Letter from Indonesia

Reality is harsh writes:

Indonesia is a shithole mostly because of the people. They are the stupidest people you’ll ever meet in your life. It’s a quasi-literate society – the average Indonesian house contain no books save the Koran or Bible. They read instructions and news headlines – that is it. After an Indonesian leaves school, they stop absorbing new information entirely.

Moreover, public TV there broadcasts only karaoke/dance shows, talk shows, soap operas and news related to weather, traffic and religion. It lobotomizes the country in a way that allows them to mindlessly laugh at all their failures as a people, which is a constantly growing litany.

At this point the country’s inability to plan and execute nearly anything effectively has locked them into living a miserable life: 3 hour traffic jams, smog-filled cities, rampant corruption, no foreign investment, decayed infrastructure, rapidly dwindling natural resources, and a population with an average IQ hovering around the low 90’s. The best thing that could possibly happen to the country is a huge natural disaster that wipes out eighty percent of the development and people so they can start over completely. If not, the fourth largest population is doomed to rot their lives away indefinitely.

I am not sure if I agree with the next to last sentence, but this is a familiar litany, and he sadly takes a page from my writings when he echoes my repeated comment that lousy people make lousy countries. As I wrote earlier, Mexico sucks mostly because it’s full of Mexicans. When Mexicans go abroad, they are probably just going to recreate Mexico. That’s likely about all they can do.

How many other countries could be described this way? Thailand (I hate to say it), the Philippines (this sounds very much like the Philippines), Malaysia, India (which is actually vastly worse than this), Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal? A large slice of the entire region of South and Southeast Asia seems to resemble this. Exceptions might be Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Burma, which are better, and Papua New Guinea (which isn’t even this good) and Afghanistan (ditto), which are even worse.

Moving out of the area, what other countries around the world are like this? I keep thinking Brazil, Haiti (which doesn’t even rise to this level, and subtract 20 more IQ points), Jamaica (even worse), Dominican Republic (ditto), Belize (likewise), Panama (like I said).

I read that description and my brain keeps screaming, “Mexico!” Though I know Mexico is not quite this bad (decayed infrastructure and lack of foreign investment do not apply), there are things there that ring true.

Face it. Your average Mexican mestizo will never read a book in their life. Out in the countryside, the Indians are even worse. Here you will find folks who not only will never read a book but have probably never even seen one since school. Beyond that, they are so backwards that they still believe in witches.

Despite having plenty of money to do so, the state refuses to fund the rural schools. Thus, while they exist, many rural Mexicans never finish school. I recently met a young man Mexican from rural Guerrero in a dive bar full of illegals I like to hang out in. This 20 year old man told me he had only a 2nd grade education! He told me this was the norm in his region. He left school at age 7 (repeat that) to work in the fields. Here in the US, his girlfriend was only 15. He told me that was typical too. They’d throw the book at a White man for that, but in the barrio, that’s simply normal, and no one even cares.

I have a recurring nightmare. I look at our darkening world and its darkening future the Left is cheering and partying about, and I keep seeing Indonesia replicated all across the globe. Stupid World is the future.


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34 responses to “Letter from Indonesia

  1. This is what happens with a tribalist mentality…a clannish ideal. There was a debate at my university campus, and one question came up was: “How come the white race developed on such a scale (intellectually, scientifically, artistically) as compared to minorities?” And the White guy at the panel said that this is because most Whites throughout history have had an individualistic outlook, whereas minorities have a collectivist or a tribalist mentality.

    A black man will favor a Black man, a Pakistani will seek refuge in Pakistani culture, mostly unwilling to look outside. Whereas most Whites have throughout history been rational and not looked for refuge under tribes or religions. They charted oceans and challenged notions.

    But I see something similar happening in the west also. Look at the state of cinema in Hollywood, and compare it to the 70’s. Look at the music (Kanye West and his entire family deserve to be assassinated, but they are millionaires with massive fan following) plus massive immigration numbers, and before you know it…it’s over. Plus…and forgive me if you strongly disagree, but technology – this Facebook and Twitter – has dumbed us down even further.

