Letter from India

From a good friend and commenter here, Rishi Jha. The quote is from the legendary post India Is a Shithole, one of the most popular posts of all time on this site.

I really enjoyed the comments from this young woman. She is intelligent, articulate, and she writes very well. Every single thing she writes here is 100% true, but how many Indians will ever admit it?

Personally, I think India is hopeless. Indians in India will never change. The like the status quo shithole too much to change even one thing. Indians lack introspection and refuse to acknowledge the problems of their society. If problems exit, they blithely explain it all away, “Well, there is a lot of poverty, you know.” In other words, all of India’s insane problems are explained away as, “Well there is a lot of poverty.”

How many of these high caste Indians are lifting one finger to do anything about this poverty? Basically zero. The rich and the middle class are doing well, and everyone else can go straight to Hell. Indians do not want to fix their society. The privileged have it good, and they do not want to part with one nickel to help those 900 million poor or 600 million without a toilet. They don’t care about those people, probably because they are low caste.

Indians care only about their family, caste or ethnic group. It is like everyone else doesn’t even exist. The purpose of life is simply to enrich one’s own group, and the Hell with everyone else.

I have very low hopes for India. They do not seem to be capable of change. They come to the West, and they are just as discriminatory, bigoted, hateful and nepotistic as they were in the homeland. They do not seem to be capable of absorbing Western values, as those values go against everything the Indian has ever been taught in life.

I fear for India, I really do. And my pessimism is so great that is is downright depressing. You can’t help people fix a problem that they insist doesn’t exist. You can’t help people fix a problem that they do not want to fix.

My friend got sick of patriotic ignorant Indians on an American site when someone asked “Why is India so great”.

Her response:

The reason India is a mess because of people like you who quote numbers that reflect your mundane middle class existence in some twisted self congratulatory fashion. Like building tanks? Shame they did not build more power generators and roads of some quality. Or invest in revamping an education system that makes us a nation of unthinking idiots blinded by our own smug mediocrity.

This cheap healthcare you speak of? Is it accessible to the 900 million poor? Think your maid could afford cancer treatment for her children at a private hospital…? Or even a simple root canal?

This uneven distribution of wealth you are talking about from your substandard ivory tower – by which I refer to whichever building you currently live in – no doubt built on the foundations of bribery, corruption, and poorly paid migrant labour, not to mention seriously compromised building standards – but I digress… This distribution of wealth begins from you and me. One less gold necklace for the wife, one less PlayStation for the spawn, and a fairer wage to those we employ – put your money where your mousepad is.

The Government is going to do nothing for the poor in our country… those 900 million who eke out a living in this, our MAHAN BHARATH. But given the apathy and false sense of pride we Indians wear today like some sort of holy mantle – and no one may say anything against it – that just consigns the vast majority of this so-called democratic (my ass) nation to live out this misery, passing it on to the next generation with no hope, no sense of a future and no change.

This is a country where Chief ministers own TV stations ,and there are over a million court cases pending. This is a country (in a nation of primarily dark skinned people) were we have a best -selling cream called Fair and Lovely – For f’s sake, does no one get the implications, but me? – and a movie industry which perpetuates the myth that being light-skinned means being beautiful.

This is a country where politicians can march into a restaurant and drag out four girls, beat the crap out of them, and no one does anything… this is a country where no one wants to face the truth.

We are where we are today because of a multitude of factors,driven by international market forces, not our own so-called greatness because we are not that great. We are unthinking, we are complacent, we are arrogant, and most of us – let’s face it – are pretty damn stupid. Indian journalism… I have never seen worse journalism in my life. Diluted, watered down rubbish is what the media gives us, while it airs advertisements of how brilliant we are as a nation.

Yes we are filthy – even the middle classes and above. Most of us are unaware of deo – though God knows most of us need it and it’s happily available. As a nation, our parenting skills are the worst on the planet. With children being kept up at silly hours, babies sleeping with parents till they are teenagers and learning the same bad habits we acquired from our parents… and as for our social and religious hypocrisy – we could teach Saudi Arabia a thing or two.

I keep using the word ‘we’ here, because you see Rahul, I come from the privileged classes. I went to some of the best and oldest public schools in the country and am a member of most of India’s most ridiculously posh colonial clubs. But luckily for me, I see through the very thin veneer of 21st century civilization we cover ourselves with. Underneath it, we have not changed for 2000 years. And no amount of car manufacturing or tanks or UN reports or self-glorification is going to change that fact.

