The Truth about the Syrian Opposition in the Geneva Peace Talks

It’s headed by Jaysh al Islam. This is one of the parties making up the Army of Conquest alongside Ahrar al Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda). All of these groups have very similar radical ideologies, and none of them are all that different from Al Qaeda or even ISIS. These are the moderate rebels that the West is supporting in Syria: racial Islamic jihadis, takfiris and Salafists who are more or less the same thing as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

I am starting to think more and more that Al Qaeda is a US asset. Sure, we fight and kill them sometimes when it’s in our interest to do so in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but we also support them overtly at present in Syria and in the past in Libya, effectively in Yemen, and we installed them in Libya.

It’s a dirty game of geopolitics the West is playing over there!


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7 responses to “The Truth about the Syrian Opposition in the Geneva Peace Talks

  1. bob

    To nullify Arab secular nationalism – a unifying force – USrael n Saudis have funded a regressive, angry minority – Wahhabis n takfiris. Thanks again freedom and democracy!

    Evidence: Iran – Mossadegh, Afghanistan-1979-?, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia-60’s-90’s…ahhhhh…smell the freedom…smells like…napalm.

  2. As a strategy, it’s not working out very well. Oddly enough, many of these Islamist fighters are being killed in large numbers, and perhaps that is not such a bad thing. Russia is doing the smart thing by backing the lesser of the two evils, and keeping a manageable strongman in place. I’d say the US would have been way better off to take a similar approach to Saddam Husein, but they bungled that horribly as usual.

    • EPGAH

      A MANAGEABLE strongman is one thing, but Saddam decided to not be MANAGEABLE anymore.

      What do you suppose would happen if Assad attacked one of Russia’s allies the way Saddam attacked the Kurds?

      Or if rather than handing over the chem weapons, Assad decided to play a Shell Game with the inspectors the way Saddam did?
      “Open and honest cooperation!”
      “Can’t search there!”
      “OK, go ahead!”
      “Can’t search there!”
      “OK, go ahead!”
      “Can’t search there!”
      “OK, go ahead!”

      How many iterations of that do you suppose Russia would put up with?

    • EPGAH

      We thought we WERE backing the lesser of the two evils, by backing Saddam to oppose Communism’s evil spread.

      You know, to avoid another Capitalist country overthrown by Mother Russia? Ask the Shah about that, replaced by the batshit insane Ayatollah.

      But then Saddam turned on us.

      Putin is unopposed in Russia, so if Assad DOES turn on Putin, I can expect Syria to be a nice steaming-new parking-lot. You know, the way Iran should have been when they turned on us? Or Iraq when Saddam did?

      BUT that very thought may have a chilling effect on Assad’s future disobedience, keep his attitude in the lines of:
      “Yes, Sir!”
      “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?”

      Instead of:
      “Make Me!”
      “You’ll Never Take Me Alive!”
      “Whaddya Gonna Do About It?”
      Like the Third World savages pull on us.

  3. I knew a lot of Syrians when I lived in Venezuela who would concur with your (and the video speaker’s) analysis. Nice people. Those Syrians who are being used as cover for the monstrous ones to invade other countries must be really suffering. I have no doubt that wealthy Syrians are being soaked for U.S. real estate schemes. I’ll bet some of them are recent escapees from Venezuela, and a portion of those are also agents of disruption and provocateurs.

  4. The woman reporter looks like an Ethiopian. What country is she from Robert?

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