    The world reached its intellectual apogee in the 60s/70s I feel. Now its downwards. I pray for a natural calamity on an epic scale.

    • Horatio

      I don’t think that tribalism is the problem, though it can be a problem.

      I think people get culture and genetics the wrong way around. Culture is largely a product of genetics adapting to an environment, rather than an independent construct unrelated to the underlying substrate (the people). That is, Westerners are probably naturally individualistic, rebellious and therefore have a culture which is more tolerant of individualism and rebellion, and even in some rare cases, encourages it and accommodates it.

      Much of what we enjoy in the West is the result of rebellion against the norm. Ideas being pushed despite the prevailing opinion. Theories being held due to their empirical true despite authority claiming otherwise. We can see this today with Political Correctness. Political Correctness demands a truth be adhered to as defined by an authority, but there are some who despite this, stick to what they observe. We have a few people who can challenge authority, and sometimes, sometimes, win. We have a few people who can question the Truths of society, and sometimes, sometimes be proven right and accepted.

      You don’t see intellectual revolutions outside of the Western hemisphere. They are rare and usually underwhelming, at best. Christianity reformed and reinvented itself. Islam has barely changed. The philosophies which guide the West have been written and rewritten many times. The rest of the world has barely changed. Art has gone through phase after phase.

      As Indonesia replicates, we’ll see stagnation, at best. In fact, you could argue that since the 60s and 70s our path to progress has tapered off and perhaps reached a zenith, with decline coming up. Could the correlation between that and our increased “diversity” be more than coincidental? I think it may be.

      • EPGAH

        Thank you for admitting diversity is the problem.

        Our path to progress DID taper off, because we’re too busy mollifying enemy tribes within. Any time or money we spend paying off our enemies, we obviously cannot use to improve ourselves. And no matter how much we give these enemies, it’s never enough.
        NASA has been turned into an outreach center for terrorists.
        That is AMERICA abdicating the Space Race. Elon Musk is a private individual leading HIS OWN Corporation’s charge into the Space Race, but that’s not AMERICA doing that. SO the Space Race is just China, Russia, (reviled) private Corporations…and maybe the Moslem Cult, if their “Space Program” isn’t just a thinly veiled attempt to develop long-range missiles to attack the Civilized World.

        Political Correctness is the one “Intellectual Revolution” we just cannot beat. No matter how much reality proves it to be wrong, people follow it anyways. SJWs White Knight for the savages that demand our self-destruction, or in some cases, destroy us themselves!

        We ARE declining. Bad people make bad countries, and they’re kept alive and their outbreeding of their betters is subsidized by our egalitarian idiocy that was MEANT to keep our own underachievers alive, not our enemies! Therefore, as the good people become a minority in our own countries, the Government panders to the majority. At best, Idiocracy, at worst, a creeping replication of whatever Hell they poured out of!

        • Horatio

          I think Political Correctness can be beat, and I think it is getting weaker and weaker. Sure we have the SJW’s, but we also have Trump and a growing backlash. Whether you like him or not, he has shown one thing, that you can ignore the medias claims that certain views are “beyond the pale” and that if you think certain things ” no one will support you”. He called the media’s bluff and won. All other conservatives grovel and cower to the PC lords.

          Most people will follow the crowd, or whatever position they believe leads to social acceptance and veneration. People maybe be dumb, but they are also vain. When it’s not longer socially profitable to be PC, it will be dumped. How many Communists in Eastern Europe suddenly found out they were Capitalists all along in 1990?

          How many people actually understand diversity, Political Correctness, or ANY ideology? How many people just internalise it because its what you do to be considered good person?

        • EPGAH

          I hope you’re right. However, it’ll take more than just Trump to break the “PC Lords” (I like that!) power!

          How many people are willing to risk being called “racist” to fight against, say Moslem rapefugees?
          Apparently, not enough yet, and that includes cops and authority figures!