The only thing that will change it is when people like you – my peers – wake up to how awful we really are as a nation on so many counts. You can bang on about our colonial masters and tell me how bad it was and how wonderful our dhoti-clad Mahatma was… but the same person without a thought would deny our fellow brothers and sisters an decent wage or plain simple human rights. Frankly… I would cheerfully welcome back the British. Give me a Margaret Thatcher over an Indira Gandhi any day. Or a Tony Blair over a Manmohan Singh in a heartbeat.

We are socially sick, morally destitute, spiritually bereft and politically corrupt, and the only reason we deny it as much as we do, is because we know all of this is true. Want to do something for India… well stop rabbiting on about the tanks and wheat exports and car manufacture and our civilized behavior, and wake up and smell the roses. Or in our case, our neighbors’ rotting garbage neatly deposited in front of our front gate.

Your views above are valid and they work, Rahul,… for a small fraction of India’s population. It is however not true, not by a long shot for the vast majority. Does this not concern you at all? Does your pride in our country not make you want the same privileges for everyone? And even if you say you do, I’m inclined not to believe you, because how else would you have a maid come and sweep and clean for you everyday for a pittance unless she was deliberately kept poor and stupid by a ruling class and a political and social system that thrives on oppression and control and domination.

You know what else?… I hope the whole world wakes up and sees what a mess we are… we need to be collectively shamed into making things better. Nothing else will move us – and frankly I’m not sure even that will. We will progress – as momentum gathered over the years and our massive population will ensure the economy continues to grow. But your Playstation addicted child’s (I can’t believe you said that so proudly) child may see a different country, and it wont be a better place.

Today we have a polluted, corrupt, elitist society – and you, sunshine, are part of the problem. You and everyone else like you. But if you plan on telling me how unpatriotic and overly Westernized I am… feel free. Patriotism is not blind faith. It is the recognition and subsequent correction of a problem. And we have too many. Starting with a mindless, automaton middle class steeped in its arrogance and self-righteousness. Let’s make a change there!

I for one would like to call for a mass cross country non-violent action – let’s not vote again for any leader, let’s not pay taxes, let’s picket peacefully outside our politicians’ houses and refuse to co-operate with the government until they start doing their fucking job. Like creating sensible policies, promoting on merit, holding themselves fully accountable and fireable for non-performance. Why are the civil services in India given housing, cars, drivers and peons and all that malarkey?

On one hand the Government bleats incessantly about our colonial past, tearing down beautiful old buildings, changing names of roads and towns and cities… and yet they cling to the worst aspects of tat colonial rule… an awe and reverence of the Government Servant. In a democratic country they are there to serve us, not the Queen, but we haven’t quite worked that out, have we?

I would also like to add at this point that for a country that breeds like rats and that gave the world the Kama Sutra we are sexually repressed and ignorant – to put it very mildly. And that could be a whole other conversation.

I could go on and on… but a word to Mr Lindsay… ashamed as I am to admit it… Kudos… you summed up India – the real India – perfectly. And it is my sincerest hope that someday I can say otherwise. My views make me a pariah in my own country… but I see myself as voice in the wilderness… no doubt I will be beheaded.

My apologies to you for using this space to have such a rant, but in my humble and much-disliked opinion… every little helps! Indians need to hear this from another Indian. And a female Indian at that! In my next life, I shall be born as a particularly objectionable reptile of some sort for not being a true-blue daughter of the soil.


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  1. Jason Y

    OK, what what would be typical racist response to this, whether black or white racist etc..? They would simply say all the poverty is due to race mixing, so we should all give Seig Heil salutes, shave our heads, and become Nazis. Oh well, at least shaved heads, as well as beards, are in style nowadays. LOL

    • Jason Y

      Again I will repeat the same “so so” liberal line which is so effective:

      Bad genes must be activated by a “bad environment”. Race mixing does not produce blood transfusion problems unless it involves more than two races. En masse eugenics is impossible for large areas. Finally, in some places (USA etc..) the government promotes crime as it feeds a prison industry.

      • EPGAH

        And who created the bad environment? Didn’t she explicitly SAY India was better off under Civilized World control?

        “I would cheerfully welcome back the British. Give me a Margaret Thatcher over an Indira Gandhi any day. Or a Tony Blair over a Manmohan Singh in a heartbeat.”

        I never thought I would hear about nonwhites VERBALLY admitting the Civilized World made better countries. They’d try to pour into our countries, which is a tacit admission, and no nonwhite would ever LEAVE America, no matter how “oppressed”, which is another tacit admission, but I never thought they’d be THIS OPEN about it!

        And there’s a companion to this, “Letter From Indonesia” where Robert says once again that Bad People Make Bad Countries, that savages can only replicate the Hell they came out of–that it’s them making the environment worse, not the environment making THEM worse!

