Where To Get Information about Anti-ISIS Partisans Operating Behind ISIS Lines

Will Hyres, in reference to this interesting post on a variety of anti-ISIS partisan movements incredibly enough operating behind ISIS lines, writes:

Nice update. I see nothing about this in the news. Mind if I ask where you find such information?

Most of it is from the linked article from a Lebanese site. This is from Mercury Media, who I had never heard of before. They are aligned with the March 14 Movement associated with the assassinated Prime Minister Hariri. This movement is now headed by his son. They are extremely anti-Syrian government and they tend to be allied with Saudi Arabia. They also totally despise Hezbollah and Iran with a passion.

They are also strongly anti-Israel though and they strongly support the Palestinian struggle like most Lebanese. They have a lot of support among Lebanese Sunnis and some of the Lebanese Maronites, especially the more reactionary Phalangist types. But apparently they hate ISIS as much as they hate Syria.

The March 14 Movement is an interesting movement. Not sure if any of you are interested in Lebanese politics, which is some of the most insanely convoluted and confusing politics on Earth where there are really no good guys, only bad guys and worse guys. But that’s geopolitics anyway, so hey. But the cynicism, corruption, sleaze, ever shifting alliances and extreme hatred between groups is worse in Lebanon than in most places on Earth. I have no idea how that country even stays in one piece.

Mercury Media looks awfully well funded for a Lebanese press organ, plus it seems to have popped up out of nowhere. The March 14 Movement is very close to the Saudis, which is one of the more disgusting things about it. I would assume there is Saudi money behind this media outlet.

One very sad but little known fact about the Arab World is that most of the big leaders of Arab countries and the nations themselves are more or less on the Saudi payroll. The Saudis pay off most high-ranking figures in the Sunni Arab World and give lots of aid to the countries. Further, most media outlets in the Sunni Arab world are tied to Saudi money somehow.

Bottom line is the whole damn Sunni Arab world is pretty much on the Saudi payroll. It’s not that they wish to be, but they need the aid and they are poor and greedy and fresh cash is awfully hard to resist. The Saudis of course are using their money to buy sleazy influence all over the region and in fact they also bought off in some way or another many high ranking officials in the US and UK. You might say that the US and UK are both locked into a deep alliance with Saudi money, and the oil corporations are a deep piece of this sleazy game. It’s enough to make you sick.

The part about Syrian government allied militias staying behind in Raqqa was found on Joshua Landis’ Syria Comment site. They periodically list various armed groups that are fighting over there with detailed descriptions of who they are. I am acquainted with Landis, or at was several years ago when he and I were in email contact. Landis is a great guy and a fine scholar who walks the tightrope of Syrian politics very well. Syria Comment is flat out one of the, if not the finest websites out there on Syria in both wartime and peacetime. If you are into Syria, maybe you want to check out this seminal website.

I read a lot about ISIS. I read a lot about anti-ISIS activity in the website of the Assyrian Christians, aina.org. I think also the Iraqi media has been running some stories along those lines. I think I found the poisoning article in one of those – I am thinking an Iraqi media outlet. I read Iraqi media fairly regularly.

Aina.org is really cool, you might want to check them out if you are Christian or into Christianity. They are taking an extremely strong anti-ISIS stance now.

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