An Example of What the Alt Left Opposes in Terms of Homosexuality

parkerdell writes:

Your needing to put “biological” in front of the word gay, and the suggestion that gay people force straight people to have gay sex just earned you an unfollow. It’s 2016.

Forcing people to have sex is called rape. And the majority of men who rape men self-identify as straight. Go figure.

This crazy promotion of homosexuality like it’s health food or something is exactly what the Alt Left is dead set against. And people who feel this way are not welcome in our movement.

Homosexuality is bad for society, and there is nothing positive about it. If we could biologically engineer it away, it would be a good thing. It offers no benefit to society, and at the same time it causes quite a few problems.

There are pure biological homosexuals who cannot be changed, and we are stuck with them for now. They must be given full rights and treated with kindness and dignity like anyone with an unchangeable biological issue with their brain or body. People should not be persecuted for things they cannot control. Nevertheless, homosexuality ought to be kept to a minimum, and in general, the less homosexuality in society, the better.

And what’s wrong with referring to biological homosexuality? Isn’t that what the Gay Politics crowd have been screaming for decades now? That they are biologically gay? Now it’s a term of homophobic abuse? What the Hell?

Gay men generally do not force straight men to have gay sex and I never said they did! I said they promote, encourage, cajole and hector straight men to experiment with gay sex. And of course gay men are always trying to seduce straight men. That never ends. And it is very common for gay bosses to sexually harass young, goodlooking male underlings. And gay men often give young straight men down on their luck a place to stay and a job for a while.

After a bit, the hammer comes down and the gay man demands sex or else he will throw the straight guy out on the street. He also threatens to fire him from the job. A lot of straight men just leave but some cave and get into gay sex. So gay men blackmailing straight men into gay sex seems pretty common. It’s happened to me and it’s also happened to two different friends of mine. So gay men definitely prey on young straight men especially if they are very goodlooking.


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  1. Horatio

    Any time someone uses the “Its [CURRENT YEAR]” argument, I stop listening or reading.

    Every time.

    This practice was more likely due to culture and customs than a freak increase in biologically determined homosexuality. And if it was due to culture, it couldn’t have happened if people could not be persuaded, cajoled and encouraged to this type of activity.

  2. Actually Pretty Funny

    Ze Russian Soul

    “I looked the woman in the boobs and saw ze Russian soul aka my soul. I found her to be very well endowed as I am pretty funny.”- Prez Vladimir ‘Vova’ Putin.

    “Putin IS Femen.”- M. Night Shyamalan

    I am Actually Pretty Funny! In this picture, the (Russian) photographer/cameraman, Putin and the Russian bare-breasted agent coordinated quite well. The “Fuck off Putin” statement was clearly written for the camera. You can see here how “humane” he, Putin, is.

    FEMEN, the bare-breasted protest movement, was found by the KGB (or whatever the name) under Vladimir Putin the spymaster in 2008.

    The goal of FEMEN is as the following:

    -Domestically (in Russia)

    • To show to Russians how the West is full of decadent, stupid and stubborn women deprived of femininity. Russians would compare “the West” with Russia, especially Putin. In that picture, he is quite cool!
    • To scare Russians off from “Democracy” and keep Chairman Putin in his chair.
    • To protest Communism IN LIEU of them Russians.
    • To serve as a decoy from other problems
    • To help Russians de-stress and cheer them up.


    +To troll the West, obviously.
    +A decoy from the true Putin. People would be tired of such stupidity and forget the idea of “sabotaging” Russia.
    +To harness sympathy from the West, specifically the Far Right and the Far Left.
    +To help protest against friendly leaders of Putin. So far they have been harassing Chairman Putin of Russia, Yanukovych the former satrap of Ukraine, Lukashenko the satrap of Belarus, Rouhani the Iranian. Haven’t poked Poroshenko the new president of Ukraine yet.