      • EPGAH

        And why IS Eugenics impossible in a large area? Mao and Stalin seemed to do it pretty well, killing off all the intellectuals and dissidents!
        (Ironically, Lefty “Intellectuals” are the Useful Idiots of the Communist Movement, ushering it in, then getting killed off for their traitorous stupidity!)
        There’s also Pol Pot, killing off intelligence, which he considered undesirable, but like you said, too small of an area.

        The Moslem invasion of India has been called the “Greatest Genocide Ever” killing off non-Moslems, and getting so bad they had to be partitioned off into a separate country. India is better off than Pakistan because they corralled the terrorists!


        There’s also the “Forgotten Genocide” of Armenians by Turkey.
        That’s Reverse-Eugenics, but I say we count it anyways.

        Serbia TRIED to prune the terrorists out of their midst, but Clinton bombed them until they stopped that. Meanwhile, Burma has gotten rid of their terrorists successfully, and their crime and poverty rates are dropping. Liberals around the world can’t figure out how/why!
        Is Burma without terrorists in it a better…ENVIRONMENT?

        Or, if you prefer closer to home, America pruned the violence out of the Indian genepool.
        When was the last large-scale Indian attack on Civilized World property/people?

        What is your definition of a large area? How big does it have to be? Do America, Russia, or China “count” as large enough area for you?

  2. Jason Y

    Honestly though, India is a hell-hole, but what place in the third world isn’t? At least though in Brazil etc., the Christian religion doesn’t actively promote inequality. In other words, compassion for the poor is taught, even though the church is often hypocritical about it.

    Myself, the poverty I saw in the Phillippines was eye popping. Note, also that the Phillippines is not a racially mixed place like Brazil. The elites are the same race as the people. I mean, there might be some genetic difference, but it’s not a case of black marrying white etc..

  3. SHI

    Rishi Jha…..I really enjoyed the comments from this young woman. She is intelligent, articulate, and she writes very well. Every single thing she writes here is 100% true, but how many Indians will ever admit it?

    It can’t be a “she”? Rishi is a male name. It literally means a male hermit in Sanskrit, one level above sadhu

    A female Rishi would be called a Rishika



    • Rishi reposted this comment on a website saying it was from a woman who was commenting on my site.

      • SHI

        Oh, my bad.

        To be honest, the only sensible and honest people you’ll find in India are the “Rishis” and the “Sadhus”. Since they have no attachment to the material world, they’re rather cool people to hang out with. They smoke WEED all day, every day.

        You can see a lot of white people hang around with the Rishis and sadhus.

        Your typical, arrogant suburban Indian doesn’t like the Rishis at all. They’re basically homeless scum who wander from place to place, begging for food.

        I’ve known a few Rishis myself. While they may be beggars, they have a quiet dignity to them that really inspires and uplifts you.

        • SHI

          Ever heard of the Aghoris?

          You’ll find them in Hindu pilgrimage towns like Varanasi, Hardwar, Rishikesh, and many others. .

          The Aghoris are BADASS and don’t FEAR ANYTHING – neither death, or amputation, or loss of sight. In their weed-induced world view, they’ve already reached moksha or a state of liberation from mortal bonds.

          The Aghoris look dangerous but are surprisingly harmless even when you come near them. They’ll let you smoke weed out of their own chillums and don’t impose their views on ordinary mortals. They have a terrifying death chant and war cry but will not mean you any harm.

        • SHI

          Here’s a nice read for all you inferior Westerners, the poor ones unfortunate enough not to be living in this great Hindutva paradise called India.


          Sadhus of India – the solution to western insanity?

          For the past few years I have been interested in the sadhu culture (the holy men of India) and their lifestyle. I read a couple of books and watched several documentaries. Generally speaking a sadhu is an ascetic or practitioner of yoga who renounced the mundane way of life in order to focus on spiritual practice.

          What I find especially interesting is that the Indian society allows such behavior – since there is no equivalent mechanism in the western culture that offers as much freedom. One could become a monk, but for most people the monastic life would probably be just as imposing as the regular western life. Yet the sadhu life is relatively free for someone who finds the mainstream cultural norms meaningless or a source of misery.

          Estimates vary but there might be up to 10-15 million sadhus out of the 1.1 billion Indian population. How many are true sadhus (those who focus on spiritual practice) and how many adapted the sadhu life for other reasons seems unknown. In any case, I wonder: would 1-2% of the western population readily renounce their everyday life in exchange for a western equivalent to sadhu life? Since there is no easy way out of the western mainstream culture, could it be that many of those 1-2% westerners end up mentally and physically ill because of that, and at what social cost? Would a western equivalent of the sadhu lifestyle act as a sort of social safety valve that could lower insanity rates, suicides, and reduce mass killings in schools, terrorism (etc.), and perhaps even lower crime rates in general?

