How the Gay Movement Promotes Homosexuality

Straight people have a tremendous potential for bisexuality if a society promotes it. And the gay movement absolutely promotes gay sex for the masses, not just for biological gays who have a right to enjoy such behavior.

Go to the pro-gay websites. They are preaching and promoting gay sex to young people – teenagers and young adults.

You will see text like this on those sites:

“Questioning whether you are gay or not? Wonder whether you are gay, straight or bi? Don’t worry, lots of people wonder about these things. Well, why don’t you just experiment then? Try straight sex, see if you like it. Then try gay sex and see how you like that. Maybe you will like one better than the other, and that will be just fine! Maybe you will like both, and that will be great too!”

I am serious. They actually say this on their disgusting websites.

Sexual orientation is nothing to go round and round about. All gay men know they are gay, and most lesbians know they are gay too. There are not very many people who are genuinely confused about this stuff. However, many teenagers and young people are going round and round about sexual orientation because it is sort of a fear, phobia or something to worry about. For instance, it is very common for straight males and females to worry that they are gay or lesbian when young. None of them are, but they are worrying about it anyway. Going to that website and reading that toxic homosexuality promotion is the last thing they need.

Nobody is going to turn gay after reading that crap on those stupid websites, but you will definitely see an awful lot of boys and young men experiment with homosexuality if you feed them that material. I don’t see why neurotic teenage boys and young men who are not biologically gay need to run around experimenting with homosexual sex. Homosexual behavior is something that ought be kept to a minimum.

Sure, there are biological gays, and of course I absolutely support them.

But there is a tremendous amount of experimental and opportunistic homosexuality that goes on among males who are do not lean gay at all. Boys and young men will always experiment like that, and you can’t stop it, but they less they do it, the better.

And there is no need for opportunistic homosexuality at all. Almost all men doing engaging in that type of gay sex lean straight, usually strongly straight. They are having gay sex for all sort of strange reasons, probably mostly just because it’s an easy way to get your rocks off. Women don’t exactly give it up real easily, and sex with men is about as easy as filling up your gas tank if you know who to call or where to go. Free gay sex is a phone call or gay bar away from most urban males. Having free sex with a woman is not nearly so simple. You can’t simply snap your fingers and have a cute young hottie screw you for free.

Opportunistic homosexuality is unnecessary degenerate behavior, and I do not see why it should be promoted. An Alternative Left certainly should not support this Cultural Left smorgasbord approach to sexual orientation.


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18 responses to “How the Gay Movement Promotes Homosexuality

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  2. Jason Y

    I don’t think gays are much of a threat. As I mentioned in another thread, they seem to be these soft “teddy bear” chubby faced goobers, at least that seems to be the case in the south USA. Often, they might have some little black lady friend they hang around, most as Iv’e seen the case.

    Also, thier way of life just isn’t catching on to other people. Most moderately macho guys aren’t intrested in bisexuality or homosexuality period.

    All in all gays aren’t increasing thier numbers, a few only exist and they’re constantly bullied by losers who feel the need to parent other people on a “superior way to live”.

    • Jason Y

      The only real threat I would see, and often the attckers are black, would be punks who molest boys and young men. However, they are a far cry from little gentle college gays who don’t bother anyone.

      Actually, some of the punk gays seem like normal guys to some extent, not overtly soft etc.. In fact, many put on a show of homophobia, a kind of self-hate etc..

    • They do promote it though. Do you think it’s ok that they have all these websites directed at teenage boys and young men trying to make them feel confused about their sexual orientation and urging them to experiment with gay sex to see if they like it?

      Do you think that’s ok? Do you support that? Why is that ok?

      • Jason Y

        Yeah but it’s pretty obvious guys tuning into those websites are gay to begin with. Especially with young men, because they are at an age of consent and maturity.

        • Jason Y

          Anyhow, you can’t really control the internet. For instance, there are also tons of websites promoting white supremacy and everything else. This is tons of stuff off limits to most people before the net.

          What would you do ban the websites? That would be going against free speech.

