The Chemical Weapons Attack That Never Happened: The “Syrian Government Sarin Gas Attack on Ghouta, Syria”

You have all heard that Syria was forced by Putin to get rid of his chemical weapons.

But you need to know that this whole demand was fake because Assad never used chemical weapons even one time in this war! Why did they make him give up his WMD’s? What right did they have to force him to give up his chemical weapons? He only had them in case Israel attacked. All those countries who made him give those things up were working for the Jews. The main people wanting him to give those up were the Jews because that was his deterrent against a Jewish invasion.

That Ghouta attack never even happened. There was no Ghouta attack consisting of Syrian artillery firing chemical weapons shells at Ghouta and killing 1,400 people. Anyway, there were no 1,400 people killed. That number was made up by Al Qaeda, who controlled Ghouta. Eight people out the “1,400 dead” were officially buried.

It was known that Al Qaeda was storing chemical weapons in Ghouta as 6-8 rebels had died in a tunnel in Ghouta due to an accident with chemical weapons a short while before the attack. Rebels were on record saying that Al Qaeda had chemical weapons in the neighborhood. A female rebel is on record as complaining that her until was being forced to handle chemical weapons and they had no idea how to deal with them and they were afraid of the weapons.

There was a Sarin release in the area, but it was released by Al Qaeda somehow in small amounts and no one knows how it was done. Some people in the neighborhood and some local rebels were proven to have Sarin in their blood, so Al Qaeda somehow released Sarin in the area and essentially attacked their own forces and their civilians in the area they controlled with poison gas. But the Sarin levels in their blood were were too low to do anything.

Furthermore, the videos of the “Sarin gas victims” in local hospitals show that the victims did not display any of the hallmark signs of Sarin poisoning, so no one died of Sarin poisoning on that day.

Instead the symptoms that the victims displayed looked like symptoms of carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide poisoning. We have video of the strange building where the victims were found in rows wrapped in sheets. You have probably seen those photos. The building is extremely strange. We have video of the basement of that building with green canisters all around the room. The green canisters have gas hissing out of them. At the time the video was taken, it was said that the canisters were releasing oxygen.

We do know that all identified victims are Christians and Alawites who were kidnapped from a village in Northern Syria the year before. So to believe that Assad did this attack, you have to believe that Assad killed 600 of his own supporters and barely even one of the enemy.

Al Qaeda and they other groups periodically conduct mass kidnappings of supporters of the Syrian regime, mostly Christians and Alawites. They haul these captives around the country with them. Sometimes they ransom them for money and other times they simply simply kill them. How is it that the only identified victims of the Syrian Army “Ghouta Sarin attack” are 600 Christians and Alawites from Northern Syria who were captured by Al Qaeda? Someone want to explain that to me?

So, yes, 400-600 people may have been killed in that attack, but Al Qaeda killed these Christian/Shia prisoners by putting them in that room with the hissing green canisters and releasing either hydrogen cyanide or carbon monoxide on them. A number of the “Sarin gas victims” also show signs of torture. Some of the men have obviously had their throats slit. There is a photo of six “Sarin gas victims” in a room, all one family of a mother, father and children. Some were shot to death and others were apparently beaten to death. One had their throat slit.

But supposedly all of these people were “killed by Assad’s Sarin gas.”

Can someone explain to me how “innocent civilians in rebel held Ghouta who were killed by Sarin gas” end up with sings of torture on their bodies, got their throats slit, got beaten to death and got shot to death?

Does Sarin gas slit your throat like a knife? Does Sarin gas leave you with what look like torture marks all over your body? Does Sarin gas somehow hit you so hard that you look like you were beaten to death? Does Sarin gas have bullets in it so when you shoot Sarin at people, they die of gunshot wounds?

Not one civilian from Ghouta was killed.

This whole affair was a false flag planned a long time ago by Turkey, the US and Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda did it with Turkish help, as Turkey supplied the Sarin.

There is audiotape on Youtube of an intercepted conversation between psychopath John Kerry and a Turkish intelligence official. In it, Kerry is Kerry urging the Turks intel guy to hurry up and get on with the false flag. He is recorded as asking them what is taking them so long. That audio is from January, several months before the “Ghouta Sarin gas attack.”