          I believe Trump is showing us the WAY, but how many will follow?
          I would LOVE a big “We Are All Racists” moment (In the vein of ‘We Are All Spartacus” moments in TV and film), but I just don’t see that happening, yet.

          Sure, there’s backlash, but those are “Evil Reactionaries”, and until that “Evil” is dropped off there, like you said, people will keep BEING evil because it’s considered “good” in the current upside-down moral milieu!

        • EPGAH

          THIS is SJW Hero, Mike Brown, the “Gentle Giant” who was unarmed, but clearly not harmless. It likes picking on old men and store clerks who can’t fight back, it got its ticket punched, when it tried same on a cop who was TRAINED to fight back!

    • pepperroncini

      I don’t know a single Kanye song and think he gets wound-up too often and makes some stupid statements, but why would you hate Kanye to the point of wanted his whole family dead. Even if you are just exaggerating, the exaggeration is meant to convey the point that you really hate them quite a lot.

      It’s a bit more complicated than just chalking it up to tribalism because the East did develop much earlier than Europe.

      I don’t disagree that tribalism is the major factor undermining development of the Mideast and South Asia. Europe has far surpassed the Mideast and India because the later 2 regions are very tribal, so you have a tragedy of the commons.

      Western Europe gave up on the concept of tribes and sects and moved into thinking as individuals within nations and embraced rationalism. India is the antithesis of rationalism because the priestly elite saw it as a threat to their tribal hegemony.

      • EPGAH

        If we’re so individualistic, why are we against whites’ pride and “racism” so much, when other groups’ racism and pride–even when they haven’t accomplished anything–is encouraged?

        The East DID develop much earlier than Europe. They even tried to conquer Europe…But then they just stopped developing, and Europe conquered THEM. China has wrangled Hong Kong out of Civilized World hands by a legal sleight-of-hand where “Perpetuity” suddenly reduced to “99 years”…BUT their population pouring INTO the area improved by the Civilized World instead of an East Germany-like exodus indicates at least a TACIT admission that the Civilized World makes an area better than their culture can.

        When savages pour into the Civilized World, they STAY tribal. They keep attacking, even raping, their betters, but demand NOT to be punished because it’s “Part Of Their Culture” and they’re “Oppressed”™. If we were really as individualistic as you say, we would not accept this.

        This makes our countries worse, not them better. And weirder, we buy into the “Better Life” bullshit. Any parasite has a Better Life when its host doesn’t fight its parasitism. That doesn’t mean we should allow that shit!
        Otherwise, we should inject ourselves with your choice of pathogen and immunosuppressants, give THAT a Better Life too, right?

        • Horatio

          I think the reason we have so many against White pride etc is BECAUSE we are individualistic. It takes some audacious individuality for a population to have members who support it becoming a minority AND having such a view tolerated as just another political point of view.

          I think this kind of proves my point. We’re so rebellious, we even tolerate what essentially is ethnic treason as an idea. I couldn’t imagine China being a country OK with Chinese running around saying that China needs to look more like Mauritius.

          We don’t even view ourselves as “a people” anymore, and the thought that we could act like the “savages” and have a group identity seems an anathema to them.

          Somehow this got off the ground, and it got off the ground because people were able to break away from the previous conformity to create a new one.

      • EPGAH

        However, in voting, our anti-tribalism has reached its suicidal conclusion.

        Voter ID IN AMERICA is considered everything from “Against Everything America Stands For” to “Anti-Democratic” to that be-all, end-all Liberal word, “RACIST”!

        But in most countries around the world–even fucking MEXICO, of all places–Voter ID is a Fact Of Life. They don’t want non-self voting in THEIR countries…But they demand to vote and change the Civilized World. And guess what they change the Civilized World into?

        It feels like the savages doing a Viral Takeover on the Civilized World!
        Or maybe that wasp that lays its eggs in a doomed caterpillar? We know what’s happening, we’re just powerless to do anything about it. That’s the fear Giger tapped into for ALIEN. Third World mega-breeders are now infesting every Civilized World country, and we’re powerless to do anything about it, if we fight back, it’s a Hate Crime. If we don’t, they “chest-burst” our countries by turning them into the violent, impoverished Hells they left!