    October 2014, one Femen was fined for beheading the wax statue of Vladimir Putin in France. She laughed hysterically after hearing the fine from the Court. Look at the dumb blonde:

    The deceitful Russian girl (spy) wanted people to believe that:

    -She acted alone, no accomplice.
    -Therefore as a dumb/crazy blonde she couldn’t think straight and had written “kill Putin” backwards, by looking at a mirror. In this case, she somehow amused and also helped lessen the stress of Russians back home.

    Self protest movements like Femen is deep rooted in the Bible of Communism. Karl Marx once said: “The struggle will be long and hard, the Capitalists will use every dirty and unimaginable trick out there to take back power, but eventually at the End of Ages the Proletariat shall prevail.”

    A remark by Uncle Bob: “In Venezuela those Capitalists keep appearing out of thin air, one after another.”

    That made the Soviet Government quite nervous at first, and after several years killing capitalists, they’d finally decided that they would organize an opposition on their own. The Troika/KGB had infiltrated every facet of society, even Party Organs, therefore creating an “Opposition” wasn’t that problematic. With an “Opposition” in their hands, they could freely suppress “outsiders” as they saw fit.

    Take Chairman Putin as an example:

    Those nosy journalists kept causing trouble to Putin and comrades, digging into their building projects so naturally they had to be dealt with. I was previously more familiar with them than FEMEN, because I knew so well that FEMEN IS Putin.

  3. EPGAH

    What about the lawfare? They actually admitted there’s an organized campaign by queers to sue Christian businesses out of existence!

    • Jason Y

      Well it depends on what you mean. For instance, “Chick Fil a” will hire and serve gays, but they don’t officially approve of the gay lifestyle. That would be different than some place that just flat out discriminated.

      • EPGAH

        If Moslems can sue for having to touch beer or ham, then Christians shouldn’t have to serve queers, right?

        • mott69

          @ EPGAH-
          Those are actually two completely separate questions.

          One refers to “not accommodating” an employee’s religion/beliefs in the workplace. They usually rule in favor of the employee as long as the demand doesn’t really inhibit their job performance (like a Muslim getting to wear a hijab at work). These laws are all slightly different, and are state laws.

          The other question invokes federal law and the Constitution, 14th Ammendment, Civil Rights Act of 1965, etc. There was a Supreme Court decision on this in the 1960s, I believe. A white motel owner refused to rent rooms to blacks. He lost. It was ruled that if you serve the general public, you can’t discriminate against a particular group(s). It also falls under interstate commerce, believe it or not, because motel owners deal with folks from out of their state!

          Anyhow, this is why the cake makers and wedding hall renters are losing their lawsuits. They have to serve gays if they serve any member of the public.

          However, I think some Catholic pharmacists won a case involving not wanting to sell the morning after pill to anyone. But you see, this doesn’t involve not serving a certain group/kind of people. It’s more of a workplace accommodation (assuming some other pharmacist could sell the pills instead).

        • mott69

          Two different questions.

          One is state law- accommodating workers’ beliefs.

          The other is federal law- if you serve the public, you can’t say, “Except those people.”

          If you are a private club or a church, you don’t have to let in everyone. However, churches have non-church positions that the hire for, too. And they get sued for firing gays, etc.

        • EPGAH

          Except in Washington, where the lawsuit took place, queer marriage was against the law AT TIME OF FILING, so they were entrapping him into breaking state law!

          If I offer you money to break the law, would you do it?
          Can I sue you if you don’t?

          As to your last paragraph, that’s what I pointed out, there ARE other bakers. In fact, the baker in this lawsuit actually told the queers some other bakeries, so it seems the queers were out to get this one.
          Later, queer organizations made a blanket statement on the Internet, they ARE out to get Christian organizations!

          Queers and other crybullies are just getting WAY too powerful now!

      • What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with Chick a Fil a? Is that what the gays are so mad about, that the company won’t give it a stamp of approval?

        • EPGAH

          I’m more wondering why they had to sue a bakery out of business, rather than just find a bakery that accepted perversion!

          That is, assuming the CAKE was the goal, rather than a lawsuit to browbeat the less degenerate out of the way?

        • mott69

          The gays got mad when they found out the owner of Chick-a-Fil-A is a bigwig in an anti-gay organization, and contributes to fighting gay marriage, etc.

