Some Differences between the Alternative Left and the Alternative Right

EPGAH writes:

But just out of curiosity that redefines morbid, how is the Alt Right ” still too reactionary and too stereotypically “right wing””?

I have been to many Alt Right websites and listened to many Alt Right podcasts, and I keep thinking, wow this is sure not me!” Most of them are voting for Trump, say “the Left is the enemy,” and urge people to support the Republican Party. The Hell with that.

Many of them are out and out racists and take the race thing far further than I would. Many are White nationalists, and I do not support White nationalism. Quite a few are out and out Nazis. You would be surprised how many of them support fascism. There is a large Libertarian contingent. Many are frighteningly sexist and take the gender thing way too far. Quite a few are very anti-Semitic and take the Jew thing way too far. There is a whole “trad” or traditional component who want to bring back conservative morality. Not for me! Many are Holocaust Deniers. Sorry!

Some of the main pillars of the Alt Right are anti-Semitism, rejection of egalitarianism, Social Darwinism, Nietzscheanism, support for strength, authority and Donald Trump. No! They are generally considered to be neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, out and out racists and White Supremacists. No!

I do not speak for everyone on the Alternative Left and some White nationalists and overt racists seem to be gathering under the budding Alt Left tent. But personally my own version of the Alt Left would oppose fascism, overt racism and even White nationalism. Really to me the Alt Left are just people who are basically still liberals and progressives in their hearts and basic philosophies but also happen to be racially and sexually aware.

Many of us came out of the Liberation Movements of the 1960’s, but we now feel that many of these movements, especially Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Black Pride, Brown Pride, Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation, have simply gone much too far. Sure the crazies were present in many of these movements from the very start, but the basic egalitarian impulses of these movements were not bad, and many Alt Left people support the basic equity based notions that these movements were founded on.

Alt Left people are simply liberals and Leftists who feel that the liberal/Left has gone way too far especially on cultural issues, while nevertheless being generally repulsed by social conservatism. I suppose we might be more analogous to Reform Conservatism in that regard, except that we are not Centrists, and most of us are still very much on the Left.

A Centrist is someone who thinks “the Democratic Party is too far left and the Republican Party is too far right.” Alt Leftists do not agree with that at all! In quite a few ways, we actually think the Democratic Party is not leftwing enough, and most Democrats nowadays are just Republicans. However, we may indeed be Centrists on cultural issues at this point, but that is a very sad statement right there. I am not even sure what a Cultural Centrist even is. But Alt Leftists reject both social conservatism and the Cultural Left.


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42 responses to “Some Differences between the Alternative Left and the Alternative Right

  1. EPGAH

    What’s wrong with being against egalitarianism?
    F students should not be treated like A students.
    And more importantly!
    A students should NOT be treated like F students!

  2. EPGAH

    Most importantly, where do you draw the line between acknowledging that say Blacks are more violent as a group–which you have subtly hinted at in a number of columns–and “racism”, which is what that is usually called?

    RACIST is actually an acronym. It stands for Rather Annoying Communist Inspired Silencing Tactic to shut down any discussions related to the scientific study of race and its implications.
    It’s a Stop-Thought word, used to bludgeon people who think too much until they shut up. Or until they meekly accept whatever crime the savages commit, a la Rotherham, or Germany, or…AMERICA!

    • Well let’s put it this way. Why don’t you head on over to some of those Alternative Right sites, especially and see what I am talking back. Report back on what you see over there in terms of racism. That’s not ok. Now the sort of “racism” you see on this site is ok. In fact, I don’t even think it’s racism. It’s just race realism.

      • EPGAH
        Is this the site you meant? It actually mirrors your article about why whites don’t support white pride…

        It DOES point out though, that not all people are fit to make decisions, and that’s why we’re at the juncture we are now. Kind of a variant of that “ELITISM” E-Mail I got.

        It’s a bit brusque, but I don’t see anything racist about it:
        “Our society is dying. We are near the drop-off point. Our solution is to stop using methods that do not work, and to start using methods that do. These time-honored methods work. Democracy, diversity, equality, pluralism, tolerance and altruism do not. It is that simple. ”

        Wait, didn’t Phil say something about altruism being the problem here?

        Some of this is downright hilarious in its obviousness:
        “Telling American people who they are not has become increasingly popular in recent years, partly because defining them positively may be divisive, unless one adheres to the blandest and most abstract definitions, e.g. people who believe in “freedom,” human rights, and the “American dream.” This is about as meaningful as saying “people who like the wind in their hair, the sun on their backs, and a whiter than white smile.””