          I’m not saying that the sadhu life is easy to practice or implement on a social scale. It has its negative and positive aspects, but for those who readily adapt such lifestyle (for whatever reason) it seems to offer an improved and more meaningful existence that potentially also offers more benefits (than drawbacks) to the rest of society.

          The books I can recommend are Sadhus: India’s Mystic Holy Men by Dolf Hartsuiker (has lots of photographs) and Wandering With Sadhus: Ascetics of the Hindu Himalayas (Contemporary Indian Studies) by Sondra L. Hausner (more in depth). And a couple of interesting video documentaries are Naked In Ashes and ORIGINS OF YOGA: Quest for the spiritual. And here is an extensive sadhu gallery. (Photo credits: andycarvin and Sukanto Debnath)

        • EPGAH

          We have those too, they’re called “Slackers”, but I don’t see them as beneficial to the rest of society. Japan has that too, they’re called “NEETS” or “HIkkomori”.
          They’re turned into something like superheroes in movies. But in “real” life, they’re complete losers.

          “They’re basically homeless scum who wander from place to place, begging for food.”
          How is that beneficial to the rest of society, again?

          “Would a western equivalent of the sadhu lifestyle act as a sort of social safety valve that could lower insanity rates, suicides, and reduce mass killings in schools, terrorism (etc.), and perhaps even lower crime rates in general?”
          If we could somehow force criminals to become harmless slackers, yes, that WOULD decrease crime, but again, how are you going to force that on them? Especially given that anytime a Government experiment is talked about, it’s usually treated as an atrocity, from the Tuskegee experiments (Which were conducted by a Black guy, although that is not mentioned for some reason), on up to Clinton’s radiation experiments?

          The British tried to get Chinese hooked on Opium–and that’s considered horrible on a variety of Levels–wouldn’t this be America doing it to our own criminals?

      • SHI

        @ EPGAH

        Slackers and Sadhus/Rishis are not the same. It takes a lot of penance and austerity, and true selflessness and absence of worldly attachment, to even think of becoming a “sadhu initiate”. Sadhus often have to go without food, take cold showers early morning even in sub-zero Himalayan weather and havent slept in a proper bed for years at a stretch. Most initiates get bored of the sadhu lifestyle in a few years time and somehow escape back into normal life, get married, have kids etc. We’re looking at 10 to 20 years of austerity before you can expect fellow Sadhus to treat you with basic courtesy and respect.

        Despite their poverty and deprivations and lack of access to nutritious food, the average Sadhu lives up to 80-90 years. A lot of Sadhus in the Himalayan region are believed to be some of the oldest people on Earth, I once saw one whose followers said that he was at least 150 years old and had witnessed the 1857 Indian mutiny against British..This man looked very wrinkled and would easily be at least 105-110 years, but he looked in perfect health and was able to walk on his own, that too briskly.

        Many Sadhus die each year of hunger, and failing health. But noone really cares. Such is their resolve that they’d rather die than return to the material fold. Being a Sadhu means social death, the Indian state has no record of their existence.

        So what is the trade-off? Why are Sadhus willing to brave so much hardship and misery? According to their beliefs, they are some of the happiest people on Earth. A total freedom from worldly attachments, lusts, greed, perversions makes them fearless, blissful and is believed to endow them with superhuman strength, vigor, vitality and spiritual powers. Their ultimate aim is moksha, a state of permanent bliss, usually coinciding with death.

        No Slacker in North America or NEETS or Hikkomori have what it takes to follow a Sadhu lifestyle. They may have a few things in common e.g. smoking weed but that’s where the common comparison ends.

        Sadhus are the only Hindus who DO NOT subscribe to the caste system, they’re outcastes themselves. In the egalitarian order of ascetics, it doesnt matter whether you were a Brahmin or a low caste untouchable, everyone is equal after renouncing the world. In fact, more than a few Westerners have traveled to India to join the sadhu lifestyle. Google “Baba Rampuri”, a Jew from California, has been a Sadhu since 1970.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, but that just means brainwashing yourself into believing you’re happy doing without, something like the Buddhist IDEAL discussed in the article of “The Final Steps Of Wisdom”.

          Ironically, adapting yourself to masochism is almost the diametric OPPOSITE of what we consider “Well-Adjusted”.

        • EPGAH

          Also, just like in the letter at the top of this page, adapting themselves to a shit life will mean they won’t want it to change, right?

  4. SHI

    Rishi Jha.
    I really enjoyed the comments from this young woman. She is intelligent, articulate, and she writes very well. Every single thing she writes here is 100% true, but how many Indians will ever admit it?

