Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not

The Alternative Left should be for people who are mostly liberal, Left or progressive in their characters, souls, politics and voting. However, we are disenchanted with some aspects of Left, especially the Cultural Left in the US. On those issues, we feel that the Left has gone too far. So while we are more conservative than the Cultural Left, we are not all the way to the social conservatism of the US Right, which mostly appalls us. So Alt Left types would be more centrist on cultural issues, not as leftwing as the Cultural Left but at the same time repulsed by the cultural reaction of the Right.

However, on economics, most Alt Left types would feel that the Western liberal/Left has not gone far enough. The Democratic Party in the US, Labor in the UK, the “Socialist” Party in France, and the “Social Democratic” PASOK in Greece have all sold the workers out badly for the rich, the corporations and capital in general. They claim to represent the working people, but instead they are traitors to the working class.

So the Alt Left would be for people who feel that the Western Liberal-Left in governments of the West is too rightwing on economic issues but too leftwing on social issues.

We would be quite leftwing in economic issues (although we would let in anyone disenchanted with rightwing economics) but more to the center on cultural matters.

Some mandatory qualifications for joining the Alt Left should be support for some type of Left economics (at a minimum Cultural Liberalism and Keynesianism) and opposition to at least part of the Cultural Left. Dealbreakers would be support for any sort of rightwing economics (including triangulating DNC, Clintonites and Blairites), along with a Cultural Left mindset.

Mindsets that might not be welcome on the Alternative Left. That is, we could probably tolerate people with up to a few of these vices as long as they were quiet about it, but the bottom line is that the things below are not really Alt Left values:

