The Main Problem with the Alternative Right

Bay Area Guy writes:

What amazes me though is that despite lamenting the fact that more whites aren’t on board with the alt right, Alt Righters too often ignore economic issues. There’s a reason why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump – who along with his inflammatory rhetoric also denounces free trade deals – have galvanized so many white Americans, albeit in their own radically different ways.

As I told Robert Stark during my first appearance on his radio program over two years ago, the average young white person doesn’t give two flying fucks about the Frankfurt School or subtle Jewish themes in Hollywood films; they’re interested in economic survival.

Alt righters should take a page from Bernie Sanders’s book, as he’s earned the loyal and passionate following of far more young whites than they have – even young white women support Sanders far more than they do fellow female Hillary Clinton.

This election just goes to show that while identity is indeed important, identity politics alone is not enough to build a movement around.

The whole problem with the Alt Right is the “Right” part. They all feel that they are part of a rightwing or conservative movement, and therefore, almost none of them want to support anything “leftwing.” So they have boxed themselves in. Everything they support on any issue has to be “rightwing.”

Even when they tired of rightwing economics for obvious reasons, the only thing they could promote was a basic income of $10,000/yr along with zeroing out all social programs. Now that’s not even liberal. I think everyone on the Left would be against it honestly. But the only reason they could even support that was that conservative hero Milton Friedman supported it.

By calling themselves Alt Right, they have walled off the entire liberal/Left/progressive universe as evil and the enemy, even though we have some pretty damn good ideas on certain things.

I suppose the Alt Right ought to be for people who are basically conservative but are opposed to some aspects of the Right in the US. The Alt Righters seem to be mostly opposed to the Right because they are not rightwing enough. I can’t think of one thing where the Alt Right thinks the Right is too conservative!


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25 responses to “The Main Problem with the Alternative Right

  1. Tulio

    “The whole problem with the Alt Right is the “Right” part. They all feel that they are part of a rightwing or conservative movement, and therefore, almost none of them want to support anything “leftwing.” So they have boxed themselves in. Everything they support on any issue has to be “rightwing.””

    I see this all the time on climate change. The left supports climate change, thus climate change is a hoax of global proportions perpetrated by communist scientists bent on extinguishing capitalism. No amount of scientific data matters to them. Leftist believe in climate change, so there it’s wrong.

    • Tulio

      Meant to say the left BELIEVES in man made climate change.

      • Jason Y

        Both the left and right work with the controlled debate. The main goal is to keep the status quo due to the massive profit made.

        Well, if the Left BELIEVES so much in manmade climate change, why aren’t they neutering Third World mega-breeders, or tech out of reach of the Third World mega-breeders?

        The third world breeds heavily cause they’re backward. A backwardness encouraged by right wing regimes, the very ones you support. A progressive regime would see birth rates go down.

        Go to any dumbass farming nation and you will see people breeding like rabbits. Often it’s cause, traditionally, more kids are needed for farmwork etc.. However, the kicker lies in the fact free trade is destroying farming, so all these extra people have to emigrate to the US to survive.

      • Jason Y

        Oh , also and this will make WNs angry, the third world breeds cause the right wing regimes are against feminism (a progressive idea). Women must stay home and make kids. However, nowadays, the medicine is so good, most of the kids survive. So where are they to go?

        Some might say, why don’t we ban medicine? Are you serious? That’s cruel and evil. However, a humane solution would be to promote progressive regimes in the third world, or they could just industrialize the third world to make it less backwards, but I don’t see that happening.

        So progressive regimes, or perhaps a rapid industrialization under capitalism would do the job. However, it’s unlikely industry will develop massively in the third world to the point to push them out of feudalism.

        Note backward Russia was pushed out of feudalism only via Communism, nowadays it has a very low birth rate.

      • EPGAH

        Wow, that’s a twofer! You blame their breeding AND their invasion on their betters?

        If Free Trade is destroying farming, why can’t they find other jobs? Aren’t jobs being sent to Third World countries, from Maquiladoras in Mexico on up?
        And if they no longer have farms, they no longer NEED those “extra people”, right?

