The Alt Left on Gays and Gay Rights

I think the Alternative Left ought to be pro-gay rights. Or at least that is my position, and it is also Rabbit’s position. But we should have a big tent and let in any social conservatives who support populist economics. If there are some folks who don’t like gays a whole lot and feel like the less they hear about them, the better, I don’t see why we shouldn’t allow them in.

But I do not think the Alt Left ought to be about antipathy to gay rights. Gay rights is a basic human rights issue, emphasis on the human. Biological gays are human beings, and anyway, they can’t help their orientation.

I do think the Alt Left should oppose the Cultural Left approach to homosexual sex, which is the championing, cheering on and celebration of homosexual sex like it’s the greatest new flavor of ice cream that everyone needs to try right now.

And of course the Alt Left must object to gays pushing homosexual sex onto straights.


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4 responses to “The Alt Left on Gays and Gay Rights

  1. Do you really consider yourself a biological lesbian or was it something you more or less chose and you could move back to het if you wish?

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