  • The belief that White people are evil. Black Lives Matter is that-a-way.
  • Belief that anyone who is non-White is automatically a saint. An update on Rousseauan noble savage theory with about as much as evidence as its predecessor.
  • Carrying on about “White privilege.” The university is over there.
  • Obsession with “structural racism.” The Sociology Department is that-a-way.
  • Race denial or hostility to race realism. One of the pillars of the Alt Left is race realism.
  • Support for anything goes pansexuality and promotion of such to the masses as a hip fad. Come now. Can’t we have some limits on degeneracy and depravity? Just some?
  • Excessive support for Gay Politics or Political Homosexuality, yet another Identity Politics (IdPol) dead end. *1*
  • Feminazism, Gender Feminism, Radical Feminism or Male-hating or Male-hostile Feminism. *2*
  • Transgender Idpol or Transgender Politics. *3*
  • Support for gender insanity, 147 different genders (or even three), or getting rid of gender. *4*
  • Promotion of diversity and multiculturalism as ends unto themselves *5*
  • Favoring multiculturalism over assimilation. You must have gotten lost.
  • Belief that the West is evil, and the non-West is wonderful. The Cultural Left is that-a-way.
  • Support for radical Islam, ultra-Orthodox Judaism, Trad Catholicism, Fundamentalist Protestantism, or hardline Hinduism. A Left is anti-obscurantist or it is nothing.
  • Support for fascism as a general principle. *6*
  • Support for any sort of Nazism (racist fascism) in its various permutations in any way, shape or form. *7*
  • Obsessive anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic cranks. This sort of dangerous nonsense is not just not a Left value.
  • Support for segregation, apartheid, discrimination or expulsion of any group on the basis of race or religion. I fail to see anything leftwing about any of these things.
  • Contempt for poor, low income, or working class people. The Republican Convention is being held over there.
  • Blame the victim mindset. The Libertarian Party is that-a-way.
  • “I made it, why can’t you?” “Anyone can make it if you try.” “Anyone can get rich.” “Everyone can get rich.” Ayn Randists not welcome.
  • The idea that the person who has more money is superior to the human being who has less money. What are you doing on the Left? Bye.
  • Opposition to social spending or social programs. Major dealbreaker.
  • Advocating excessive materialism or conspicuous consumption. Champagne socialists and limousine liberals welcome but please keep a low profile. Ostentatious display of wealth has never been a true Left value.
  • Extreme patriotardism. The Republican Party is that-a-way.
  • Support for US/UK/EU imperialism in any way, shape or form. Can someone please tell me what is so leftwing about US/Western imperialism, Cold War liberals like Bernie Sanders notwithstanding?
  • Strong support for US foreign policy period. The Democratic Party is that-a-way.
  • Support for Revisionist Zionism *8*
  • Hard-line, Obsessive or One-Note Zionism of any variety. See no fascism above, and add no colonialism and certainly no settler colonialism to that.
  • Antisemitism or antiracism witch hunting. So go join the Cultural Left.
  • No antisemitism detectives searching hither and thither for every last crumb of a threat to the Jews. This sort of Jewish paranoia is almost as bad though not as dangerous as anti-Semitism itself.
  • Obsession with name-calling epithets like racist, sexist, homophobe, antisemite, bigot, Nazi, White supremacist, transphobe, Islamophobe, etc. The Cultural Left is calling your name.
  • Use of the term “scientific racism.” And out the door with you.
  1. Gay rights, yes! Gay politics, no! Support and tolerance for biological homosexuals to live their lives as they choose in freedom and happiness. No discrimination against gays. On the other hand, homosexuality should not be cheered or championed, and certainly experimental or opportunistic homosexuality should not be promoted as some sort of cool thing or hipster fad.
  2. Women’s rights, yes! Women’s politics, no! An Alt Left should support Equity Feminism but not Gender, Radical, Man-hating or Anti-male Feminism.
  3. Bare minimal rights for transsexuals. Nondiscrimination against transsexuals in many but not all jobs. Transsexual rights yes, Transsexual politics no. Transsexualism should not be promoted as a cool thing or a fad as it is nowadays. Many though not all transsexuals are probably mentally ill. A transwoman is not a woman; it is a man who thinks he is a woman. A transman is not a man; it is a woman who thinks she is a man.
  4. There are indeed only two genders, male and female. Nevertheless an Alt Left should be compassionate towards certain rare persons who are biological oddities from a very early age through no fault of their own, and we should have sympathy for their profound struggles with gender identity.
  5. In areas that are already diverse, nondiscrimination and non-racism as general principles are good things. People ought to get along, and an Alt Left should not be a racist movement. Immigrants should be allowed to keep their own cultures (multiculturalism) in the first generation, but after that, assimilation should be encouraged. Certainly the notion that lack of diversity is in and of itself a problem should be opposed by an Alternative Left. Peoples’ desires to be culturally conservative, monocultural, traditional, or to have a national, ethnic or religious identity should be seen as rights that an Alt Left would not interfere with. No wars on tradition, nationalism, religion or ethnic identity.
  6. An Alt Left can hardly support fascism, but some leeway ought to be allowed for Third Positionism or especially National Bolshevism, Dugin’s Fourth Positionism, etc.
  7. See that “Left” in Alt Left? We can’t very well be for Nazis, now can we?
  8. The Alt Left will be mostly skeptical about Zionism and the state of Israel at the very least. Anti-Zionists are of course welcome. Moderate, toned-down Zionists should be allowed but not encouraged.


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30 responses to “Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not

  1. Wayen

    I suggest you throw in ”fat acceptance” (even if heritable, the Alternative Left should not encourage such behavior), identity based pride or ”self-esteem” (we should not encourage anybody to be proud of being a woman or Black unless they’re willing to acknowledge all the downsides to what they are), and opposition to eugenics on the list of what to reject.

    The Alternative Left should reject the opposition inconvenient science seen in the ”Right” and ”Left” (look up ”Women in STEM”).

  2. Horatio

    A lot of the points here are things I try to tolerate in the alt-right, but wish they weren’t there. In particular the “I made it, why can’t you” mindset, which I find objectionable in the extreme. It is made even worse when the people who use this have had more favourable circumstances than you, but seem ignorant of it.

    I am also opposed to the idea that the West must transition to a kind of “mixed race” Brazil, as if this were a goal in itself. I not only consider it an undesirable goal, I consider the process and those who advocate it as evil.