          They gays and pro-gays started picketing Chick-a stores. Campuses threatened to close them down. Chick-a caved in, apologized, said they hire and serve gays, etc. But the owner still belongs to those groups, etc.

  4. Jason Y

    As with anything the punks ruin it for everyone. For instance, ghetto blacks ruin it for ALL blacks, and likewise punk gays who seduce, whether it be via rape or sexual harassment, ruin it for gays. Racist white people ruin it for all southern USA white people etc..

    Probably a lot of the sociopathic behavior of homophobes, and I knew one, results from harassment. This guy I speak of was incredibly annoying to be around, incredibly insecure. However, it seems he may have become that way cause he’s a “babyfaced” bodybuilder, so a lot of gays would harass him at work.

    As a rule though I understand we all meet types who make us angry, becoming a douchebag because of it isn’t the cool way to go. For instance, I’m well aware some blacks are racist, some gays will sexually harass you, some Asians are jerks when their home turf or on hate forums, East Indians can be incredibly cruel to lower castes etc..

    I suppose the typical douchebag things he can change the situation with his anger, but usually nothng changes. As on it was said on the movie “American History X”, the hate doesn’t change anything or make life better.

    • Jason Y

      Meant to say

      ” I suppose the typical douchebag thinks he can change the situation with his anger, but usually nothng changes.”

      Something wrong with this keyboard. Gosh. lol

    • EPGAH

      Well, this should be interesting: How do you suggest fighting back without idiots construing it as “hate”?

      And remember, there’s a difference between fighting back against those that herass you…and attacking innocents like the Black Lies Matter thugs.
      The shopkeepers did nothing to these savages.

      The vet who got attacked last week did nothing to these savages.

      Police are trying to protect innocents from the savages…

      • Jason Y

        I doubt if most sane blacks view it as hate either. Anyone defending these violent ghetto blacks is a fool but anyone’s standards.

        Perhaps, that’s the real problem, lack of color-blind law enforcement. In other words, bad is bad, despite the color, and if your bad, you pay.

        • EPGAH

          What do you mean? We HAVE color-blind law-enforcement. Despite the narratives, thugs don’t get shot because they’re Black, they get shot because they attack cops!

          “if your bad, you pay”

          Except Black Lies Matter wants to make the cops pay for punishing them!

        • EPGAH

          Remember, Black Lies Matter was founded on 4 LIES!

          1.) Trayvon Martin was a ten year old black boy murdered by a “white Hispanic” (Amazing how Hispanics are white when they commit crime, but nonwhite when they call our immigration laws “racist”, isn’t it?) as he walked home eating his candy.
          2.) Michael Brown was a gentle giant dreaming of going to college when attacked by a white cop who shot him in the back as he knelt with his hands up pleading, “Don’t shoot!”
          3.) Eric Garner was choked to death by police on the streets of New York.
          4.) Freddie Gray was beaten to death in the back of a police transport.

          If you believe any of those, you need to buy some bridges from me!
          Now for the truths!

          1.) Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year old gang member thug caught scoping out homes to rob when spotted by a neighborhood watchmen whom it ambushed and tried to break the road with his head, AFTER BRAGGING ABOUT IT TO ITS GIRLFRIEND, but was shot when it tried to take his gun.
          2.) Michael Brown was another thug who had just robbed a convenience store and then attacked the policeman questioning it, and it, too, was shot trying to take the officer’s gun.
          3.) Eric Garner died of a heart attack because he was a big, obese older man wrestling with police. There’s a reason Chris Farley never got into the UFC.
          4.) Freddie Gray was alone in the back of the van banging its head on the inside wall of the van to claim a “Police Brutality” injury but overdid it and caused itself a fatal head injury.I guess its brain was bouncing around like a handball in all that cranial space?

          In other words, bad is bad, they paid, Black Lies Matter tries to turn them into saints. By your definition, Black Lies Matter are fools–but then they have the Bum’s ear…and Clinton’s!
          I REALLY hope Clinton doesn’t get into power.
          We don’t need more people who support the criminals!