There were calls intercepted from the Syrian military and Interior Department that were intercepted by the Jews, but in those calls, the officials sound mystified. The media was reporting that “the Syrian military fired Sarin gas at Ghouta and killed hundreds of people.” The Syrian officials thought the reports might be true, so they were baffled and the Syrian military, Interior Department and intelligence were calling around asking, “What the Hell happened? Did one of our units use Sarin or what? Which one of our units fired Sarin shells at Ghouta?” As it turns out, no Syrian unit used Sarin on that day nor on any other day.The Syrian military was clueless and responding, quite logically, to media reports of a Syrian Sarin attack on Ghouta. The officials who made the calls were thinking maybe some rogue Syrian military unit shot some Sarin on their own despite having no orders to do so because there were no Syrian military plans or orders to fire Sarin on that day or on any day for that matter.

There have been a number of poison gas incidents in this war, but they were all done by the rebels, usually Al Qaeda. They would fire some Sarin and then immediately blame Assad and say, “Assad fired Sarin at civilians!” We know that all the attacks were done by the rebels because the Sarin was cheap, poorly made junk bathtub Sarin, the kind you cook up in a home lab.

Meanwhile, 100% of Assad’s Sarin had a particular chemical signature known to Western intelligence. No Sarin gas attack in Syria utilized Assad’s chemical signature Sarin, therefore no Sarin attack in the war was done by Assad. If Asad didn’t do it, that means the rebels did it.

Incidentally, the Sarin found at Ghouta was an exact chemical match for a batch of bathtub Sarin captured and confiscated while being transported by Al Qaeda in Turkey. They were caught with it by Turkish security forces, and it made it into the media. However, meanwhile Turkish intelligence (the Turkish Deep State) was conjuring up this false flag with the help of the US and Al Qaeda. One hand probably did not kno9w what the other was doing which is typically the case with the Turkish Deep State.

This attack was committed on the exact anniversary of Obama’s “line in the sand” argument where he said that if Assad used poison gas, his regime was history, and the US would go in and take him out. So Assad, in defiant insanity, chose the exact one-year anniversary of the line in the sand threat to seal his own death warrant. How ridiculous can you good? Look. Assad may be foolish, but he’s not stupid!

But think about it. Wouldn’t the exact one-year anniversary of Obama’s line in the sand threat to Assad to not use chemical weapons be the perfect time to do a false flag “Syrian military Sarin gas attack on civilians, and then blame it on Assad?

Obama was all set to go to Congress to get approval to attack Syria when the CIA told him that Assad’s forces did not fire that Sarin at Ghouta. They didn’t say who did it. They just said Assad did not do it because the Sarin did not have his signature. The CIA got this info from the British MI5. The MI5 studied the Sarin used in Ghouta and determined that it did not match Assad’s Sarin. So the MI5 issued a finding that said Assad did not fire the Sarin gas used in Ghouta that day. They didn’t say who did it. They just said Assad for sure didn’t do it. They relayed this information to the CIA who informed Obama that Assad did not do the Ghouta Sarin attack. That is why Obama canned his proposal to Congress for permission to attack Assad.

Even though the US and UK knew full well that Assad didn’t fire the Sarin that day, Obama and sociopath John Kerry continued to scream that Assad killed 1,400 people with Sarin in Ghouta! In fact, Obama and Kerry both continue to say this to this very day. They are lying through their teeth because both of them were informed by the CIA that Assad didn’t do it.

However, the US kept lying and screaming that he used the gas because they wanted him to get rid of his gas. This was an Israeli demand – to get rid of his gas. So when the UN ordered him to surrender his gas, the UN was working for the Jews. By getting rid of Assad’s gas, Assad was now completely naked and effectively disarmed and could be easily attacked by Israel without the threat of a poison gas attack in response.

Everyone was screaming for Assad to get rid of the chemical weapons, so Russia, who no doubt also knew that Assad didn’t do it, simply caved and pressured Assad to get rid of the weapons to get the international community off his back and mostly to fend off an invasion because the West was screaming that if Assad did not get rid of his gas, they were going to invade. So Assad just said screw it, caved and basically pled guilty to something he didn’t even do just to stave off an invasion.

And that is the story of the Ghouta “Syrian government Sarin gas attack on innocent civilians”.

Geopolitics is a dirty game! Sociopaths only need apply!


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3 responses to “The Chemical Weapons Attack That Never Happened: The “Syrian Government Sarin Gas Attack on Ghouta, Syria”

  1. EPGAH

    The CIA only said that Assad didn’t do it, they didn’t actually say who DID, though, right?

  2. bob

    This is why the Russians will not back down or negotiate on syria. They know the anglo-zionist borg are psychopaths and it is better to fight in syrian than moscow.
    Putin n Assad: team reality

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