    A small correction. Rishi Jha cannot be a “she”. The word “Rishi” literally means a male hermit who has renounced the world completely. The female version would be a “Rishi-ka”


    For example, there’s Rishi Kapoor, a famous Bollywood actor from yesteryear. He was a real stud in his prime days- the 70s and 80s , hasn’t aged that well though.

    • SHI

      Sorry about the repost. My browser is behaving badly.

      • I am that Rishi Jha. Would you like my personal email so we can discuss further and even meet in person if you are in India? Shoot away.

        • Punjabi Sardar

          & yet the british took India from 30% world GDP to 2 the & starved hundreds millions.

          Also helped the muslim population increase & broke hr country in two.

          Sorry your Marxist teacher didn’t teach you this. If you mean to meet white men for sex in India, do you need a Ksytria to honor kill you?

          Jai Hind.

        • Punjabi Sardar

          Why can’t you be more like Saurav Jha?

          Singlehandedly puts pressure on import lobby, writes books that are used as manuals in even Indian nuclear plants.

          Granted my Rajput friends from Bihar tell me Jhas are retarded. He is too as he on one hand is a ‘patriot’ on other hand follows DINK (double income no kids). However, still better than a full fledged anti national like you.

          If you already converted to Islam, why do you insist on keeping your old name? Why not change to Ahmed Bin Pedo or something so we know.

          I love the muslim skull cap, as it allows me quick target aquisition. My grandfathers took Punjab from 40% muslim to 0 in a month. Our generation will take the world from 400 crore abrahamics to 0. 🙂

          Everyone has the right to worship their motherland.

          Let Romans worship Rome, Persians worship Persia, Egyptians worship Egypt.

          Look at the old world today. Italy & Greece are PIGS nations, Persia is torn between deciding which Arab to worship & Egypt is torn between christian/muslim civil war.

          We have to restore this:

          Also here’s how Anglos enable jihadis, so deserve blowback. 🙂

          Bharat & Rus (Danav Desh) would have destroyed Islam by now if britain didn’t support them since 1857 (look up crimea war)


          Don’t want to post more as comments just become a monologue but, even Japan banned cow slaughter for centuries. Samurai were known as foremost protectors of the cow.

          The royal family of Korea traces the founding of their nation & lineage to a queen who was born of a King of Ayodha & a Korean princess who saw his face in a dream & traveled here. Even Siam, Malay, etc.

          Funny to see Indonesian muslims with name Dharma Putra. You will never make our turban bow,

          See the gallery, you don’t know what you’re dealing with. 🙂

          Also an example of this new communism is writing that Bhai Mani Singh who in his autobio wrote he is Rathore Rajput, (descent from King Vikramaditiya) was really a scavenger. That Maharaj Ranjit Singh a Sandhu (YadhuVansh) Jatt was a sheperd. LOL

          & Unlike the christians being fed to lions in Rome, this stuff really happened. British blew us up with their cannons (In fact Kukas who started that rebellion were all Shudra/Dalit) & now their cannons have turned on them.

          We worship Weapons you worship money, Oswald Spengler to paraphrase said democracy is evil because moneyed interests use money as a force to control lives, while giving illusion of good governance. However, blood (Ksytrias) can always overturn money (Hindu Baniyas like most of silly BJP/RSS although Modi is OK)

          If you think I’m a Hindu nationalist, in fact we find them soft & pussy like.
          1000s of their workers have been killed, yet stones thrown at a church make headlines. Btw, that same year 200+ mandirs 80+ gurudawaras & few dozen mosques had been attacked in Dilli vs 4 churches.


  5. EPGAH

    Do you remember that tower building in India that burned like it was made of paper mache?

    Talk about substandard construction! The ALARMS didn’t even go off until the fire was well-established. And it started a new wave of “Truthers” who thought the fire was an inside job of arson!

  6. Kareem

    A lot of these problems that afflict Indians are mirrored by blacks in America. Not exactly the same, but there’s a lot of overlap. It’s a harsh reality. Most blacks don’t want the truth or viable, realistic solutions so they can keep wallowing in lies and self pity. It’s easier that way especially since we can blame everyone else for our downfall.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Except we’re the fastest growing economy & able to test/build hypersonic ICBMS if not for international ‘pressure’

      We’re also the traditional #1 power. Please keep trying to fight Sikhs, lot of your women secretly like being widowed so they can switch sides. 🙂

      • EPGAH

        Wow, you’re bragging about invading our countries, raping our women…then the next post, you wonder why the international community doesn’t want to let you build ICBMS? Do you seriously not see the connection, or are you just trolling?

        • Punjabi Sardar

          Consent implies not rape, http://www.thestatesman.com/news/latest-headlines/a-tradition-of-chivalry/83789.html This is what we tradtionally do in your countries; protect your women from YOU!

