The Crazy but Crafty Game Gay Politics Plays with the Changeability of Sexual Orientation

This is the insane game the Gay Politics crowd plays. If you say that homosexuality is biological, they get furious. You know why? Because when you get them alone, most Gay Politics types will insist that any straight person can turn gay or bi! I am serious. I have seen them play this game 1,000 times.

This is how the lunatic, or actually devilishly clever game works:

According to Gay Politics, homosexuality cannot be cured. Homosexuals cannot be changed in the lab. Apparently bisexuals cannot be changed either, but they never say that. So once someone is gay or bi, that’s it. No changing back to straight, it’s permanent. It’s sort of like Islam. Once you’re in, you’re in for life and there’s no coming out of it. They flip out and get enraged if you suggest that homosexuals can be changed.

The truth is that there are biological gays, biological straights, and biological bisexuals. Gays more or less say this all the time, but if you tell them this, they go crazy and flip out. Why? Because gays want to push the notion that all gay or bi people are stuck being gay or bi, but at the same time, if you get them alone, they all insist that any straight man can turn gay at any time in his life! Do you see this little game they are playing here?

Men somehow get wired up some way or another. Careful studies in the lab have shown that after age 15, homosexual orientation cannot be decreased and heterosexual orientation cannot be increased. The scientists used every technique they had for decades, including the most modern behavioral techniques. They all failed.

For the most part, the patients were gay men who wanted to be straight. The researchers were not able to change them via any method.

Another group was predominantly straight men with a minor or lesser gay homosexual interest. This sort of thing is extremely common, and fully 1/3 of predominantly straight men show at least some homosexual interest in the lab, usual only at a low level though. These men were bothered by their minor homosexual interest and they wanted to get rid of it. Over decades, the scientists were not able to do that either.

Furthermore and most shocking, wherever the men were in their orientation, say 90-10 (overwhelming straight with low level gay interest) or 10-90 (overwhelmingly gay with some minor straight interest), the scientists could not even more them one notch. They couldn’t even turn an 80-20 into a 90-10 or a 10-90 into a 20-80. They were stuck, apparently for life. The scientists eventually stopped taking new patients because they said that sexual orientation in males was fixed early on, and they could not in good conscience take their money.

Now when the gays hear about this study, the flip out and go completely insane because they insist that many or perhaps all straight men can turn bisexual at any age!

Get it? All straight men can turn bi (or even gay) but no gay (or bi?) males can turn straight! It’s like Islam. All non-Muslims can turn Muslim but no Muslim can leave! By saying that the door is open for all heterosexual males to turn bisexual and join the gay ranks, apparently once you are in, you are now some sort of biological gay that “cannot be cured!” They’ve been playing this game for decades now and I am really getting sick of it and I am calling the Gay Movement out on this crap.

No, straight men cannot turn bisexual (or gay). Sorry gays, hate to bust your little straight guy fantasy game, but it just doesn’t happen.

No, bisexual men cannot turn gay, nor can they turn straight. Sorry gays, they can’t come over to your team and play tonite!

And no, gay men cannot turn bisexual nor of course they cannot turn straight.


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11 responses to “The Crazy but Crafty Game Gay Politics Plays with the Changeability of Sexual Orientation

  1. EPGAH

    If they can force/blackmail into queer sex, I’m sure the opposite can be done too.

    And America has the largest pharma complex in the world. Our geneticists can turn MOLE RATS monogamous, FFS! I’m sure they could cure biological queers…IF it was allowed! But right now, queer is a protected group! Until they admit it’s a problem instead of a protected quirk, you can’t cure it, and any attempts would probably be punished worse than Christian bakeries, farms, etc.!

    • Well straight men have a huge potential for bisexuality. All you have to do is give them the cultural go-ahead and a lot of them will just do it.

      Gay men don’t seem to like to have sex with women though, although they can do it, often for decades. Usually they have to fantasize that they are with a guy.

      We’ve never been able to fix male homosexuality in the lab by any means.

      And all of that cajoling and blackmail doesn’t change straight men’s actual orientation. They just start having gay sex; their actual orientation doesn’t change. Orientation and behavior are not necessarily the same thing.

      • EPGAH

        If you have queer sex, you’re queer. It’s not what you are underneath, but what you DO that defines you!

        And again, all this sexual morality is PSA with the backing of God. It would vanish in a heartbeat if we lived in a world where STD didn’t exist.

        Do you remember the earlier James Bond movies?

        • Jason Y

          In my own view, I think most gay stuff is degenerate behavior fueled by porn. There could have been some real homos in the pre-internet age, but I’m sure now Americans are so stoned out that they’d fuck anything. So it’s just a question of mass degeneracy.

          All in all, I don’t think porn is good for people.

      • Jason Y

        It could be that a hole is just a hole, lol, as sick as that sounds. Of course, the idea of guys kissing, especially hairy guys is repulsive. However, fucking someone’s ass is something that might be understandable, especially if it’s some chubby fat guy, how would it be much different than a woman?

        It’s just a fact men are just beasts looking for a hole.

  2. Id say you have biological homosexuals & people who through life trauma have become homosexual or are at least heterosexuals that practice gay behavior & id have to agree you are what you practice. Its like a joke i heard about male porn stats who do gay scenes but swear they are not gay…im like wow the human mind will do all kinds of tricks to help someone cope with behaviors,ideas or concepts that trouble them…kinda like the terrorists Muslims that rape women then say the Islamic equivalent of a hail mary to make it “ok” with Allah & their conscience

    • I would say that the default position of all humans is straight.If you have gay thoughts you are still straight, just really weird. The second you start have any sexual contact with the opposite sex you’re gay. Just like you have to kill someone to be a murderer. Having “thoughts” about murder don’t make you one. Although you should seek a therapist.

      • I think there’s a spectrum to sexuality & id agree for all animal species that reproduce sexually heterosexual is what you could say is the “default” position. I do think you have bi sexual or even homosexual men who practice a heterosexual lifestyle but who are actually more attracted to the same sex so for these people id guess id say they are gay just latent. Many Heterosexual people have the occasional gay dream or thought but what ever gets yer wood ready is your preference & some people are equally attracted to both sex. The great Julius Ceasar was said to be “every womans husband & every mans wife” & the queen of Bithynia

        • Jason Y

          Honestly porn is so perverted it’s hard to say what is turning on the viewers. It’s hard to say what types of degeneracy they’ve sunk to.

  3. Jason Y

    Anyone remember that gay beer commercial on Saturday Night Live? The one with Chris Farley and the swimming pool, LOL

  4. Lol i just tripped on how I just said “men” as if thats the only homosexual gender its crazy how female homosexuality is more acceptable to this society especially men…i men two hot chicks going down on each other is just sexxy to hetero men but i doubt two hunky dudes pumping on each other is a turn on to mist hetero women…just an observation

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