        • Tulio

          Lol, Epgah claiming we have color blind law enforcement. Get that. An openly racist white man believes law enforcement is color blind. Hah! This guy is too much.

          Polls have shown that white people thought blacks were treated fairly even back during Jim Crow. So whites have a long history of been completely oblivious on this subject matter. Stick to topics you actually know something about.

          According this guy, every black man that is shot by cops under in any every circumstance deserved it. Now he claims Trayvon was scoping out houses to rob. Couldn’t be that he was just walking back to his dad’s house from the store. No, he was a thug scoping out houses to rob. I’m still waiting to hear you refer to Dylan Roof as a thug.

      • Jason Y

        The main problem is WNs want a hateful agenda against ALL blacks, not just the bad ones, or against ALL latinos, not just the bad ones etc..

        For instance, aparthied South Africa and the Jim Crow south did not differentiate between good and bad, but simply treated all blacks the same.

        • EPGAH

          By “treat them all the same”, you mean keep them out of the good areas unless they had specific permission slips to be in the white side of town for a specific purpose?

          What’s wrong with that? Prevents thugs invading the white area of town on a whim. They shoot people when they get “bored”, remember?

          See? Race not a factor, they were just BORED! If they were “bored”, why not shoot a fellow thug?

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          By “treat them all the same”, you mean keep them out of the good areas unless they had specific permission slips to be in the white side of town for a specific purpose?

          What’s wrong with that? Prevents thugs invading the white area of town on a whim. They shoot people when they get “bored”, remember?

          See? Race not a factor, they were just BORED! If they were “bored”, why not shoot a fellow thug?

          Actually, the US does that now, it’s called parole. If your on parole then your gun ownership is limited, your voting rights are gone, and you might lack freedom of movement. But of course, I’m all for more restrictions for violent parolees.

          However, the point being though, these people are proven violent people. They aren’t asking for papers from the Cosbys. Well, lol, they might ask them from Bill now after that scandal.

          Note though the violent thugs often break parole. In fact, a white lady was viscously shot near my hometown by one parole breaker simply cause she looked at him the wrong way.

          Yeah, absolutely I’m all for aparthied, in fact increased aparthied, for those who are proven to be violent, no matter the race.

      • Jason Y

        Basically what ep-gah refers to is the tendency of people (often races of people) to refuse to accept faults due to pride. That’s common everywhere. It’s even common among white nationalists who play the “Jew Card”.

        Culture also plays a big role. For instance, in the poor white culture (and others as well) tobacco use is the manly thing to do. They do it all the time around everyone, including small children and babies. Telling them a lot of thier ways are wrong is no different than telling blacks some of thier people (ghetto blacks) are just flat out bad, with no excuse.

        Getting people to change thier culture is a lost cause, as we see with radical athiests who preach night and day they hate religion, not seeing that religion is so integrally tied into culture it’s nearly impossible to stop.

        • Jason Y

          In a sense, though sad to say, the white nationalists calls for genocide and expulsion actually makes sense, mainly because the groups they hate aren’t going to change. The way these groups think is too embedded in thier culture.

          Actually the only route for white nationalists is to leave, because they don’t have the numbers (unless Trump steps in maybe) to enact thier agenda.

        • EPGAH

          OK, I misunderstood, I thought you were saying apartheid was “cruel” or something. You admit its necessity and are in favor of it?

          And you’re right, these are proven violent scum, but groups like ACORN–and its spinoffs–are trying to get felons their voting privileges back! It’s not a right, it’s a privilege, spelled out as such in the Constitution, not that anyone pays attention to that anymore.

          Words cannot express how stupid it is to let violent scum back into the population, then pretend to be blindsided when they attack someone again! Do you remember the judge I linked you to who gave a home-invader instant parole because after he held a gun in a 3-year-old’s face, it made her “racist”?

          As to white nationalists leaving, where to? And why should we leave our own country, instead of booting the savages, or these radical atheists you suddenly brought into the conversation?

        • EPGAH

          Basically, this is the problem: ONLY whites are stupid enough to let in not-self in sufficient numbers to make our whole COUNTRY not ours!