        As to rapid industrialization, that would just cause MORE pollution, and if you believe the Left, Pollution=Global Warming.
        THIS is the result of “rapid industrialization”.

        WORSE: There is no Magic Force Field locking China’s pollution in China!
        It undermines anything WE do to LOWER pollution, and some of the pollution settles on the sides of Colorado mountains!

      • EPGAH

        How is it “cruel and evil” to stop interfering?
        The savages WANT us to stop interfering–they tell us so loudly and often–BUT they want us to keep sending them food and medicine which is “interference” of the worst kind. Let’s grant their Wish, stop interfering.
        Let their excess population die.

        OR they need to figure out that now that birth is NOT Russian Roulette, they can stop breeding spares!

        Since they won’t do the latter, we must do the former.
        If it’s “cruel”, remember, cruelty to the guilty is mercy to the innocent, right? By being “cruel” to them, we stop them from dumping their savages on us, which is cruel to US, on any axis you could name:
        1.) Outright violence
        2.) Job Competition
        3.) Cultural Strife
        4.) Political Pandering to our enemies instead of US as they outbreed us–and we pay for it!
        If you think I put these in the wrong order, let’s discuss that!

  2. What interview on Richard Starks program

    Rob when was Bay Area guy ever on radio as you said he was

  3. Wayen

    It’s embarrassingly obvious that the ”Alternative Right” is overly focused on identity politics.

    Look at Hillary’s Clinton’s recent failures. Her campaign has been pushing the Imawoman Card. But unlike Obama she doesn’t have the Magical Minority and Savior Cards. The case is that ”Woman” is a more nebulous identity to focus a presidential campaign on than ”Black”. Contrary to feminist narratives there is no ”sisterhood” of women who are all loving to each other unless brainwashed by ”The Patriarchy” (or whatever it’s called now). A spokeswoman like Gloria Steinem saying that the girls who vote for Sanders are doing so due to it being where the guys are shows how the ”Woman as Eternal Victim” narrative is clashing against how apparent it is that as Heather Wilhelm noted, Hillary is of the establishment.

    Any of you Alternative Righters reading this should recognized the folly of identity politics. If you won’, then you are holding yourself back.

    • I would say that the Alt Left ought to be pretty much against Id Pol period. That ought to be one of the main thrusts. A strong focus on economic issues with the cultural stuff shoved to the rear or off the stage altogether. If you’re on the Left and you want Id Pol, the Democratic Party’s that-a-way. The Alt Left is supposed to be different. Once the Alt Left embraces Id Pol, we just turned into the Cultural Left that we claim we hate so much. Ridiculous.

    • Horatio

      The Alternative Right is focused on Identity Politics because it believes that the demographic changes in the West are critical in determining the state of its future.

      So, due to circumstances arising from globalism and mass immigration and multiculturalism, it’s adopted a defensive position which requires a strong awareness of ones identity and therefore the identity politics comes out.

      Many don’t see it as a defensive position, but as something that should be the natural state of affairs, but this is probably due to confusion than a deliberate attempt to create a social system based on identity politics.

      Ideally, a society wouldn’t engage in identity politics, but at this point, I think its way too late and there is little choice but for people involved to be more aware of, and base their politics on, their identity.

      • Wayen

        I’m aware of all you posted.And I maintain that identity politics hold back the Alternative Right.

        Identity politics has been repeatedly shown to aid the establishment, if only from keeping any and all possible or active agitators in conflict with each other. The United States’ black community continues to be led around by race baiting managerial blacks like Al Sharpton or Obama, gets thrown treats like welfare from White Democrats, and ultimately has yet to move beyond serving as a source for votes by Democrats (who won’t actually confront the problems in the black community). Women’s Sufferage with feminism were all from the start spearheaded by white women and were allowed to get somewhere since doing so would serve parties in office. And other examples.