          Also do you not see the connection, where you’ve already done this & we’re acting in self-defence. Typical abrahamic attempt to table the narrative, similar to how muslims can brag about killing kafirs yet claim victimhood at the same time.

          What international community? Dharmic countries WANT a strong India, abrahamic ones don’t. Suggest you get off your high horse & examine your view points, critically.

          Jai Hind.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, I’ve always wondered about the Moslem “victimhood”
          Especially with things like this.

          A strong India is one thing, but an India capable of being a threat on a global scale is quite another. Why do you think we’ve been trying to stop Iran from getting nukes? Paying them NOT to, however, seems to be a wrong answer. See Clinton’s “deal” with North Korea NOT to develop nukes.

          It worked out great–for the North Koreans. They not only developed the nuke they promised not to–and used the food we sent them to do it–they’re currently working on H-Bombs!
          Noble Stupid enough to let an enemy get strong enough to defeat them is only supposed to happen in cartoons. Or do you consider that Lawful Stupid or Stupid Good? I never got the distinction between the three of those!

          As to Sikh being the good guys, look up Air India 182. Although you COULD say the Canadian authorities bear some of the blame, because they rejected an affidavit just because the witness who wrote it got murdered. That’s so backwards it makes my brain hurt! Testimony is suddenly inadmissible if the testifier DIES to get you the info?
          That would’ve ended Star Wars before it began, “Many Bothans died getting this info–so we’re not gonna use it! It’s inadmissible because they’re dead!”

          What about those tourists who got raped recently in India?
          Lemme guess, shouldn’t have been there?
          If you go there, you’re just trying to get raped?

          I really have a sore-spot/Berserk Button about savages raping whites–even though we’re FAR from united–then making it the whites’ fault somehow. And it’s been happening PLENTY lately. But oddly, NOT in the Third World Hells, but in formerly safe Civilized World areas.
          And even the white authorities join the happy chorus blaming the victims!
          Up to and including writing a Code of Conduct of how NOT to get raped!

  7. DHL

    Its all OIL baby; Gone OIL both of us will toiling in the fields to feed ourselves. Present India has been how it was several centuries ago, Agricultural, without much use of Oil. Thats why the Population is so High, If the Upper Classes wanted to ethnic cleansing we would be First World by now. Combine Pakistan, and Bangladesh we have the largest Population in the world.

    One needs Three Hot meals a day, a comfortable place to sleep, at least the City I come from gives you that to even a Poor jobless person, the Weather is Temperate, all you have to do is visit a Temple, eat and sleep in its Corridor your life is done. BTW the Prasad is very Nutritious and tasty.

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Don’t tell them stuff like this, along with reservatation it destroys their narrative.

      They just post pics of UP, Bihar, or West Bengal all states ruled by ‘secular’ (islamist) & communist (missionary) parties for decades. Look at their state, look at Punjab, Gujurat, etc states ruled by ‘radical’ Hindu parties. Many don’t want to use toilets, in Punjab I haven’t seen people going to bathroom outside for 20 years now.. They have toilets though.

      This Jha girl is perfect example of why Ksytrias are above Brighus.

      Largest free kitchen in world is Hari Mandir Sahib literally translated as Krishna Mandir; known by melechas as the ‘golden temple’.

      Iklavya a Chandal (jungli) commanded forces of Jarasandh in Mahabharat.

      West recognized third gender (not yet) we did millenia ago..

      That’s why it is as Guru Sahib Said:

      Destroy the Turk & Free the Cow of all suffering
      (intro is christian bs. Devi = Devi, Mahakal = Shankar Ji, etc.)

      That’s why there is no negotiating with these people.
      They have already killed crores more than muslims,

      Why does their dalit narrative break down? All they’ve done is hide history of dalit revolutionaries, CBSE textbooks dedicate chapters to small mughal kings. Don’t even mention Maharana Pratap, Gurus, Maharaj Chatarsal (who started his rebellion with 25 men & 5 horses), Birsa Munda (adivasi), Lahuji (dalit who trained Sen bramin hero of maharastra), Satnami Sikhs (shudra sikhs near assam who wrecked mughals)

      Jahangir remarked there is not one province where not 5-6lakh have not been put down for rebellion. Our population was 10x smaller then.

      Example: Madras had engineered famine in 1897.

      Half the dalits died, no Hindus converted to Christianity.

      Even Shankar Ji & Devi Ma have chandal avatars. Meaning all Hindus worship ‘Dalits’..

      Will admit in some states like UP Bihar the OBC (shudras) do bother dalits but, this is result of equality practices. Rajputs & Brahmins really don’t. We will spread Sikhi & end untouchability (regular jaati is fine, esp for marriage)

      Here is the reality of their AIT.

