclined towards females only.

They both told me, “I have always always known I liked girls.” In other words, they have always known that they were lesbians. The early recognition which resembles what biological gay men report along with the very boyish or mannish looks implies that these females may indeed be biological lesbians.

Then we have the LUG’s, the Anne Heches and all of the other Female Sexual Orientation Explorers who seem to wander hither and thither all over the Sexual Orientation Map. It seems labels are not quite for them. These Sexual Explorers and Shape-shifters were clearly not born any particular way, and they most certainly were not “born gay.” Instead, women have more of a tendency to be sexual wanderers, fluidly drifting sexually here, there and everywhere

This lines up with studies in the lab that have shown that female sexuality is “polymorphously perverse,” or infantile if you believe Freud. In other words, females simply get turned on by everything! In the lab, females react sexually at high levels to slides of straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, naked men, naked women and scenes of animals having sex. If experimenters would have shown them pictures of minors aged 7-17 of both sexes, I think they might have even reacted to them a.

Female sexuality is the equivalent of a spray and pray automatic rifle. It simply explodes out into the world reacting to all sorts of things around it, attaching to this object and then that object seemingly randomly and without much foresight, reflection or even care.

Nonetheless, other studies show women reacting mostly heterosexually., Only ~6% of women leaning lesbian and a mere 1% of women are fully gay. However, women do seem to be more bisexual than men. Fully 1/2 of all women have some attraction towards other women, and only 50% are completely straight. Nevertheless most women, like most men, seem to be biologically wired up to be straight, with ~94% of all women leaning straight.


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3 responses to “What Does LUG Stand For?

  1. EPGAH

    How come more people aren’t holding Anne Heche up as proof queers can be cured? You know, the way queers do whenever a straight person switches sides?

    Or does the Queer Lobby say, “Oh, she’s just in denial”? Or some kind of Deep Cover agency? Cue Laugh Track

    • Stary Wylk

      So much of what the gay lobby says is so plainly absurd that those who could offer contradictory statements don’t bother.

      • The problem is that the typical liberal person is infected by the Cultural Left. If you start talking to them about homosexuality, they usually start repeating the lies and absurdities of the gay lobby, so it’s a problem.

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