    In short, no one has the right to mess around by means of policy, force or social force, ethnic groups and endanger them. Nations of people have a right to self determination, autonomy and to resist being subject to social policies which will change them forever, as Merkel is doing to Germany and Europe (not the first time the Germans have tried to racially change Europe…).

    It would seem to be logical that you can’t have a state where both the workers and the people have their rights and society maintained AND you’ve got an elite engineering the population through open borders, importation of people through visas, etc. Therefore, I think it logical that immigration is not only controlled, but the people are let in are selected by not just be economic criteria but ALSO whether bringing in such people would have a social/demographic impact.

    In short, the Alt-Right and some White Nationalists want policy in place which preserves the white majority. Does the Alt-Left support this idea and just opposes some of the means and extremes that White Nationalists advocate, or is this idea rejected completely in favour of just having an awareness of what will happen?

    • I do not particularly care about maintaining a White majority. It’s just not something I give a damn about. On the other hand, individuals have a right to choose their own destiny and so do nations. If Japan wants to stay Japanese, that’s their right. Ditto with the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Indonesians, the Mongolians, the Georgians, the Armenians or anyone for that matter. Nations are masses of people and if people have a right to choose their own destiny then so do nations.

      I’m not wild about European countries saying they want to stay White, and furthermore, I do not think it’s doable at this point in time, and if tried, it will cause the wildest uproar you have ever seen. But the Alt Left would not oppose it. We would consider it a form of self-determination.

      Certainly the attitude of elites seemingly changing the racial and ethnic makeup of their own countries on purpose with highly dubious if not downright negative results is most disturbing. Talk about social engineering! Further, it’s weird. Why must Germany be darkened with masses of Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian Muslims who are culturally incompatible with Christian European Germany? It’s as if they are doing this as some sort of a deliberate goal.

      It almost seems like there are some folks who think White countries and White people themselves are evil and they seem to be working to “wipe them out” and “get rid of the Whites” via mass immigration.

      Why do we HAVE to turn into Brazil? It’s like it’s mandatory or something, some sort of pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Is the US going to become a better country when we turn into a North American Brazil? Or will it be a worse country? And why is this goal absolutely mandatory? How odd and perverse.

      • Horatio

        I’m glad that I came across the alt-left, because it so closely aligns with my own political views. However when I formed these views, I came to a realisation that these views probably wouldn’t flourish if the demographics changed. This was long before I’d even knew that White Nationalism or even ANY contemporary ethno-nationlism existed.

        Everyone says that race shouldn’t matter, that we shouldn’t define ourselves by race. But then you see every day, every hour people (often the same ones!) pushing and engaging in politics where race does matter, and where this targets you or your children. If “diversity” is good and to be sought after, and my children are not “diverse”, then this diversity puts them as lesser people. I can’t just overlook that.

        Now, you may have a policy where you just stop caring about that, not push diversity, or multiculturalism, and let assimilation happen, but I don’t see this happening As you said, Europe is too far down the rabbit hole to be just a white continent, but that also I think means its too far down that rabbit hole to be able to drop identity politics.

        I think the current trend, towards identity politics is here to stay. We’re too far gone to stop it. It will continue to play out to some endgame, though I’m not sure what that will be.

        And if Europeans’ don’t decide to stay majority white, then as they become a minority (which they will because all policy is aimed at this), then this will change Europe so much that all these points will become moot. I don’t see humans dropping identity. It won’t happen. As they drop in proportion, group survival instincts will kick in. I think the growing support for the far right and other such groups is that. Primal self preservation. You can’t blame people for that and call them racist. It’s human to act this way. Can you chastise people for acting all to human? Can you morally jail someone for stealing a loaf of bread to save their starving child? Can you say that people shouldn’t act this way because its backwards, tribalistic, retrograde and not in keeping with progress. I don’t think so.