      Jai Hind

      Sikhs are not only Hindus, we are the most pure & most radical.
      It is our religious duty to cleanse the world of melechas, & we will.

      This whole cultural war is one they also waged on Rome, for example banning Olympic games because Pagan Devas were worshipped there.

      & those were our Devas they worshipped.

      Thor & jormungdar, Apollo & python, Indra Ji & Vritra. Even Genghis Khan worship Tengri like Dyeus Pita, Zeus Patar & Jupiter

      & today only an idiot says Greece was older than Hind, where does this PIE come from?


      Here’s their own ‘white’ saying Persians called Kashmir their origin. Even we trace many of our current Ksytria clans as having ruled in C Asia (uttarpath) & having pulled out when everyone started getting circumsised.

      Christian missionary scientists (liberals) try to point to this as proof of outside origin. Lol, Gill gotra descended from Krishna & Radha are really Scythians from Russia. xD


    • Punjabi Sardar

      BTW the Prasad is very Nutritious and tasty.

      Christians don’t eat food sacrificed to idols, modern day version of them will claim its ‘dirty’ (then why are you in the country?)

      Oswald Spengler said: Marxism is the latest expression of the christian religion.

      I’m a Ksytria, we give our subjects Food (Langar), Housing for those who need & now they have jobs/education (reservation)

      If your real agenda is to say give them your women, according to our ‘caste system’

      Melechas are lower than dalits, so we will just give them your women & make you their servants.

      This was said 2500 years ago by Chankya Acharya after the son of Puru Vansh Porus, defated the melecha sikundur.

      विद्वान् लोग जो तत्त्व को जानने वाले है उन्होंने कहा है की मास खाने वाले चांडालो से हजार गुना नीच है. इसलिए ऐसे आदमी से नीच कोई नहीं.

      The wise who discern the essence of things have declared that the yavana (white) is equal in baseness to a thousand candalas (the lowest class), and hence a yavana is the basest of men; indeed there is no one more base.

      Women are literally given refuge & worshipped in places like Naina Devi Mandir. We understand perfectly well why melechas want to attack it. 😉

      The sons of Ikshvaaku (Rishi Bisabdev) Jatts, Dogras, Khatris & Rajputs stand ready. 🙂

      We still do honor killings & our girls still spit on their subjects in the west, how will you do your pratilom in Bharat Varsh? You melechas forget our women would take their children & burn themselves rather than speak to you. 😉

      How Sikhs saved their women from Muslim Mobs during Partition of 1947

      Jai HIND



    • Punjabi Sardar

      Don’t think my first post will get approved but: basically, Look at Iklavya Ji

      Chandal Prince who commanded JaraSandh’s army or the Nyara Sutra of Mahabharat.

      A Butcher taught a Bramin dharam & this was later told to my ChaCha Yudhistra Ji (Dharam Raaj)

      Or the Rishi who asked Krishna Ji for Amrit (liberation). Krishna Ji sent Indra Dev Ji in roop of Chandal. When Rishi rejected it, Krishna Ji remarked you are not ready if you cannot see inside a person.

      Even Shankar Ji & Devi Ma have Chandal Avtars.
      So all Hindus worship outcasts..

      As for Buddhist & Jain being against ‘caste’ :

      Buddha says Kshatriyas are superior to Brahmins in the Ambattha sutta:
      “Then, Ambattha, whether one compares women with women, or men with men, the Kshatriyas are superior and the Brahmins inferior.”

      Jains have a law in which only a Ksytria can be Tirthankar, Mahavir is literally transplanted from one womb to another, to fulfill this law (from Brahmin woman to Ksytrani)

      As far as Sikhs.

      All 10 Gurus were from Lineage of Ram Chandar Ji & then passed military command to a Minhas Rajput (same Ram Lineage) who passed it on to my own Chandrvansh spec. Dhillon Vansh (descent from Karna; Dilli named after us)

      Even in those days though, if a Chamar earned something it was respected.

      We have concept of Samdikshat or meritocracy.

      How did untouachability come?

      More archived on my twitter.

      Here’s why we oppose Secularism, we’re not stupid. 🙂

  8. Punjabi Sardar

    Untouchability as Fa-Hien mentioned is a problem but, the dozens of reform movements within India to counter it point to a very different place from the savage, heathen non-christian one western ‘liberal’ historians present.

    Don’t need to mention Christian slaughter of billions in name of white supremacy, or the muslim caste system esp ajlaf ashraf.

    An Alcohol maker commanded the Sikh forces & Jatts as Shiv Ji said are the prime among Ksytrias.

