Some Examples of Why We Need An Alternative Left

EPGAH writes:

Ironically, although Robert exults in the death of “reactionaries”, he also seems to hate, or at least fear, the Stupid World the liberals are bringing in, of Instant Gratification, pederasty, things that aren’t rape being called–and punished as–rape, and REAL rape getting ignored, or even the victims being blamed/punished.

In lesser cultures, that’s completely normal. America should be better than that…But the only ones trying to stop the backslide…are the ones called “Reactionaries”, whom he hates!

This is just more of the US-style political insanity that says you must be either leftwing, whatever that means, or rightwing, whatever that means. And when you call yourself a liberal, you have to buy the whole liberal package with all of the good things but also with the warts, insanity and travesties as well. Now I am not saying that the Left is nuts. I am saying that modern liberalism is a mixture of some very good things and also some very bad things. But why does it have to be like cable TV where you have to buy the whole package?

Angry or outraged at the insanities of the Left? Then that means you must a reactionary! Indeed the whole people complaining about the lunatic aspects of the Left and reactionaries who are at least as insane as the Crazy Left and actually much worse. So you have a choice of lining up with either leftwing lunatics or even worse rightwing lunatics and you have to get in one line or the other because there are only two lines.

Why do you think I called for an Alternative Left? The Alt Left would be for generally progressive people who do not see themselves as philosophical conservatives, dislike rightwing economics and are not social conservatives. Yet they would nevertheless oppose, among other things, bringing in millions of impoverished and ill-educated peasants and proletarians from the 3rd Word who bring with them a philosophy of instant gratification due to lower IQ’s, child molestation, gangs and general cultural decline. Right now, the only folks opposing this are reactionary scum. An Alt Left would put an end to that.

An Alt Left would also oppose the insane feminists’ attempt to criminalize heterosexual sex due to their extreme hatred of heterosexual men and heterosexual male sexuality. This leads things that are not rape in any rational universe being called and punished as rape. Right now, only the reactionaries are opposing this. An Alt Left would change that.

Meanwhile, real sexual assaults and mass gropings as in Cologne are either ignored, or in the worst case, the assault victims themselves are blamed. The Alt Left would oppose the crazy rape culture-enabling and minorities as a protected class coddling nonsense we saw in Cologne. The only people opposing this are crazed rightwing jerks. An Alt Left would change that.


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14 responses to “Some Examples of Why We Need An Alternative Left

  1. Tulio

    Here’s a Muslim kicking a Swedish woman in front of her kids.

    I also spoke to a German woman outside Cologne yesterday who said she had a Muslim spit in her face after he started touching her.

  2. I concur with your assessment. I prefer to not to be labeled as liberal, or any other label for that matter, because I like to take a nuanced approach to many topics like you have mentioned. I usually call out people who try to label as wrong and protest what I consider a pejorative; I won’t even waste my time talking to most people for this reason. With people I have to communicate with, like my family, I have to avoid talking about the things I enjoy reading about because I find most unable to agree to disagree and discuss or debate matters with civility. The people I find most open to looking at more than one side of a subject are my students. They usually haven’t formed hardened positions and are willing to look at different aspects of a given subject as an exercise in exploration rather than trying to persuade me of their dogmatic position.

  3. Punjabi Sardar

    Yep, alternative left is needed ie the Sikh contrast to Buddhism.
    Not best example as technically inaccurate but, foreigners will understand I think. Balance Ksytria aggression with Brahmin introspection & vice versa.

    Also means as Ksytria & Shudra are together in village, Brahmin Vaishya are in cities.

  4. Horatio

    How big is the Alternative Left?

    I think the Alternative Left is a much needed political addition. Many years ago in my late teens, I was a Left wing Liberal, of sorts. I was the strange type of Liberal which believed in liberation from pointless traditions and conservatism and in the liberation of the human spirit. Yet I never ever liked Political Correctness. I was for all intents and purposes, a non-PC Lefty, well, I thought I was.