        Therefore, I believe that in order for people to be able to move away from tribalism, from basing their lives on fulfilling the more reptilian aspects of human behaviour, you need to create a society which doesn’t force people to behave this way, and punishes those who do create those conditions. This means ensuring that people can survive without having to resort to crime. Ensuring that society has your back and you won’t starve, or die of preventable disease, or have to compete tooth and nail for resources with others because some scumbag capitalist is creating a shortage to exploit, of have to toil your whole life in a job, just to pay the bills and an oppressive mortgage. But I also see as part of that having a bounded nation demographically, where competing ethnic and social groups don’t emerge, thereby also negating the need for tribalism. A nation which had a policy if keeping its ethnic homogeneity could do this. Not much tribalism in Iceland. As the West has lost this, and will continue to lose this, we’ll see a return to this behaviour. Good politics would prevent those conditions which bring forth this behaviour from occuring. Bad politics just punishes people for reacting to situations it created in the first place.

        • If Germany, say, wants to stay “white” why aren’t Germans cranking out babies like Muslims are? Do they expect the magic stork to start bringing German babies to the country and maybe raising them too? If births are below replacement rate start fucking and having kids or die off slowly like the Japanese.

          And maybe not mindlessly backing the US as it teams up with Wahhabi whack jobs and al-Qaeda to destroy Syria would ease the refugee problem a bit. Europeans need to stop bitching and start standing up for themselves.

      • Eric Kirk

        My problem with your whole premise is that I see the nation state as an anachronism and I don’t believe in a nation’s rights any more than I believe a corporation is a person. An individual can make his/her choices to procreate with only a member of his/her own race – whatever that actually means. But for a group to occupy a large area of the world’s land and say “for those with my facial features only” is inherently oppressive and backwards. So no, I would not support “Japan’s right” to be exclusively Japanese. “Japan” has no rights. It’s people, and the people who want to live there, do.

    • EPGAH I don’t know if you’ve been to LiveLeak before, but as a site, it will murder your faith in humanity, and the comments section will make you want to murder whoever coded it that badly.

      Anyways, look for the comment that says “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! This is why white people hate blacks.”, then click the 2 under it. Each comment has pages of replies, that don’t actually change the page you’re on. It’s weird. One of the replies says ” The old age black was better behaved only because we “oppressed” them and made it abundantly clear that we set the cultural standards. We stopped doing both, and they are reverting to their natural state. If you doubt this is their natural state, just look to Africa, Haiti, etc.”

      Do you think that’s true, our “oppression” (Which I firmly believe was just punishment, resented by those being punished) was the reason Blacks were better behaved “in the old days”…and as Phil pointed out, in the South?

      However, further down the page, there’s one of the good ones, calling himself “Mammary Inspecter”, who was bragging that after meeting him, his girlfriend’s family actually put him in their insurance, etc. So it kinda restores faith in some PARTS of humanity? We need more “sellouts”, more Tommy Sotomayors and less Tariqs and Travon Martins!

      And no, this time, Germany is not trying to racially change Europe, Merkel are trying to racially ERASE Germany!
      However, it might be backfiring on them.
      After this:

      Came this:
      They’re mad that the violent scum want to invade the good areas, not just herass the normal Germans!

  3. Kareem

    Sargon of Akkad and his ilk are probably the closest to the alt left. Only thing is they aren’t so into the race realism stuff, but don’t seem to think that unregulated mass immigration, multiculturalism and BLM are the greatest things since sliced bread, so there’s that.

  4. Nellie Bly

    I work for a left NGO — an NGO focused more and more and MORE exclusively on anti-racism work. It’s gotten to the point where I feel guilty for working there because all this anti-racism is just fueling racism! Then again, I myself am a racist. I am the kind of racist who’d vote for Cynthia McKinney. Real line from back in 2008. If you don’t understand the reasoning behind that, I can explain. But that’s how I now think of myself — we’re all racist and I’m the kind of racist who WOULD vote for Cynthia McKinney. Kind of a bitter joke to myself.

