For Those Who Think There Is No Need for an Alternative Left

I have been fielding a lot of criticism lately from the Alt Right crowd who say either that I am a conservative, that the Alt Left is really conservatism, or that there is no need for an Alt Left, as it can be subsumed into some sort of insane “left wing of the Alternative Right.” Actually I was called that for a while. I like the sound of it, but rationally it does not make sense as a label.
I am also being told that there is no Alternative Left other than a few scattered immature people. Well, maybe that is so, as this is a new movement. However, I feel that many folks are Alt Left in their hearts and basic philosophies but they simply have not been exposed to the movement yet.
I do not know. There are an awful lot of us who consider ourselves Leftists and liberals at heart who are bailing on the Cultural Left. We have been hanging around the Alt Right by default, but mostly it out and out repulses us. It often makes us want to vomit.

Mostly because we are not on the Right!

There is an ideological component. No matter how much they try to deny it, you cannot get around the fact that conservatism is a basic way of looking at life and the world. It is a deeply felt philosophy that cuts right to the heart of one’s soul. I have had a number of commenters pushing the basic philosophy of conservatism at me, and that made me realize that I am not a conservative at all in any way, shape or form. I disagree with conservatism at its very essence, at its core, at is essential character. If conservatism repulses me, I must be a man of the Left because I hate the Center. A centrist is someone who thinks the Republicans are too conservatives and the Democrats are too liberal! Forget it!

I am indeed a man of the Left, however, we are looking at an Old Left going back to WW2-early 1960’s, which also lines up with the liberal-Left politics of many working class Whites during this era. We can go back even further to the Old Left of the 1910’s-1930’s. I am quite at home with these people.

I am not a conservative and I will never be one as long as I live!


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5 responses to “For Those Who Think There Is No Need for an Alternative Left

  1. Horatio

    “We have been hanging around the Alt Right by default, but mostly it out and out repulses us. It often makes us want to vomit.”

    Thats my experience exactly, though I’m perhaps a tad more tolerant.

    I’ve been with the Alt-Right and related peoples not because I endorse their worldview, but because that was the ONLY place one could go to honestly and openly, without persecution, discuss the demographic issues facing the West.

    In short, I firmly believe that the rise of the far right, and the success of the far right parties in Europe is completely the fault of the centrist powers and the globalists. In banning and suppressing even discussing whether we want to becoming multiracial cesspools, they drove people to the far right. They drove people to the only ones crazy enough to take this stance despite “modern sensibilities”. They misjudged human nature, big time. They thought we’d be happy to become individualised, atomic, deracinated Homo economicus in a world run by technocrats and are losing. They force everyone to toe the line so that only the lunatic fringe remained as the place where this discussion could happen.

    Then they blame people for joining this lunatic fringe, as if somehow a human being was never supposed to care about whether their race, ethnic group or culture remains or not.

    • EPGAH

      At risk of sounding like 4chan:
      This! So Very Much THIS!

      Even Darwin figured out that “culture” of the savages and culture of the Civilized World are incompatible! Modern people are expected to forget that, and embrace the scum trying to kill them!

  2. Rhett

    Hey, so long as you guys don’t go PC, do your thing.

    • Why would we do that. The Alternative Left is basically an anti-PC Left, if you can get your mind around that. If that appeals to you, welcome aboard.

      • EPGAH

        Ah, that’s different then. The Left wasn’t so bad in the 1920s or even EARLY 1950s. However, late 1950s, early 1960s, saw a mutation of the Left that most people would call Obama-shit Insane.

        Replacing the white Mayor of Detroit with a Black one who abolished the STRESS Units and fired a lot of cops–replacing them with the very thugs they were trying to keep under control…

        Los Angeles, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, all bear the scars of this destructive “New” Left!
        And our Universities seem to be cranking out overgrown 2-year-olds if Shapiro’s presence on campus now counts as an “Attack”!

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