Male Sexual Orientation by the Numbers

Careful studies have shown:

Fully 93% of men are maximally attracted to women.

Another 7% are maximally attracted to men, and the two categories are not mutually exclusive.

Fully 93% of men lean straight,

6% of men lean gay,

1% of men are fully bisexual, as attracted to males as they are to females.

Of males who have a degree of bisexual attraction:

80% lean straight, most strongly so.

17% lean gay.

3% are fully bisexual.

62% of men are completely straight.

Only 2% of men are completely gay.

Among men who lean gay:

67% have at least some attraction to women.

33% are totally gay.

Among men who lean straight:

32% have at least some attraction to women.

68% are completely straight.


From these figures, we can conclude that straight seems to be the default in human males. Most men are simply born to be pussy hounds, and there’s not much they can do about it. Of course, we can see this in history, literature, and anthropology when male romantic and sexual interest seems to attach overwhelmingly to females.

Even among men with homosexual interest, an overwhelming majority of those are lean straight, often overwhelmingly so. And some interest in females is much more common among gay-leaning men than interest in males is in straight leaning men, once again suggesting that heterosexual orientation seems to be the default. Apparently whatever dialed gay men away from the default was not completely successful as at least vestiges of the default heterosexual interest remain in most gay men.

Nevertheless, homosexual interest is very common in men, with 38% of all men showing at least some, albeit most of those showing only minor interest. However, overwhelmingly men with such interest tend to lean straight, once again suggesting that heterosexual is the default.

But the very high rate of homosexual interest in men at nearly 40% shows that at least some minor interest in homosexuality is quite normal among human males, with the caveat that in most it seems more of a passing, dabbling sort of interest as opposed to something overwhelming and strong. And since some homosexual interest is common in males, having some degree of homosexual interest per se is not something that should be condemned or proscribed, and in fact is nearly normal. It’s hard to make a case that 40% of all men are sick, evil perverts.

Being homosexual or being gay is strictly a minority thing among men, which once again goes along with history, literature and even anthropology where male homosexuality usually merits scarcely a mention other than in a few outlying cases. It is an aberration from the norm practiced by only a small minority of men at most. Instead of being the default setting in men, homosexual orientation seems to be the case of something going wrong that throws off the default, and indeed, evidence strongly points towards male homosexuality as being a developmental disorder like left-handedness and quite a few other things.

There is no gay gene in all probability.

Instead something goes wrong hormonally in the womb which throws the male fetus off the default, feminizes it, and dials the attraction away from females and towards males instead.

The degree to which male homosexuality is caused by early childhood experiences such as getting molested by a male adult is not known, but a stunning % of gay men report being molested by adult men as a child. It seems unlikely that a young boy under 13 would voluntarily acquiesce in such a behavior.


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6 responses to “Male Sexual Orientation by the Numbers

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  2. Jason Y

    Also what guys are they attracted to? There might be a big difference between some average guy and a bodybuilder. Could there be guys who are guy, assuming the target of attraction has 6 pack abs?

    Funny how homophobes assume all gays are looking at them, even though the homophobes themselves, are these average looking pussies, lol.

  3. Jason Y

    Contrary to what Ep-gah says, queers have existed all thru history and even American history. Metro-sexuality has also been a fad thru much of American history, even before the 60s counter culture.

    Also, people all have varying degrees masculinity and feminine behavior in them. Of course, some of the extremes of masculinity in women, and femiinine behavior in males, can be laughable (like say a fruity male seargeant in the Army etc…) However, most of it isn’t any cause for concern.

    Also, how do we judge what is queer? It’s almost like beauty as in the behloder. For instance, some guys think men playing the piano is girly, and some guys think a woman who wears pants or can even play sports moderately well is a lesbian. So wouldn’t that be extreme thinking? Also, wouldn’t such thnking be narrow minded and oppressive?

    So that’s the problem I would have with homophobe white nationalists or even Christian fundementalists for that matter.

    Of course, some extreme examples of gay behavior, like parades (especially the adult oreinted ones), forcing the idea of gay sex on kids, or gays in the boy scouts, is a legit reason for people to be concerned.

    • Jason Y

      Conservative “Andy Griffith type” areas have always had fags, many of them, as with now, hide out in churches (and some are even predators). Also, BTW 😆 Wasn’t Gomer Pyle gay? Yeah, he turned out to really be gay.

      Oh, the Catholic church has always been full of fags hiding out in the priesthood, molesting boys etc.. or lusting after men. Also, there were gay authors like Oscar Wilde. So can ep-gah defend the fact that queerness has no relation to modern culture, as though modern culture created it?

      • Jason Y

        Biggest irony of all time. 😆 Conservative Christians and Catholics have closets full of gays, yet at the same time hate them the most. The gays must have a self-hate complex.

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