  2. Rob,
    Do you think China is much much better after what Mao accomplished? I mean I am talking about the average Chinese and his interest in books and arts and higher intellectual pursuits. With each day I respect Mao more. India needs a fucking genocidal maniac like him desperately

    • Battleship Negro

      Blah blah blah. What a poor genocidal fantasy world you live in.

      Why not a creature made up of Stalin’s brain, Mao’s rectum and Hitler’s face.

      The ultimate killing machine is at your disposal.

    • Baji Rao 1


      Mao was anti-intellectual. He imprisoned and murdered many Chinese intellectuals, thinkers. He also destroyed a lot of Chinese culture falsely terming it “backward”. Ever heard of the Cultural Revolution? Around 30 million Chinese were murdered at his hands for no real reason.

      At the time of his death, China was still a poor and backward country. China’s present progress has to do with the fact that they moved away from Maoism and adopted capitalism and free trade. China is only Communist in name. It’s like America for practical purposes. A Chinese guy told me this when I was in High School.

      Communism is a failed ideology as proven by the collapse of the USSR. What India needs is a Hindutva based political system for national progress. Secularism is what has kept India from progressing in a proper manner. Nehruvian Secularism is anti-national.

      • pepperroncini

        Hindutva and its antecedents is the reason India is fucked up in the 1st place.

        • Baji Rao 1


          Nope. You fail. Secularism or more correctly pseudo-secularism of the Nehruvian type is what kept India back over the past 60 years. Hindutva will help India develop. If you look carefully, Hindutva leaders are pro-development like India’s present Prime Minister Narendra Modi. No other secular Congress Prime Minister was as into economic development the way Modi is.

        • pepperroncini

          Just because Nehru screwed things up, likely deliberately, does not mean it is the fault of secularism.

          Hindutva is nothing but a fascist racist org. they distory and lie about history and are like the KKK supporters here, they want to roll back the meager gains that lower castes have managed to get.

          They do have a point on Muslim supremacy but Indian Muslims are victims of caste supremacy that Hindutva espouses.

          Pro development means little when the trade off is civil liberties . Dubai and the Gulf are also pro development but they employ slave labor. Ofcourse if you are from the upper castes then it’s a win win for you as you get enjoy economic riches and suppress the lower castes.

        • Battleship Negro

          Are you sure a country can be fucked up? I mean literally. Well India does do a lot of fucking. So it is literally fucked up, which is a good thing.

          It does have the second biggest population.

          Unlike the west which is in death spiral of low demographics that means the importation of young people to keep the system running for the elderly western poulation.

        • EPGAH

          Fucking up a country means ruining its economy or turning a formerly safe area into contender for Rape Capital of the World.
          You know, South Africa, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Detroit, Cologne, Paris?

          And importing Third World Mega-Breeders tends to do both at once.
          The Magic Earth theory–to wit, that just coming into a country will make outsiders members of that country and behave just like that country–has turned out to be EPICALLY false!

          “Low demographics”? If you mean low POPULATION, that’s not really a bad thing. And a large population has hidden pitfalls.
          Mostly social order, but also pollution and if you believe HUMANS cause Global Warming, there will NEED to be a lower population. Good luck getting Third World parasites to stop breeding so damn much…UNLESS we stop subsidizing their Baby Factories, and let them suffer the consequences of their own ill decisions. That would be considered “cruel”, though, right?

          Having fewer children ALSO means they can be better educated, and parents can devote more time to each one. Quality vs. Quantity, right?
          Have you ever considered large population MIGHT be why Third Worlders can’t ever get out of THEIR “Death Spiral” of poverty and violence?
          If you believe that’s caused by “The Environment”™, why are they still the same poor, often violent idiots when they invade the Civilized World?

