Conversion Therapy Works for Lesbians

Gay Politics types are aggressively adamant that gays and lesbians  cannot be changed via any type of therapy.

They are actually correct on this at least for gay men, although at least some lesbians can be changed in the lab.

For instance, many lesbians are simply terrified of men and straight sex in a neurotic way. What this has to do with the genesis of their lesbianism is unknown. Nevertheless, in the lab, with modern relaxation techniques and therapies and the use of sex surrogates, this type of lesbian can learn to enjoy heterosexual sex fully and completely as much as any straight woman does. What this means, I do not know, but it seems to imply that at least subset of lesbians can at least be changed to bisexuals in the lab.It is interesting to note that these very same techniques, when used to try to change gay men’s orientation, fail completely and utterly. So gay men and lesbians react differently to conversion therapies in the lab.

Now I have written on this subject, and once they read that I say we can change the sexual orientation of some lesbians in the lab, the Gay Politics types scream, yell, carry on and shower me with abuse. Because it is now apparently a hard science Law that gay men and lesbians cannot be changed one bit therapeutically. In fact, there are many efforts underway to ban all conversion therapies, even though as noted above, certain types of conversion therapies can work.

Gay Politics wants to push this idea that homosexuality is like Islam – once you’re in, you’re in for life and there’s no getting out. Obviously, this cleverly serves to maximize their numbers (as in Islam), which apparently the purpose of this sleazy notion. The idea that some lesbians are changeable fills Gay Politics with rage because it implies that at least some lesbians can leave the fold and go back to men. This decreases the number of gay people, and Gay Politics will not hear of that.

Do you see the clever little game they are playing here?


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9 responses to “Conversion Therapy Works for Lesbians

  1. EPGAH

    Gee, don’t suppose this terror of Men could’ve come from the feminist “All Men Are Rapists”™, do you?

  2. Battleship Negro

    The meme of similarity between gays and Muzlims comes from the male asses in the air pray techniques of men in mosques. In this masculine atmosphere a gay muzlim can feel erotic and a little islamophobic as well as he knows passing gas nullifies the prayer if it is loud and smelly. This ruling is a little irksome as gay sex is loud and sweaty thereby making the confused muzlim go out and pray by himself. His mind is now ready for gay sex.

    The gay muzlim needs guidance and inshallah he will get it from other gay muzlims who counsel private prayers or better still prayers with women who will not tempt him as much.

    For a hetro male prayer is a male bonding exercise in preparation for he blessed duty of jihad.

    So the complications for a gay muzlim are many as gay Muzlims are normally thrown off a building in sharia compliant countries.

    So the muzlim may be islamophobic when it comes to this but anxious in asking for guidance from Allah for the purpose of committing himself to the jihad or holy war for better gay rights in the west.

  3. Stary Wylk

    Where I live, near a state university, it’s common for teenage girls to decide that they are lesbians. For a while. Ones I have seen like to make sure you can see them making out.

    Then, we have the “lipstick lesbians” who blow guys for free in the parking lots of bars and sometimes become pregnant. Gee! How’d that happen?

    • EPGAH

      Hedonism from the Cultural Left, maybe? “Do What Feels Good, Right Or Wrong”? “Can’t Get Pregnant First Time”? “We’ll Make the Selfish Right Pay For Your Abortion!”?

      That last one I never got. If it’s 0% my business, 0% my doing, why is it 100% my financial responsibility? And yet, women want to be “in control” of their bodies — the new excuse for abortion — while refusing to EXERCISE that control!

    • Yeah, but all those LUG’s and lipstick “lesbians” were BORN THAT WAY. LOL come on.

      You know what LUG means?

  4. Jason Y

    They are actually correct on this at least for gay men, although at least some lesbians can be changed in the lab.

    WHAT? That’s no fun, especially if they’re hot. 😆

    How about creating more blonde lesbians? Can they do that in the lab?

  5. guy from Montréal

    Can you imagine if one day science actually discovered what causes biological homosexuality and developed a treatment or cure? I think gay SJWs would completely go nuts and scream gay genocide!

  6. Jynxi

    I’ve had several lesbians proposition me for sex on the down-low and I must say, I took a pass. When I asked them why they wanted to have sex with me, they said they just got to feel that pounding. I never told them that I’m not attracted to women who pretend to look and act like men as I am not one to take advantage of someone in such a honest and vulnerable moment.

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