        Then there’s the obligatory article of Albright’s hypocrisy when condemning “women who won’t help other women” to “A Special Place In Hell”–but no help for Palin or Clinton’s victims.

        A disturbing article about Germany’s flag as teleological symbol, but I don’t see the racist hate.

        Plus there’s a piece here about how “racist” is the neuro-linguistic version of the A-Bomb!

  3. spacedreidl

    The alt-left: a propositional boomer’s hugbox filled with personal projections and fantasies.

    Nice try. But what is left of it? And what is the alternative? Constructing an hysterical boogeyman called alt-right to project your emotions and views onto it and then just invert this premises?

    There is no proposition grounded in reality. Sounds just like another straußian trotzkist con game ignoring the fact that the rights movement were nothing more than part of a managerial revolution to atomize the working class into identity politics to achieve a dumbed down mallable mass lacking the only strength of the dispossessed, their ability to organize, vigor, valor and sacrifices.

    Alt Left people are simply liberals and Leftists who feel that the liberal/Left has gone way too far especially on cultural issues, while nevertheless being generally repulsed by social conservatism. I suppose we might be more analogous to Reform Conservatism in that regard, except that we are not Centrists, and most of us are still very much on the Left.<

    I do not speak for everyone on the Alternative Left<

    So speak only of yourself. Your proposition is an image. Thanks for being so coy and honest.

  4. Heaviside

    “Women’s Liberation,” just like the “liberation” of the bourgeoisie, means the oppression of men. What have feminists done to combat sexual inequality among men?

  5. Angel On High

    Left wing. Right wing.

    Both wings are broken at the moment.

  6. Jason Y

    Lots of wierd cultural left stuff on my campus. However, most students are too busy studying to care. Generally only bullies and the like want to comment on gays etc… However, our school is noted for having a lot of gays, so why don’t these hell raising students leave? Go to some school with less gays, say a nearby Christian college. No, they enjoy the sadistic fun.

    “Oh look, lol It’s A QUEER,. Let’s go make fun of him HA HA.”

    BTW. I saw a one of those teddy bear chubby faced gays today at a restaurant near the campus. Talking to a black lady friend. Of course, what else would gays be doing?

  7. Tulio

    I also hear a lot of alt-righters talking about wanting to take away women’s right to vote. And saying that if only men could vote, it would mean only Republican and libertarian candidates would win. They oppose single-payer healthcare because they think it’s a transfer of wealth from men to women. They seems to forget that women pay taxes as well. These people are truly repugnant.

    • EPGAH

      It’s true, Men are more logical, women are swayed by emotion.
      Remember that “Special Place In Hell” for women who don’t help other women?

      As to single-payer, I agree, there should be a single payer: YOU!
      YOU pay for YOUR healthcare, noone else.

      • Tulio

        Epgah, you seem to be rather right-wing all around. What draws you to this blog, which believes in left-wing economics and socialism?

        • EPGAH

          You seem to defend Black criminals a lot, what draws you to this blog, which points out Blacks DO misbehave disproportionately?

        • EPGAH

          Now that we have the obligatory insults out of the way, I came here because I was researching the strange phenomenon of Mexican child molesters, who don’t “get” they’re doing something wrong, because it’s part of their “culture”.

          Like Robert said, “Stupid World Is Coming”, right?

    • They make me sick. This is one thing they are always talking about: taking away women’s right to vote! And there are a number of Alt Right women who agree that women ought to have their suffrage revoked!

      I know, I have been going to these sites for a long time and I am just as repulsed as you are. I almost want to puke when I read that stuff.

      Maybe you should check out the Alt Left, Tulio.

      • Tulio

        I pretty much agree with the alt left platform. Maybe with the exception of embracing the LGBT stuff, which I truly wish would go back in the closet.

        But I believe in left-wing economics but don’t like the SJW/open-borders/PC/multiculturalism/transgender bullshit.

        I just think wealth inequality has gotten way too out of hand and we should have something more like we had in the 50s.

        I do think the left is right on some other issues too, like our bungled foreign policies, climate change, environmentalism. But too me, economic equality is the paramount issue as well as affordable single payer healthcare as all industrial nations have.

        • Tulio

          Also, I embrace secular humanism over religion. Another reason I can’t identify with the right. And I do consider myself to some degree humanitarian. I care about people no matter what their background. The right believes in tribalism. You only care about your tribe and the hell with all others.