        It’s apparent from the successes of Trump and Sanders that the identity politics that Hillary Clinton has been riding on is holding her back. For all his bluster of building walls to keep out illegals, Trump has been careful to not base his campaign on white identity politics even if his support base is largely white. Sanders has been playing to a young woman’s innate tendency to look for a provider while Hillary has trying to frame herself as a strong independent liberated woman.

        See something? Trump and Sanders go beyond identity politics. Hillary is holding herself down overly focusing on it. And I doubt things will go better for the Alternative Right if they do so.

      • EPGAH

        If the enemy is based on Identity Politics–and Black Lies Matter makes that ABUNDANTLY clear to anyone not in a coma–then we have to also!

  4. Jason Y

    Identity politics is focused on promoting the status quo which is profitable for the various schemes the elites use to make money. For instance, millions is made from the corrections industry, so why upset the current situation?

    However, that doesn’t mean though that those going against the status quo are not evil, white supremacists for instance. Actually white supremacists would serve a useful function in providing a false image of extremists. In other words, extremists in general would be seen as are wierd, vulgar hateful etc.. when not all are. Whether it be Nazis, anti-government militas, or the Taliban, the image of those going against the status quo is scary and sometimes comical.

  5. Gay State Girl

    My problem with the alt right is that they don’t recognize viable allies among non white groups. Non whites are presumed to be a united coalition when this is far from the case.

  6. Stark is one of my best friends. I really like him a lot.

  7. Another William Playfair Web

    The Alt Right believes whites are the smartest race, and do not consider Ashkenazi Jews white or more intelligent than other Europeans, hence they are white supremacists.

    White Supremacism is bull sh*t because whites are not the smartest race.

    It also seems highly accepted that we are more violent than (North) East Asians.

    So…Alt Righters=Full of sh*t

    Case closed.

  8. EPGAH

    Case Closed, huh? What has China invented recently, rather than stealing our inventions? They invented the Big Four:
    1.) Gunpowder
    2.) Paper
    3.) Fixed Type (As opposed to Gutenberg’s Movable Type)
    4.) Compass.

    Then what…Just stopped until the Civilized World muscled open their ports for trade?

    Do you consider Jews to be smarter because they’re able to fool us, rather than taking that as a more emotion-driven thing? Or just plain being sociopaths and taking advantage of others’ altruism?

    As to whites being more violent, are you talking violent crime or violence against other groups? Whites could easily stomp out violent crime if we were willing to become a Police State, but many whites actually FEAR a Police State, rather than SEEK it. If it’s about violence toward other groups, the Tibetans would LOVE to have a discussion with you on that!

    Also look up the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Or just play Dynasty Warriors for a bit.

    So…Equalists are full of shit.
    Case Closed!

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Dude. You beat the drum about the IQ tests and then when they don’t suit you you drop them. Seriously, I’d like to have the vast majority of my ancestry trace to the smartest race, but it’s just not reality. Sorry.

      • EPGAH

        Asians are master copiers, but they get their great speed at the cost of linear thinking. No innovation. That’s why they have to steal from the European countries, particularly America.

        Worse, though, they take shortcuts in copying, which sometimes results in toxic products.
        What common Civilized World good has supplanted HEROIN topping the Black Market in China? Hint: It is completely legal everywhere else!

        • Another William Playfair Web

          I doubt it. Seems like talking points to me. Never seen any evidence of it. To do good in math they have to think more complexly.

          What about the Ashkenazis? Many European achievements were greatly aided by them (Einstein, Bohr, Nobel Prize winners later on)….

        • EPGAH

          OK, how far ahead of China was England when they first met?
          Why is Hong Kong STILL so much better than the rest of China?
          In fact, so much better, they’ll launder their citizenship through AFRICA to get into Hong Kong?
          Why can’t they invent their own shit instead of stealing ours?

          To do “good” in math, you just have to learn the rules, you don’t need to think outside the box. In fact, you have to think ABOUT the box!

          If the Ashkenazis are so smart, why haven’t they put paid to the terrorists that have been herassing them for the past 60-some years, instead of constantly demanding–and getting–aid from America?

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