        • EPGAH

          What about the lawsuits against Christian businesses? AND THEN, when pointed out they could just go to a bakery that DIDN’T believe queer was an Obamination, instead of sue them out of existence, ASSUMING the cake, not the lawsuit was the point, they come up with “Sure, and Blacks could just sit in the back of the bus!”

          As if queers suing a bakery out of existence, and subsequent lawfare attacks on other Christian businesses, are somehow equivalent with the Civil Rights bullshit, which ALSO went too far, if you remember!

          This is the Gaystapo we were promised WOULDN’T happen when queer “marriage” was legalized!

          Also, they can’t even make up their minds if it’s a choice, a mental illness or genetic defect. If the latter two, America’s Big Pharma could cure it.
          Our geneticists can make mole rats monogamous, I’m sure curing queers would be absolutely trivial after that!
          But it has to be admitted as a PROBLEM first, rather than a quirk that needs legal protection–and this protection gives them the power to bully!

          Strange they don’t bully Moslems…Can you think why that might be so?

        • I do not think so. Those websites are aimed at “confused young people” who “haven’t figured out their orientation yet.” As if there is anything to figure out.

          Anyway, there seems to be some evidence that it i working. A lot more men are identifying as gay and bisexual than before. Sow what’s going on?

          I went to that website. I guess I must be gay.

        • EPGAH

          Resist the program! Take the red pill!

        • I’m not going to ban the Internet. Most hip people nowadays think the Gay Politics Movement is all peaches and roses. I am just pointing out to you that that movement runs websites that tells confused young men (and women):

          “Not sure if you are gay or not? Well then why don’t you just experiment? Are you sure you’re really straight? How do you know you won’t like gay sex unless you try it? Get out there and experiment! Have sex with your own sex. Have sex with the opposite sex. See which one you like better. Maybe you will like your own sex better, and that’s ok! Maybe you will like the opposite sex better, and that’s ok too! Maybe you will like both, and that might be best of all!”

          That movement has a very crafty and sinister side and it’s always been there.

        • EPGAH

          Seriously, though, never underestimate the Power of Propaganda.

          Whites can be trained to “see” themselves–and each other–as “unfairly” privileged for being white, rather than for behaving.

          Blacks can be trained to see EVERYTHING as racism, all somehow linked to slavery…Never mind that it was abolished 150 YEARS AGO BY OTHER WHITES!

          Germans can be trained they are still guilty of being Nazis, even though THAT ended 70 years ago, so to earn even partial forgiveness, they must open their doors to terrorists who proceed to rape and murder their benefactors.

          Convincing someone they prefer their fellow Man over a woman should be easy compared to all that, right?

        • EPGAH

          Do you think the queer MOVEMENT–not necessarily the queers themselves–are about POWER, making others do things they don’t wanna do, in the guise of acceptance and even psuedo-Civil Rights?

  3. Jason Y

    So does anyone think this new trend in beards is a response to homophobia?

    • EPGAH

      No, I think they want to have the b(r)est of both worlds.
      Remember, AIDS was a problem for queers UNTIL bisexuals spread it to heteros as well. Look up the “Down Low” movement in the Black community, even ESSENCE and JET had articles admitting it was A problem with Blacks.

      (I’m sure they would’ve rather had me remove all their teeth without anesthesia than admit that!)

      However, even with bisexuals muddying the water, if you will, AIDS is at least 20X more prevalent in queers!

      • Lin

        Fags can be grouped…

        1)Born gay. Only a very small % (0.1 to 0.5%?) of males are like that and it’s their biology not yours or mine. Let them have their choice.

        2)Experimental gays. The actor Peter O’toole said he tried it before so are many teenagers.

        3)Circumstantial gays, like prison inmates, all male army/sailing crew.
        Its a 5 yrs mission…StarShip Enterprise has few women, and the men boldly go where no man has gone before (or engage in alien bestiality).

        4)Gay ‘evangelists’. Their hormone biochemistry was changed by a prostate intrusion/stimulation. Like some female rape victims became nymphomaniacs (T. E. Lawrence of Arabia turned gay after raped by Turks). They are the fanatics who want to turn every man into a bisexual and pervert the traditional hetero family relation. Its this group of people Putin want to bash.

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