        • Baji Rao 1


          Secularism is at fault. It is anti-Hindu and anti-national in orientation.
          Hindutva is not some racist or fascist movement but a nationalist movement which seeks the improvement and uplift of the entire nation. You are wrong about Hindutva wanting to roll back the meager gains of the low castes. Hindutva believes in social justice for all Hindus because it is a nationalist movement, so the well being of the lower castes is very much included in Hindutva. Why wouldn’t it be? Lower castes are also Hindus. Hindutva stands for all Hindus.

          Hindutva groups like VHP AND RSS contain many lower caste supporters and members. Did you know that? Hindutva is not against civil liberties. I don’t know how you got that idea. Both are necessary civil liberties and economic development.

          About history, let me guess you are referring to the Indo-European question. Well, the actual evidence shows that Indo-Europeans originated in India.

      • Battleship Negro


        Since when you get to play God? You want mass genocide.

        Thankfully you will only do this on the Internet. Btw if you hate Indians, Indians are fucking up your brain with genocidal fantasies. Your brain is a poor deluded place to live in as it is swarming with hundreds of billions of dead Indians. What a Nazi concentration camp mind occupies your conscious thought.

        Ethically can you justify the death of millions to achieve a goal? What ethical system apart from Stalinism, Moaism, or National Socialism holds such deranged fantasies as feasible.

        You should change your name to hateindianazi.

    • Lin

      You probably misread what mao intended. He considered ivory tower intellectuals damaging to socialism and he sent them to work in factories and farms and those scholars apparently resent it. Based on what I heard from those who had been rusticated;research work sure were set back but its not entirely bad. A third of them actually had their health improved because of the physical work and they learned to respect physical labour and learned to operate and repair machines. How about compare it to hindu brahmin aversion to physical labour and the typical urban dalit employment as sewage divers? About ‘killing intellectuals’, sure was highly exaggerated. IMO. Mao’s biggest mistake was encouraging high birth rate during the 50s, resulting in demographic problems which will take at least a century to fix.
      BTW,Tsinghua university just overtook MIT as the best engineering school in the world by research recitation:

      • EPGAH

        I guess all those ones coming to American Universities actually DID learn and bring it back “home”!

        You’re right about the birth rate, but I think he just wanted a LOT of cannon fodder, expecting future wars…Or maybe planning them?
        They could not have mass-attacked American troops in Korea WITHOUT that excess population, right?

        However, that would be unfair to single out China or India. What Third World country DOESN’T encourage their people to breed more than they can afford?

        • Lin

          You might be partly correct, but the Chinese army had learned during the Korean war it was lack of industry that hampered its ability (1/4 million mortalities, US number was only 1/5 of that). Mao’s biggest drawback was his lack of modern knowledge and his peasant mentality to equate ‘prosperity’ with large population.

          “What Third World country DOESN’T encourage their people to breed more than they can afford?” Mind you china was very much a poor 3rd world country (China still is) when the 1 child program started in 1980. Chinese always feel the food-land pressure. China produced about 210 million tons of corn but still needed to import something like 80 million tons of soy and over 10 million tons of corn, mainly from the US as animal fodder. Yes, fuck pride, Chinese are starving (Chinese meat consumption/capita is at most 60% of US’s). Fact that 48% of indian children are stunted/malnourished, while India has become the 6th largest food exporter SPEAKS VOLUMES.



        • Baji Rao 1


          Not all third world countries believe in breeding as a policy.
          India’ was one of the first country among third world countries to
          introduce family planning back in the 1950’s under Nehru.
          The Indians recognized the dangers of over-population quite
          early on.

  3. Spamby

    “Exceptions might be Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and Papua New Guinea (which isn’t even this good), Afghanistan (ditto)?”

    By exceptions you mean they are better or worse, Robert? I’m going to assume stupider, because those nations aren’t developed.

    • EPGAH

      Robert has previously said Papua is the worst place, where the people have totally regressed to violent savagery. He would not recommend anyone go there.

      Ironically, although he exults in the death of “reactionaries”, he also seems to hate, or at least fear, the Stupid World the Liberals are bringing in, of Instant Gratification, pederasty, things that aren’t rape being called–and punished as–rape, and REAL rape getting ignored, or even the victims being blamed/punished.