    There were two things which changed that outlook. The first was a growing realisation that the importation of people from the third world would stifle, not promote, a new Western renaissance and further enlightenment and social progress towards a civilisation where human rationality and individual dignity rule, where people could be further liberated from economic drudgery. If anything, this migration would set us backwards, and stifle or even undo what Western civilisation has done to elevate us. The results in the past 20 years seem to confirm this. We’ve lost so much.

    The second was the realisation that many Leftists were downright hostile towards White people, and that asking all and only white nations to open their borders was immoral. I can’t see how pushing a “morality” which sees an identifiable group of people assimilated out and calling it “tolerance” and “anti-racism” as a goal is acceptable. Frankly, it’s evil. It’s a fraud. I saw Leftism, at least just the SJW component as an expression of a psychosis.

    But the issue is, anyone who comes to this realisation about immigration and diversity, in whole or in part has little choice but to go the the far right to get any discussion. Who’s there? Neo-nazis. White Nationalists. Anti-Semites. Neoreactionaries. The Alt-Right. Ethno-Nationalists (some ethno-nationalists are probably Alt-Left and dont realise it). When I first started this foray, it was White Nationalists or nothing. So I had to hold my nose just to be able to discuss these issues.

    The Alt-Right, Neoreaction has improved things, believe it or not. At least you can get away from some of the crazy excesses, but they are still too reactionary and too stereotypically “right wing”.

    Despite the fact they think they are “right wing”, some of the most trenchant and pertinent arguments against Capitalism, neo-liberalism and the predator class come from some elements of the far right, those who fall under the ethno-nationalist umbrella.

    It is no coincidence that the most trenchant critiques of Capitalism from the left ALSO come from those most skeptical of our immigration agendas.

    I don’t care for the anti-semitism of the far right (though I think there are legitimate criticism to be made) or for the anti-gay stance (though I’m don’t believe that homosexuality is in every way just the same as heterosexuality socially) or the rather austere attitudes towards sex and liberal arts (though I agree with some critiques), so I’m an outlier for the right.

    I don’t care for the Social Justice Warriors either, or for “anti-racist activists”, or for those who think it acceptable to push people out of society for un-PC views. I don’t care for Political Correctness at all and inclusiveness is a crock. That’s me out of the left.

    The Alt-Left may just be what I’ve been looking for all along.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Entire left-right paradigm is controlled opposition. None answer the Semitic Question or address cultural issues.

      A King is required to feed his people in times of famine but, this is anti free market. The State is not allowed to interfere in the economy but, this is anti left.

      You can have a weak all encompassing state, or a strong but small one with clear boundaries. After a certain point the Sarpanch (Village Chief) is the king of his own land.

      That is the best way, america copied the republican system & became #1.

      • Horatio

        I support a state which is strong on the extremities and weak in the centre. What I mean, is that the state zealously protects the nation and the wellbeing, but as you go to smaller and smaller matters, butts out.

        So the state is involved in matters of national security, in maintaining the socio-economic system in a functioning state and regulating excesses. It takes little interest in individuals and small groups.

        At the moment, we have a state which regulates the shit out of the little guy, but allows a handful of multinationals to redesign the nation as they see fit.

        Although the alt-left interests me, I don’t consider myself left or right, because I don’t believe in political ideologies at all. Rather, I see political ideologies as attempts to explain and regulate human behaviour.

        My primary ideological drive is the belief that a human civilisation should work towards mastery over our own lives. By that I mean we take ownership over the processes and systems which we work with, rather than be owned by them. That our morality and ideology is defined by what makes our lives better, and not some platonic ideals.

        • Punjabi Sardar

          Our state still has totalitarian control at the village level. It is just in the hands of the chief (king) instead of the king in the capital.

          At the local level this means he must govern by concensus. This is where america failed, it left a power vacuum at the lower level.

    • EPGAH

      The intolerance of the “tolerant” is hilarious!

      But just out of curiosity that redefines morbid, how is the Alt Right ” still too reactionary and too stereotypically “right wing””?

    • EPGAH

      Also, what “psychosis” is the SJW brain-virus an expression of?
      Orwell’s “Displaced Nationalism” or something far worse?

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