        • I think we should have a big tent in the Alt Left. I would like to welcome any and all social conservatives aboard as long as they support some sort of populist economics. If you are not keen on gays or gay rights, that’s perfectly ok, and folks like you are welcome in the movement, but I still think that the Alt Left should quietly support a basic non-belligerent agenda of equal rights for biologically gay people.

          The people we might like to throw out on the gay issue would be the real screamers like that tranny we had on here a while back who was hectoring all straight men to go out and fuck a guy and see what it feels like because we might like it. So really, you and I just need to get out there and suck some cocks, Tulio.

          I mean it is those kind of Cultural Left pro-gay types that we on the Alt Left are against. NO, all of us straight guys do NOT need to get out there and suck a cock to see if we like it or not.

          Depraved and degenerate sexuality is all well and good if you choose to live that way, but be quiet about it, quit trying to shove it down our throats and hector us to engage in all this perverted sex stuff. For Chrissake, isn’t the culture degenerate enough already?

        • The Left has a reputation for being anti-religion, but I think we have taken it too far. If there are religious people who are not crazy, support populist economics and are sick of the Cultural Left, they are welcome aboard as long as they don’t want to kill gays and revoke suffrage from women.

          But of course the Alt Left would be absolutely friendly towards atheists, agnostics and secular humanist types, as there are many of these people on the Left as it is.

          I don’t see why the Alt Left should promote tribalism. It’s backwards, barbaric and primitive. We are supposed to be moving beyond that. I think the Alt Left ought to be universalist without being open borders / muliticulturalist / SJW nuts about it. I mean we are all humans. We split up into tribes?

          The Alt Left would encourage people to mingle with, make friends with, date or marry people across ethnic groups, cultures, religions and races if they so choose and we don’t care about “race-mixing” and all of that. On the other hand, I do not think we should be promoting Panmixia as some great thing. If people want to associate with their own kind, fine. If they want to mingle, fine. We should not take a position on this except that this is a matter of personal choice.

        • Tulio

          That pretty much sums up my view of gays. I really don’t care about them or even think much about them. Their ways don’t offend me, I just don’t like politicized homosexuality. And I don’t like homosexuality being put on equal par with heterosexuality when the latter is what is necessary to create family. The world doesn’t need homosexuals. We’d be perfectly fine without that behavior. But humans would go extinct without heterosexuals. So I’ll never see the two sexualities as equal, even though I view homos and heteros as both equal AS human beings, just not their sexuality.

        • Tulio

          “f people want to associate with their own kind, fine. If they want to mingle, fine. We should not take a position on this except that this is a matter of personal choice.”

          That’s my view too. I don’t need to promote or oppose interracial mixing. Personally I have no problem with it, but if some prefer their own, I have no problem with that either. To each his own.

          I think though that the main hurdle the progressive left and alt left will have with regards to race is the race-realism stuff. I don’t think these two will ever see eye-to-eye on that. So much of the left’s policies are contingent on the believe that there are absolutely no differences between races. Thus they think replacing Germany with Arabs would still be Germany, and their culturally suicidal policies are an extension of these beliefs.

        • EPGAH

          We need to clear out our population of violent savages first before we start making everyone ELSE pay for it. Otherwise we’re just patching up our enemies so they can attack us again, an 80’s cartoon plot turned horribly real!

          As to wealth inequality, stop the illegals, and suddenly workers have leverage to demand more money. Making sure our population IS our population would evaporate any resistance the Right have to more communal economics. Otherwise, we’re just subsidizing our own destruction, or paying to build “Stupid World”! (I like that phrase!)

          Remember, 1963 had the lowest foreign-born population in America’s history, and THAT’S why there was so little resistance to LBJ’s redistribution: We thought we were only going to help our own people.

          Then 1965 opened the doors to the Third World, and suddenly “our” safety net is treated as an “All You Can Breed” buffet for the worst of the Third World! Joke’s on us, right?

          As to Climate Change, I think it’s the planet itself, and we’re just along for the ride. If it IS human-caused, we’d have to start a genocide that makes Mao look like a fucking amateur. Or you could just save time and say it IS just a scam to cripple the Civilized World’s industry while savages keep polluting and breeding apace, right?

          I agree with Robert about tolerance, BUT contingent on them NOT forcing their degeneration on us, and maybe even hiding it. One thing about the 50s (And I didn’t think YOU would look with nostalgia on the 50’s) is that criminals and perverts HID rather than demanded acceptance, protection, or even trying to get others to join their crime or perversion! Definitely NOT lawfare against the ones who are not yet perverted!

        • EPGAH

          Robert: Honestly, I don’t believe we’re all human, I believe there’s a certain minimum Level of behavior before we should talk about human, let alone human “rights”.