          Could you imagine letting a bum? You’d feel pretty good about yourself, right? You are helping some poor, down-on-his-luck guy. Fellow human and all that, right? BUT then he brings a girlfriend–or maybe rapes your daughter–pops out a littler in your living room.
          Then he brings friends. Then he says, “We outnumber you, so we’re not gonna follow your rules anymore”. He and his friends trash your house.
          Would you accept that or fight to get your house back to yours again?

        • Jason Y

          Maybe one way to deal with the situation is like how people deal with roaches and rats. If people clean the house, then there is no habitat for them to breed.

          So if we can do something about really bad black areas, the bad blacks gradually vanish, and all you have left are the majority boring blacks who aren’t bothering anyone.

          It could be done undercover so no cries of racism will come about.

          Actually, honestly, and ep-gah doesn’t understand this, all this drama just plays to the “controlled liberal-conservative” debate in the US. The ultimate goal is to promote the status quo, cause all sorts of law enforcement jobs and contracts are on the line.

          Notice despite all the yammering from Republicans and people like Al Sharpton, that no real solution is proposed that ends the problem for good?

        • EPGAH

          No, we have to kill or otherwise remove the bad ones first, otherwise the Bad Blacks would just turn it back to shit in a second.

          Like our rebuilding of Iraq WHILE THE TERRORISTS WERE STILL BLOWING SHIT UP! We were trying to improve the environment BEFORE killing off the ones who made it that way. It was an expensive–I mean EXTENSIVE–experiment, that ultimately could be considered a failure, right?

          Undercover would be a good idea, but I think that’s called assassination, right? Bad Blacks drowning in a pool of their own blood for no apparent reason? Sounds like the movie “King Of New York”! It’s a vigilante fantasy, with the twist that the vigilante in question is a drug-lord who uses his profit to clean up the city. THAT’S how you know it’s fantasy!

          As to Republican solutions, they’ve been cock-blocked, haven’t they? We could undo the 1964 “reforms” that caused the Blacks to become the slovenly violent monsters they are now. If that’s too vulgar a term, what term would you prefer?

          Sharpton doesn’t propose any kind of solutions; he’s publicly said he doesn’t have time. But he always seems to have time to convince Blacks that their bad lot in life is NOT due to their own violence or incompetence, it’s due to whitey keeping them down, doesn’t he?

      • Tulio

        No matter what the thread topic, Epgah will manage to turn into a tirade against blacks.

        I just now remembered that you were supporting Dillon Roof who massacred a bunch of innocent old black folks in church. I totally forgot about that. So who are you to be condemning what these black guys in the video did when you wouldn’t even condemn a white man that slaughters innocent black people, which was far worse than what these guys above did.

        • Jason Y

          Racist whites during the Jim Crow era did go after some real criminals. Nonetheless, they did over-kill on the situation and often lynched innocents. They also took the “fear of an example idea” (the lynched black man as a warning) too far, bascially turning lynchings into a rural amusement complete with food and games, like some country fair.

          Of course, the ultimate result of all these lynchings was the
          de-humanization of black Americans literally making them all out to be monkeys, so to speak.

        • EPGAH

          How is it far worse? This should be interesting. If you accept and even take the side of Blacks attacking innocent whites, on up to massacring and overthrowing a white country, then you must also accept occasional retribution, right? I haven’t read Word 1 of condemnation from you about thugs taking a life because they’re “bored”, let alone overthrow of white countries. Did I miss a post or 2, or did you really never condemn them?

        • Tulio

          There’s a word for that. It’s called terrorism. Of course whites never see their terrorism as terrorism. Only scary dark skinned people can be terrorists and thugs.

        • EPGAH

          Terrorism, huh? I consider it punishment.

          What do you consider the rioting of Black Lies Matter thugs to be then? “Harmless Venting”? “Boredom Relief”? Why weren’t the rioters slaughtered? That would make a far better example.

