Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen, Get Laid


This goes against Game Theory because altruistic men are supposedly Betas, and women supposedly hate Betas. But this Game Theory, while being correct about some things, is just wrong about many others. Sexual behavior in humans is so insanely convoluted and confusing that it’s quite difficult to make many generalizations about it at all. And once you start generalizing, bam the exceptions starting popping their heads into the room to look around and embarrass and confuse you even more.

Look at the comments below. They are trashing this whole notion from the point of view of Game Theory, but I do not know. The last few girlfriends I had were very much enamored of my altruistic side. They were also insanely in love, told me they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with me, were kinked-out total nymphos who screwed my brains out for hours a day pretty much anytime I wanted it. And on top of that, they were insanely jealous. Now supposedly, Betas do not get treated like this. Only Behavioral Alphas do.

So I guess Behavioral Alphas can be altruistic (I say they can). I think we need to rewrite this whole idea of what a Behavioral Alpha is. The PUAsphere has long advocated that men act like “Alphas” which they seem to define as callow, detached sociopaths who treat women like crap. Treating women like crap has never worked for me. All it does is get me dumped. So I do not know where these guys are going with this.

Keep in mind that there are two types of Alphas – Statistical Alphas and Behavioral Alphas. More on that here.



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9 responses to “Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen, Get Laid

  1. I don’t agree with this. How would they even quantify what women want when women themselves don’t know what the fuck they want. This is better.

  2. Kareem

    Te whole “altruism drys up pussies” thing always seemed stupid.


    This guy doesn’t seem to have issues with women

  3. As a guy who considers him self a “high Beta” i welcome this bit of insight. ..especially since Im a civil servant that has worked with the homeless & at risk for over 15 yrs. In fact i did get laid quite a bit when I worked at certian shelters….i think your on to something Robert lol

  4. Jason Y

    Alpha males will be in a soup kitchen in hell begging for a bowl lol They will only be met by Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi. NO SOUP FOR YOU

  5. jan

    Whenever you leave the house to a place where women are, it increases your chances. If there are any working in the soup kitchen, there you have it.

    But this comes from a nearly 30 year old who is nearly virgin,

  6. bob

    ‘I just cant bear the thought of some poor bastard going to bed hungry’ – spoken with a slight but slow monotonous drawl. A la Steve McQueen. Turn. Look into her eyes and say ‘And you?’ No fakery. Solid but kind. Then, while lookin’ into her eyes: ‘Besides, I get a lot out of it.” Slight smile.
    Be cool. Be real. Sexualize – slightly. Don’t talk too much. Don’t friendzone yourself. Kick back. Smell the moistening. Nudge it.

    I do parties too.

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