          Those that act like rabid animals, need to get put down like same sans the bawling about their “rights”. I mean seriously, a thug attacks you, you kill it, and you get persecuted for violating its “rights”? I want to hit someone when I read shit like that!

          Queers only didn’t USED to try to “convert” people because they were ashamed or afraid to.

          People were ashamed to breed without wedlock.

          People were ashamed to be on Welfare for longer than they absolutely had to, rather than shrill yelling of “My family’s been on Welfare for generations, and I’ll be DAMNED if I’ll be the first one who WORKS for a living!”

          We need to bring back shame, or at least stigma of negative actions. I didn’t realize it until I was abroad for 10 years and came back, but shame IS a necessary component of the social order. It keeps you from doing bad or stupid things. Much less bragging about them, or trying to sue others for not doing them with you!

  8. Jason Y

    In response to comments, I think a big problem exists because people can’t live and let live. Ok, you do your thing, and I will do mine. Since people are forcing thier views (homophobic, pro-gay, pro-race mixing, anti-race mixing), then that leads to all sorts of trouble.

    It seems like something in human nature wants people to parent other people, to tell them how to live thier lives. Of course, to an extent it might makes sense, like parents smoking 5 packs of cigarettes around 3 year olds etc.. However, past a few health concerns it becomes tyrannical and nosy. The biggest problem would be among families. Say a dad is racist and he doesn’t want his son or daughter to be gay, or his daughter to date someone from another race.

    Ultimately the biggest problem is culture. It’s difficult to change culture. That’s why radical athiests etc.. come across as so annoying to people. They can’t really stop religion because it’s so embeded in culture, just as racism and homophobia are. In fact, some culture among liberals is embeded in the opposite, so it would be tough for a young rebel to say, “I don’t really want to be gay or date another race etc..”

    • Jason Y

      Again people force thier views on others, bully others etc.. because they think thier views are superior and feel a need to parent other people. Also this parenting, as stated above, could be tied to the “family thing”. In other words, “You owe to it your family to date someone from within your race etc..” The consequence being if you don’t, your disowned which could be devestating.

      Of course the article didn’t mention religion which is a very powerful thing that families force thier offspring to conform to, under threat of abandonment or punishment if they don’t, Again, it’s “My religion and moral standards are superior to yours etc..”.

    • Jason Y

      Note everywhere we go, “parenting is taught to us”. For instance, we have to go to school or work on time, we have to study, we have to follow a religion which instructs us on the “best way to live”.

      Of course, our daily lives will cause many people to “parent” other people on a “better way to live” which ultimately become a tyranny. Because, well, your not my father or mother, Who are you? lol

      • EPGAH

        Maybe such parenting in loco should be accepted or rejected based on who is more successful.

        Would you take investment advice from Warren Buffet or some homeless guy? Would you imitate study habits of an A student or F student? Would you learn cooking from Julia Child’s tapes or Three Stooges?

        And so on.

  9. I’ve come to the realization that liberal race realism can’t work in the real world. Robert and I and a majority of white and non white contributes here are mentally stable. If race realism was common knowledge like a favorite celebrity in the mass it would only cause problems. Literally hundreds of thousands of “Dylan Roofs” would come out of hiding.

    It really is unfortunate that this movement gets a bad reputation from faggots like the people on Stormfront. Not only that but a lot of unnecessary racism would increase.

    I can understand being racist because you were wronged by a race. It’s not healthy but it is justifiable to an extent. I would say a large chunk of people on Stormfront who bash other races have never even met them! They’re just going with the flow, being racist because everyone else is. This group think racism is very dangerous.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people on sites on Stormfront have low IQ’s yet they’re calling smart black people who are doctors and PhD graduates “niggers” because they’re just black?! They’re called niggers if they don’t get jobs and when they do get jobs they probably got it through affirmative action. There’s just no winning with these kinds of people.

    I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the future. I’ll still be a liberal race realist but I realize that this probably won’t get anywhere because the average person can’t be a race realist without being a racist.

    • EPGAH

      How many people need to get burnt alive before racism stops being a bad thing and gets considered an ugly but necessary survival skill?

      Once Blacks start behaving, THEN we can work on “Crushing Racism The Way It Deserves” or whatever. But stopping REAL violence should take precedence over butthurt feelings!

      And as to Affirmative Action, let’s get rid of it! If a cheat is available, people are going to assume you cheated! Especially the more people that come out “I Got Where I Am By Affirmative Action” makes it look like they ALL cheated to get ahead! Think of the asterisks next to steroid-addicted sports stars…

    • EPGAH

      I think a large chunk of the people who preach “tolerance” would shit their pants–or possibly the street THROUGH their pants, India style–if they met the real thugs we speak out against.