          How do you remind a group of violent outsiders they are NOT in their own country, they’re in ours, Behave Or Else? Given that Third Worlders are mentally 2-5, the proper response is “Make Us” or “Or Else WHAT?”, correct? If this behavior is unpunished, then savages have exactly ZERO reason to obey OUR LAWS instead of THEIR IMPULSES!

          Here’s a better question: Why can’t Blacks control themselves and/or each other, the way whites do?

        • Jason Y

          Yeah that thought occured to me after 9/11. Oh the poor white people, lol.

        • EPGAH

          Wow, I never knew the World Trade Center was ONLY white. I DO know that they changed the races of the statue commemorating the first responders because “Diversity.”

          If diversity is this important, how the hell would they allow the whole building to be whites only?

        • Tulio

          “Terrorism, huh? I consider it punishment.”

          And if you die in an airliner blown up by Jihadists, remember that they will consider this collective punishment for your crimes. Not terrorism.

          “How is it far worse? This should be interesting.”

          Would you rather be beat up or be murdered?

          “If you accept and even take the side of Blacks attacking innocent whites, on up to massacring and overthrowing a white country, then you must also accept occasional retribution, right?”

          So you openly support murdering innocent black people then? Just go ahead and declare it if you’ve got the balls.

        • EPGAH

          Now you’re defending JIHADISTS! Never met a crime you didn’t like, huh? Jihadists, though, are the same tantrums I’m upset about with the Blacks. To use your own words, punishing us for punishing them! They attack something of ours, that is their crime. We attack them to punish them, they punish us for punishing them, and so on.

          Black Lies Matter is ALSO all about punishing cops for punishing thugs. Or in larger riots, punishing AMERICA for ALLOWING cops to punish thugs! Apparently we’re supposed to allow thugs free rein in our streets? But they bitch about that too. No riots, just bitching. They don’t get that they started it, and only when they quit will there be peace. The enemy, not you, determines when a war starts and stops.

          I’d rather criminals get killed, and innocent people left alone. BUT if they attack our innocents, then they waive the right to bitch when their own innocents get killed. Like the World Trade Center. No Truther has yet put up “evidence” of a secret ammo factory in there. They aimed to kill INNOCENTS. As such, Moslems should not get to bitch about their “innocents” dying. And remember, their “innocents” are raping people in countries around the Civilized World!

          The person you’re justifying the beating of is a war hero. Apparently, he was fighting for their RIGHT to be savages? They should leave him alone out of respect. If they’re really tough, why not sign up and show how tough they are against terrorists? Except terrorists fight back! These animals don’t want a FIGHT, they want PREY! And some of those people they beat up DIE! These animals don’t care. Why should we care about their lives?

          I’m in favor of whatever is necessary to make the savages quiescent, if not peaceful.

          We’ve wasted TRILLIONS trying to bribe savages into peacefulness, and that hasn’t worked. Go ahead and tell me we just haven’t given ENOUGH? So the only thing left is force. However, I’m talking with another guy who says that Magnificent Power might be better than Brutal Power.

          I’m actually starting to agree with him. What if thugs suddenly drowned in pools of their own blood?
          Terrorists just dropped dead for no apparent reason? Not a cop in sight, not an American soldier in sight? That would end the problem as much as our obnoxiously loud airstrikes, it would be quieter, cheaper…And I can’t see any way it would be LESS effective at changing the underlying behavior than the current way is…

          Why don’t you just say you support Blacks disobeying our laws, up to and including attacking their hosts, with no punishment?

        • EPGAH

          BTW, how do we tell which ones are “innocent”?
          Take Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa, Zaire. Do you believe there were some Blacks who were NOT involved in massacring their betters and overthrowing/ruining the country?

          I still missed the post where you condemned those 3 “bored” thugs for murder because they were “bored”–That is NOT a beating, that is MURDER!
          Or any condemnation of overthrow of white countries. Please point it out to me, or tell me that you support that.

        • EPGAH

          Look, I’ll even be the bigger man. Dylan Roof was wrong, he was attacking the NEAREST target, instead of the CORRECT target.
          However, he DID INTENTIONALLY let some of his would-be victims go. That’s what you do if you want to be Dread Pirate Roberts, not if you’re a Stone Cold Killa. If he was the Terminator you’re trying to paint him as, he’d enforce a “No Survivors, No Witnesses, No Exceptions” policy.

