PUA/Game: Two Types of Alphas – Behavioral Alphas and Statistical Alphas

One way to look at the notion of “Alphas” in PUA/Game Theory is that there are two types of Alphas – Statistical Alphas and Behavioral Alphas.

One type is the Top 15-20% of men in any given society. These are the “Statistical Alphas” that get written up a lot in the PUAsphere where it is argued that, like Lake Wobegon were everyone is above average, 100% of all men can be the top 15-20% of men in society! No really. I’m not kidding. When you call them on this bull, the PUAtards start spinning around like State Department spokesmen and talking out of both sides of their mouths and saying nothing. Most of these PUA clowns are smooth-talking snake-oil salesman con artists who are selling a faulty product and engaging is what amounts to fraud.

A much more interesting concept to me than whether or not one is among the Top 20% elite men in society (How would one know? Who decides?) is the notion of what I would call Behavioral Alphas.

In other words, this defines Alpha and Beta as behavioral styles. So theoretically you could have a society where 15-100% of the men were Behavioral Alphas or 0-85% of men were Behavioral Betas. The definition of a Behavioral Alpha is a man who acts Alpha. I would argue that you have whole societies where most of the men act pretty Alpha such as the Middle East, the Arab World, the Near East, Southern and Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin America, etc. There is a whole downside to cultures where most men act Alpha, and if you look at those places I just talked about, you can imagine what that might be.

So in order to be a Behavioral Alpha, instead of trying to reach the Top 20% of men in society which is an undefinable caste anyway, you quit worrying about that and instead simply “act like an Alpha.” That should not be tremendously difficult as, there are whole societies where all the men are raised this way.

One wonders how things might work out in a land where all the men act Alpha. You can look at those societies above and see. One thing you will notice is that the women are typically very feminine and submissive, while the men pretty much run the show, and the women are more or less ok with this. Men are men, and women are women, and everyone likes it just fine that way. Men enjoy being masculine, and women enjoy being feminine, and it’s all good. For an example of this in our own society, you can look at Hispanic culture, which is a good example of a culture where many of the men are Behavioral Alphas.

Teaching men to be Behavioral Alphas would seem to be a lot easier than trying to ram every five men into a space for one man and claiming that it’s doable. In a Behavioral Alpha society, Statistical Betas probably would not matter so much. Sure, in societies where the men all act Alpha, of course there are nevertheless the top 20% (the most Alpha of Alphas), the statistical Alphas, who continue to reap the rewards that Alphas always harvest. But in a society like that, all of the Statistical Betas are Behavioral Alphas, so why should we even call them Betas at all. If the Statistical Beats act Alpha, they may well be treated as one by the women in their  lives, and getting down to brass tacks, that’s all that’s important anyway.


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3 responses to “PUA/Game: Two Types of Alphas – Behavioral Alphas and Statistical Alphas

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  2. Ed

    Most of the societies you mentioned actually work fine. My personal experience is with Latin America, which works fine, and the Middle East, which doesn’t. The deal is that they are not as wealthy as increasingly beta-ish Europe and North America. But arguably the wealth of the “West” is a lingering effect of a one time event, the industrial revolution taking place first in Britain, and anyway when that happened western society itself was alot more alpha than it is today.

  3. Ed

    Also, in Latin America, women have been elected President of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The U.S. and France have never elected women as Presidents. If you count Prime Ministers, you get the U.K., the Scandinavian countries, plus Canada for a few months and Australia and New Zealand each for a couple years if you want to count that. So in the case of Latin America, despite being a more “macho” culture than Europe and the Anglosphere, they don’t seem to really discriminate against women more.

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