      In lesser cultures, that’s completely normal. America should be better than that…But the only ones trying to stop the backslide…are the ones called “Reactionaries”, whom he hates!

  4. Battleship Negro

    The morphological analysis of the anti Indian Indian bigot is extremely similar to that of the Indian slum dwellers and to that of the Indian billionaire. The genetic core is almost completely similar. We have a variety of ape which shows remarkable genetic and morphological similarities. Indeed Indians are from the ape family whatever their position in life.

    The difference in verbal expression of the slum dwellers and anti Indian Indian bigots to an Ancient Greek for example would be likened to unintelligible sounds like ba ba ba made by these ape like creatures to an outside observer. To such an outside observer these ape like creatures would be barbarians or people who spoke an unintelligible language.

  5. Battleship Negro


    You are right fucking up a country is as you say. I was just being literal to make a point about the REASON why western traitor politicians import non Aryan population then fuck up a country that was an excellent first world country before the mongoloid/negroid hordes popped up.

    The low demographics is a REASON why western traitor politicians import third worlders like the mongoloid, mutiltaed penis, camel urine drinking halal butchers with their halal ways and their circumcised Islamic penises. Or Import monkey men like hateindia the genocidal Nazi who wants to kill hundreds of millions. Why import idiots like these? The politicians will cite the REASON of low demographics. This reason is stupid, because like you say a stable population can be blessing.

    The Indian monkey men like hateindia are actually harmless armchair genocidal maniacs, but western sjws actually get results and do Untold damage. So one can also laugh at mongoloid mutilated dick halal butchers as they are just no action racist idiots but sjws are a whole ‘nuther thing as they say down south.

    • EPGAH

      Yes, I too am trying to fight against the effects of SJWs.
      Horatio and Phil say the same things, mostly, but way smoother.

      Doesn’t matter WHO says it, just that it GETS said, and more importantly, becomes policy to counteract the manifestly toxic SJW policies.

      I don’t want to exterminate Third Worlders, I just want them to keep their problems to themselves, rather than make their problems our problems.

      One more benefit to low population: WAGES RISE! Labor becomes worth more if there’s NOT a glut of it!
      SJWs complain about “Income Inequality”–then push to bring in MORE of the very cause of it! You can’t reasonably negotiate higher wages if they can just replace you with a Third Worlder!

  6. Battleship Negro

    The camel urine is halal to the butcher
    Of Lhasa.
    He drinks it to impress the ladies in their jihabs
    They shout and clap as he easily wins the
    Camel urine drinking Islamic olympics
    He dons his gold medal with pride
    The greatest camel urine drinker in the world and now
    Ready to go the toilet
    To discharge his golden glory.

    The Finnish Koran

    Sura: Third World Stupidity

  7. Latias

    Yeah, Indonesia is a shithole. There are Islamist anti-communists that try to suppress discussion of the events of 1965.

    Wow, a country that has benefited from a US-backed genocide, or more correctly, two, and it is still a shithole. The oligarchs own everything. Shows that American ruthlessness leads to no where.

    “The estimated $80 billion private debt is held by at most a few hundred individuals, Indonesian economists estimate, perhaps as few as fifty. The wealth of the Suharto family is estimated at roughly the scale of the IMF rescue package. The estimates suggest simple ways to overcome the “financial crisis,” but these are not on the agenda. The costs are to be borne primarily by 200 million Indonesians who borrowed nothing, along with Western taxpayers, in accord with the rules of “really existing capitalism”.


    “China’s downturn has hurt Indonesia’s economy, and Jokowi’s government is scrambling to create jobs while nearly 40 percent of Indonesians live on $2 a day or less. A horrible haze has settled over the region because of forest fires to clear land, often so that oligarchs and well-connected military figures can build palm oil plantations; Jokowi has been unable to do anything. ”


    Fuck Indonesia, I have no respect for that country and its institutions.

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