          Now what about the Black Lies Matter rioters? Or the thugs that set the girl on fire? Or the animals who ambush cops, at gas stations, overpasses, etc.? Or Bryce Williams, or Alton Nolen, if you want Names?
          Willie Horton would be just too easy, right?

        • Hey Tulio I was browsing funny racial jokes about chinese people and I found one about white people. I never even knew these stereotypes existed lmao! Look at this

          The “can’t shoot up school on an empty stomach” is my favorite one. The parents stab is a close second.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, how about that? The ones that surrender get taken in, the ones that fight, die. Take Gilbert Collar, PLEASE! Or the 6-year-old who got shot in Marksville.

          I have a list of Black thugs who shot up rooms full of people, but didn’t get much media attention for it–or even got request to excuse it as part of their culture, like the Oklahoma Beheader!

          However, it looks like you just want to trade memes?

          Now I know why Shapiro was considered an “assault” to grown, but not matured, 2-year-olds…

          Are we having fun yet?

          PS, Your pictures indicate exactly what I said about showing fresh-faced KIDS instead of the tattooed MONSTERS they were at the time of the crimes that got them killed. Meanwhile, white thugs are shown in the most antagonistic way possible. Thank you for proving that!

  5. Latias

    I just want homosexuality to be trivialized.

    John Maynard Keynes is gay. That’s interesting. Peter Thiel is a gay Christian. I didn’t know that.

    “Gay” should just be an adjective, or piece of trivia about one’s private life, not an identity.

    • That’s probably a good idea. Gay IdPol, like most IdPol, is lousy.

    • Jason Y

      Has it escaped anyone that gays are tired of being picked on? As with any other group, if the band together then they get bullied less. That’s not saying gay is a good way to be, but that gays are using a good defensive strategy. I mean who are you going to pick on, a gay in a nearly all straight high school, or one at militant left wing college?

      • Jason Y

        It also shows how cowardly racists/homophobes are, considering they always go after weak prey, not a herd.

        • EPGAH

          If they’re tired of being picked on, why wave their perversion in someone’s face? And again, why only wave their shit in CHRISTIANS’ faces?

          It shows how cowardly queers are when they bitch and whine about how they’re tolerated HERE, where all we ask is that they not be too In-Your-Face about it…then they band together to bully Christians. Hence my term of “CryBully”.

          NOTE: They don’t pull that on Moslems! From Moslem-owned bakeries in the Civilized World, to NOT having Queer Pride Parades in Moslem Cult Countries.

          Why is that? If they’re so “proud” of perversion, and “brave”, shouldn’t they wave it in the face of someone who might DO something about it?

          OR MAYBE, they shouldn’t wave it in the face of people who are disgusted by it?

          Robert has another article where queers can’t even make up their minds if it’s a CHOICE or a CONDITION. And if it’s a condition, we can cure it!

        • EPGAH

          It shows how cowardly queers are to troll Christians with their perversions and lawsuits for not putting up with their shit, instead of terrorists.
          They always go after weak prey who will meekly put up with it instead of potentially beheading the offender, right?

          Also, it shows how much shit the rest of us have to put up with from these trolls.

        • Jason Y

          It depends on the situation. I’m not for gays pushing thier agenda, nor some jerk getting his kicks at college picking on the class homo. It would be better if everyone minded thier own business. Especially at a school, it should be about studying not making a remake of the movie “Dazed and Confused”, but many just can’t resist the fun.

          A big problem with schools is you got those there for serous, reasons and others are there to bully gay people, push a gay agenda, push some kind of ethnic agenda I just really don’t care about etc.., American football, whatever. Honestly,if people want drama fine, but when they start pushing around meek students trying to study, then it’s a problem.