    Although I’m now studying political philosophy, and it looks like that what I actually am is a “Burkean conservative,” I would be very interested to hear your thoughts, if any, on how I can convey to potential employers that I do NOT share the wacky white-hating philosophy of the people I work for. I’ve thought that maybe I should emphasize that I got into the peace movement out of little “o” orthodox Christian belief and then the rest just sort of happened (which is merely the truth) but then I’m dragging my faith into a job search and … I just don’t know.

    Any thoughts?

  5. Gay State Girl

    I’ve never heard anyone say they hated poor people. I don’t see any hate groups directed at poor people. There are people who appear dismissive or give bogus reasons or ridiculous solutions for addressing poverty but I don’t see anything akin to the Aryan Brotherhood or Westboro Baptist Church directed at poor people.

    It is not contemptuous to apply a realistic lens to impoverished or working class culture or behavior and the problems within their communities. One can be respectful and sympathetic without romanticizing or sugarcoating issues within such communities or offering it as an excuse.

  6. Wild Tangent

    Robert, besides being anti-Zionist,where does the Alt Left stand on foreign policy? Curiously, this is supposed to be Bernie Sanders’ weak point but I don’t actually think so. I think Americans are so used to the idea of the USA prancing around the world pushing democracy that anything else (like minding our own business) is considered outlandish.

    • Gay State Girl

      Sander’s stance on foreign policy is the only reason I would vote for him. He openly states he does not support Israel and wants to scale down the military on his website.

    • WILD TANGENT Well where has a successful New Democracy in place?

      Cambodia? Libya? Vietnam? Pakistan?

  7. Ultra Cool

    What the hell Robert, I had an idea almost exactly like this last year, are we twins separated at birth or do we have a hive mind?

  8. Whelp….looks like I’ve thrown my Alt Left hat into the ring 🙂

    I’m in agreement with much of this list:

    • Yay! You can go ahead and stake out your own positions on the issues if you like except for the dealbreakers of course. I want a big tent. I would not mind a multi-tendency Alt Left at all. In fact, it would be quite cool.

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  11. Ryan England

    Cool list. An alternative left has been needed for quite some time now. I started a Facebook page to promote the idea.

    I’ll submit as a defining characteristic of the alternative left vs. the more mainstream progressives is that the alt-left is much more skeptical of the transcendentalist underpinnings of a lot of leftist thought, especially post 1960s. We are, at heart, a push to bring enlightenment rationalism back to the center of leftist thought and activism.

    Transcendentalism – the kind originating back in 19th century New England, had its roots in European Romanticism, and is marked by a kind of idealistic utopianism. Religion and scientific alike were distrusted, in favor of subjective personal intuition and creativity. Nature and people considered “closer to the earth” (indigenous peoples and women) tended to be idealized. Emotion and intuition were extolled as being a kind of liberation from the bonds of strict empiricism. People were thought of as naturally good but corrupted by overly rationalized institutions and belief systems, against which struggle was seen in idealized terms.

    I suspect that the alt left’s appeal is to people with liberal sensibilities but who are off-put by romanticist elements in mainstream progressivism. This is marked by the progressive’s tendency to go beyond mere equal rights for “marginalized” peoples and into flagrant idealization of them. Women, immigrants, people of color, indigenous people, Muslims, Buddhists, LGBT people and so on are not necessarily viewed as superior to white Christian (or atheist) males (although they can be) but as being less corrupted by the soul destroying rationalism of capitalism, objectivism and/or Christian theology, which is thought to instill in the white male an oppressive, dominating mentality. I find this kind of thinking to absolutely pervade post modern progressive thought.

    It is anathema to me, and I think the rise of the as yet embryonic alt-left is kind of rationalist and realist reaction to the romanticist conquest of materialism on the left.

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  17. Bertrand

    That’s it: Am I Alt-Left? Robespierre, 1830, 1848, 1871, Jean Jaurès. Add September 11, 2001 false flag and US’ proxy war in Syria! We’re definitely not that many…thanks 9/11 false flag.

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