      I mean look at this, a group of thugs attack from behind, no one tries to interfere? They’re like a pack of predatory animals, and should be treated as same!

      THIS is what you want us to be tolerant of? To give undeserved jobs or slots in college to? And thereby deny ourselves or people like us who BEHAVE those jobs and college slots? I think that’s a step past suicidal, isn’t it?

      • I know I know. I remember a few months ago I was saying this too. Yes black people do commit more crime per capita. But I realized that more than 88% of the victims of black crime are other black people . So EPGAG do you lose sleep at night knowing that a black person killed another black person?

        I’m not defending black people, but I am trying to lower my bias.

      • These idiots are not going to be competing for any job you want, and that’s assuming they even work at legal jobs at all, which is dubious.

        And the only colleges these clowns are going to are what’s known as – I apologize for using this phrase – “Nigger U” or “Nigger University.” Which is another word for prison if you didn’t know.

    • I’ll still be a liberal race realist but I realize that this probably won’t get anywhere because the average person can’t be a race realist without being a racist.

      I realized this a long time ago. It’s why I do not talk about race realist stuff on here too much. As soon as I make a race realist post, all of these ugly troglodyte things came crawling out screaming “NIGGERS!” and other charming things.

      I suppose you have to be fairly sophisticated to be a race realist without going full racist as it’s a bit of a tightrope walk. Most people are probably just not mentally sophisticated enough to think like that.

  10. Another William Playfair Web

    The problem with the Alt-Right is that it is incoherently hysterical (i.e. EPGAH).

    These people are borderline diagnostically delusional….

  11. Another William Playfair Web

    Shouldn’t have made a personal insult on my tentative post. But the point overall still stands….

  12. S.D.

    Idi Amin, Mugabe and other rare examples of highly intelligent members demonstrate just how dangerous intelligence is when coupled with no empathy, liberal sadism, aggression, sociopath traits.

    Would you WANT a Crip to build a nuclear bomb in his hood? Be grateful low-intelligence is hindrance to world-domination.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      Mugabe is actually quite smart, perhaps the smartest post-colonial Sub-Saharan African leader (would only be second to Liberian Charles Taylor).

      Basically, Mugabe has run the only long-term successful propaganda machine in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  13. Ryan England

    The alternative left is a reaction against the alt-right’s reaction against the social justice warriors and political correctness that has overtaken the mainstream left over the last generation.

    The alt-right can be best described as the mirror image, or shadow of the social justice warriors. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the general discrediting of classical Marxism, the academic critical theorists leaned much more on identity politics as a kind of substitute for the class dialectic of Marxism. What ended up happening was that race and gender replaced class, culture replaced economics and the mainstream left increasingly come to frame its entire world view in white vs. black and male vs. female terms, with women and peoples of color (POCs) taking the role once reserved for the proletariat, and the white males became the new villains in place of the bourgeoisie.

    This opened the door to a right wing political movement to step in and take the antagonist position in this dialectic and claim to be the advocates for white males in the face of a left that has become anti-white male, as well as to fill the void filled by the diminished credibility the neo-cons and the religious right suffered during the later Bush and Obama years. This is what the alt-right is.

    A lot of people – myself among them – checked out the alt-right in recent years out of frustration with the excesses of the social justice warriors. But we found that they were just the opposite stupid extreme: it wasn’t enough merely to oppose the demonization of white males and western civilization in postmodernist critical theory, old fashioned scientific racism, social darwinism and even outright fascism and nazism had to be advanced in its place. And for many people, this was at least as bad if not worse. I noticed that a lot of people who posted on anti-SJW pages did not relate with this. Many were liberals who became disillusioned with just how not liberal the so called liberals had become, but could not make the jump into conservatism or the alt right because they knew they were full of crap as well. Trump supporters vs. Black Lives Matter, feminists vs. Gamergate or the MRAs – both sides always seemed to behave surprisingly alike, and simply projected their own bad sides onto the opposed side, who were inevitably reflections of themselves.

    I was among those who believed that we can, and must do better than either the alt-right or the regressive left. Anti-racists who are also pro white. Feminists who are pro-male. Anti-SJW and anti-political correctness while still opposed to bona-fide racism and misogyny. Plus, economic inequality had all but disappeared from a lot of leftist discourse, and this was problematic.

    And this, I think, is where the alternative left is coming from.

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