    Just because we’re not cucks who don’t give their women like prizes, doesn’t mean we’re stupid. If you don’t utilize talent, someone else will.

    The untouchability in UP/Bihar/WB can only be resolved by the sword. Nehruvian land reforms gave lot of power to Jaat/Yadav & its funny that the states longest governed by secular/communist forces are the most shit today.

    Same with areas longest under Britain.

    OBCS bother dalits, actual Ksytria/Brighu really don’t, other than that this is our internal problem. If you interfere you know what’s coming for you,

    Jai Hind.

    Also interesting anecdote on this whole christianity doesn’t have inherent inequality etc etc or is ‘better’

    Gandhi (the gadar) mentioned how when in London a familiy he stayed with tried to convert him.
    They said he’s stupid for constantly trying to atone (responsibility) for his karam, while they feel nothing for sinning as jesus already died for theirs.

    Explains the massive crime rates in christian countries.

    If we think about it, Latin America is the logical conclusion/outcome of Christianity. Massive race mixing (equality, real agenda destroy tribal identity for stronger control), massive inequality, massive socialism placating masses while elite fly around in helicopters.

    I could tell Robert Lindsay to worry about the coming extinction of his own race (defined as loss of political control almost universally) as predicted by Lothrop Stoddard 100yrs ago but w.e all ppl r equal.

    We’ll take your blond girls, it’s nothing new Pandavas had Yvanna wives, even Chandrgupta Ji married alexander’s granddaughter. :/

    100 years ago the white race was 40% of the world (largest race) & controlled/influenced most of it. Today..

    A black man is president of its power centre. That can be chalked up to ‘progress’ ‘equality’ etc. but, in reality if you help your neighbor cool.

    If you invite your neighbor to rule your own home, & lay hands on your wealth, women & well-being.

    It’s called cuckoldery or suicide.

    Normative inversion, we will save the ‘whites’ who see the light. Lot of them are our seed/children anyway (S/E Europa)

    Don’t want to spam twitter, just archive on there. Here’s something interesting that both sides of this ‘debate’ would like:

    Portraits of mohammad were allowed till the 17th century (as were non muslims inside mecca)

    Robert previously did not allow debate, seems something has changed.

    • EPGAH

      Cuckoldry or suicide is what the “reactionaries” are against.
      But we’re always shouted down as “racist”…Even YOU shout out against “White Supremacy”, as if that’s somehow a bad thing.

      Do you really expect whites should just let savages “rule our own home, & lay hands on our wealth, women & well-being.”?

      • Punjabi Sardar

        I have no problem with White pagans surviving in their own lands. In fact this is a dream of mine,

        The comments are specifically directed against the marxists on this site. You should read what they write about my land.

        White itself is a christian misnomer btw, out of curiosity what european tribe are you from?

        • EPGAH

          ¾ German, ¼ Scotch-Irish.

          Which Marxist(s) exactly?
          And BTW, thanks for pointing out people of India DO have toilets, they CHOOSE not to use them!

        • EPGAH

          And you’re right, white is a misnomer, what would you prefer?
          In the 80s there was a lawsuit over Crayola calling an approximation of our skin tone “flesh”….Most cartoons use a pink or orange color for skin.

  9. Murli Nair

    Funny they have so much sorrow for Dalits, who are given extra and special benefits in India. Compare this with their treatment of Blacks and minorities !

    • Punjabi Sardar

      Why do you spout these hatefacts? https://twitter.com/HINDUlSM/status/651422653979455488

      Shudras are also Aryas

      Shaheed Udham Singh Ji on secular democracy and Christian Morality 75 years ago.

      Remember in the country Asia middle east region, among the first to ban slavery were Hittites. Who were from India,

      Yazidis many who have blond hair blue eyes, come from India. They admit openly on their own websites for ex

      Really throws wrench in aryan invasion theory which is based on biblical date of flood some 4000 or so years before King VikramAditya Ji.

      Jai Hind

    • Punjabi Sardar

      If you see Rajiv Malhotra on breaking India he remarked that the British used to justify their rule as: protection of dalits, women & minorities (muslims).

      How is this any difference from the modern leftist cabal between kejriwal, various communists & the congress + media.

      It takes an imbecile to fall for the propoganda of a progressive, enlightened western society . We are only a free decades removed from african colonization & a few more from ww2 & the bengal famine.

      Development & Progress means going from Tejas (4gen) to Amca (5th).

      Why change our values to foreign ones, proven to be less effective. Simply put, we were able to save our dharam while they lost theirs.

      • EPGAH

        What? You mean all cultures and values are not the same and some countries rocketing ahead while others turn to shit is because some cultures are better, NOT due to rolling the dice?
        Pretends to be really shocked!

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