        • Jason Y

          Sometimes what ep-gah is saying is true and sometimes not. Generally racists/homophobes and also gays, various non-white groups, and even whites, turn into wimps once they’re out of thier comfort zone. For instance, no white guy is going to wave a confederate flag in Harlem the way the waved in East Tennessee recently, lol

          Some of that situation might be understandable, but it’s really not cool when people in a homogeneous area (speaking of something else) use thier majority status to pick an outsider. Of course though, blacks are racist also (among others) and do the same to whites in some of their neighborhoods.

        • EPGAH

          And a pack of Blacks will ALWAYS attack a non-Black, no matter what the environment, from the ghetto which could be claimed as “their turf”, on up to Dartmouth college library.

          Large groupings of whites, though, are not always violence, which is how we can HAVE colleges in the first place. How do you explain a “herd” of whites NOT becoming a mob? Also, when you say no white will wave a Confederate flag in Harlem, why not? Maybe because Blacks are more violent toward things they oppose?

        • Jason Y

          And a pack of Blacks will ALWAYS attack a non-Black, no matter what the environment, from the ghetto which could be claimed as “their turf”, on up to Dartmouth college library.

          Large groupings of whites, though, are not always violence, which is how we can HAVE colleges in the first place. How do you explain a “herd” of whites NOT becoming a mob? Also, when you say no white will wave a Confederate flag in Harlem, why not? Maybe because Blacks are more violent toward things they oppose?

          It depends. Not all blacks will attack a white, unless they do something really dumb like wear a “I hate niggers” sign, lol, on them like on that Bruce Willis movie. Otherwise, what blacks do depends on the location, and they might allow a certain amount of criticism.

          Likewise, white often will put up with a lot from blacks, but sometimes they can be quite redneck if you push the right buttons (and happen to be in the wrong crowd). Tons of whites were raised by racist parents, hence they’re violently anti-black, or at least they don’t like “uppity or rebellious blacks”. Now who would you believe? Would you believe me since I come from rural southern USA area?

    • Tulio

      I agree. I think that’s basically how it’s seen in Southeast Asia. No one cares about homosexual behavior, but people don’t take it serious or politicize it either. They have not redefined marriage.

      Trivialize it, I like that term.

      • Jason Y

        Gays should be free to do what they want. However, I draw the line at the Boy Scouts. So basically gays are OK, as long as they mind thier own business and stay away from kids.

  6. kareem

    Gays are what, less than 4% of the population? They are such a minuscule number. The big focus on gay issues always seemed way overblown in relation to their population.

    • EPGAH

      The noisy ones get the attention, and sadly, can even get laws changed to their whims. The majority is silent, usually due to apathy–until the crybullies target them.

    • I think the percentage depends. I think Robert (I think or else another person) once said the actual percentage was closer 1.5% though I think people argue that it is determined only by self report, so the real percentage maybe unknown considering how many simply say that they’re gay vs. those who don’t but actually are.

      Either way, I suspect the percentage to be low.

  7. Battleship Negro

    Yeah, why do gays not pull their bakery stunts on Muzlims? Inshallah Muzlims will throw them of a cliff.

    Gay throwing contests in muzlim countries are something that heals the heart of a the believers. Mashallah.

    So actually this shows how tolerant Christians are as the cowardly gays will not bother a law abiding muzlim bakery inshallah.

    So EPGAH this is to the credit of the Christians and to the credit of the black stone kissing Muzlims.

    The Muzlims heal their hearts of sin by throwing gays off the cliff and kissing the black stone which will suck any sinful gay thoughts from then while they are on haj;and it is to the credit of Christians as they are mindful of the injunction of Christ to render to Ceaser what is his and to render to God what is his. Both communities come off well from a theological perspective.

  8. Hasdrubal

    If a 40 year old straight man offers a place to stay to an attractive 20 year old woman everyone one and their mother would think at some point the the man is gonna try to hit that. Same holds true for a 40 year old gay man and attractive 20 year old man. That aint gays being unusually predatory it’s men acting like men. Same holds for workplace sexual harassment, I guess gay men might have it a little easier because men might be less likely to sue over it OTOH men aren’t at the physical disadvantage women typically are when being harassed by a man so their is less of a fear factor even if the ick factor is the same or greater.

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